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  1. US PA: Series: Roadblocks To Research
    The Philadelphia Inquirer, 26 Aug 2015 - ROADBLOCKS TO RESEARCH Obtaining Marijuana to Test Its Medical Properties Can Be a Long Process. Research on marijuana's potential for medicinal use has been hampered for years by federal restrictions, though nearly half the states and the District of Columbia have legalized the drug in some form.
  2. US PA: 'Ground Zero' For the Heroin Crisis: 2 Days, 25
    Washington Post, 24 Aug 2015 - Washington, Pa.- The first call came at 7:33 p.m. last Sunday: Two people had overdosed on heroin in a home just a few hundred yards from the station where firefighters were awaiting their nightly round of drug emergencies. Six minutes later, there was another. A 50-year-old man had been found in his bedroom, blue from lack of oxygen, empty bags of heroin by his body.
  3. US PA: 17 Local Overdoses In 1 Day
    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 18 Aug 2015 - Three Heroin Users Die, Three Saved With Narcan in Washington County A woman heading to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting Sunday collapsed and lay unconscious in a Canonsburg parking lot after a heroin overdose. She was one of 17 overdoses that day in Washington County that may have caused as many as three deaths.
  4. US PA: Judge Reverses 158 Drug Verdicts
    The Philadelphia Inquirer, 08 Aug 2015 - It Was the Largest Dismissal in One Day in City History. A Philadelphia judge on Friday reversed 158 narcotics convictions tainted by allegations of police corruption - the largest such dismissal in one day in city history.
  5. US PA: Editorial: Out Of Control
    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 26 Jul 2015 - The DEA Overpays Informants Without Oversight An audit released last week by the Department of Justice provides fresh evidence that the Drug Enforcement Administration needs a thorough retooling that goes beyond the replacement of its director.
  6. US PA: OPED: It's Time to Overhaul Criminal- Justice Policy
    Republican & Herald, 25 Jul 2015 - President Barack Obama has seized on the righteous issue of mass incarceration for the final lap of his presidency. This one has a broad ideological and bipartisan coalition behind it, with Republican senators, governors and funders ( including the Koch brothers) linked with the likes of the American Civil Liberties Union and the NAACP. But Obama is not going far enough.
  7. US PA: PUB LTE: When Doing Nothing Does Harm
    The Philadelphia Inquirer, 22 Jul 2015 - In an article on physician David Casarett's evolving view of medical marijuana, it's noted that the Pennsylvania Medical Society opposed a Senate bill that would allow marijuana use by patients with any of 15 conditions, including cancer ("Doctor's Path of Discovery," July 19). The Hippocratic oath obligates physicians to do no harm. But don't physicians understand that withholding a treatment that can make unbearable lives bearable, by inaction, does harm and therefore violates their oath? Rod Meyers, Bryn Mawr, rodmeyers@aol.com - --- MAP posted-by: Jay Bergstrom
  8. US PA: Statistics Show Devastating Expanse Of Pa. Heroin Issue
    Tribune Review, 21 Jul 2015 - Pennsylvanians' addiction to heroin is the biggest drug problem in the state, a fact revealed not only in death statistics but also in state police drug busts. Pennsylvania State Police seized four times as much heroin in the second quarter of the year as they did the first, according to numbers released Tuesday. They seized more than 80 pounds of heroin worth more than $27 million between April and June, compared to just over 21 pounds between January and March.
  9. US PA: Valley Cops Receive Narcan Training
    Tribune Review, 21 Jul 2015 - Mike Fendya was leaving the scene after assisting a disabled truck when Washington County District Attorney Gene Vittone drove up and gave the Carroll police officer a Narcan kit. And with it, he gave Fendya a legal blessing to administer the drug should the officer encounter a person dying from a heroin overdose.

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