Search and Seizure

The People of the State of Colorado v. Defendant

Motion to Suppress Statements and Evidence

People of the State of Illinois vs. Cara Ringland, et al.

Appellee Brief filed with the Illinois Supreme Court. Pre textual traffic stops.

People of the State of Illinois v. Galen R. Maloney

Challenging Illinois marijuana laws.

People of the State of Illinois v. Cara Ringland

Appellee's brief - involves the suppression of evidence gathered in a warrantless search of vehicle following a pre textual stop.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. Matthew Overmyer

Brief and addendum of Amicus Curiae, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Law in support of Appellee-Overmyer

Challenging the Reliability of a Drug Dog Alert

A dog alert argument which is excerpted from a more extensive motion.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. Anthony Craan

Brief and Addendum of Amicus Curiae, National Organization For The Reform Of Marijuana Law in Support of Appellee-Craan

United States of America v. Kynaston, et al.

USDC in Washington State suppressed a few thousand plants because officers failed to address the medical marijuana statute in their affidavit in support of their search warrant.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts vs. Benjamin Cruz

Brief of Amicus Curiae in Support of the Appellee

State of Iowa v. Carl Ervin Myers

Challenging Probable Cause for a Search Warrant