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  1. US OK: PUB LTE: Cannabis Prohibition Will Be History
    The Oklahoman, 16 Jan 2016 - Regarding "Oklahoma, Nebraska AGs liken Colorado to 'drug cartel' over pot" (News, Jan. 7): As a Colorado resident who helped end cannabis prohibition, I strongly disagree with Oklahoma and Nebraska's claim likening Colorado to a "drug cartel." Oklahoma and Nebraska's desire to continue caging responsible adults who choose to use the relatively safe, extremely popular God-given plant is dependent on Colorado perpetuating the historically discredited "Reefer Madness" scam, dependent on punishing Colorado for not punishing its citizens for using a beneficial plant with a tantrum. In reality, citizens including Oklahoma's and Nebraska's own citizens liken cannabis prohibitionists as being anti-Christian, vulgar and just plain wrong. In the end, cannabis prohibition and discrimination will be history. Stan White, Dillon, Colo. - --- MAP posted-by: Jay Bergstrom
  2. US OK: Column: Oklahoma Pot Case Draws Interest From Former
    The Oklahoman, 10 Jan 2016 - WASHINGTON - U.S. Supreme Court justices are expected to decide in their closed door meeting on Jan. 22 whether to allow Oklahoma and Nebraska to sue Colorado over its marijuana laws. The two states claim their neighbor's licensing of growers and sellers has led their own residents to travel to Colorado to buy marijuana. That in turn has strained their own law enforcement and other resources, they claim.
  3. US OK: Das Voice Concerns Over Effort To Change
    The Oklahoman, 07 Jan 2016 - Rhetoric is heating up about a proposal to change the state's civil asset forfeiture process. Lawmakers return in February to the Capitol, where the issue is expected to be debated. The leading voice for change is Sen. Kyle Loveless, R-Oklahoma City. He has filed Senate Bill 838, which would make dramatic changes to a law that allows law enforcement to seize property and cash suspected of being used in a crime. The current process does not require a conviction.
  4. US OK: Oklahoma, Nebraska AGs Liken Colorado to 'Drug Cartel'
    The Oklahoman, 07 Jan 2016 - WASHINGTON - Oklahoma and Nebraska compared Colorado to a drug cartel Wednesday and again urged the Supreme Court to let them sue their neighbor over its marijuana production and distribution system. In sharply written arguments, the two states said Colorado "has created a massive criminal enterprise whose sole purpose is to authorize and facilitate the manufacture, distribution, sale and use of marijuana."
  5. US OK: Oklahoma Pushes For Colorado Pot Lawsuit
    Tulsa World, 07 Jan 2016 - Nebraska Also Asks the Supreme Court to Let It Sue Over the Legal Sale and Production of Weed. WASHINGTON - Oklahoma and Nebraska compared Colorado to a drug cartel Wednesday and again urged the Supreme Court to let them sue their neighbor over its marijuana production and distribution system.
  6. US OK: Editorial: Medical Marijuana Plans Clearly Not Popular
    The Oklahoman, 05 Jan 2016 - MEDICAL MARIJUANA PLANS CLEARLY NOT POPULAR HERE FOR the second time in as many years, proponents have fallen short - far short - of gathering enough signatures to place a medical marijuana measure before Oklahoma voters. Backers say they will try again. But their repeated failure suggests this is an issue lacking meaningful support in Oklahoma, and that petition organizers are wasting their time.
  7. US OK: High Drivers Are Just As Threatening to Oklahoma Road
    The Oklahoman, 15 Nov 2015 - HIGH DRIVERS ARE JUST AS THREATENING TO OKLAHOMA ROAD SAFETY AS DRUNK DRIVERS Marijuana Is the No. 1 Drug Found in Drivers Who Tested Positive for Drugs in Oklahoma, According to the Osbi As more states legalize marijuana for recreational use, concern rises about the risk of people getting behind the wheel while high. While many supporters point to the potential positive impact on economics that legalization in Oklahoma could hold, law enforcement officers who are faced with the deadly outcomes of driving while under the influence of marijuana or other drugs during their work point to the risks.
  8. US OK: Editorial: Legalized Marijuana Certainly No Panacea
    The Oklahoman, 27 Sep 2015 - ADVOCATES for legalizing recreational marijuana argue that shift shouldn't upset people, claiming the drug's use differs little from alcohol consumption. A new report from Colorado suggests that's only true if people are fine with drunk driving and public intoxication of school children. That report, by the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, demonstrates that legalized marijuana's impact in Colorado is not benign. The report examines a wide range of statistics over several years that marijuana became less regulated. In 2006, Colorado legalized "medical" marijuana use. Greater commercialization was unleashed in 2009. And since 2013, full-blown recreational use has been legal.
  9. US OK: Forfeiture Debate Spills Down Turnpike
    Tulsa World, 02 Sep 2015 - Legislators heard opposing arguments at opposite ends of the Turner Turnpike on Tuesday as two Republican state senators waged dueling public hearings on the state's civil asset forfeiture law. At the state Capitol in Oklahoma City, witnesses assembled by Sen. Kyle Loveless, R-Oklahoma City, testified to a forfeiture process rife with real and potential problems that encourage the seizure of private assets by law enforcement. At the Tulsa Police Academy in north Tulsa, a roomful of law officers and prosecutors voiced outrage at that notion and said forfeiture is one of the most important weapons in the war against drugs.