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  1. US MN: Retired Veterinarian Seeks Willmar's OK for Medical
    West Central Tribune, 22 Jul 2014 - WILLMAR -- The Willmar Planning Commission will hold a public hearing at 7:05 p.m. Wednesday to consider a conditional use permit requested by retired veterinarian Dr. Marshall Brinton to allow a medical marijuana production lab/dispensary. Brinton has requested the permit to operate the production lab/dispensary in laboratory facilities he owns at 208 Lakeland Dr. S.E.
  2. US MN: Move Carefully With Medical Marijuana
    Duluth News-Tribune, 08 Jul 2014 - Minnesota's new medical marijuana law is intentionally and appropriately narrow. Those who truly need the beneficial compounds in cannabis will be able to get it, not by smoking but by ingesting pills or liquid, just like other medications. The law is written tightly
  3. US MN: Medical Marijuana -- What You Need To Know
    Post-Bulletin, 23 Jun 2014 - Medical marijuana is coming to Minnesota next summer. Rather than joints or other illicit forms of the street drug, medical pot will be made into oils, vapors or pills by two Minnesota manufacturers to be chosen by the state yet this year.
  4. US MN: Edu: Medical Marijuana Could Treat Pain Caused By
    Minnesota Daily, 11 Jun 2014 - The health condition isn't specified in Minnesota's new law, but it could be added in the future. A group of University of Minnesota researchers is testing to see if medical marijuana can help treat chronic pain caused by sickle cell disease, but state law is putting a hitch in their study.
  5. US MN: Advocate Asks Council to Seek Medical Marijuana
    The Austin Daily Herald, 03 Jun 2014 - A local marijuana activist is looking to get the city of Austin to bid on hosting one of eight medical marijuana dispensaries under Minnesota's new medical marijuana law. Deanna Ryther asked the Austin City Council during its public meeting Monday to put together a committee to ask the state Department of Health to build a dispensary in Austin, citing her own need for medical marijuana as well as the high demand around the state.
  6. US MN: Will State's First Medical Marijuana Facility Be in
    West Central Tribune, 03 Jun 2014 - Entrepreneur Behind Proposal Driven by Child's Urgent Need MONTEVIDEO -- No sooner had Governor Mark Dayton signed the bill legalizing medical marijuana in Minnesota than Jeremy Pauling was lining up support to build the first facility to produce it in Montevideo.
  7. US MN: Minnesota Enacts Restrictive Medical Pot Program
    The Virgin Islands Daily News, 30 May 2014 - ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - Minnesota joined the ranks of 21 other states Thursday where marijuana is a legal medicine with a law that is one of the nation's most restrictive. Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton signed legislation that sets up a medical marijuana program with tight controls over qualifying conditions and the way it is administered. People won't be able to smoke marijuana legally or access it in leaf form.
  8. US MN: Edu: 2014 Legislative Session Roundup
    Minnesota Daily, 28 May 2014 - Minnesota Lawmakers Passed a Range of Bills This Spring That Affect University of Minnesota Students and the State. The Minnesota Legislature finished its 2014 session May 16, passing a variety of bills ranging from a minimum wage increase to allocations for a $1.23 billion budget surplus.
  9. US MN: Medical Marijuana Studies Face Red Tape
    The Forum, 27 May 2014 - MINNEAPOLIS A year ago, University of Minnesota researchers received a $9.5 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to study pain in patients with sickle cell disease. Normally, such an award would quickly launch a study, but lead researcher Kalpna Gupta is still waiting on a critical part of the research and moved the work to California to speed the process.

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