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  1. US GA: GA. Lawmakers Press Forward on Medical Cannabis
    Rome News-Tribune, 17 Nov 2014 - Atlanta (AP) - While an effort to bring a form of medical marijuana to Georgia garnered bipartisan support during the most recent legislative session, hurdles remain as lawmakers prepare to make another attempt at passing the legislation next year. A bill is being drafted after a series of committee hearings and included testimony from leaders within the law enforcement and medical communities who raised concerns about the use of medical cannabis even under narrow circumstances. Meanwhile, progress is being made in terms of bringing clinical trials to Georgia, but advocates warn that will not be enough to help all those who see the drug as their best hope to manage debilitating conditions.
  2. US GA: Cannabis Oil Clinical Trial At Georgia Regents University
    The Augusta Chronicle, 13 Nov 2014 - Running a clinical trial of cannabis-derived oil for 50 children with uncontrollable seizures could cost the state of Georgia $7-8 million, an official with Georgia Regents University told a legislative study committee meeting in Augusta on Wednesday. But outside of that limited number, entities in the state might be authorized to grow and produce the oil for the thousands of others who might benefit from it, the chief proponent for the legislation said.
  3. US GA: Gru Hosts Hearing Of Evidence For Clinical Trials For Cannabidiol
    The Augusta Chronicle, 12 Nov 2014 - A legislative study committee on narrow uses of medical marijuana will hold a hearing Tuesday at Georgia Regents University to hear about potential medical evidence for use, according to the committee co-chairman. GRU itself is on the verge of beginning clinical trials into a purified cannabis oil drug for children with uncontrollable seizures. The Joint Study Committee on the Prescription of Medical Cannabis will hold its fourth meeting in the ballroom of the Jaguar Student Activities Center on the Summerville campus of GRU. Previous meetings of the committee had heard from families with various medical conditions that might benefit from marijuana-derived oil and concerns from law enforcement about legalization, said Rep. Allen Peake, R-Macon, the chief proponent of legislation that would allow its use only under strict conditions.
  4. US GA: 'Nobody Can Help Us Here': Family Moving West For Medical
    The Gwinnett Daily Post, 12 Nov 2014 - The Isabellas are tired of waiting on Georgia. Next month, the Lawrenceville family plans to pull up roots and head for Colorado, where they can obtain a non-intoxicating form of medical marijuana for 7-year-old Brooke Isabella, who suffers from a chronic seizure disorder.
  5. US GA: Edu: Editorial: Medical Marijuana: Blurring The Lines
    The Cluster, 01 Oct 2014 - Medical marijuana, also referred to as cannabis, is a topic in the medical and drug field that brings up much debate over whether or not it should be legalized in all of the states. Medical marijuana is legal in 23 states and Washington D.C. Currently only two states have legalized marijuana for recreational use. If medical marijuana is truly needed and beneficial, patients should have access to the treatment that will help them.
  6. US GA: OPED: Why Research Is Biased Against Pot to Focus on
    Rome News-Tribune, 21 Sep 2014 - Is America's scientific research biased to focus on the harmful effects of drugs? That was one of the questions at the heart of a congressional hearing this summer seeking to understand more comprehensively the scientific evidence related to marijuana. And it was how Dr. Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, found herself being grilled by Rep. Gerald Connolly, D-Va. "Dr. Volkow, your testimony seems to completely disregard lots of other data," he accused.
  7. US GA: Real Families Suffer As States Defer On Medical
    Sun-Sentinel, 21 Sep 2014 - ATLANTA - The question hovers over Kelli Hopkins every day. It rises with her each morning as she feeds her two remaining sick children their seizure medicine five pills for Mary Elizabeth, seven for Michala. It follows as she packs them and their wheelchairs into the van for another hospital visit, another brain scan, another trip to the emergency room. It wakes her at 2 a.m. each night when she rolls over on the couch she's slept on for years only to see carpet where there used to be a cot.
  8. US GA: OPED: If You Think Big Tobacco Was Bad, Wait Till You
    Rome News-Tribune, 21 Sep 2014 - Proponents of legalization and other drug policy reforms make some important points. It is true that most people who try drugs do not get addicted - they stop after using a few times. It is also true - and regrettable - that America's incarceration rate is embarrassingly high and that blacks and Latinos bear the brunt of harsh arrest policies. And, finally, despite our best efforts, fully eradicating drug use and its consequences remains a distant dream.
  9. US GA: Edu: OPED: War On Drugs Exacerbates Issue, Deemed
    The Red and Black, 16 Sep 2014 - In a world where you can be arrested and incarcerated for being in possession of a harmless plant, it is time to reform our drug policies and rethink the war on drugs altogether. The Global Commission on Drug Policy reported the war on drugs is both counter-intuitive and harmful to society. Not only is prohibition completely ineffective, but in many ways it only exacerbates the problem and has led to a wide array of social and health issues throughout the globe. After a half century of failure, it is time to stop wasting time, tax money and resources and finally put an end to this ridiculous war on drugs.

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