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  1. US OK: Tulsa Firm Wants To Sell Marijuana E-Cigarettes
    Tulsa World, 10 Nov 2014 - (AP) - As more states approve the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana, an Oklahoma-based electronic cigarette retailer is looking to build a national franchise. Marijuana is illegal under federal drug laws. But voters in Oregon, Alaska and Washington, D.C., approved ballot measures Tuesday to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, joining Washington state and Colorado.
  2. US OK: Emerging Cannabis Oil Market Eyed
    Albuquerque Journal, 10 Nov 2014 - E-Cig Company Sees Great Opportunity OKLAHOMA CITY - As more states approve the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana, an Oklahoma-based electronic cigarette retailer is looking to build a national franchise.
  3. US OK: PUB LTE: Decriminalize Pot
    The Oklahoman, 19 Oct 2014 - "Considerable downside to decriminalization of pot" (Our Views, Oct. 13) criticized state Sen. Connie Johnson for advocating decriminalizing marijuana use. Yet any thinking person has to recognize the wisdom of Johnson's position. Pot shouldn't be categorized as a Schedule I drug. It's not addictive like opiates or amphetamines. Despite the claims of law enforcement officials, it's not a "gateway drug." Enforcement of laws against marijuana possession, use and sale result in racial inequities in arrest and prosecution of perpetrators. A New York Times editorial on Oct. 11 noted that an equal percentage of blacks and whites use illegal drugs, but blacks are arrested three times as often. A Seattle study found that 16 percent of observed drug dealers of the five most dangerous drugs were black, but they represented 64 percent of arrests for dealing those drugs.
  4. US OK: Editorial: Considerable Downside to Decriminalization
    The Oklahoman, 13 Oct 2014 - MARIJUANA legalization was highlighted in a recent debate between Oklahoma candidates for a U.S. Senate seat. This issue continues to bubble up in political discussions, so it's important that associated policy decisions be based on facts. Research continues to identify significant consequences to recreational marijuana use. The Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, state Sen. Connie Johnson of Oklahoma City, supports decriminalizing marijuana use. She defended that stance in the debate. Her opponent, U.S. Rep. James Lankford, R-Oklahoma City, isn't a fan of that idea.
  5. US OK: Editorial: War Far From Over in Fight Against Meth Use
    The Oklahoman, 29 Sep 2014 - WHEN government closes a window, the market opens a door. Sadly, this describes the methamphetamine problem in Oklahoma. This state has been a national leader in the meth manufacturing crackdown, finding ways to restrict the purchase of ingredients used to cook meth. But as fewer meth "labs" are being found and shut down by state authorities, the number of meth-related overdose deaths continues to rise.
  6. US OK: Time To Re-Think Legalizing Drugs
    Stillwater News Press, 20 Sep 2014 - Here's a riddle: How many knowledgeable people does it take to suggest a policy change before society adopts their sage advice? Buried in all the recent news about ISIS, horrific weather lashing the United States, the violence of NFL players and the like, came a hardly noticed news item about the idea of legalizing drugs. Now, stay with me on this. It's important. The Global Commission on Drug Policy, an illustrious panel including former U.N. Secretary Gen. Kofi Annan, former U.S. Secretary of State George Shultz, former chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve Paul Volcker, former presidents and prime ministers of nearly a dozen countries and others issued a detailed study about why it's smart - for reasons both humanitarian and financial - to legalize marijuana and other drugs. Yes, all drugs.
  7. US OK: PUB LTE: The Promise Of CBD
    The Oklahoman, 30 Aug 2014 - Cannabidiol (CBD) may help control seizures in some children. CBD is a nonintoxicating, refined whole plant product of a special marijuana species. It's low in THC, the intoxicating component of marijuana, but CBD is illegal in Oklahoma. State law needs to be changed, as 16 states already have. The incidence of children with a current diagnosis of a seizure disorder is conservatively about 6.3 per 1,000 in the U.S., or about 5,900 in Oklahoma. With available medications, about half derive real benefit - with many suffering side effects, which can be severe. Judging from the extreme interest of parents with epileptic children who attended a recent lecture at Children's Hospital, all 5,900 sets of parents will be at their physician's doorstep the moment CBD becomes available.
  8. US OK: Petition Falls Short Of Vital Signatures For Medical
    The Oklahoman, 22 Aug 2014 - Backers of a medical marijuana initiative collected only about half the signatures needed to put the issue before voters, the Oklahoma secretary of state's office said Thursday. A total of 75,384 signatures were collected, but more than 155,216 were needed to put it on the Nov. 4 ballot.
  9. US OK: Parents Hope State Approves CBD
    Tulsa World, 17 Aug 2014 - The Marijuana Extract May Help Children With Dravet Syndrome. With wavy brown hair and an impish grin, 6-year-old Morgan Adler had all the stylists vying for his attention during a recent visit to his mom's beauty salon.

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