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  1. US OK: PUB LTE: Cannabis Prohibition Is The Problem
    The Oklahoman, 05 Apr 2015 - Regarding "Colorado defends pot laws against Oklahoma, Nebraska legal attack" (News, March 28): Aaron Cooper, a spokesman for Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, has it backward in claiming that Colorado's legalization of cannabis has negatively impacted surrounding states like Oklahoma and Nebraska. Rather, cannabis prohibition is responsible for negatively impacting Oklahoma, Nebraska and the entire country. Further, they're unable to grasp what is taking place. Colorado government isn't promoting commercialized cannabis, but rather regulating the God-given plant. Oklahoma and Nebraska leaders fail to realize what they're actually doing is forcing the black market to regulate cannabis instead. While Oklahoma and Nebraska leaders may wish to force the black market to continue regulating cannabis, Colorado voters decided to force government to do the inevitable job instead. Recent polls indicate continued growing support for that decision. Polls also indicate Oklahoma and Nebraska citizens wish to end cannabis prohibition.
  2. US OK: Editorial: Lawmaker's CBD Bill Reflects Thought, Study
    The Oklahoman, 17 Feb 2015 - LAWMAKER'S CBD BILL REFLECTS THOUGHT, STUDY THE debate over potential medical use of marijuana has generated legislative proposals this year that embody the best, and worst, of the political system.
  3. US OK: Editorial: Med Marijuana
    Tulsa World, 16 Feb 2015 - House OKs Limited Use We applaud the state House for voting 99-2 last week to legalize use of an active marijuana ingredient for the treatment of severe epileptic seizures in children. Earlier this year, Gov. Mary Fallin urged the state to legalize nonintoxicating medicinal cannabis oil - CBD - on a supervised basis for children suffering from severe seizure disorders.
  4. US OK: House Passes Bill To Legalize Pot-Derived Drug
    Tulsa World, 12 Feb 2015 - Cannabidiol, Extracted From Marijuana, Is Used to Treat Severe Epileptic Seizures. OKLAHOMA CITY - The House of Representatives voted 99-2 Wednesday to legalize an active marijuana ingredient used in the treatment of severe epileptic seizures.
  5. US OK: Pot Lawsuit Draws Opposition
    The Oklahoman, 06 Jan 2015 - Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, a vocal proponent of states' rights, drew criticism Monday from fellow Republicans who oppose his attempt to have the U.S. Supreme Court overturn Colorado's marijuana legalization law. State Rep. Mike Ritze, R-Broken Arrow, and six other GOP lawmakers sent a letter to Pruitt criticizing his decision to join Nebraska in asking the high court to invalidate Colorado voters' 2012 determination to legalize marijuana for recreational use.
  6. US OK: Marijuana Suit Sees Opposition
    Tulsa World, 06 Jan 2015 - Some Oklahoma Legislators Are Against the AG's Decision to Join a Lawsuit Against Colorado. OKLAHOMA CITY - Some Oklahoma lawmakers disagree with Attorney General Scott Pruitt's decision to file suit over Colorado's legalization of marijuana.
  7. US OK: PUB LTE: Pot Probe Warranted
    The Oklahoman, 04 Jan 2015 - Although under federal law marijuana is a drug with no medical use and doctors can't prescribe it, 23 states and Washington, D.C., allow marijuana use for some medical conditions. In addition, Washington State and Colorado legalized recreational marijuana. Interstate travel by dealers and "drug tourists" increased the availability of marijuana in other states. Forty states reported seizure of Colorado medical and/or recreational marijuana. This caused serious problems in neighboring Oklahoma and Nebraska, which are suing Colorado in the U.S. Supreme Court seeking relief for this situation. The U.S. Justice Department ignores this problem. The federal government announcement that it will allow American Indian tribes to grow and sell marijuana may escalate this problem. The amounts allowed to be grown, and whether it can be taken out of the reservations, need clarification. Although many tribes are inclined to avoid marijuana as a source of income, about a dozen Nebraska tribes are evaluating a legal framework for the marijuana business.
  8. US OK: OPED: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors
    Tulsa World, 26 Dec 2014 - Last week, Oklahoma and Nebraska sued Colorado over actions Colorado has taken that have resulted in the trafficking of illegal drugs into Oklahoma and Nebraska. We didn't take this action lightly. As you know, I have been an ardent defender of Oklahoma's ability to determine its own policies and laws, free from undue federal intrusion. But that isn't to say that there is no place for federal law. Of course there is - that is precisely why our Founders came together in 1789 to draft a constitution. My battles have been against federal actions that exceed the powers our Founders granted to the federal government in the constitution.
  9. US OK: PUB LTE: Legal Pot Market
    Tulsa World, 26 Dec 2014 - Oklahoma has filed a lawsuit against Colorado's marijuana law. The concern seems to be that marijuana from Colorado is coming to Oklahoma. That concerns me too. What can we do to reduce Colorado's market share? In fact, what can we do to reduce the market share for all imported and black market marijuana in Oklahoma? How can we keep the profits here and generate tax money to help Oklahoma?

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