2008: It's Not Your Parents' Prohibition

Keith Stroup at Pot and Politics Panel
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The 2008 NORML Conference was held Friday, October 17 through Sunday, October 19 at the Doubletree Hotel & Executive Meeting Center Berkeley Marina in Berkeley, CA. Our annual political conference is where we focus on the latest marijuana policy developments at both the state and federal levels, celebrate our victories over the last year, analyze our losses, and hear from an array of the leading NORML activists and cannabis law reform organizers from across the country.

Sunday Double Header

Similar in format to last year's NORML conference in Los Angeles, the first two days were presented in typical plenary and breakout sessions. The conference's last day was co-sponsored with the new Oaksterdam University and NORML’s Legal Committee of criminal defense attorneys, and featured a day of unique classroom-style learning not yet found in American academia! The Sunday-only session teaches participants the legal and business 'best practices' for medical cannabis dispensaries and patient co-operatives, along with extensive coursework on botanical, historical and business marketing information concerning cannabis.

"Everything You Wanted To Know About Medical Cannabis, but knew better than to ask John Walters"