Media Awareness Project Drug News
  1. US PA: Anticipating A Marijuana Industry

    The Philadelphia Inquirer, 01 May 2016 - When the 1849 Gold Rush hit, it wasn't the miners who got rich. The businessmen who sold blue jeans and pickaxes amassed the real fortunes. When Gov. Wolf signed a medical marijuana bill into law on April 17, Pennsylvania became the 24th state to legalize medical cannabis.
  2. US PA: PUB LTE: Reclassify Marijuana

    The Times-Tribune, 27 Apr 2016 - Editor: Medical marijuana has now been legalized in 24 states, with about 51 percent of the U.S. population. Its use it well-known for treating patients suffering from a range of serious conditions, including cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and other disorders. In light of the effectiveness of medical marijuana, I urge our representatives in Washington, including U.S. Rep. Matt Cartwright and Sens. Pat Toomey and Bob Casey, to take the initiative and sponsor a bill that would remove marijuana from its present classification as a Schedule I substance that has no medical use. That classification is outdated and clearly false.
  3. US PA: OPED: PA. Medical Marijuana: It's About Time

    Pottstown Mercury, 23 Apr 2016 - Well. finally. State lawmakers have passed and Gov. Tom Wolf said he will sign legislation allowing usage of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania. That only took . what, 20 years? California became the first state to allow medical marijuana way back in 1996.
  4. US PA: Officials Praise Benefits of New Medical Marijuana Law

    The Daily Local, 20 Apr 2016 - UPPER MERION - Gov. Tom Wolf, state Sen. Daylin Leach, D-17th Dist., and state Rep. Tim Briggs, D149th Dist., joined about a dozen advocates of the medical marijuana bill recently signed into law during a news conference in King of Prussia Tuesday to tout the new legislation and promise its swift implementation. The law, which passed with bipartisan support, will allow marijuana to be used for medicinal purposes in pill form and in oils that can be vaporized. The bill's signing makes Pennsylvania the 24th state to sanction a medical marijuana program.
  5. US PA: Editorial: The Way Government Is Supposed To Work

    Daily Times, 19 Apr 2016 - "This is what government is supposed to look like." Just let that notion sink in for awhile. We've gotten accustomed to the opposite when it comes to politics.
  6. US PA: Mother, State Rep. Talk About Approval Of Medical

    The Record Herald, 19 Apr 2016 - While medical marijuana has been passed in Pennsylvania after lengthy deliberation it may be too early for celebration based on the opinions of some of the advocates close to the passage of the bill. "This is a great step forward, but there's still a ways to go," said Karen Diller, of Chambersburg, who became an advocate for medical marijuana after her daughter Karly found significant relief in a medical marijuana study.
  7. US PA: State Enacts Law For Medical Marijuana Use

    Washington Post, 18 Apr 2016 - (AP) - Pennsylvania has become the 24th state to legalize a comprehensive medical marijuana program. Gov. Tom Wolf (D) signed the bill into law Sunday afternoon surrounded by a jubilant crowd of supporters at the Capitol building in Harrisburg.
  8. US PA: Advocates Want Ok For All Uses

    The Times-Tribune, 18 Apr 2016 - Local Cannabis Activists Say They Have More Work to Do. A state law signed by the governor Sunday allowing the plant to be used to treat 17 medical conditions is a great start, those at the NEPA Cannabis Rally said, adding that they hope to see all its uses legalized.
  9. US PA: Medical Cannabis Legal

    The Times-Tribune, 18 Apr 2016 - Official: 2 Years to Implement Law HARRISBURG - Pennsylvania now needs to create a new state-regulated industry over the next two years with the governor's signing Sunday of a law legalizing use of medical marijuana for patients and academic research.