cannabis researcher with plant and bottle of oil

New Federal Bill Appropriates Millions Toward University-Sponsored Cannabis Research

“This bill will facilitate trusted university partners to engage in the kinds of research that will best equip state and federal lawmakers and regulators to develop effective cannabis policies based on public health and safety, will allow consumers to make more informed choices, and will help train the next generation of cannabis researchers.”

Marijuana Expungement

Missouri: Courts Expunge Over 40,000 Cannabis-Related Convictions Ahead of Legal Deadline, But Some Counties Remain Non-Compliant

“It is clear that many counties have made no serious effort to comply with the requirements of the Missouri Constitution,” Missouri NORML Coordinator Dan Viets said. “It should not be necessary to seek a court order in order to force our courts to comply with the Missouri Constitution, but if that is what is required, we may pursue that option.”