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  1. US OH: Task Force Begins Review Of Medical Marijuana
    Dayton Daily News, 29 Jan 2016 - Ohio Group Faces Spring Deadline to Complete Work. COLUMBUS (AP) - Members of a task force charged with exploring medical marijuana legalization in Ohio expressed a willingness to learn more about the issue as the panel met briefly for the first time on Thursday.
  2. US OH: PUB LTE: Pass Marijuana Legislation In Kentucky
    Cincinnati Enquirer, 25 Jan 2016 - We are in the midst of a heroin epidemic started when we cracked down on the use of legal use of pain medicine as well as the illegal usage as by restricting a doctor's ability to prescribe pain medicines. Forcing patients into the illegal market has resulted in soaring opioid use and overdose deaths with our legislators scrambling to get a hold on this self-created disaster.
  3. US OH: New National Player to Push Medical Marijuana
    Columbus Dispatch, 23 Jan 2016 - The start of 2016 brought some changes to the landscape of Ohio's marijuana legalization efforts - including the arrival of a national organization that wants Ohio to be the 24th "medical marijuana state." That group, The Marijuana Policy Project, announced this week that they are working on an initiative to legalize the drug in Ohio, and looking for an organizer to head up operations in the state. "The 2016 campaign ... is focusing only on medical marijuana, which enjoys a high level of support among Ohio voters," according to the D.C. group's website.
  4. US OH: Tour Seeks Views On Prescription Pot
    Columbus Dispatch, 20 Jan 2016 - Not long ago, majority Statehouse Republicans barely uttered a peep about marijuana legalization. Now both chambers have appointed special panels to explore the pros and cons of medical marijuana.
  5. US OH: PUB LTE: War On Drugs, Forfeiture Laws Don't Work
    Columbus Dispatch, 18 Jan 2016 - As a lawyer for more than 37 years, I feel qualified to make some observations about the state of the criminal-justice system and the manner it has been administered by the General Assembly, police and prosecutors. This is brought about most recently by law enforcement complaining about proposed restrictions to forfeiture laws. I have witnessed four decades of the war on drugs, which continues to be a complete and utter failure. We arrest 14 million people each year; we have 70 million people with criminal records; and we subject these folks to more than 500,000 collateral consequences that make them second-class citizens.
  6. US OH: New Effort On Pot Legalization
    Dayton Daily News, 16 Jan 2016 - Group Wants Issue on Fall Ballot. Push Won't Wait to See What State Lawmakers Do. COLUMBUS (AP) - A group hoping to put a marijuana legalization issue on Ohio's ballot this fall says it won't wait to see if state lawmakers act on medical marijuana and will push ahead with its proposal despite the failure of a separate effort in November.
  7. US OH: Legislature To Study Legalizing Medical Pot
    Columbus Dispatch, 15 Jan 2016 - GOP legislators generally opposed legalization, but some now see support growing for medical marijuana. Two former top leaders of the ResponsibleOhio group that unsuccessfully pushed to legalize marijuana in Ohio in November have now decided to team up with Ohio House leaders to seek a more modest medical-marijuana initiative.
  8. US OH: Panel To Study Medical Pot Issue
    Dayton Daily News, 15 Jan 2016 - Ohio House GOP Announces 14-Member Marijuana Task Force. COLUMBUS - Doctors, lawmakers, business owners, cops and advocates for legal pot will serve together on a medical marijuana task force and report back to the Ohio House later this year.
  9. US OH: Ohio Lawmakers Look Into Medical Use Of Marijuana
    Dayton Daily News, 12 Jan 2016 - Hearings Across the State to Gauge Ohioans' Feelings. COLUMBUS - Ohio voters convincingly rejected the marijuana-legalization proposal on November's ballot, but state lawmakers will explore the possibility of allowing the use of pot for medical purposes only.