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  1. US GA: Edu: OPED: War On Drugs Exacerbates Issue, Deemed
    The Red and Black, 16 Sep 2014 - In a world where you can be arrested and incarcerated for being in possession of a harmless plant, it is time to reform our drug policies and rethink the war on drugs altogether. The Global Commission on Drug Policy reported the war on drugs is both counter-intuitive and harmful to society. Not only is prohibition completely ineffective, but in many ways it only exacerbates the problem and has led to a wide array of social and health issues throughout the globe. After a half century of failure, it is time to stop wasting time, tax money and resources and finally put an end to this ridiculous war on drugs.
  2. US GA: Column: Marijuana Legalization Has Many Benefits
    Barrow County News, 09 Sep 2014 - "Reefer Madness" was a 1930's propaganda style film extolling the dangers of marijuana. The film has become infamous for its overdramatic portrayal that the drug would lead to chaos for its users. Decades later the rationale behind the effects of marijuana tends to be less extreme, but those people against its legalization should realize it's only a matter of time before other states decriminalize the substance.
  3. US GA: PUB LTE: Legal Marijuana Is Taxable Substance
    Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 27 Aug 2014 - Regarding "Analyze cost, benefits of legal pot" (Atlanta Forward, Aug. 21), J. Tom Morgan makes a cogent case for the decriminalization of marijuana, citing the racist scare tactics of the Depression-era director of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and the specious argument that it is a gateway to harder drugs. Let's also consider these points: Legal marijuana can be taxed; its potency can be standardized; criminal enterprises will no longer profit from trafficking in it, and useful medical research into its therapeutic use can begin. And decriminalization will ease the current enormous strain on our courts and prisons. With the taxpayer money saved, maybe then we can turn our attention to the shortcomings of our infrastructure and educational systems.
  4. US GA: Column: Obama Says He Ended the 'War on Drugs:' Don't
    Ledger-Enquirer, 19 Jul 2014 - If the Obama administration is to be believed, America's infamous "War on Drugs" is over. In its most recent National Drug Control Strategy, released last week, officials promised a more humane and sympathetic approach to drug users and addiction. Out, the report suggests, are "tough on crime" policies. Rather than more police and more prisons, officials talk about public health and education. They promise to use evidence-based practices to combat drug abuse. And they want to use compassionate messaging and successful reentry programs to reduce the stigma drug offenders and addicts face. Unfortunately, the government's actions don't jibe with their rhetoric.
  5. US GA: PUB LTE: Police Need Drug Kits To Save Lives
    Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 17 Jun 2014 - Congratulations to the leadership of Holly Springs and to their police for preparing all their officers with drug overdose kits and the first to do so in the state of Georgia. As a result, they saved a life recently with one of these kits, recommended by one of their own who had lost her child to drug-induced asthma. What are the rest of our communities going to do? Sandy Springs, wake up. RALPH MARION, SANDY SPRINGS - --- MAP posted-by: Matt
  6. US GA: PUB LTE: It's Time To Stop The War On Drugs
    Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 05 Jun 2014 - The Habersham County toddler's injuries ("Toddler severely hurt in police raid," News, May 30) are the predictable result of our militarized policing and the drug war. After four decades of the "War on Drugs," America's police forces have more military hardware than do many countries' armies. According to the Cato Institute, more than 50,000 "no knock" warrants are issued here each year. These military-style raids predictably lead to tragedies like the one Thursday. Countries like Switzerland and Portugal, in contrast, treat addiction and drug abuse as a public health issue. It's time we follow their examples; it's time for a cease fire. WARREN GOODWIN, ATLANTA - --- MAP posted-by: Matt
  7. US GA: PUB LTE: Habersham County Sheriff's Office Should Have
    Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 04 Jun 2014 - All citizens should be outraged by the Habersham County Sheriff's office. ("Toddler severely hurt in police raid," News, May 30). Police officers stormed a house and threw a "distraction device" into a 19-month-old boy's playpen. The child now has a 50 percent chance of survival and extensive facial injuries for life and possible brain damage, assuming he survives. Apparently Sheriff Joey Terrell relied on a confidential informant to get a "no knock" warrant for a house where the informant allegedly bought drugs. Apparently no surveillance was done prior to busting down the door and inflicting carnage on an innocent baby boy. The person the sheriff wanted to arrest was not even home and those who were there were visitors from Wisconsin. They had no connection to the alleged drug activity. If the sheriff's office would have simply done some cursory surveillance it would have discovered the van parked in front of the house had infant car seats and other indications of the baby being there. If they would have staked out the house to determine if and when the person they were looking for was there, they most likely would have discovered the baby and family. T. DENNIS BICKHAM III, ATLANTA - --- MAP posted-by: Jay Bergstrom
  8. US GA: Heroin Use On Rise In Georgia
    The Augusta Chronicle, 11 May 2014 - Heroin use is on the rise statewide, while many other drugs appear to be waning, according to an analysis of drug submissions to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's crime lab. The analysis shows heroin submissions have increased by more than 300 percent since 2011. The current fiscal year has seen a 20 percent increase, while all other drugs during that period have decreased by 22 percent.
  9. US GA: Edu: Marijuana Legalization Supporters Rally At Athens
    The Red and Black, 28 Apr 2014 - Supporters for marijuana law reform rallied outside the Athens-Clarke County City Hall on Monday. "Marijuana is a popular issue around the country right now, and we are here to basically bring public attention to the fact that we are not criminals and people who use marijuana are no more criminal than a person who drinks wine," said James Bell, director of the Georgia Campaign for Access Reform and Education Project.

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