Kansas: Medical Marijuana Measures Introduced

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Kansas: Medical Marijuana Measures Introduced

Legislation is pending before Kansas lawmakers that would legalize the therapeutic use of cannabis. House Bill 2198 and Senate Bill 9 seek to establish a network of state-regulated compassion centers to provide cannabis to patients. Qualified patients would also be able to grow specified quantities of cannabis in private. HB 2198 has been assigned to the House Committee on Federal and State Affairs and SB 9 has been referred to the Senate Committee on Public Health and Welfare, but neither has been scheduled for a hearing. You can read the full text of these measures here and here.

A January 2013 SurveyUSA statewide poll revealed that 70 percent of Kansas residents support legalizing the medical use of marijuana.

You can contact your state lawmakers in support of medical marijuana law reform by visiting NORML's Take Action Center:


The NORML Team