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  1. US OH: New Plans For Legal Pot Sprouting Like Weeds
    Columbus Dispatch, 27 Nov 2015 - The big crowd at Donald Trump's presidential campaign rally in Columbus this week was dotted with people carrying clipboards with green marijuana leaves on the back, quietly collecting signatures for pot legalization. Ohio will ring in the New Year with a crop of renewed pot proposals, including two potential constitutional amendments and state medical-marijuana legislation.
  2. US OH: Editorial: Firing of Police Chief in Vermillion Was
    Morning Journal, 22 Nov 2015 - Vermilion police Capt. Michael Reinheimer's termination from his department did not come as a shock. Reinheimer has faced discipline in the past. The last straw came when Reinheimer decided to wear a pin on his department issued police jacket supporting marijuana legalization at a police auction Nov. 7.
  3. US OH: OPED: Ohio Snuffs Out Big Pot's Risky Push for
    Boston Herald, 09 Nov 2015 - One of the most surprising results from last week's state elections was Ohio voters voting overwhelmingly against Big Pot. By a nearly 2-to-1 margin, they defeated a ballot measure that would have permitted the legalization of marijuana in the Buckeye State. Misleadingly named Responsible-Ohio, the measure would have allowed the commercial production, retail sale and personal use of marijuana. Yet despite Big Pot's $25 million cash infusion into the effort, voters rejected the spin that marijuana legalization is safe or in the best interests of citizens.
  4. US OH: Rebuke From Voters Won't Derail Ohio Pot Efforts
    Dayton Daily News, 08 Nov 2015 - At Least Four Groups Are Now Pursuing Future Ballot Initiatives. COLUMBUS - The good ole-fashioned butt-kicking Ohio voters delivered to ResponsibleOhio Tuesday won't scare off pro-pot forces from trying again. No less than four marijuana groups are talking about or circulating petitions to get on the statewide ballot, some as early as next year.
  5. US OH: Column: Marijuana Legalization Issue Will Likely
    Dayton Daily News, 08 Nov 2015 - Issue 3 - the proposed Ohio marijuana monopoly - suffered a jaw-dropping loss Tuesday. But that doesn't mean another Issue 3-like ballot issue won't surface again, maybe as soon as next year. That's despite such startling facts as the rejection of Issue 3 in all 88 counties, even party-hearty Athens. Likewise, the Western Reserve's liberal citadel, Oberlin, voted against Issue 3. For that matter, Issue 3 failed to carry one of the four precincts in tie-dyed Yellow Springs.
  6. US OH: LTE: Ohioans Were Right To Oppose Legal Marijuana
    Columbus Dispatch, 06 Nov 2015 - I just want to thank God and the 65 percent of the clear-thinking Ohioans who voted to oppose the legalization of marijuana, including those who voted against it because it is a moral issue to them and, in the end, just an asinine idea - not just because it gave a monopoly to a handful of money changers. When one considers the Mexican cartels and gangs that are responsible for much of the violence in the streets of America in an attempt to control the drug trade, one has to give a good share of the blame to those who use it and are in favor of legalizing it.
  7. US OH: Editorial: Voters Made The Right Call
    Columbus Dispatch, 05 Nov 2015 - State Issue 3 Was the Wrong Way to Approach Marijuana Legalization By a margin of nearly 2 to 1, Ohio voters on Tuesday rejected a scheme to legalize marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. There are a variety of reasons for the resounding defeat, but one thing is clear: Ohioans felt that Issue 3 was the wrong way to go.
  8. US OH: More Debate Looms On Marijuana
    Columbus Dispatch, 05 Nov 2015 - After years of resistance, Republican legislative leaders now are heading down the path toward legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. At the same time, ResponsibleOhio marijuana investor Dr. Suresh Gupta said on Wednesday that the marijuana campaign that stumbled badly on Tuesday will be back, possibly next year, with a plan that doesn't involve a monopoly. "Absolutely. We're not here to run away," said Gupta, a Dayton anesthesiologist and pain-management physician who owns a proposed pot-growing site in Pataskala.
  9. US OH: Editorial: Vote 'No' On Issue 3 Marijuana Monopoly
    Hudson Hub-Times, 01 Nov 2015 - Ohio voters have an opportunity to legalize marijuana for recreational and medicinal use, while licensing its commercial sale on a statewide basis. They also will decide whether commercial monopolies should be denied a place in the state constitution.

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