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  1. US OH: Marijuana Backers Now Look For Growth In Ohio
    The Blade, 12 Apr 2015 - Polls show support, but ballot drive faces legal, social hurdles First of three parts Nearly 80 years since the United States effectively declared marijuana an illegal drug, support for legalization is spreading like a weed.
  2. US OH: Candidates Weigh In On Legalizing Marijuana
    Morning Journal, 08 Apr 2015 - Legalizing marijuana, an issue that Ohio voters could decide on in November, already is on the minds of candidates seeking elected office in Lorain in May. On April 7, many of Lorain's current and hopeful office-holders gathered at El Centro de Servicios Sociales Inc. in South Lorain for the candidate forum sponsored by the Coalition for Hispanic/ Latino Issues & Progress, or CHIP, of Lorain.
  3. US OH: Parents Move Family For Medical Pot
    Dayton Daily News, 30 Mar 2015 - Daughter Suffers From Seizures Daily. Couple Can't Wait for Ohio Voters to Decide Issue. LIBERTY TWP.- Three-year-old Addyson doesn't understand why her favorite toys, books and everything she knows as home is packed away in boxes.
  4. US OH: Locked Into Treatment
    The Blade, 29 Mar 2015 - Novel Program Helps Offenders Battle Addiction, Avoid Prison Time Theodore Twigg of Holland was headed for prison. A 37-year-old heroin addict, he was locked up in the Lucas County jail on Jan. 20, facing a five-year sentence for breaking-and-entering and fleeing from a police officer.
  5. US OH: Educating Youth Key To Slowing Heroin Epidemic
    Journal-News, 29 Mar 2015 - BUTLER COUNTY - Tony Couch knows he could have been one of the 49 people who died of a heroin overdose in Butler County last year. Couch, 29, a Hamilton High School graduate, was arrested for shoplifting in 2011, a crime he says he committed to support his heroin habit. He was nabbed by police boosting laundry detergent, a hot item to trade for the illegal opiate. Butler County Area II Judge Kevin McDonough sent Couch to treatment and he hasn't used since.
  6. US OH: LTE: Legal Pot Would Be A Problem For Everybody
    Columbus Dispatch, 28 Mar 2015 - Once again, a minority of people think that their rights should supersede the good of the whole. The working, taxpaying people will pick up the tab for those who care only about their own desires and aren't concerned with the plethora of problems that inevitably will come with the legalization of marijuana ("Board OKs next step for pot ballot issue," Dispatch article, last Saturday). Here are a few of the most obvious potential problems:
  7. US OH: More Medical Uses Sought In Bill
    Columbus Dispatch, 24 Mar 2015 - An Ohio group backing medical marijuana is lobbying state legislators to expand an existing bill for children who suffer from seizures. Ohio Patients Cann wants to see medical marijuana become part of state law, but it would be willing to go to the ballot if necessary, said Bob Bridges of Columbus, the organization's executive director.
  8. US OH: OSU Offers Class On Pot
    Dayton Daily News, 16 Mar 2015 - Law School Course Focuses on Policy, Marijuana Reform. Professor Douglas Berman teaches a class about marijuana, so he has heard the jokes. He even allows a little pot humor in the classroom. But he isn't especially fond of the nickname his class has picked up: Weed 101. "It's a lot more than that," Berman said about his class at Ohio State University Moritz College of Law. Flippant attitudes toward the marijuana debate are in part what inspired him to start teaching "Marijuana Law, Policy and Reform," which aims to cut through claims on both sides of the marijuana debate.
  9. US OH: Column: Another Thought On Pot
    Dayton Daily News, 16 Mar 2015 - Readers continue weighing in on the issue of legalizing marijuana. Writes Berle A. Chandler: "I believe it would be a travesty to legalize the use of marijuana in Ohio. ... Today's marijuana contains some 10 to 20 times the strength of HTC as it did 40 years ago. ... As Colorado is beginning to experience the hard way, it is not bringing in the revenue they expected and the unintended consequences, like a minor getting a hold of a potlaced brownie that nearly killed her, is very disturbing. Further, once we send a message of legality to the young population who we depend on for skilled labor, it is quite probable that we will see a drop in the quality and safety of products produced by 'zombie pot heads' in the work force. Those that cite alcohol as being legal should know that it is a leading cause of accidents and death." - --- MAP posted-by: Jay Bergstrom

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