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  1. US IN: Parent Program On Drugs And Children Set Jan. 28 At GHS
    Banner Graphic, 22 Jan 2015 - The Greencastle Community School Corporation will present the program "What Parents Should Know: Drugs and Their Children" on Wednesday, Jan. 28 at Greencastle High School's Parker Auditorium. Any parent who has a child from fourth grade up is invited to attend.
  2. US IN: Column: Anti-Drug Meatloaf Will Make Us All More Sober
    Post-Tribune, 24 Aug 2014 - Once upon a time, I stood in a batter's box and faced a baseball pitcher who threw so hard I could not even see the ball. I just heard it go by. The 1960s were like that, too. I apparently missed the 1960s though I was standing in the batter's box.
  3. US IN: Column: Is Illegal Drug Use Mostly A Male Thing?
    Post-Tribune, 23 Aug 2014 - DR. WALLACE: I'm an 18-year-old female. I have never taken any type of illegal drug in my entire life, and I seriously doubt that I ever will. I'm also positive that all of my many close friends are drug-free, and we all talk about not getting involved with guys who are doing drugs. We are thinking that it must be a male thing to be into drugs. Do you agree? - - Nameless,
  4. US IN: PUB LTE: Fertilizer Purchase Leads To DEA Warrant
    Kokomo Tribune, 16 May 2014 - The war on marijuana is a smashing and overwhelming success, if you measure success by how many violations of civil rights, liberties and constitutional rights it has generated. In a far-flung suburb of Chicago named Shorewood, the Drug Enforcement Agency and local cops entered the house of Angela Kirking for shopping for organic fertilizer. It seems that in itself is reasonable suspicion, if you shop at an Illinois home-and-garden store.
  5. US IN: Column: Indiana Goes Too Far - Backward - In Medical Marijuana
    Post-Tribune, 08 May 2014 - Judy Brown smokes pot on a regular basis and she's not afraid to say so. "I need it to help offset my chronic pain from injuries I sustained in a car accident in 1986," the LaPorte woman told me while waiting to see her pain management physician.
  6. US IN: LTE: Marijuana Use Presents Risks
    The Star Press, 24 Apr 2014 - The legalization of marijuana is becoming an ongoing issue and is one that doesn't deserve all of the media attention that it gets. On March 14, an article was written in The New York Times titled "Medical Marijuana Bill Dies in Washington State." The article was aimed toward the House and Senate attempting to pass a bill that would bring Washington state's largely unregulated medical marijuana system under control of local governments.
  7. US IN: Legalizing Pot's Cousin
    Kokomo Tribune, 19 Feb 2014 - Ind. Considers Bill to Allow Farmers to Grow Hemp. Indianapolis, IN - Gregg Baumbaugh has 4,000 pounds of cannabis sitting in his automobile parts manufacturing plant. It wasn't illegal for him to import it, but it's against the law for Indiana farmers to grow the variety of cannabis he buys in bulk.
  8. US IN: PUB LTE: War On Drugs Is Dehumanizing
    Kokomo Tribune, 04 Dec 2013 - We as a nation continue to engage in a war on drugs, which is predominately focused on arrests for marijuana, that violates our basic civil rights. In New Mexico, David Eckert was subject to digital anal penetration in order to search for drugs in his body. All from a common traffic stop and a drug sniffing dog supposedly smelling drugs on/in him. In the end he got a huge medical bill when not found with any drugs.
  9. US IN: LTE: Indiana Should Legalize Marijuana
    Indianapolis Star, 04 Dec 2013 - The time has come for Indiana to legalize, regulate and tax cannabis just like alcohol. Every time I read someone's name in the arrest section for marijuana possession, I am stricken with a profound sense of injustice. Indeed, if the person has driven under the influence, or has otherwise caused trouble, then on that basis they should be punished. But the simple act of possessing or using cannabis should not be a crime. If the burden were mine to justify legalization, I could fill several pages of newsprint making a persuasive case. The evidence is overwhelming. But in a nation that is supposed to be founded on freedom, it should be the burden of the prohibitionist to justify why an adult citizen should be deprived of his liberty for consuming a relatively benign natural substance. If such a case were made on the basis of harm, then the prohibitionist should be equally willing to outlaw alcohol, tobacco and nearly every form of junk food available. All of these are infinitely more harmful than cannabis.

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