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I've recently been diagnosed with Endometriosis, after battling pain for the last 4 years.


I want to live life, not just exist.


I was diagnosed with PTSD, from horrific emotional, and physical child abuse. I am fortunate to be alive, when I think back of all the criminal things done to me.

Auto immune Mom

I was raised to be against pot, but it's medicine and works wonders...


I choose to use marijuana to help make life livable due to my Multiple Sclerosis.


Thirty-five years ago, I was sentenced to prison for five years for selling $7.50 (1/2-oz) marijuana to an undercover cop.


I shouldn't have had to become a criminal to provide [my grandmother] with such a small comfort.

Robyn M

My struggle to attain the American Dream has finally been shattered ...


I suffer from severe PTSD...


Growing up I always assumed that marijuana was dangerous...

annie garbagnati

Legalize both Pot and Hemp...

Janelle Rasso

Marijuana feeds the soul...

Kisha Robertson

I am currently a housewife w/3 children...


[Marijuana] has helped with my anxiety and depression ...