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  1. US OK: Editorial: Treatment of Tobacco, Pot From Theater of
    The Oklahoman, 17 Apr 2014 - TREATMENT OF TOBACCO, POT FROM THEATER OF THE ABSURD WHEN it comes to tobacco and marijuana, public policies appear headed in contradictory directions. For years, candy cigarettes have been criticized as providing children a gateway to tobacco smoking. In similar fashion, the federal government banned candy and fruit-flavored cigarettes in 2009 as part of an effort to reduce youth smoking.
  2. US OK: OPED: Conservative Approach To Marijuana Policy
    Tulsa World, 16 Apr 2014 - As the movement to legalize marijuana advances, I believe our state would be best served by a policy approach that does due diligence, and learns from the experiences of other states before considering legalization. This approach would give us insight into how legalization affects those states, and would be prudent in mitigating the uncertainty and risks associated with the legalization of a powerful drug. This is the conservative approach. With the understanding that sweeping utopian reforms carry inevitable unintended consequences, conservatives always have taken a cautious approach to such policy shifts. We appreciate the central value of individual liberty, but we also understand that our founders believed we must balance liberty with an interest in maintaining civil order.
  3. US OK: Vote On Medical Marijuana Sought
    Tulsa World, 12 Apr 2014 - OKLAHOMA CITY - Supporters of legalizing medical marijuana on Friday filed notice with the Secretary of State's Office that they are trying to get it on the Nov. 4 ballot. Supporters have 90 days after filing the petition, or a determination by the Oklahoma Supreme Court to its sufficiency, whichever is later, to submit the signatures. They are required to obtain 155,216 signatures.
  4. US OK: Addressing Teen Drug Use
    The Claremore Daily Progress, 06 Apr 2014 - Report Shows Wide Gap Between Number Of Youth With Substance Abuse Problems And Those Receiving Treatment CLAREMORE - When Daniel Morris saw a picture of a local drug bust in the news recently, something heartbreaking stood out to him about the people in the image: they looked so young.
  5. US OK: Test At Halfway House Finds Many On Drugs
    Tulsa World, 29 Mar 2014 - The Community Corrections Center Is Run by Avalon, Which Closed in Tulsa. OKLAHOMA CITY - A surprise drug screening at a private Oklahoma City halfway house this week showed that more than half of the offenders were using illegal drugs.
  6. US OK: Man Shot By Tulsa Officer Apparently Unarmed
    The Oklahoman, 27 Mar 2014 - TULSA - A Tulsa man who was fatally shot by police serving a search warrant Tuesday apparently was unarmed, police said Wednesday. The Tulsa Police Department identified the man who was shot as 27year-old DeAndre Lloyd Starks, and the officer as Sgt. Mark Wollmershauser Jr., 32.
  7. US OK: PUB LTE: Getting The Picture?
    The Oklahoman, 22 Mar 2014 - "CPAC showed conservatives embracing justice reform" (Our Views, March 14) says more and more conservatives understand that corrections reform must happen. It quotes Rick Perry, Texas governor, where reforms resulted in closing a prison. As Perry put it, "We're not a soft-on-crime state. I hope we get the reputation of being a smart-on-crime state." The editorial closed by saying, "Perhaps Oklahoma will one day do the same." All states have criminal laws controlling narcotics and dangerous drugs, producing large numbers of persons in prisons for drug offenses. Yet availability and use of these drugs continues to grow. Add prescription drugs coming through the same channels and we have the paradox that the War on Drugs has produced effects opposite to its stated purpose. Control now lies with international drug syndicates whose supply lines lead directly to Oklahoma.
  8. US OK: PUB LTE: Why Is This Still Illegal?
    Oklahoma Gazette, 21 Mar 2014 - I'm writing about Tim Farley's story "Prohibition, not pot, is the problem" (Feb. 10, Oklahoma Gazette online). I'd like to add that the cannabis legalization issue is not whether cannabis is completely safe for everybody, including children and adolescents.
  9. US OK: Drugged Driving Can Be Costly, Say State Law Officers
    The Oklahoman, 17 Mar 2014 - Oklahoma City police Sgt. David Roberts noticed a driver swerve into oncoming traffic. As he was pulling over the car, he saw the driver roll down all four windows. Out came clouds of smoke. "I saw the smoke and smelled the odor of burnt marijuana," Roberts recalled. Once the driver stopped, Roberts walked up to the car and asked the driver, "Have you been smoking?"

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