2010: Just Say Now!

Conference 2010 - Just Say Now!

The 2010 NORML Conference was held Thursday, September 9 through Saturday, September 11 at the historic landmark Governor Hotel in downtown Portland, Oregon. Key Speakers at 2010 NORML Conference in Portland, Oregon included Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, Congressman Earl Blumenauer and Best-Selling Travel Author and TV Host Rick Steves.

Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson

Congressman Earl Blumenauer
Earl Blumenauer (D-OR)

Rick Steves
Rick Steves

Medical Cannabis-only day

  • Saturday, September 11
  • America's top doctors, researchers, and lawyers discuss the latest developments in medical marijuana science, policy and the law.

Panel Topics:

  • Just Say Now! The Case For Taxing And Controlling Cannabis
  • NORML's 2009-2010 Legislative and Political Round-Up
  • NORML Women's Alliance Presents: Stiletto Stoners? Not! Women, Cannabis And Respect
  • Ask The Experts: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Cannabis But Were Afraid To Ask
  • Lessons From The 'Dry Decade': What Cannabis Law Reformers Can Learn From Alcohol's Reformers
  • High Times' Cannabis Cultivation: Ready, Set and Grow!
  • Cannabis Activism, Social Networking and Community Building To Affect Legal Reforms
  • Industrial Hemp: Why? How? When?
  • Cannabis As An 'Exit', Not An 'Entry' Drug
  • Cannabis and Mental Health: A Medical and Research Discussion About Schizophrenia, PTSD, Bi-Polarity and Abuse
  • Cannabis Legalization and Medicalization: Working Together!
  • Medical Cannabis and Employment Law: Legal Discrimination?
  • Medical Marijuana: The New Jim Crow?
  • NORML Legal Committee: Overview of State Medical Cannabis Laws
  • Reefer Movie Madness: A History of Cannabis in the Movies


  • Wednesday: OR NORML’s ‘Welcome Pre-Registration Happy Hour and Live Music’
    Kindly sponsored by: The World Famous Oregon NORML Cannabis Café and Alternative Medical Choices
    Acoustic guitar by local singer/songwriter Josh Belville
  • Thursday: High Times/NORML Activist Awards and Silent Auction
    Kindly sponsored by: High Times Magazine
  • Friday: NORML Fundraiser Party
    Master of Ceremonies – California Cannabis Comedian Ngaio Bealum
    Latin-flavored reefer rap by Las Vegas’ hip-hop trio Los Marijuanos
    Chronic country-rock by Nashville’s musical satirist Chief Greenbud
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