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  1. US PA: Medical Marijuana Issue Is Scrambling Party Lines
    Standard-Speaker, 12 Apr 2015 - HARRISBURG -- A lawmaker from Tioga County has a key role in the ongoing debate over legalizing medical marijuana in Pennsylvania. Rep. Matt Baker, R-68 Wellsboro, chairman of the House Health Committee, is openly skeptical about legalizing what he considers a dangerous drug without action first from the federal Food and Drug Administration.
  2. US PA: Oped: There's No Debate - It's Time To Make Medical Marijuana
    The Patriot-News, 12 Apr 2015 - Several years ago Tony May and I wrote a side-by-side column in support of medical marijuana. At the time I mused that agreeing with Daylin Leach, one of the most liberal legislators, should cause me to re-think my position.
  3. US PA: Oped: Let's Make Medical Marijuana The Gateway To Sensible
    The Patriot-News, 12 Apr 2015 - With a new statewide poll showing nine out of 10 Pennsylvania voters favoring legalization of marijuana for medical purposes, the question that should be before the General Assembly should be where to draw the line on normalization of pot laws. The Quinnipiac survey of 1,036 Keystone State voters showed an overwhelming 88 percent in favor of medicinal pot derivatives with only 10 percent opposed and 2 percent undecided.
  4. US PA: Freedom Is Not Free
    Standard-Journal, 11 Apr 2015 - Howard Wooldridge wore a T-shirt lettered with the words "Cops Say Legalize Pot, Ask Me Why" as we talked last week at Lisa's Milltown Deli. The shirt is among his trademarks, as were the stickers on his car which echoed the words. Also notable were his boots, jeans and belt buckle not much different than what Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa.10) wears on the House floor. Wooldridge made a name for himself as co-founder of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), and is one of its more than 200 speakers available for talks on the topic of replacing current drug laws with a practical system of legal distribution and control. MCFCU - Big Box
  5. US PA: Editorial: Growing Hemp Helps Farmers, Not Pot Smokers
    Pottstown Mercury, 08 Apr 2015 - The history of hemp's black-sheep cousin marijuana leads to hysteria when the plant is mentioned in the same breath with legalization. That is based on ignorance. It's time to give farmers the option of growing this valuable cash crop. You could say that the roots of this nation's agricultural heritage were those of hemp plants.
  6. US PA: Poll Finds Toomey's Lead Grows In '16 Race
    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 07 Apr 2015 - Slim Majority Favors Legalizing Marijuana A new survey from Quinnipiac University depicts U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., with improving personal and job approval ratings along with his largest lead to date in a trial heat over potential challenger Joe Sestak.
  7. US PA: Officer Faces Old Squad On Trial
    The Philadelphia Inquirer, 06 Apr 2015 - Downfall of a Former Police Hero. Years before he was one of Philadelphia's dirtiest cops, Jeffrey Walker was a hero. In fall 1998, Walker specialized in drug busts for West Philadelphia's 16th Police District. On the streets, his aggressive work as an undercover cop and his appearance - tall, fit, with dreadlocks - earned him a nickname from drug dealers: Batman.
  8. US PA: Shakedown From 19th Floor Alleged
    The Philadelphia Inquirer, 02 Apr 2015 - At Drug Officers' Trial, a Dealer Tells of Some Scary Moments on His Penthouse Balcony. With a burly police officer on each of his handcuffed arms and a 19-story drop below him from his penthouse apartment balcony, drug dealer Michael Cascioli was asked a troubling question.
  9. US PA: Witness: Officers Robbed Me
    The Philadelphia Inquirer, 01 Apr 2015 - Testimony Begins in Trial of Six Phila. Narcotics Cops Accused of Racketeering. A Main Line prep-school assistant basketball coach told a federal jury Tuesday that Philadelphia narcotics officers robbed him blind during a 2007 search of his City Avenue apartment.

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