NORML Membership Survey

NORML is seeking guidance regarding how we can more effectively serve our constituents. By completing the following survey, you will help us better understand how we can more effectively represent your interests in our lobbying and educational efforts. The information collected in this survey is kept confidential and will only be used for NORML’s internal organizational purposes to better improve our programming. Under no circumstances will your information be given, sold, or disclosed to any other individual or organization.

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2020 Survey - One pager

General Information

How would you describe yourself?
Place of Residence
Annual Household Income
Political Affiliation

Personal Cannabis Use

How often do you typically consume cannabis?
If you do presently consume cannabis, how do you define your use?
If you do not presently consume cannabis, have you ever?
Do you presently reside in a state where:
What position on marijuana legalization do you most closely align with?


Do you hold a favorable view of NORML and its advocacy efforts?
What activity do you believe NORML most effectively engages in?
Did you get your 2020 NORML Member Card?
Have you ordered your 2021 NORML Member Card?
How have you supported NORML?
Are you involved with a local NORML chapter?
If you are not involved with a local chapter, which explanation best describes why you are not involved?
Have you ever attended a NORML conference, either in person or virtually?
How important is it to you that NORML hold an annual conference, recognizing that in the immediate future they may not be in person?
Did you attend the virtual 2020 NORML Conference
Have you ever attended a NORML Lobby Day in Washington, DC?
How important is it to you that NORML continue to hold a Lobby Day in Washington, DC (at a time when in person events are once again permitted)?
NORML identifies itself as the marijuana consumers' interest lobby. Do you believe NORML adequately represents the interests of the consumer?
Should NORML invest some of its limited resources in calling out "bad actors" in the emerging marijuana industry?

Online Engagement

How often do you visit the NORML website?
How often do you visit to find updates on pending legislation?
What type of information are you generally seeking when you visit the NORML website? Check all that apply.
Please select all devices that you use to visit the NORML website
Please select all social media platforms you use more than once per week
Please select the social media platforms on which you follow NORML
How often do you visit NORML on social media?
Do you believe that NORML’s social media should feature more content or less content?

2020 Election

Did you vote in a 2020 presidential primary?
If yes and if you are comfortable sharing, for whom did you vote in the primary?
Did you vote in the 2020 general election?
If yes and if you are comfortable sharing, for whom did you vote in the presidential general election?
Did you use any of NORML’s election tools to register to vote or confirm your registration?
Did you use NORML’s Smoke the Vote Scorecard to look up candidates positions on marijuana law reform this election?
Did you use NORML’s Election Central to find information regarding voting procedures or candidate stances during the election?
Did you recommend either NORML’s Election Central or Smoke the Vote tools to a friend or colleague?
Did you live in a state that had a marijuana legalization ballot initiative this year?
Was marijuana policy a key consideration in who you voted for in the Presidential, Senate, or House races?

The MORE Act

Did you see the historic news regarding the House of Representatives passing the MORE Act this December?
Did you get information regarding the MORE Act vote, how to help advocate for it, and the final vote results directly from NORML? [select all that apply]
NORML was one of the primary organizations advancing the MORE Act, which repeals the federal prohibition of marijuana. How much do you believe we should prioritize the advancement of similar legislation next year?
Did you use NORML’s action alert to send a message to your federal lawmakers in support of the MORE Act

Support NORML

Are you willing to continue to support our work going forward?