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  1. US OH: Sen. Brown Touts Bill To Help Heroin Addicts
    The Blade, 01 Dec 2014 - Would Make It Easier to Give Anti-Addiction Medication to Help Users U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D., Ohio) was in Toledo today to generate support for a bill he's co-sponsoring that would make it easier to give anti-addiction medication to help heroin users break their heroin habit.
  2. US OH: Suspicious Powder Leads to Court Fight
    The Blade, 28 Oct 2014 - Girl Brought Mixture in for Class Assignment An Anthony Wayne Junior High School student who said she mixed flour and sugar to simulate drugs for a classroom assignment has been accused of bringing the real thing to school.
  3. US OH: Students Create 'No Weed' Video Messages
    Morning Journal, 28 Sep 2014 - Teens in Lorain County schools are creating this month for an awareness campaign with a message that young people do not need marijuana to succeed in life. Elaine Georgas, executive director of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services of Lorain County, said teens designed the campaign in the spring, "We don't need weed to succeed."
  4. US OH: PUB LTE: Physician Should Keep Focus On Kids
    Columbus Dispatch, 29 Aug 2014 - In response to last Friday's letter "Smoking pot has ill effects on adolescents" from Dr. Peter D. Rogers, I do not disagree that smoking marijuana is harmful to adolescents. That is a scientific fact. What he does with this fact, however, is stretch it into an overly broad, sweeping opinion of all marijuana users.
  5. US OH: PUB LTE: Society Should Learn From Past Prohibitions
    Columbus Dispatch, 27 Aug 2014 - The Wednesday op-ed "Drug courts can help reduce recidivism" by Jack D'Aurora certainly offers a step in the right direction. However, it is only a step, not the final destination. I think we need to put up the white flag in the war on drugs. The most practical approach would be the legalization of most, if not all, of the illicit drugs. We have spent billions of dollars and seen innumerable deaths in the attempt to eliminate the supply and dampen the demand with little, if any, success. Production sites simply shift when confronted with possible destruction and demand remains unabated.
  6. US OH: Today's Parents Face New Challenges With 'Covert'
    The Vindicator, 24 Aug 2014 - It's hard for parents today to know the best way to guide their children through the years of teen and young-adult alcohol and drug experimentation because so much has changed since today's parents were teens. Thirty years ago, a policy change mandated by Congress approving the National Minimum Legal Drinking Act forced the states to change their legal drinking age to 21.
  7. US OH: PUB LTE: County's Specialized Courts Give Offenders A
    Columbus Dispatch, 23 Aug 2014 - I respond to Wednesday's op-ed column by Jack D'Aurora regarding the use of drug courts to reduce Ohio's inmate population. D'Aurora pointed out many of the benefits of drug courts, but the need for specialized dockets extends beyond drug-treatment courts. I am proud to say that Franklin County's judges have been proactive in reducing incarceration and recidivism rates through the operation of seven specialized dockets, four of which are drug courts.
  8. US OH: Collins Part Of Summit On Drug Fight
    The Times-Gazette, 20 Aug 2014 - Legislative Committee Discusses Drugs From A Law Enforcement Perspective WILMINGTON - Highland County Prosecutor Anneka Collins joined a mix of state representatives, public officials and local law enforcement gathered in Wilmington City Council chambers Tuesday to discuss the state's drug abuse pandemic - and, in particular, heroin.
  9. US OH: Increased Use Of Heroin Antidote Costing Cities
    Journal-News, 17 Aug 2014 - One way to gauge the depth of the heroin problem in the area is the increase in the use of Naloxone by local fire departments. Naloxone, also known as Narcan, can reverse the effects of a heroin overdose, and the Hamilton and Middletown fire departments are reporting an increased use of the drug at an increased cost to cities, officials said.

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