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  1. US OK: Push For Medical Marijuana Reaches Ardmore
    The Daily Ardmoreite, 15 Jul 2014 - The establishment of a petition-signing effort for the legalization of medical marijuana has produced a buzz around Ardmore ... both good and bad. Oklahomans for Health began gathering signatures for the petition Saturday morning in the parking lot of the Ardmore Public Library. While several hundred have taken the time to sign the petition, other residents have been concerned about the group's right to have the petition on city property.
  2. US OK: LTE: Miracle Cure
    Tulsa World, 20 Jun 2014 - I have a hard time believing marijuana is a miracle cure. It has been around for centuries and a better case has been made for it being illegal. It might well be a more convenient and cheaper way to relieve pain, just like alcohol and opiates. But is this a reason to legalize marijuana?
  3. US OK: Group Says Police Are Hampering Petition
    The Oklahoman, 20 Jun 2014 - TULSA - Supporters of an initiative petition to put a medical marijuana state question to a November vote said Thursday they are experiencing increased interference from authorities statewide. The Tulsa World reported Tuesday allegations by Chip Paul, chairman of Oklahomans for Health, that Tulsa police disrupted petition-circulation efforts at locations that were predisclosed online four times last week.
  4. US OK: Petition Calls For Legalizing Marijuana
    Tulsa World, 14 Jun 2014 - OKLAHOMA CITY - A second marijuana petition was filed Friday with the Oklahoma Secretary of State. Supporters hope to let voters decide whether or not marijuana should be legal in Oklahoma. Another petition currently circulating seeks to legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes.
  5. US OK: Petition Drive Begins For Medical Pot
    The Oklahoman, 29 May 2014 - A group in favor of legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes kicked off a petition drive Wednesday aimed at putting the issue before voters in the November statewide election. "I'm here to say I believe Oklahomans have a strong sense of personal liberty and personal freedom, and that's what I want to appeal to," Chip Paul, chairman of Oklahomans for Health told about 50 people at a rally outside the state Capitol.
  6. US OK: Oklahoma Pot Laws Don't Make Sense, Says Senate
    The Duncan Banner, 18 May 2014 - MARLOW - Just a few days before the biggest players in the state Republican Party came to Duncan for a fish fry fundraiser, State Senator Connie Johnson, D-Oklahoma City, arrived in Stephens County looking for support and campaign donations. Without actually saying so, Johnson, the presumptive Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Tom Coburn, realizes she's a longshot.
  7. US OK: Democrat Johnson Wants Pot Vote
    Tulsa World, 10 May 2014 - The U.S. Senate Candidate Says the Issue Will Draw New Voters to the Polls. Legalizing marijuana may not be central to Connie Johnson's U.S. Senate platform, but it is important to her long-shot campaign's election strategy.
  8. US OK: AG Pruitt: Pot Petition Flawed
    Tulsa World, 28 Apr 2014 - Organizers Hope to Put Medical Marijuana on the November Ballot. OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt has found problems with the ballot title of an initiative petition seeking to let voters decide whether medical marijuana should be legalized.
  9. US OK: Column: A Nation Divided, With Liberty, Justice for Some
    The Oklahoman, 27 Apr 2014 - It swallowed people up. That's what it really did, if you want to know the truth. It swallowed them up whole, swallowed them up by the millions. In the process, it hollowed out communities, broke families, stranded hope. Politicians brayed that they were being "tough on crime" - as if anyone is really in favor of crime - as they imposed ever longer and more inflexible sentences for nonviolent drug offenses. But the "War on Drugs" didn't hurt drugs at all: Usage rose by 2,800 percent - - that's not a typo - in the 40 years after it began in 1971. The "War" also made America the biggest jailer on Earth and drained a trillion dollars - still not a typo - from the treasury.

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