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  1. US FL: PUB LTE: For Love
    Tampa Tribune, 25 Oct 2014 - I am writing in response to the article in the Tribune Oct. 11 about Christopher Cano ('Candidate took risks for dad's medical pot,' Metro). Hurray to Chris for having the courage to do something for his father to ease his pain. I also did this in Connecticut for my 16-year-old son, who had Ewing's sarcoma (a form of bone cancer). At that time they had THC in pill form but would not give it to him because he was younger than 18 years of age.
  2. US FL: LTE: Public Safety Issue
    Tampa Tribune, 24 Oct 2014 - Regarding 'Science wins' (Your Views, Oct. 20): It would seem retired Navy Lt. Commander Al Byrne is a bit biased, being the CEO of Veterans for Compassionate Care. Medical cannabis has been available in pill form for quite some time. I urge everyone to vote 'no' on Amendment 2 because it has serious flaws. I do not want to be on the road next to someone driving under the influence of cannabis. Being a veteran of the Vietnam War, I have seen in a tactical situation how marijuana affects the ability to make split-second decisions.
  3. US FL: LTE: Florida's Medical Marijuana Amendment Text Too
    Bradenton Herald, 24 Oct 2014 - My beloved grandson, Robby, died of a drug overdose on June 2, 2013. He began his tragic journey toward addiction at the age of 15 by smoking marijuana, which accelerated to misusing oxycodone and ended with heroin. After three rehabs and one near-death experience, his life, which had begun with such hope and promise, ended at the age of 22.
  4. US FL: OPED: No: Too Risky For State Businesses
    Orlando Sentinel, 23 Oct 2014 - NO: TOO RISKY FOR STATE BUSINESSES In recent months, many Americans, myself included, have become educated on the medicinal benefits that cannabis may provide to patients who have some terrible illnesses. Earlier this year, the Florida Legislature passed the Charlotte's Web law that allows medicinal cannabis for Floridians battling illnesses such as epilepsy, Lou Gehrig's disease and various types of cancer.
  5. US FL: OPED: Yes: Benefits Would Be Far-Reaching
    Orlando Sentinel, 23 Oct 2014 - YES: BENEFITS WOULD BE FAR-REACHING Caregivers are now being called drug dealers by opponents of Amendment 2. As a medical consultant and a police officer's daughter, I am horrified by the comparison.
  6. US FL: OPED: A Vote For Marijuana Is A Vote For Compassion
    The Palm Beach Post, 23 Oct 2014 - This November, voters all across the country will cast their ballots and make important decisions about the future of our nation. In Florida, voters will face no shortage of consequential choices. For many of my constituents, our state's medical marijuana amendment is of the greatest significance. Florida's Amendment 2 will allow voters the opportunity to answer a fundamental question about the character of our state and its people. Should patients in Florida have the ability to adhere to their doctor's recommendations without fearing criminal punishment? Should Florida's patients have access to the same treatment options that patients of other states already enjoy? Should we, as citizens, treat sick and suffering Floridians with compassion and respect?
  7. US FL: PUB LTE: Mother Nature's Medicine
    The Star-Banner, 21 Oct 2014 - In response to Dr. Mike's Jordan's guest column opposing legalizing medical grade marijuana: How naive, as a medical practitioner, to downplay serious medical ailments such as "back pain, headaches, and anxiety."
  8. US FL: PUB LTE: King's Reefer Madness
    The Star-Banner, 20 Oct 2014 - In 1936, the film "Reefer Madness," described by the Internet Movie Database as "a fictionalized and highly exaggerated take on the use of marijuana," was released. On Sunday, Star-Banner readers were treated to our own Reefer Madness courtesy of State Attorney Brad King. Like the 1936 film, King's version was, at the very least, "highly exaggerated."
  9. US FL: LTE: Mob Rule
    The Star-Banner, 20 Oct 2014 - Congratulations for the prominence you gave to State Attorney Brad King's input on Amendment 2. My conclusion is that approval of this amendment would be a case of "mob rule." To me, this means that a crowd of people take the sales opinion of "snake oil salesmen" instead of that of qualified persons, such as the American Medical Association and official law enforcement agencies. This is based upon the facts that current effective federal laws state that marijuana is a dangerous and illegal drug and that a prescription of it without FDA approval would be at least unethical.

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