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Working to reform marijuana laws
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    The number of federal offenders sentenced for violating marijuana laws has fallen significantly since 2012, according to data provided by the United States Sentencing Commission.

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    Ever since the 2016 election, marijuana legalization supporters have been wondering if President Trump will crack down on state-approved recreational and/or medical marijuana programs. The Heritage Foundation believes it knows the answer.

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    In the first quarter of 2017, the reform efforts of Virginia NORML laid a framework for exciting changes in the Commonwealth’s cannabis policies. As spring blooms, conversations are blossoming in municipalities across the state challenging the status quo of criminally prosecuting misdemeanor possession in favor of civil fines. And we’re leading the charge not only at home in Virginia, but in Congress as well. As Virginia NORML continues its mission to reform marijuana laws, our efforts must target all three fronts, federal, state and local.

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    Colorado NORML is pleased to announce the 2017 Hunter S. Thompson Scholarship to the Aspen Legal Seminar June 1-3, 2017!

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    The bills from around the country that we’ve tracked this week and as always, check http://norml.org/act for legislation pending in your state.

  • Read more by Justin Strekal, NORML Political Director

    At the state level, it is quite a different story. We have continued to see a marked rise in the number of bills introduced pertaining to marijuana, crossing the 1,500 mark. From hearings on marijuana legalization in Maryland to social clubs passing the Senate in Colorado to hemp passing the both chambers in the New Mexico statehouse, at every level we are making progress.

  • Read more by Justin Strekal, NORML Political Director

    At the end of the day, when the Attorney General of the United States publicly contemplates the federal prosecution of those in the adult use marijuana industry, we should take these threats seriously.

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    Marijuana social consumption bill advances in the Colorado Legislature! Join Denver NORML as they continue their push to normalize the social consumption of marijuana across Colorado!