Media Awareness Project Drug News
  1. US OH: Part Of Pot Law Legally Questionable

    Morning Journal, 25 Jul 2016 - (AP) - Apparently unconstitutional portions of Ohio's medical marijuana law, which set aside a percentage of the state's pot licenses for minorities, were spotted during legislative debate but left in the bill to gain needed votes, a key lawmaker says. State Sen. Bill Seitz, a Cincinnati Republican, said legally prickly provisions exposed by The Associated Press in June may require changes. The law takes effect Sept. 8, at which point a new panel will begin laying out a blueprint for how the new industry will work.
  2. US OH: Liberty Twp. Weighs Ban On Pot Businesses

    Journal-News, 20 Jul 2016 - State Still Working on Rules for Medical Pot Dispensaries LIBERTY TWP. - Liberty Twp. officials plan to ban or place a moratorium on medical marijuana businesses while various state agencies work on rules for the new law that allows the drug.
  3. US OH: OPED: Need New Weapons In This Drug War

    Morning Journal, 08 Jul 2016 - It's not your grandfather's war on drugs. It can't be. Over the years, we've watched police officers and agencies fight the good fight. Get the bad guys off the streets. We've also watched as the fight changed and law enforcement leaders, who see the casualties from the front line in the drug war, became advocates for recovery.
  4. US OH: Medical Pot Raises Ethics Issues

    Dayton Daily News, 05 Jul 2016 - Ohio Supreme Court Board Asked to Weigh In. Attorneys are asking whether Ohio's new medical marijuana law that bars employers from disciplining professionals from working with marijuana businesses applies to them.
  5. US OH: Portman, Strickland Focus on Ohio's Drug Crisis in

    Columbus Dispatch, 03 Jul 2016 - WASHINGTON - When Sen. Rob Portman's campaign launched its first TV ads of 2016, it wasn't hard to sense a theme. The first ad focused on Portman's work to fight Ohio's drug crisis. The second told the story of Tyler Campbell, a young man from Pickerington who died of a heroin overdose. A third told of a Lakewood woman who is a recovering heroin addict. And a fourth told the story of a young woman from Carrollton who died of a heroin overdose.
  6. US OH: Minority Goals For Pot Market Raise Legal Questions

    Morning Journal, 23 Jun 2016 - Part of Ohio's new medical marijuana law that sets aside a piece of the state's budding pot business for minorities appears to be unconstitutional, legal experts told The Associated Press. The provisions were inserted into the fast-tracked bill at the request of Democrats, whose votes were key to its passage in both Republican-controlled legislative chambers. The law made Ohio the 25th state to legalize medicinal cannabis. It takes effect Sept. 8.
  7. US OH: Lawyers Share Questions Concerning Drug-Law Ethics

    Columbus Dispatch, 22 Jun 2016 - Ohio lawyers are inquiring about the legal ethics accompanying medical marijuana. A committee of the Board of Professional Conduct is examining the issue and expects to make a recommendation on an advisory opinion in August.
  8. US OH: PUB LTE: Medical-Pot Law Too Restrictive

    Columbus Dispatch, 21 Jun 2016 - I respond to the Sunday letter "State needs guidance on medical pot" from Thomas D'Onofrio. I don't think he should worry about anyone using medical marijuana. This bill was crafted by elected career legislators, who are also prohibitionists. I don't think any doctors are going to write people a prescription for medical marijuana unless they are on their death bed.
  9. US OH: Lawyer Questions Hamilton Pot Law

    Journal-News, 14 Jun 2016 - Medical Marijuana Ban Now Appears to Conflict With State Law HAMILTON - Hamilton City Council voted 5-1 last year to effectively ban in the city the sale of medical marijuana through its zoning codes, and Cincinnati attorney Mike Allen said it may have a legal issue since it will soon be legal in Ohio to prescribe medical marijuana in limited forms.