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NORML Chapters

NORML's chapter network is the lifeblood of our grassroots reform and educational efforts. Chapters are our on-the-ground advocates that help push for marijuana law reform in their local cities and towns. NORML chapters hold public events, meetings, concerts, bake sales, and fundraisers.

Currently NORML has over 150 active chapters around the U.S.A. (and world) working hard in their communities to change these laws. To see if a chapter exists near you, please visit the Chapters page and find your location on the map. If a chapter does not exist in your area, establishing a NORML chapter is, arguably, one of the the most effective things you can do. 

To see some of the awesome work our chapters do, please visit the links below.

California NORML: Forum on Prop. 64 Held in San Luis Obispo

"It's a better thing that we don't smoke what was once from the 60s because it's purer now, you don't have to worry about the insects, you don't have to worry about molds, you don't have to worry about a lot of things that no one even thought about back in the day," said Frances Esters of the Monterey County Chapter of NORML. "So is it different? Absolutely. Is it bad? No."

Voter Registration Outline - 2016

With five states voting to legalize adult-use marijuana (Arizona, California, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts), and as many as five additional states voting to legalize medical marijuana, it’s imperative that we focus our attention on utilizing our strength in numbers to mobilize support for pro-marijuana initiatives and/or candidates across the country.

California NORML - Debate Heats up in Sacramento Over Prop. 64

More than 100 people eager to learn about the cannabis laws up for votes in November and possibly beyond on Tuesday night heard former Supervisor Merita Callaway, legalization supporter Bob Bowerman (Sacramento NORML) and outright commercial ban proponent Bill McManus discuss county ballot measures to regulate and tax cannabis and a state proposal to legalize recreational use.


Missouri NORML - Activists Launch Decriminalization Ballot Initiative in Kansas City

Kansas City NORML is collecting signatures to get an initiative added to the November ballot. NORML KC currently has 800 out of the 1,708 valid signatures required to be placed on the ballot.

Virginia NORML - Legalization Rally in Charlottesville

Organized by the Jefferson Area NORML — National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws — and Shirts With A Purpose, the first Cannabis Liberation Rally was held at the Free Speech Wall and included speakers, music and a march. The Culpeper chapter of NORML was represented with state director of policy and legislative affairs Pam Novy sharing her thoughts on the issue.

Wisconsin NORML - Petition to Decriminalize Marijuana in Monona

Madison NORML is fighting to give voters in the City of Monona a chance to reduce the possession fine to $1.

Indiana NORML - Allies Rally for Reform

Northwest Indiana NORML teams up with Higher Felliowship to rally for medical marijuana.

Major Reform Groups Part Ways in California

Last week, national marijuana reform groups parted ways with Reform CA, California's broadest based marijuana reform coalition. Dale Gieringer, executive director of California NORML, continues to vow his organization's unwavering support for what he feels is a "superior product".  

MassCann NORML and the Boston Freedom Rally

Bay State Repeal, a measure backed by MassCann NORML was a big hit at the Boston Freedom Rally

Gaining Ground with Florida NORML

Florida NORML pushes local reforms ahead of 2016 legalization efforts

Video: Press Conference Calling for Harris County Sheriff, DA to Take Action

Press Conference with Jason Miller, Executive Director of Houston NORML calling for administrative action against three deputies for the warrantless, roadside body cavity search of a Texas woman and to investigate the alleged sexual assault.

This Woman Will Legalize Marijuana in Georgia

Profile on Sharon Ravert, Executive Director of Peachtree NORML.

Texas Chapters: St. Patrick's Day Weekend Roundup

Texas cannabis activists score 4 major successes for St. Patrick's Day weekend.

Wyoming NORML: 'Walk for Weed'

The walk was organized to raise awareness of a 2016 ballot initiative that would legalize cannabis for medical and recreational purposes.

Philly NORML - ABC Interview

Philly NORML Co-Chair Mike Whiter discusses PA medical marijuana and relates it pretty powerfully to his PTSD from serving overseas with the Marines.