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  1. US OH: Column: Prison Problem Knottier Than Its Usual
    Dayton Daily News, 02 Oct 2015 - Pretty much everybody from Barack Obama to Carly Fiorina seems to agree that far too many Americans are stuck behind bars. And pretty much everybody seems to have the same explanation for how this destructive era of mass incarceration came about. First, the war on drugs got out of control, meaning that many nonviolent people wound up in prison. Second, mandatoryminimum sentencing laws led to a throw-away-thekey culture, with long and pointlessly destructive prison terms.
  2. US OH: PUB LTE: Other Tafts Wrong About Marijuana
    Cincinnati Enquirer, 28 Sep 2015 - Despite their good intentions, Bob and Hope Taft are misguided and misinformed regarding Issue 3 ("Marijuana dangerous to kids, adults" Sept. 24). They call the amendment the "worst public policy proposal" they have seen, but their conclusion is specious when one considers the facts: Since marijuana was legalized in Colorado, traffic fatalities are down 6 percent, arrests are down 10 percent, violent crime and heroin overdose deaths are down and teen use of marijuana is down 2 percent. Bob and Hope are simply wrong that Issue 3 will legalize candies and other edibles that are "inviting to children." The third paragraph of the amendment clearly states that edibles will not be "manufactured, packaged or advertised in ways that create a substantial risk of attractiveness to children." What edibles are actually sold in Ohio will be determined by a newly created and independent Ohio Marijuana Control Commission.
  3. US OH: Candidates Agree: No To Legalization
    Columbus Dispatch, 27 Sep 2015 - Columbus mayoral candidates Andrew J. Ginther and Zach Scott have differed on nearly everything: tax abatements, fixing education and body cameras for police. But they do agree on one thing: Don't legalize marijuana.
  4. US OH: Supporters Of Marijuana Make Their Case For Issue 3
    The Star Beacon, 27 Sep 2015 - Doctors have projected Tom Clint will only live another four months. A dentist visit in 1994 revealed leukoplakia in the Ashtabula man's mouth, which later progressed into stage 3 oral, nasal and skin cancers. In February, doctors said the only way to save his life was to remove his tongue, but he chose against a life in which he couldn't talk, and hasn't seen an oncologist since.
  5. US OH: Editorial: Pot Proposal Might Have A Tax Loophole
    Columbus Dispatch, 26 Sep 2015 - A New Wrinkle Has Emerged in a Would-Be Cartel's Effort to Legalize and Grow Marijuana in Ohio, Pointing Out Again Just How Bad an Idea It Would Be to Inscribe Its Self-Enriching Plan in the Ohio Constitution. The Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants says it has found a big tax loophole in the language of State Issue 3, a proposed constitutional amendment by ResponsibleOhio. This gap, they say, would shield the wealthy investors and retail marijuana shop owners from having to pay state income tax.
  6. US OH: County Law Enforcement: 'No' On Issue 3
    The Star Beacon, 26 Sep 2015 - JEFFERSON - Law enforcement officials from across the county joined in solidarity Friday against Issue 3, the state's marijuana legalization initiative, which will appear on the Nov. 3 ballot. "Ashtabula County, like the rest of Ohio and the United States, is in the midst of a drug epidemic," county Prosecutor Nick Iarocci said from the steps of the old county courthouse in Jefferson, surrounded by officers from every police department in the county.
  7. US OH: Pellets, Planes And The New Frontier
    Washington Post, 25 Sep 2015 - He practiced with baby carrots, swallowing them whole, easing them down his throat with yogurt. Later came the heroin pellets, each loaded with 14 grams of powder, machine-wrapped in wax paper and thick latex. Long gone were the days of swallowing hand-knotted, drug-filled condoms. The Mexican drug trafficking organizations were always perfecting their craft. On this trip, Gerardo A. Vargas would swallow 71 pellets - a full kilo, just over two pounds, enough for as many as 30,000 hits at $10 a pop on American streets. And so before he set off on his 3,900-mile journey from Uruapan, Mexico, Vargas was given the rules: No soda, because it could erode the pellets' wrapping. No orange juice, either. Drink only water. He was told which airports to avoid, which places to go, his every move orchestrated by his handler in Mexico.
  8. US OH: Opioid Seen As Powering Rising Crisis
    Columbus Dispatch, 25 Sep 2015 - A new silent killer, addictive and lethal, is stalking Ohioans and killing them in massive numbers. Fentanyl,a synthetic, highly addictive opiate 50 times more potent than heroin, was involved in 502 fatal overdoses last year, pushing Ohio drug deaths to 2,482, a staggering 17.6 percent jump over 2013, the Ohio Department of Health reported on Thursday.
  9. US OH: Column: More Opinions On Pot
    Dayton Daily News, 23 Sep 2015 - People are talking about Ohio's marijuana legalization issue. From reader Jim Armstrong: "Issue 3 isn't that troubling, that will be an up or down vote. That the powers that be would try to undermine that vote by putting up another issue to stop a monopoly from being able to be in the state constitution - where was the indignation when they gave away the gambling monopoly?"

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