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  1. US FL: PUB LTE: Market Demand Fuels Drug Cartel
    Tampa Bay Times, 17 Jul 2015 - Re: Notorious drug kingpin escapes | July 13 In Don Winslow's most recent book, The Cartel, he describes the elaborately choreographed escape of the head of the fictional El Federacin, the world's most powerful drug cartel. The book's time proximity to Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman's escape (it was just published in June) gives Winslow's story a prescient quality.
  2. US FL: John Morgan: Expect Marijuana Gold Rush, Then Shakeout
    Orlando Sentinel, 13 Jul 2015 - John Morgan, 59, is founder of the Morgan & Morgan law firm, headquartered in Orlando. He also is chairman of the pro-medical marijuana group United For Care, which is planning a second attempt, in 2016, to get statewide approval for a constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana in Florida. He spoke with staff writer Scott Powers. What kind of business opportunities are likely to emerge if medical marijuana is legalized?
  3. US FL: PUB LTE: It's About The Facts
    Tampa Tribune, 11 Jul 2015 - In response to "Giant joint riles some" (July 7): Excellent report by Mike Salinero. He quoted one "drugfree" leader, "When you promote drug legalization on a float in a parade, it can give a really bad message to children." That may be obvious to adults, but not to kids. Even the widely reported transition to recreational marijuana in Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon has had no effect.
  4. US FL: LTE: Poison
    Tampa Tribune, 11 Jul 2015 - In response to 'False assumptions' (Your Views, July 7): The users of cannabis claim not a single person has died from using it. This may be true in regard to overdoses, but it is damaging to one's lungs and leads to other drug abuse, including pills, cocaine and stronger synthetic marijuana. These stronger forms of marijuana lead to hallucinations and people harming themselves or others. Marijuana is not conducive to people driving, operating heavy equipment or doing any other job where the public is concerned.
  5. US FL: As National Heroin Rates Surge, Miami-Dade Still Lacks A
    Miami Herald, 10 Jul 2015 - For the past three years, Florida's Legislature has failed to pass a bill that would create a needle exchange program leaving the state without a program to help drug addicts avoid exposure to disease through dirty needles. But stark new figures released this week show heroin use is surging across the country and is up around 63% in the last decade, according to a new report by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. In another recent study, doctors at the University of Miami and Jackson Memorial Hospital found that over one year, cases of infection at Jackson Memorial caused by injection drug use led to 17 deaths at a cost of $11.4 million, much of it borne by taxpayers.
  6. US FL: PUB LTE: False Assumptions
    Tampa Tribune, 07 Jul 2015 - I know that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, but the recent commentary you ran called 'What happened to the pot stigma?' (Views) has some false assumptions in it. Many of us don't believe that cannabis is dangerous. How many people have died from ingesting cannabis? Not a single one, I believe. How many deaths are caused yearly from prescription pain medicines? Forty-six deaths a day and rising. Also, I would like to point out that a new study in The Lancet Psychiatry found no increase in teen pot usage in states where medical marijuana is legal. Jamie Howe, New Port Richey - --- MAP posted-by: Jay Bergstrom
  7. US FL: PUB LTE: Tracking Marijuana Use
    Tampa Bay Times, 27 Jun 2015 - Re: Fact And Fiction On Medical Pot | June 22, Editorial The referenced Lancet article concluded that while pot use is higher in states that have legal pot as medicine, usage did not increase when the medical marijuana law was enacted.
  8. US FL: Editorial: Minor Pot Possession Should Be Infraction
    Sun-Sentinel, 18 Jun 2015 - South Florida's elected officials have begun lining up behind a proposal to make minor marijuana possession a civil infraction rather than a criminal charge. The pitch is the same: Hand out $100 fines rather than jail time. It's being made by a number of local lawmakers in different cities and counties. And there are plenty of good reasons why they're right.
  9. US FL: Column: The Old Enthusiasm For Pot Prohibition Has Gone
    Miami Herald, 15 Jun 2015 - Pot enforcement was a big ongoing story back when I landed my first newspaper job 45 years ago. Oh my, how we did love those police-combat-scourge-of-marijuana stories. The Mississippi town where I worked suffered plenty of sure-enough serious crime, but robberies and burglaries, even the occasional Saturday night juke-joint killing, would hardly turn an editor's head. If the local police managed a pot bust, that was front page stuff.