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  1. US OK: PUB LTE: The Promise Of CBD
    The Oklahoman, 30 Aug 2014 - Cannabidiol (CBD) may help control seizures in some children. CBD is a nonintoxicating, refined whole plant product of a special marijuana species. It's low in THC, the intoxicating component of marijuana, but CBD is illegal in Oklahoma. State law needs to be changed, as 16 states already have. The incidence of children with a current diagnosis of a seizure disorder is conservatively about 6.3 per 1,000 in the U.S., or about 5,900 in Oklahoma. With available medications, about half derive real benefit - with many suffering side effects, which can be severe. Judging from the extreme interest of parents with epileptic children who attended a recent lecture at Children's Hospital, all 5,900 sets of parents will be at their physician's doorstep the moment CBD becomes available.
  2. US OK: Petition Falls Short Of Vital Signatures For Medical
    The Oklahoman, 22 Aug 2014 - Backers of a medical marijuana initiative collected only about half the signatures needed to put the issue before voters, the Oklahoma secretary of state's office said Thursday. A total of 75,384 signatures were collected, but more than 155,216 were needed to put it on the Nov. 4 ballot.
  3. US OK: Parents Hope State Approves CBD
    Tulsa World, 17 Aug 2014 - The Marijuana Extract May Help Children With Dravet Syndrome. With wavy brown hair and an impish grin, 6-year-old Morgan Adler had all the stylists vying for his attention during a recent visit to his mom's beauty salon.
  4. US OK: OPED: Legalizing Would Create Public Hazard
    Tulsa World, 10 Aug 2014 - Many believe that reform to drug laws is appropriate, and I welcome that debate. I believe we need to continue to explore evidence-based prevention, access to treatment, and alternatives to incarceration. But substance abuse is a public health issue, as well as a criminal justice problem. I do not believe that legalization of marijuana solves the issues raised in the debate on drug policy. We must consider the public health problems associated with increased availability of marijuana. A review of some of the facts cited by the Office of National Drug Control Policy is important for people to consider before they decide this issue.
  5. US OK: OPED: Cannabis Policy Puts Citizens In Crosshairs
    Tulsa World, 10 Aug 2014 - As a longtime practicing attorney engaged in criminal defense, I have handled hundreds of marijuana-related cases in city, state and federal courts throughout Oklahoma, and nationally. I have witnessed the damaging effects to individual liberty and a multitude of barriers to legitimate employment from its classification as a Schedule I controlled substance.
  6. US OK: LTE: Pot Perils
    Tulsa World, 06 Aug 2014 - "Hey, Jane." "Yes, Dick?" "Now that Oklahoma has legalized marijuana, let's go watch mother and father get high. Just think, Jane, in a few years we can join them and it will be a family thing." "Gee, Dick, what a wonderful world."
  7. US OK: Marijuana Petition In Pryor
    Pryor Daily Times, 31 Jul 2014 - Pryor Times - Prohibition does not work. This is the mantra of the Oklahoma Coalition Against Prohibition, which is circulating a petition to decriminalize medical marijuana. The organization assisted another advocacy group who set up a petition table in Pryor last weekend.
  8. US OK: Editorial: Senate Runoff May Show How Voters Feel About
    The Oklahoman, 21 Jul 2014 - STATE Sen. Constance Johnson, D-Oklahoma City, hopes to become Oklahoma's next U.S. senator even as she's hitched her political wagon to the cause of marijuana legalization. We'll soon know if Johnson's fellow Democrats believe marijuana is the path to renewed electoral success in Oklahoma. Supporters have begun gathering signatures to place the proposed State Question 773 on the ballot. The measure would legalize possession of one ounce of marijuana for personal use and legalize possession of three ounces for "medical" use.
  9. US OK: Push For Medical Marijuana Reaches Ardmore
    The Daily Ardmoreite, 15 Jul 2014 - The establishment of a petition-signing effort for the legalization of medical marijuana has produced a buzz around Ardmore ... both good and bad. Oklahomans for Health began gathering signatures for the petition Saturday morning in the parking lot of the Ardmore Public Library. While several hundred have taken the time to sign the petition, other residents have been concerned about the group's right to have the petition on city property.

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