Surveys & Polls

A solid majority of the American public now agree with NORML that responsible marijuana smokers should not be treated like criminals. Eight out of ten Americans support the medical use of marijuana, and nearly 3 out of 4 Americans support a fine-only (no jail) for recreational smokers. 58% of Americans now favor legalizing marijuana, according to the most recent Gallup poll -- which is the highest percentage support ever reported in a nationwide scientific poll. Our challenge now is to convert this public support into public policy.

Quinnipiac University 2017 National Poll

60 percent of US voters believe that “the use of marijuana should be made legal.” Ninety-four percent of respondents endorsed legalizing marijuana for medical purposes, and 73 percent oppose federal interference in states that have legalized it.

CBS News 2017 National Poll

Sixty-one percent of US adults say “the use of marijuana should be legal,” and 71 percent oppose federal action in states that have legalized it.