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  1. US OH: Pro-Pot Group Submits More Than 95k Signatures
    Dayton Daily News, 31 Jul 2015 - ResponsibleOhio Needs 29,509 Valid Signatures to Get Issue on Ballot. COLUMBUS - The campaign to legalize marijuana in Ohio turned in more than 95,500 supplemental petition signatures on Thursday in a last push to make the statewide ballot in November.
  2. US OH: Tension Grows As Signatures Filed Again
    Columbus Dispatch, 31 Jul 2015 - Backers of a proposed marijuana-legalization amendment filed 95,572 additional signatures with the state on Thursday, probably enough to qualify the issue for the Nov. 3 ballot. That won't be official, however, for another week or so until boards of election tally and Secretary of State Jon Husted verifies that ResponsibleOhio has at least 29,509 valid signatures of registered Ohio voters. That is the number the marijuana issue fell short of on its first submission on July 20.
  3. US OH: Pot Group, Husted At Odds Over Signatures
    Columbus Dispatch, 30 Jul 2015 - Ohio's smoldering marijuana legalization debate flared up on Wednesday as Secretary of State Jon Husted launched an investigation of ResponsibleOhio's petition and the group countered with a harassment allegation written by a former Ohio Supreme Court justice. All this came on the eve of today's make-or-break deadline for ResponsibleOhio to submit additional valid signatures of registered voters to qualify for the Nov. 3 general-election ballot.
  4. US OH: Elections Chief Opens Pot Petitions Investigation
    Morning Journal, 30 Jul 2015 - COLUMBUS (AP) - Ohio's elections chief named a special investigator on Wednesday to review what he calls "significant disparities" in a marijuana legalization group's ballot petitions and said he is subpoenaing the campaign's director. The announcement by Secretary of State Jon Husted is the latest show of force by the state's Republican powerbrokers against ReponsibleOhio. The group seeks to place a constitutional amendment on the November ballot that would mark one of the nation's most significant leaps in marijuana policy, taking Ohio from a complete prohibition against cannabis use to legalization for both medical and recreational use.
  5. US OH: PUB LTE: Purchasing Marijuana Puts Kids At Risk
    Columbus Dispatch, 27 Jul 2015 - As a former deputy sheriff, I know from enforcing senseless marijuana laws that children only are being put in more danger when marijuana is kept illegal ("Legal pot poses another threat to children," July 8 letter from Dr. Johanna Said). The term "controlled substance" is very misleading. The goal of prohibiting marijuana was to eradicate its use, but in reality, the drug has become infinitely harder for law enforcement to control. People like me, and other advocates of marijuana legalization, are not totally blind to the harms that drugs pose to children. We just happen to know that legalizing and regulating marijuana will actually make everyone safer. Merely decriminalizing it will do nothing to undercut the dangerous illicit market that is currently selling to kids everywhere.
  6. US OH: PUB LTE: State Rep Claims Marijuana Editorial Distorted
    The Vindicator, 26 Jul 2015 - In response to The Vindicator's editorial last Tuesday, =93Ohio should slam door on proposed marijuana cartel,=94 I've decided to paraphrase the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan: The writer is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts. Seldom has The Vindicator published an editorial that so blatantly and purposely distorts facts and maliciously mischaracterizes the position of a public official. To deal with that mischaracterization and inference The Vindicator draws from it, I want to be clear. I have long supported the legalization of marijuana for medical and therapeutic use. The vast majority of Ohioans =AD 84 percent in the most recent Quinnipiac Poll =AD agree with me. In 23 states marijuana is approved as a therapy for more than 60 conditions. I believe the people of Ohio should have the opportunity to benefit from these proven-effective treatments.
  7. US OH: State Program To Fight Heroin Crisis
    Columbus Dispatch, 25 Jul 2015 - In Ross County, where heroin users worry both about deadly overdoses and a possible encounter with a killer, the state is setting up a multi-agency pilot program to respond to the crisis. The Office of Criminal Justice Services is chipping in $100,000 from a federal grant to attack the heroin problem by forming a partnership involving mentalhealth and addiction professionals, law-enforcement officials and the courts. The Heroin Partnership Project was announced on Friday at the Ohio University-Chillicothe campus so that agencies can work together to share information and provide services and treatment.
  8. US OH: Billboards Being Used In Champaign County Heroin Fight
    Springfield News Sun, 21 Jul 2015 - URBANA - Sheriff Matthew Melvin and the prosecutor's office have teamed up to place two billboards to help get the word out about the fight against Champaign County's heroin epidemic. The billboards feature an anonymous hotline number to report heroin dealers and users to the Champaign County Sheriff's Office.
  9. US OH: Pot-Petition Signatures Fall Short
    Columbus Dispatch, 21 Jul 2015 - Backers of a for-profit marijuana-legalization amendment remain confident the issue will be on the November ballot, but they are turning to the Ohio Supreme Court to make sure. Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted's office reported on Monday that ResponsibleOhio's petition fell 29,509 valid signatures of registered Ohio voters short of the 305,591 needed to qualify for the Nov. 3 ballot.