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NORML Chapters

NORML's chapter network is the lifeblood of our grassroots reform and educational efforts. Chapters are our on-the-ground advocates that help push for marijuana law reform in their local cities and towns. NORML chapters hold public events, meetings, concerts, bake sales, and fundraisers.

Currently NORML has over 150 active chapters around the U.S.A. (and world) working hard in their communities to change these laws. To see if a chapter exists near you, please visit the Chapters page and find your location on the map. If a chapter does not exist in your area, establishing a NORML chapter is, arguably, one of the the most effective things you can do. 

To see some of the awesome work our chapters do, please visit the links below.

Charlottesville Commonwealth's Attorney candidates won't prosecute small possession marijuana charges

Charlottesville Commonwealth’s Attorney candidate Jeff Fogel has made marijuana legislation a prominent issue in his 2017 campaign for office, and said he would not prosecute small possession charges of marijuana at the Jefferson Area chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws Feb. 9.

Veterans ask Texas Legislature to pass medical marijuana bill

Another part of the operation is sending in a pill bottle to Texas NORML with your information inside. A toy soldier will then be placed inside and all pill bottles will be on display at the capitol.

Texas' 'Compassionate Use Act' too limiting, advocates say

The executive director of SA NORML -- the local branch of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws organization -- Luis Nakamoto said the bill is only for those who have intractable epilepsy. 

Medical marijuana initiative doesn’t make 2018 ballot

Carrie Satterwhite, a spokeswoman for Wyoming NORML, said the group will continue its efforts in the Legislature and potential ballot initiatives.“We feel very confident in how things should go from here,” she said.

Medical marijuana initiative doesn’t make 2018 ballot

Wyoming NORML had issued a statement saying that the organization had turned in its signatures to the original sponsors, though Wyoming NORML Director Frank Latta told the Gillette News Record he thought the petition would be short signatures.

2017 a watershed year say supporters of marijuana reform in Virginia

"This is certainly a watershed year for marijuana policy reform in Virginia," said Jenn Michelle Pedini, the executive director of the group Virginia NORML

Proposed Texas Bill Aims To Reduce Cannabis Penalties

"One attendee, U.S. Army Veteran David Bass who is an advocate through Texas NORML, stated his case against the current cannabis penalties. “According to the state of Texas, I’m a criminal,” Bass said. He shared his story about his 21 years in the military, and how he was given multiple pharmaceutical medicines to help ease his chronic pain and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder."

Legalizing pot needs to be discussed

Legalizing cannabis won’t lead to greater access to other substances. Arrests for cocaine and heroin have actually declined sharply during the past decade. In response to the old gateway drug myth, according to the Canadian Senate’s 2002 study, “[c]annabis itself is not a cause of other drug use.”

Ohio's medical marijuana program is still developing, but advocates remain worried about accessibility

Don Keeney, the resident of the Southeast Ohio chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws — commonly referred to as NORML — said other aspects of the law, such as the number of dispensaries, could pose challenges to Ohio residents.

Why A Border Wall Won’t Stem The Flow Of Illegal Drugs

“Drug policy is a fairly complicated issue and something like a wall sounds great, but is certainly far too simple to address a very complex problem, which takes a pretty deep understanding of every aspect,” Evan Nison, executive director of NORML New Jersey, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “A wall is not going to accomplish anything on this front, except cost the taxpayers money and make the drug dealers more creative.”

Iowa State University loses appeal in marijuana T-shirt case

“This decision protects, not just for this group but for all these groups, the ability to participate in the marketplace of ideas and not be discriminated against because the government doesn’t like your views,” the conservative groups’ attorney Casey Mattox said.

Bill proposed to reduce some marijuana penalties in Texas to fines

"According to the state of Texas, I'm a criminal," said U.S. Army Veteran David Bass, who advocates for marijuana reform with Texas NORML.

Pro-marijuana group voices support for Harris County's new posession policy

"The violent crime that's taking place in our city will begin to be addressed more directly," said Bonin when asked how Ogg's policy will benefit Houston, "because police will no longer be wasting several hours off their beat testing and booking people for small amounts of marijuana possession. We will have a much more civilized society. We can put an end to the black market cannabis industry."

New policy to decriminalize marijuana in Harris County will save time, money, DA's office says

Marijuana reform activist from the Houston NORML group Carlos Calbillo, center, takes a picture of Harris County district attorney Kim Ogg, left, after she announced a new policy to decriminalize low-level possession of marijuana Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017 in Houston.

Measure To Legalize Marijuana Will Not Appear On 2018 Ballot

“We went from introducing one or two [bills per session] to now we’re introducing five. We’ve got both parties on whether it’s Republicans or the Democrats. Are we moving forward? Boy, we’re moving forward in big big turns,” said Latta.