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NORML Chapters

NORML's chapter network is the lifeblood of our grassroots reform and educational efforts. Chapters are our on-the-ground advocates that help push for marijuana law reform in their local cities and towns. NORML chapters hold public events, meetings, concerts, bake sales, and fundraisers.

Currently NORML has over 150 active chapters around the U.S.A. (and world) working hard in their communities to change these laws. To see if a chapter exists near you, please visit the Chapters page and find your location on the map. If a chapter does not exist in your area, establishing a NORML chapter is, arguably, one of the the most effective things you can do. 

To see some of the awesome work our chapters do, please visit the links below.

KC NORML: Kansas City Council committee recommends marijuana petition for April ballot

“It’s not perfect, but it’s a step in the right direction,” said Jamie Kacz, executive director of NORML KC.

MN NORML: More than a third of young adults in Minnesota are getting high

"As more states make marijuana legal, either medically, for recreation, or both," he says, "what you're seeing is more and more people in the mainstream becoming interested and open to the subject. As the laws change, it becomes more socially acceptable."

California NORML: Details of Prop. 64 are a little hazy

"I don't know anybody who has noticed any difference since Prop. 64 has passed," said Dale Gieringer, CalNORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) director. "There has been no impact on day-to-day activity. The big change will come with the cannabis clubs and lounges."

California NORML: Recreational Weed Sales in California Could Be Delayed

"It's taking so long to get the draft regulations out there," says Dale Gieringer, director of California NORML. "It wouldn't surprise me if they're late. Furthermore, there's every indication the legislature will pass some more bills altering the regulatory system this year, which could require a mid-stream adjustment that would further push legal sales down the line."

Wyoming NORML: The new face of Wyoming marijuana reform may surprise you

There are rumblings that at least one other bill may be coming — one that could address Wyoming NORML’s petition for medical marijuana and hemp cultivation, said Frank Latta, a longtime Wyoming politico who became the organization’s director on Jan. 1.

MO NORML: First hemp oil cards issued in state to treat epilepsy

Show Me Cannabis and Mo NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) are also backing the petition, for which 170,000 signatures are needed to get the issue on the ballot.

KC NORML: With only one ‘no’ vote, KC city council sends question about marijuana fines to voters

“We believe that people should not be incarcerated for small marijuana offenses, more than 1,000 people were arrested in Kansas City last year and that is people whose lives will be affected by these arrests for the rest of their lives,” said Jamie Kacz, Executive Director of the Kansas City chapter of the National Organization For The Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML KC).

Denver NORML: Marijuana Regulators Target Home Grows

“With all of the uncertainty we are expecting in 2017 at both the local and state level our goal at Denver NORML is to help maintain our rights as residents of Colorado to grow in our homes,” said Person. “We will keep our members and supporters informed and part of the conversation as it happens."

Wyoming NORML: Wyoming's marijuana reform movement gets image makeover, just in time for Wyoming Legislature

“I spoke and worked a lot with the Judiciary committee in the off-season,” he said. “From those discussions, I knew there were several people who would support a (decriminalization) bill.”

Philly NORML: Marijuana Activists Gather for 'Smoke-In' at Rittenhouse Square

Friday’s so-called smoke-in event will double as a tutorial on how to "responsibly receive code violations" without unnecessarily being arrested or creating a scene, said Chris Goldstein, communications director for Philly NORML, the local branch of a national marijuana activist group. This includes a three-step guide on how to react if issued a citation by police.

Philly NORML: Philly cops meet with pot smokers to plan a bust (but don't call it an arrest)

"We're going to line up some people to courteously get code violations, and we want that to be a demonstration for our own community - this is how to get it right," Goldstein said. "Don't freak out. Hand over your ID, hand over your joint. Get your ticket. Have a nice day."

Illinois: Uncertainty, financing issues challenge local dispensaries in budding medical marijuana industry

The challenges with banks and drawing in patients are some of the more common issues dispensaries throughout Illinois had to deal with in 2016, said Ali Nagib, assistant director of the Illinois chapter of NORML.

WA NORML: WA NORML Pac Lobbyist: Growing Opportunities For Cannabis Consumers

"Strictly speaking, I’m working under the direction of WA NORML PAC’s board of directors. It’s headed by Kevin Oliver, a long time cannabis activist, and a licensed grower from eastern Washington. My proposal to Oliver and WA NORML PAC was based on looking out for cannabis consumers in Washington specifically, and the security of marijuana rights generally."

Delaware NORML: Legal weed legislation likely in Delaware

"Our senators and our representatives need to know how we feel because they're the ones that vote," said Cynthia Ferguson, executive director of Delaware NORML a non-profit organization pushing for cannabis reform.

Pittsburgh NORML: Pittsburgh attorney tries novel approach in fight to normalize marijuana

“The legislature specifically found as a matter of legislative intent that marijuana has medical potential and that it has the potential to alleviate up to 17 qualifying conditions that they put in the act,” says Nightingale, “and they created a regulated system of growing, processing and distributing medical marijuana for qualifying patients.”