2005 Conference

Get Up Stand Up! 2005 NORML Conference
Get Up, Stand Up!
Stand Up For Your Rights!

San Francisco, CA
March 31 - April 2, 2005

Where do freedom-loving citizens like YOU gather annually?
Answer: The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Law's annual conference!

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Rick Steves' 2005 Speech

The 2005 National NORML Conference was held in America's most hemp-friendly city: San Francisco, California

Where: Cathedral Hill Hotel

The special guests, very important smokers, and supporters of decriminalization included:

According to NORML's new executive director Allen St. Pierre, "This year's conference marks NORML's return to the Bay area, which was host to NORML's highly successful 2002 and 2003 annual gatherings, and will offer attendees a unique opportunity to network with other marijuana law reformers."

"This year's [conference] in one of the most 'NORML-friendly' cities in America sounds like a prescription to me for fun and education. If a person is serious about changing America's misguided cannabis laws, the annual NORML conference is the gathering place for medical cannabis patients, cannabis consumers and concerned citizens."

If you didn't make it to the NORML Conference this year, you can still be a part of the action with an original NORML Conference t-shirt, available at: