South Carolina: Legislation Introduced To Authorize Medical Marijuana

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

South Carolina: Legislation Introduced To Authorize Medical Marijuana

Legislation is pending in the House to allow for the use of marijuana for therapeutic purposes.

House Bill 4872, the "Put Patients First Act," sponsored by House Minority Leader Todd Rutherford, would allow patients who possess a recommendation from their physicians to possess and cultivate medical marijuana within specified limits. Under this act, patients would be permitted to possess up to 2 ounces of cannabis and cultivate up to 6 plants (no more than three mature).

"The time has come to put aside archaic misconceptions of medical marijuana and put patients first," said Rep. Rutherford in a statement. "I hear devastating stories every single day from people who are battling epilepsy or suffering from a brain tumor who desperately need medical marijuana to treat the debilitating symptoms. I want to help these people and the government should not be a barrier for them to get the medical services they need. .... I refuse to let these people suffer any longer – it's time to move forward and put the health of our citizens ahead of politics."

Full text of this measure is available here.

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