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  1. US KS: LTE: Really That Beneficial?
    Wichita Eagle, 06 Feb 2016 - Regarding "God-given plant" and "Medical benefits" (Feb. 3 Letters to the Editor): I'm not sure that medical cannabis has all the healing properties mentioned. At best, it probably is a symptomatic reliever for most mentioned ailments. I feel that if it were as beneficial as some think, the medical arts would have been using it for a long time, as they have cocaine and other narcotics. As for not causing any deaths medically for 5,000 years: I know of nothing that can make that claim, much less cannabis. It may be a God-given plant, but so is poison ivy, and I think I'll not smoke that anytime soon.
  2. US KS: PUB LTE: God-Given Plant
    Wichita Eagle, 03 Feb 2016 - The writer of "The new snake oil" (Jan. 26 Letters to the Editor) must not be aware that cannabis has been documented for more than 5,000 years medically, still without a single death. That's safety on a biblical scale. For millions of sick citizens, the real "cruelest side effect" is being caged for using the relatively safe, God-given plant.
  3. US KS: PUB LTE: Medical Benefits
    Wichita Eagle, 03 Feb 2016 - As a Wichita representative of the Kansas Silver Haired Legislature (KSHL), I would like to respond to the "The new snake oil" (Jan. 26 Letters to the Editor). Unlike the letter writer, KSHL representatives have investigated why America's medical community is enthusiastically embracing the healing capabilities of cannabis. Based on that research, an 87 percent majority of KSHL representatives from across Kansas voted to urge the Legislature to legalize medical marijuana. Though the letter writer said the "Food and Drug Administration has never been able to find that cannabis cures anything," according to the National Cancer Institute, the potential benefits of medicinal cannabis for people living with cancer include prevention of nausea, appetite stimulation, pain relief and improved sleep. Scientists have also proved that medical marijuana is helpful in treating glaucoma, colitis, Crohn's disease, psoriasis, Parkinson's disease, epilepsy and diabetes, to name a few conditions.
  4. US KS: Editorial: State Should Follow Wichita's Lead on Pot
    Wichita Eagle, 29 Jan 2016 - This week saw serious Statehouse consideration of measures to reduce criminalization of marijuana and hemp. The Kansas Supreme Court's narrow ruling last week voiding a Wichita ordinance left Kansans to wonder whether a city has the legal authority to approve penalties less punitive than state law for marijuana possession, while making some Wichitans feel as if their votes don't matter. Both outcomes were frustrating.
  5. US KS: LTE: The New Snake Oil
    Wichita Eagle, 26 Jan 2016 - Move over, snake oil. There is a new miracle tonic - cannabis oil. Got aches? Got pains? Are you feeling too sober? Cannabis can cure all that ails you, including glaucoma, cancer, Ebola, epilepsy, the inability to see imaginary colors and more.
  6. US KS: Attorney General Seeks Data on Colorado Marijuana in
    Lawrence Journal-World, 04 Jan 2016 - Topeka - Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt announced Monday that he has launched a project to collect information from local law enforcement agencies about how marijuana purchased in Colorado is entering Kansas and how it's affecting the state. "There are numerous and persistent anecdotal accounts of marijuana acquired in Colorado and illegally transported into Kansas causing harm here," Schmidt said. "But because of technology limits, the confirming data is elusive. Since Colorado's experiment with legalization is affecting Kansas, we need to know more about what is actually happening here so policymakers can make informed decisions."
  7. US KS: Editorial: LEAP Of Faith
    The Hutchinson News, 23 Oct 2015 - It is time to re-examine the war on drugs because it has failed The idea of legalizing drugs as a method to combat drug abuse and drug-related crimes seems, at first blush, counterintuitive. How could legalizing something as destructive as drugs serve to improve a persistent and growing problem? After decades of instilling in children the message that drug use is dangerous, how can we now change course with legalization?
  8. US KS: Hutchinson Drug Task Force Hears From Law Enforcement
    The Hutchinson News, 16 Oct 2015 - Attorney Brian Leininger disagrees with the assessment that the war on drugs has been a failure. "Saying it's a failure probably gives it too much credit," he told the Hutchinson Drug Impact Task Force on Thursday.
  9. US KS: Banda Lawsuit Claims Right To Use Medical Marijuana
    Garden City Telegram, 16 Sep 2015 - Lawyers for Garden City resident Shona Banda have prepared a lawsuit against Gov. Sam Brownback and the state agency that has custody of her child, claiming she has a constitutional right to use cannabis to treat her Crohn's disease. Banda self-published a book and posted videos online in which she says cannabis is the only treatment able to calm her condition. The national medical marijuana movement has rallied around her since March, when Garden City police came to her home and confiscated her cannabis after her 11-year-old son spoke up about her use of it at a school anti-drug presentation.