Media Awareness Project Drug News
  1. US OH: OPED: Ohio Tries To Figure Out What To Do About Pot

    Dayton Daily News, 01 May 2016 - More than a token, but something short of tokin': That's the Ohio General Assembly's task in trying to craft a bill legalizing Ohioans' use of medical marijuana. The science may or may not be there, at least not entirely. But what looks like a public consensus seems to be. And that consensus is that marijuana's chemical components can help Ohioans fighting certain illnesses or enduring, say, chemotherapy.
  2. US OH: Medical Pot Backers Want Ballot Issue

    Dayton Daily News, 28 Apr 2016 - Patients, Caregivers Say Pending Ohio Bill Has Numerous Flaws. Even if Ohio lawmakers act swiftly on pending legislation to legalize pot as medicine, Ohioans for Medical Marijuana leaders on Wednesday said they'll keep pushing to put a constitutional amendment before voters this fall.
  3. US OH: OPED: Law Better Option Than Amendment

    Morning Journal, 22 Apr 2016 - One way or another, it appears Ohioans who need it will have marijuana in their medicine cabinet. The only questions may be how soon and by whose rules. A bill introduced this week in the Legislature would allow doctors to prescribe marijuana edibles, patches, plant material and oils, but doesn't allow for the smokable form.
  4. US OH: Column: Medical Marijuana Apparently On The Move In Ohio

    Hudson Hub-Times, 20 Apr 2016 - Columbus -- Republican House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger said he wasn't stalling on consideration of medical marijuana when his chamber launched a task force and a series of public hearings on legalization earlier this year. I guess he wasn't kidding.
  5. US OH: LTE: Opposed To Medical Marijuana

    News Herald, 16 Apr 2016 - Please don't sign a petition to put "medical" marijuana on the ballot. You may be asked by paid people at a festival. Marijuana is not a medicine. It does not cure anything.
  6. US OH: PUB LTE: Reform Would Save Money, Better-Serve Addicts

    Columbus Dispatch, 16 Apr 2016 - Let's do something meaningful in Washington that is fully bi-partisan. Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, sponsored bill S2123, the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2015, with 11 bipartisan co-sponsors. As of February, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., had said he would put the bill on the floor for a vote if 10 more Republicans would co-sponsor. As of April, he only needs three more Republicans, but time is running short to get this done prior to the election.
  7. US OH: Details Emerge On Ohio's Medical Marijuana Plan

    Dayton Daily News, 15 Apr 2016 - Second Group Gets Go-Ahead to Gather Signatures for Ballot. COLUMBUS - A second grassroots group got the go-ahead on Thursday to circulate petitions to put a medical marijuana question before voters in November while lawmakers released more details of their plan.
  8. US OH: Group Gets Ok To Collect Signatures

    Morning Journal, 05 Apr 2016 - The Ohio Ballot Board recently certified Ohioans for Medical Marijuana's petition, allowing the group to begin collecting signatures. The group, backed by the Washington D.C.-based Medical Policy Project, needs to collect 305,591 valid signatures from Ohio voters by early July in order for the proposed amendment to be added to the November ballot.
  9. US OH: Medical-marijuana Backers Seek Signatures

    Dayton Daily News, 01 Apr 2016 - Ohio Ballot Board Gives Go-Ahead to Secure Names Before Election. A skeptical Ohio Ballot Board on Thursday gave supporters of a medical marijuana constitutional amendment the go-ahead to begin collecting signatures for the fall election.