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  1. US MN: Minnesota Legislature Takes a Break With Much Done
    The Forum, 12 Apr 2014 - ST. PAUL - The looks on Minnesota legislators' faces before they began a holiday break told the story: They are tired. The 201 legislators put in long hours the past couple of weeks debating and initially passing pretty much every major bill of the 2014 session, often going well after dark just as spring presents Minnesotans with longer days.
  2. US MN: New Ulm Man Files Lawsuit For Medical Pot Freedom
    The Journal, 08 Apr 2014 - Counterclaim Says Hansen, As a Farmer, Has the Right to Grow Marijuana NEW ULM - A Mankato attorney for a 33-year-old New Ulm man facing felony violations related to a marijuana-growing operation in his home filed an answer and counterclaim Friday in Brown County District Court.
  3. US MN: PUB LTE: Stop Pandering To Police And Pass Marijuana
    Saint Cloud Times, 02 Apr 2014 - Misleading details cloud debate about medical marijuana. Governor should do what's needed to help patients. The debate about medical marijuana has ramped up, with the governor unwilling to sign a bill to help the sick, disabled and dying because of unjustified cries of law enforcement groups.
  4. US MN: Group Backling Medical Marijuana Meets Saturday
    Brainerd Daily Dispatch, 01 Apr 2014 - MN NORML will meet in the Brainerd Public library at 10 a.m. Saturday. The Brainerd public library is located at 416 South Fifth St. MN NORML is the Minnesota chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). NORML supports medical marijuana legislation and legalizing everyday use by responsible adults. NORML advocates regulating and taxing marijuana.
  5. US MN: Edu: Column: The Gateway Drug Label Is Dangerous
    Minnesota Daily, 01 Apr 2014 - The Notion That Pot Is a Gateway Drug Limits Children's Grasp of Safer Substance Use. Lawmakers who are critical of marijuana often point to the drug's status as a "gateway" to harder substances. However, recent studies suggest that alcohol consumption and tobacco use are more likely to lead to hard drugs than marijuana. With these results in mind, Minnesotans should question their view of pot while lawmakers are on the verge of considering medical marijuana.
  6. US MN: Benefit Set For Hibbing Girl With Dravet Syndrome
    Duluth News-Tribune, 27 Mar 2014 - A Hibbing child who has become a centerpiece in the discussion about whether to legalize medical marijuana in Minnesota will be the subject of a benefit dinner next month. The "Amelia Bedelia Benefit Dinner and Silent Auction" will take place for Amelia Weaver beginning at 6 p.m. April 25 at the Hibbing Park Hotel, organizers said.
  7. US MN: Emotional Appeal For Medical Marijuana
    Mesabi Daily News, 27 Mar 2014 - Rep. Melin, Hibbing Resident at Odds With Gov. Dayton ST. PAUL -- DFL Rep. Carly Melin of Hibbing and city resident Angie Weaver urged Gov. Mark Dayton to give seriously ill Minnesotans access to medicinal marijuana during a Wednesday afternoon press conference.
  8. US MN: Dayton Says Marijuana Study Doomed
    Brainard Dispatch, 26 Mar 2014 - ST. PAUL - Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton says he does not expect his proposal to study medical marijuana to pass this year's Legislature. In a WCCO radio interview, he called changes for the plan "slim and none."
  9. US MN: PUB LTE: Cannabis a Safe Option
    Kenyon Leader, 26 Mar 2014 - To the editor, The Kenyon Leader should give an opposing position to Kevin Sabet's discredited claims (Myths Of Legalizing Medicinal Marijuana, Mar. 13, 2014), which are too many to list. Even the Reefer Madness government subsidized prohibitionists quit using the historically discredited "gateway theory" decades ago. Cannabis (marijuana) is less addictive than coffee: http://www.drugwarfacts.org/cms/Addictive_Properties#sthash.P8dh79U1.dpbs.

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