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  1. US OH: Pot Legalization Backers Deliver Signatures June 30
    Morning Journal, 01 Jul 2015 - COLUMBUS (AP) - A campaign to legalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational use in Ohio began delivering hundreds of thousands of petition signatures in its effort to get the issue before voters. Organizers for Responsible Ohio said Tuesday they were submitting more than 695,000 signatures to Secretary of State Jon Husted. That's more than the roughly 306,000 needed to qualify for November's ballot.
  2. US OH: Senators Delay Vote on Anti-Monopoly Item Aimed at Pot
    Morning Journal, 01 Jul 2015 - COLUMBUS (AP) - State lawmakers scrambled Tuesday to address warnings from lawyers across the political spectrum that an effort to ban monopolies from Ohio's constitution would have legal consequences far beyond scuttling a marijuana legalization effort this fall. The powerful Senate Rules & Reference Committee was forced to defer its vote after two days of hearings and hours of negotiations failed to result in an acceptable compromise. The panel planned to convene after a floor session Tuesday afternoon, with the potential for deliberations to stretch into the evening.
  3. US OH: PUB LTE: Real 'Ick' Factor Isn't Pot, but Hatred and
    Cincinnati Enquirer, 01 Jul 2015 - The "ick" factor is the product of decades of propaganda that is clearly demonstrated by the following quote from the father of the War on Drugs, Richard Nixon ("Marijuana support group needs new name" June 22). From the mouth of Richard Nixon:
  4. US OH: Measure That Might Block Pot Ballot Issue Passes in
    Morning Journal, 25 Jun 2015 - COLUMBUS (AP) - The Ohio House on Wednesday passed a fast-moving anti-monopoly proposal that the state's elections chief has said could block an effort to legalize marijuana if both issues are put before and approved by voters. The House voted 81-12 in favor of the resolution, which aims to make it more difficult to amend the constitution with ballot issues that provide commercial economic benefits to few people or create monopolies.
  5. US OH: Backers Of Pot Issue Organized, Well-Funded
    Columbus Dispatch, 25 Jun 2015 - Leading up to a November ballot-box showdown over marijuana legalization, ResponsibleOhio is suited up, on the field, and has lots of strength on the bench. The opposition, meanwhile, isn't near the stadium, has no uniforms and lacks enough players to even field a team.
  6. US OH: Anti-Pot Bill Passes Ohio House
    Dayton Daily News, 25 Jun 2015 - Voters May See Two Competing Issues on November's Ballot. Ohio voters may face competing issues on the ballot in November - one to legalize marijuana and another to block the pot plan and any attempts to install a monopoly into the state constitution.
  7. US OH: Lawmakers Move To Halt Pot
    Dayton Daily News, 24 Jun 2015 - Resolution to Make It Harder to Change Ohio Constitution. COLUMBUS - Lawmakers in the Ohio House on Tuesday advanced a move to block marijuana legalization and thwart other business interests in "hijacking" the state constitution for their own profit.
  8. US OH: Legislators Try To Block Monopolies In Pot Issue
    Columbus Dispatch, 24 Jun 2015 - After debating the technical definition of a monopoly, lawmakers took a bipartisan step on Tuesday to block current and future efforts to place economic monopolies in the Ohio Constitution. As ResponsibleOhio marches well past collecting enough signatures to qualify its marijuana legalization issue for the November ballot, lawmakers concerned that deep pockets are once again carving themselves a financial windfall in the constitution are also moving quickly. Some say too quickly.
  9. US OH: PUB LTE: Did Marijuana Use Really Lead To Heroin?
    Cincinnati Enquirer, 23 Jun 2015 - Victor Carman's letter ("Colorado seeing more pot overdoses, seizures" June 20) uses the old adage that 90 percent of heroin users smoked marijuana and thus it should not be considered for legalization. It is also true that 97 percent of heroin users drank milk as babies. Should we now outlaw milk? Charles Steinau, Colerain Township - --- MAP posted-by: Jay Bergstrom