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  1. US FL: OPED: Why Should Floridians Face Arrest for Medical
    Sun-Sentinel, 22 Oct 2014 - In 1999, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Sixteen years later, I can honestly say not a single second of my life has gone by where I have been unaware of my disease. Because of my condition, I experience neuropathic pain 24 hours a day, have battled severe depression and experienced intense periods of suicidal ideation. Although multiple sclerosis has changed nearly every aspect of my life, I've never let it control or define who I am. I work every day to beat this disease through a rigorous exercise regimen, strict diet and physical therapy. In early attempts to manage the painful symptoms of my disease, doctors prescribed me every powerful painkiller you can imagine - Percocet, Oxycontin and Vicodin to name a few. My experience with these pharmaceutical interventions was nasty and ineffective at best, as they provided little to no symptom relief. I was just left with the miserable side effects you only read about on the side of the label.
  2. US FL: PUB LTE: Science Wins
    Tampa Tribune, 20 Oct 2014 - Regarding 'Don't let the 'Colorado Calamity' invade Florida' (Brad King, Other Views, Oct. 16): I will not argue the statistics as to how many dispensaries now operate in Colorado, but because law enforcement has failed to protect legal businesses is hardly the fault of cannabis or dispensary ownership. In Colorado, all violent crime is down. DUIs are down. Death by suicide and pharmaceutical overdose is down. Only burglary remains steady. Apparently, burglars do not use cannabis. The suggestion that cannabis in mother's milk is bad is a glaring example of medical cannabis ignorance. Melanie Dreher, RN, Ph.D, spent over 30 years in Jamaica studying pregnant moms for the U.S. government. She found that cannabis greatly relieved or eliminated morning sickness, with no ill effects to mom or fetus. The children born to these moms equaled or exceeded in intellect and social skills non-cannabis-using moms.
  3. US FL: LTE: Bad Message for Kids
    The Gainesville Sun, 19 Oct 2014 - Medical marijuana is the worst thing that could possibly happen in the state of Florida. It sends a bad message to our kids. It tells our kids that not only is marijuana use not harmful, but it is actually beneficial. Nothing could be further from the truth. Kids mimic and follow the examples set by their parents. The slippery slope starts with medical marijuana and does not end with a soft landing. The slope ends in broken families, a wasted life, crime, violence, loss of employment (unable to pass employment drug tests), abuse, homeless existence on the street, and finally death.
  4. US FL: LTE: Don't Legalize Marijuana
    Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 19 Oct 2014 - The legalization of medical marijuana in Florida would be a big mistake. Its medical value, although lauded by some, is highly questionable. Various renowned medical organizations have expressed opposition or caveats. Medical legalization is a pathway to recreational legalization -- Colorado and Washington state, thus far. The marijuana drug is infiltrating Colorado schools! Much of the pot is sold as food: pot bars, pot gummy bears, pot cookies, pot suckers, pot hard fruit candies, and even pot soda. Is this what we want in Florida?
  5. US FL: PUB LTE: Catering To Criminals Instead Of Patients
    Orlando Sentinel, 19 Oct 2014 - I just love the thinking of those in charge of deciding where dispensaries for medical marijuana should be sited. Let's by all means place them where criminals are more likely to be comfortable than patients who are disabled and/or in serious pain. Many of these patients will be frail and older or, in some cases, children.
  6. US FL: LTE: Look at Pot's Backer
    Daytona Beach News-Journal, 18 Oct 2014 - John Morgan makes his living with persuasive talk. When he adds millions from his own pocket, the jury - in this case the voting public - is expected to be attentive. Are there patients in need of marijuana's health benefits? Yes, and I am in total support; in fact, we all are. However, this has never been the question. Unfortunately, it is also quite a different venue when George Soros put in his "two cents."
  7. US FL: Editorial: Medicinal Pot Deserves 'Yes'
    The Palm Beach Post, 18 Oct 2014 - It's not difficult to understand the recent erosion of support for Amendment 2, the ballot initiative that would expand the use of marijuana in Florida by patients suffering from debilitating illnesses. Indeed, after polling as high as 80 percent among likely voters in the spring, most polls now have it barely hitting the 60 percent threshold needed for passage.
  8. US FL: Editorial: Our View On The Proposed Constitutional
    Florida Times-Union, 18 Oct 2014 - Constitutional amendments should be rare. They should be saved for issues that the regular political process is unable or unwilling to handle. That is the reason that 60 percent is needed for amending the Florida Constitution. Direct democracy ought to be the exception in this republic.
  9. US FL: Column: Pain Clinic Owner Makes Case for Pot
    Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 18 Oct 2014 - Paul Sloan's crusade has him paying for billboards and writing letters to the editor, hoping there is time to overcome what he sees as a misguided but effective disinformation campaign. Big names in law enforcement statewide are deeply involved, and not on his side.

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