Medical Marijuana Polls

Utah: Dan Jones & Associates

Seventy-eight percent of voters support a statewide ballot initiative "that would legalize marijuana use for people with serious medical conditions."

Virginia: Quinnipiac University

Ninety-two percent of Virginia voters support allowing adults to use marijuana for medical use if a doctor authorizes it.

Iowa: Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll

Eighty percent of Iowa adults believe that marijuana ought to be legalized for medical purposes 

Wyoming: Survey and Analysis Center and the UW

Support for medical marijuana (with a doctor’s prescription) increased from 74 percent in 2014 to 81 percent in 2016.

South Carolina: Winthrop Poll

Seventy-eight percent of South Carolina residents believe that “marijuana should be legalized for medical purposes.”

Florida: Public Policy Polling

Seventy percent of Florida voters say that they support the passage of Amendment 2.

Missouri: Public Policy Polling

Sixty-two percent of registered voters would vote yes on a ballot issue that would legalize marijuana for medical purposes.

Florida Decides Poll

Sixty-eight percent of likely voters say that they will vote this November in favor of Amendment 2, the Using Marijuana for Debilitating Conditions act. Only 18 percent of likely voters oppose the measure.

Prevention Magazine Survey

Three-quarters of Americans believe that the use of medical marijuana should be legal and more than a third would be likely to use it if their physician recommended it.

Utah Policy Poll

Sixty-six percent of respondents would support legalizing marijuana, if the issue appeared before voters as a statewide ballot initiative.

Ohio: Quinnipiac Poll

Ohio voters support 90 to 9 percent legalizing the use of medical marijuana.

Florida: Quinnipiac Poll

More than 80 percent say they will support an amendment on the November 2016 ballot to allow marijuana for medical reasons.

Illinois: Paul Simon Public Policy Institute Poll

When asked whether they favor or oppose legalized medicinal marijuana in Illinois, 82 percent express support for the policy.

Iowa: Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll

Seventy-eight percent of Iowan adults favor permitting marijuana for medical purposes.

Florida: Public Policy Polling

Sixty-five percent of Florida voters support passing a constitutional amendment to permit the dispensing and physician authorized use of medical marijuana.