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  1. US FL: Backers: Make Pot 'Like Aspirin'
    The Palm Beach Post, 23 May 2015 - Doctors, advocates at conference say cannabis is a safe, effective drug that should be widely available. WEST PALM BEACH - Pro-pot activists and physicians offer a simple prescription for cannabis: Make it an easy-to-buy, over-the-counter drug.
  2. US FL: OPED: Clock's Ticking: 46 Years And Counting In Failed Drug
    Orlando Sentinel, 18 May 2015 - War on Drugs needs a new strategy after 46 failed years, columnist says On Wednesday, March 4, Derek Cruice became the latest unarmed person to be shot to death in a U.S. drug raid staged to seize marijuana. This Volusia County Sheriff's raid succeeding in saving 217 grams (about half-a-pound) of that drug from being loosed on our streets and it only cost one human life. Apparently, law enforcement doesn't think statistics on incidents such as these are worth keeping, so it is very hard to tell how many folks have been killed in the manner of Cruice. However, the CATO Institute a=C2=80" one of the only entities that does keep any such statistics a=C2=80"shows that between 1985 and 2010, SWAT team raids in the U.S. accounted for the deaths of 46 innocent people, 25 nonviolent offenders, and 30 law enforcers.
  3. US FL: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana Has Lifesaving Potential
    The Palm Beach Post, 12 May 2015 - Florida needs medical marijuana. I'm not referring to the palliative relief that medical marijuana brings to patients but, rather, the protective effect it has against prescription narcotic abuses in a state famous for "pill mills." Research published in 2014 in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that states with open medical-marijuana access appear to have a 25 percent lower opioid-overdose death rate than marijuana-prohibition states. States with established access showed a 33 percent reduction in overdose deaths.
  4. US FL: Editorial: Legislative Sloth Means Medical Pot Gets
    The Palm Beach Post, 07 May 2015 - During the just-ended session, Florida legislators had an opportunity to add some legal and regulatory sanity to the medical marijuana movement. But they blew it - again. Rather than tweak last year's law so that thousands of Floridians living with debilitating illnesses could have access to limited-use low-THC cannabis oil (CS/ SB 7066), for example, legislators fumbled, stumbled and then balked.
  5. US FL: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana Issue Not Dead Yet
    The Palm Beach Post, 06 May 2015 - The Florida House of Representatives failed us, yet again. I never had much faith in Tallahassee to do the right thing. But I continue to have tremendous faith in the compassion of the people of Florida to do what the politicians refused to. April 28 marked the first day of our 2016 campaign for medical marijuana. We will put this issue back before the voters. We will win.
  6. US FL: Professor Proposes Test Of Medical Marijuana
    Sun-Sentinel, 27 Apr 2015 - As the state's efforts to get a noneuphoric medical-marijuana oil to severely epileptic children move forward, the University of Florida is proposing a study to answer a key question: Does it even work? Dr. Paul Carney, professor at the UF Department of Pediatrics and Neurology, has sent a research proposal to the Florida Department of Health to start finding out. The department is reviewing the requests.
  7. US FL: PUB LTE: Nothing To Be Afraid Of
    Tampa Tribune, 26 Apr 2015 - Regarding "State's medical pot law takes hit" (Other Views. April 21): Cerise Naylor tactfully understates the selfishness of those who have kept sick children horn getting life-saving marijuana. I would not have been so tactful.
  8. US FL: Florida Voters Show Strong Support for Legalized
    Sun-Sentinel, 07 Apr 2015 - Florida voters overwhelmingly support legalization of marijuana - for both medical and recreational use. Medical marijuana was supported by 84 percent and opposed by 14 percent in a Quinnipiac University Poll released Monday.
  9. US FL: Miami Gun Battle Leaves Canadian Envoy's Eldest Son Dead
    Globe and Mail, 02 Apr 2015 - When Roxanne Dube was appointed consul-general to Miami last November, her sons Marc and Jean Wabafiyebazu seemed enthusiastic about the move. After spending much of their lives in Ottawa and Zimbabwe, the teens, 15 and 17, relished the idea of living in a city that has featured as a backdrop for many blockbuster films. "For them it really was a big move," their father Germano Wabafiyebazu said in an interview. "You see Miami in movies and everything, so to be now going there =C2=85 they were really enthusiastic."