Media Awareness Project Drug News
  1. US OK:: Oklahoma Doctor Charged With Murder For Prescribing Opioids

    Hartford Courant, 24 Jun 2017 - KILLED HER PATIENTS On Nov. 21, 2012, Sheila Bartels walked out of the Sunshine Medical Center in Oklahoma with a prescription for a "horrifyingly excessive" cocktail of drugs capable of killing her several times over.
  2. US OK: Beijing Denies Us Claim That China Is Synthetic Drug King

    The Altus Times, 26 Dec 2016 - BEIJING -- U.S. assertions that China is the top source of the synthetic opioids that have killed thousands of drug users in the U.S. and Canada are unsubstantiated, Chinese officials told the Associated Press. Both the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy point to China as North America's main source of fentanyl, related drugs and the chemicals used to make them.
  3. US OK: Editorial: Medical Pot Measure Has Noteworthy Problems

    The Oklahoman, 29 Aug 2016 - AFTER several failed efforts, proponents of legalizing "medical" marijuana in Oklahoma may have collected enough signatures to put the issue before voters. So it's worth looking at the actual content of this measure, even though logistical challenges may postpone a vote until after November's elections. Prior medical marijuana proposals have been laughably broad. The legal language for proposed State Question 788 is better, but problems and loopholes remain that should concern Oklahomans.
  4. US OK: Rewrite Of Marijuana Ballot Title Spurs Questions

    The Oklahoman, 28 Aug 2016 - Controversy continued to swirl Friday over a ballot title rewrite for a state question aimed at legalizing medical marijuana. Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt on Thursday released his rewritten version of the ballot title for State Question 788.
  5. US OK: Pot Petitioners Blast Rewording By Pruitt

    Tulsa World, 26 Aug 2016 - Elections Medical Marijuana Supporters Say Title Is Now Inaccurate; November Vote Unlikely OKLAHOMA CITY - Supporters of an effort to legalize medical marijuana in Oklahoma said Thursday they will challenge the ballot title rewording by Attorney General Scott Pruitt.
  6. US OK: Deadlines Likely to Keep Pot Issue Off November Ballot

    The Oklahoman, 25 Aug 2016 - Supporters of legalization of medical marijuana on Wednesday vowed to press getting the issue on the Nov. 8 ballot, despite a series of deadlines that make it nearly impossible. On Tuesday, state officials said Oklahomans for Health had collected more than enough signatures to get the issue before voters.
  7. US OK: Editorial: Fumbling On Medical Marijuana

    Tulsa World, 25 Aug 2016 - It's A Bad Idea, but SQ 788 Ought to Be on the Ballot If Possible If State Question 788 doesn't make November's ballot, proponents have no one to blame but themselves. Still, in the best spirit of democracy and to save some money, state officials ought to do everything reasonable to get the medical marijuana proposal before voters in November if possible.
  8. US OK: Marijuana Petition Gets Enough Signatures to Possibly

    The Oklahoman, 24 Aug 2016 - An initiative petition to let Oklahomans vote on whether to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes has enough signatures to potentially get on the ballot, Oklahoma Secretary of State Chris Benge announced Tuesday. Backers of the petition say they hope to get the issue on the November ballot, but state officials say time constraints may make that impossible. If the issue fails to make the November ballot, voters still might get a chance to vote on it later during a special election or the 2018 primary or general election, officials said.
  9. US OK: Medical Marijuana Petition Drive Underway

    The Oklahoman, 17 Jul 2016 - Tents flapped in the northwest Oklahoma City wind as Michael Beck and another man arrived in a pickup, ready to sign a petition seeking a state vote to legalize medical marijuana. Beck, 25, said he has never used marijuana, but he has a niece who can benefit from it and whose mother and father have moved to Colorado where it's legal.