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  1. US OH: Ohio Ballot Initiatives Lose Steam
    The Vindicator, 12 Jul 2014 - Citizen proponents of various constitutional amendments, law changes, policy proposals and such must place their hopes and dreams on the back burners for another year, with none opting to submit signatures to push issues before voters in November as of this month's deadline. Backers of the Ohio Voters Bill of Rights said they had about 100,000 signatures of the 380,000-plus required to place their constitutional amendment before voters.
  2. US OH: Pot Proponents Miss Signature Goal
    Lima News, 04 Jul 2014 - Amherst-Based ORG Says Flat Funds Killed Ballot Hopes An Amherst-based push to legalize medical marijuana and industrial hemp won't make it to the November ballot. "The good news is we obviously got well over 100,000 signatures," said Amherst Township resident John Pardee, president of the Ohio Rights Group. "It's probably going to end up in the neighborhood of 120,000 when it's all said and done."
  3. US OH: PUB LTE: Drug Testing Will Be Ineffective
    Lima News, 01 Jul 2014 - To the editor: As a 2012 alumnus, I have the upmost respect for the Amherst board of education and administration. I trust that implementing drug testing at Steele High School is being done with the best intentions. Nevertheless, I feel a responsibility to speak up in opposition to this new policy, for several reasons.
  4. US OH: Michigan Man Has High Hopes For Hemp
    The Blade, 29 Jun 2014 - Kevin Spitler runs the Toledo Hemp Center, a Sylvania Avenue storefront that sells products rich in CBD, a chemical found in hemp that's associated with pain relief and muscle relaxation. Kevin Spitler is Toledo's homegrown hemp entrepreneur.
  5. US OH: Marijuana Backers Seek Reforms In Ohio
    The Blade, 29 Jun 2014 - Groups Aim to Legalize Responsible Use -- Medical and Otherwise Rob Ryan isn't shy about the medicine he said has helped him tremendously -- even though it's illegal. After a cancer diagnosis about 10 years ago, Mr. Ryan, now 60, began a regimen of the usual suspects. Chemotherapy and pills led to pain and weight loss. Then he added marijuana to the mix. He said the improvements were undeniable.
  6. US OH: Editorial: Drugged Driving
    The Blade, 19 Jun 2014 - Society is increasingly coming to accept that marijuana has some legitimate medical uses. Though a bill to legalize it is still languishing in the Ohio General Assembly, medical marijuana is now allowed in 22 states, including Michigan, where voters overwhelmingly approved it six years ago. And those who love grass are also pushing for its legalization for recreational use. Colorado has effectively decriminalized pot. Up to a dozen Michigan towns may have largely symbolic proposals to decriminalize marijuana on the ballot this year.
  7. US OH: Toledo Sees Rise In Addicted Babies
    The Blade, 15 Jun 2014 - The opioid and heroin epidemic has eclipsed the crack cocaine problem of the 1980s as a public health crisis and, as a result, the number of babies being born to opiate-addicted mothers is increasing at an alarming rate, including in the Toledo area. Government and health-care officials are struggling with how to manage the care of the drug-dependent babies. Their numbers are increasing each year and the costs of care are skyrocketing and straining the resources of hospitals in some Ohio counties, health officials say.
  8. US OH: Column: Using Names In Deaths Necessary, Agonizing
    Columbus Dispatch, 15 Jun 2014 - About 10 days ago, our crime reporters heard a dispatcher announce on a police scanner that two bodies had been found in an apartment on the Northwest Side. Homicide detectives were on their way. Reports of a body being found are not uncommon, with people dying of natural causes, suicides, accidental drug overdoses and such.
  9. US OH: Proponent: Ohio Backs Medical Pot
    Columbus Dispatch, 13 Jun 2014 - Ethan Nadelmann, the chief architect of marijuana-legalization issues coast-to-coast, paused when asked if voter approval of medical marijuana in Ohio is inevitable. "A good ballot issue will win," he said. "The broader public support is there."

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