Benefit Golf Tournament Photos

NORML Advisory Board member and benefit golf tournament host Willie Nelson thanks the crowd and encourages them to keep supporting NORML's longtime marijuana law reform efforts.

A Austin-based rock-n-roll band 'serenades' the NORML supporters...and golfers five holes away!

NORML supporters get warmed up for the round of golf

Keith with BC and Cadillac golf cart.

NORML crew and Willie Nelson: Steve Lach from Celebration Pipe Company, MO NORML coordinator and national NORML board member Dan Viets, Esq., NORML executive Director Allen St. Pierre, NORML Associate Director Kris Krane, Willie Nelson, NORML Founder and General Counsel Keith Stroup, Esq., and NORML Senior Policy Analyst Paul Armentano

Allen St. Pierre, Willie, Keith, Paul and Beth Armentano

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