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  1. US TN: PUB LTE: Cannabis Realities
    The Tennessean, 03 Feb 2016 - I'm sure Dr. Greg Elam means well (Re: "Live Drug-Free," Jan. 14), however, cannabis (marijuana) isn't a "drug" but rather a God-given plant as described on literally the very first page of the Bible. The plant cannabis should not be compared with drugs that kill "50 people a day" since it has not killed one single person in over 5,000 years of documented medical use. That's safety on a Biblical scale.
  2. US TN: PUB LTE: Marijuana Vs. Opioid Abuse
    The Tennessean, 14 Jan 2016 - States that permit qualified patients to access medical marijuana via dispensaries possess 24.8 percent lower rates of opioid addiction and overdose deaths than states where medical marijuana is illegal, according to a study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, a nonpartisan think tank. In Tennessee in 2014, deaths from opioid overdose exceeded deaths by car accident and also exceeded deaths by gunshot.
  3. US TN: LTE: Live Drug-Free
    The Tennessean, 14 Jan 2016 - Re: "Tennessee must get with the times on medical marijuana," by David Hairston, Dec. 13. Regarding Mr. Hairston's article about legalizing medical marijuana, I found the logic faulty for the following reasons:
  4. US TN: PUB LTE: Pot Can Pay For Roads
    The Tennessean, 14 Jan 2016 - Are we sure, Tennessee? Are we absolutely sure that marijuana legalization isn't in our best interest? While not a native of this state, I am rapidly learning that highway maintenance isn't a priority here.
  5. US TN: Rep. Drafts Pot-For-Veterans Bill
    Commercial Appeal, 22 Dec 2015 - Says Exception Aims to Benefit PTSD Sufferers NASHVILLE - While most Tennessee Republican leaders have indicated opposition to any steps toward legalization of marijuana, state Rep. Jeremy Faison said he hopes they will make an exception for military veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.
  6. US TN: PUB LTE: Include Medicinal Marijuana In Legislation
    Knoxville News-Sentinel, 21 Dec 2015 - "Right to Try" legislation has been passed that allows terminal Tennessee patients to access experimental drugs and treatments, provided these medicines or procedures have made it through the first phase of Food and Drug Administration trials. House Bill 143 will grant Tennessee doctors the ability to prescribe to terminally ill patients drugs that haven't yet been fully vetted by the FDA, as long as they've passed phase 1 testing for safety.
  7. US TN: LTE: Medical Marijuana Truth
    The Tennessean, 05 Dec 2015 - Re: "Tenn. Should Embrace Legalized Weed," by Cecily Friday, Shamim, Nov. 30. Ms. Shamim's positions on this issue are expected. As a physician, I am fully aware of the benefits and harms of marijuana.
  8. US TN: LTE: What Doesn't Kill You
    The Tennessean, 05 Dec 2015 - Here we go. No more beef or pork. Goodbye, cows and hogs. Guns are the reason for all the violence. Goodbye, guns.
  9. US TN: PUB LTE: Ramsey Wrong On Pot
    The Tennessean, 05 Dec 2015 - Re: "Haslam: Medical marijuana unlikely to pass soon," Dec. 1. Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey believes "even the states that have done that (legalized marijuana) are having second thoughts." That's not the case.