Media Awareness Project Drug News
  1. US IN: Indiana Students Say They Caught Teacher Using Cocaine In

    Detroit Free Press, 25 Nov 2017 - An Indiana high school teacher was arrested on drug charges Wednesday after her students said they saw her using cocaine in her classroom. Lake Central High School junior Will Rogers told WGN9 he shot video of the incident through a classroom window.
  2. US IN: Indiana Court Overturns Drug Conviction After Swat Team

    Washington Post, 13 Jan 2017 - An Indiana court has overturned a man's felony drug convictions because of a SWAT team's "unreasonable" search that endangered an infant, a decision that highlights growing concerns about the militarization of routine police work. The SWAT team executed a "military-style assault" and detonated a flash-bank grenade in close proximity to a 9-month-old after a confidential informant told detectives that he had seen marijuana, cocaine and a firearm in the home, according to the Indiana Court of Appeals' enumeration of the facts of the case.
  3. US IN: Indiana Inmate Who Died Accused Of Prison Drug Ring

    South Bend Tribune, 18 May 2016 - PENDLETON, Ind. - An Indiana inmate who died of unknown causes was once accused of being a leader of a drug ring operating out of state prisons. Pendleton Correctional Facility Superintendent Dushan Zatecky said 32-year-old [name redacted], of Crawfordsville, died Monday at St. Vincent's Anderson Regional Hospital.
  4. US IN: Call for Drug-Testing of Pregnant Women Comes With a

    The Herald Bulletin, 04 Mar 2016 - But Doctors Need Court Order to Give Results to Police INDIANAPOLIS - A surge in heroin and painkiller abuse - and a related spike in the number of drug-dependent newborns - has doctors calling for drug tests for all pregnant women.
  5. US IN: Another Push for Medical Pot in Indiana Not Likely to

    South Bend Tribune, 04 Jan 2016 - Odds Against Indiana Legislators Backing Medical Marijuana The husband and father was near death from Crohn's Disease in 2009. Over a three-month period, his weight dropped from about 175 pounds to 117 pounds. He had his large intestine, colon and rectum removed, and he was largely confined to his bed or a chair.
  6. US IN: Prosecutors Push To Restore Tougher Drug Sentences

    News and Tribune, 09 Nov 2015 - INDIANAPOLIS - As heroin use surges, local prosecutors are pressing to restore tough penalties for drug dealers and users, less than two years after sentencing laws were relaxed to clear prisons of drug offenders. Dustin Houchin, prosecuting attorney in Washington County, cited cases across the state where some people charged with dealing heroin now face just a year in prison - not enough, he said, to set them straight.
  7. US IN: Health Department Looks To Fight IV Drug Abuse

    The News-Sentinel, 21 Jul 2015 - The Fort Wayne Allen County Board of Health took a closer look on Monday at national and local trends in the illegal use of opiates. Capt. Kevin Hunter of the Fort Wayne Police Department gave an overview of what is going on nationally and in the city. Since 2013, many prescription opiate abusers have turned to heroin as a cheaper, more readily available source to feed their addictions.
  8. US IN: A Church Of Cannabis Tests Limits Of New Law

    New York Times, 02 Jul 2015 - INDIANAPOLIS - On the altar, behind a row of flickering candles, the silhouette outline of a marijuana leaf shined in lights. Colored balloons occasionally bounced through the air as the minister of music led a band in a pew-shaking rendition of "Mary Jane," the funk tribute to the drug. And Bill Levin, who was introduced as "the Grand Poobah" of this new church, finished the gathering with a simple message: "Light up, folks!" As legislation that proponents call a religious freedom law took effect in Indiana on Wednesday, Mr. Levin's First Church of Cannabis held its first service in a quiet neighborhood on this city's Eastside. Mr. Levin, who is 59 and known around here for his wild puff of white hair, dreamed up the church as a way to test the state's new, much-debated law: If the law protects religious practices, he figured, how could it not also permit marijuana use - which remains illegal here - as part of a broader spiritual philosophy?
  9. US IN: PUB LTE: Marijuana Isn't Killing Our Kids, Heroin Is

    Journal and Courier, 29 May 2015 - I would rather see cannabis made legal than all the problems with heroin. Wake up, people. Marijuana is not killing our kids. Heroin is. Deb Asbury Lafayette - --- MAP posted-by: Jay Bergstrom