At this year's conference much emphasis was placed on the upcoming legalization initiatives. Former NORML Board Member and writer for The Stranger, Dominic Holden delivered an impassioned speech.

NORML's annual conference is the premiere gathering in America of cannabis law reform activists and organizations working for public policy alternatives to the country's failed Cannabis Prohibition laws. This election year, voters in as many as four states will have the opportunity to vote in the affirmative on legalization initiatives. Additionally, numerous states have passed cannabis law reform measures, placing much needed pressure on the federal government to follow suit.

NORML's annual conferences are always informative, community building and fun!

This year's conference featured former CA Assemblyman and peace activist Tom Hayden speaking on Thursday morning. Best-selling travel author and TV host Rick Steves and NORML Founder Keith Stroup addressed attendees at Friday's Keynote luncheon, "Observations on the Final Days of Prohibition".

Conference Roundtable Panel Topics Include: (Full schedule is listed below.)

  • Seventy-five Years of Cannabis Prohibition in America
  • Broken Promises: Obama Administration and Federal Blowback Against Medical Cannabis Industry
  • Pot-n-Politics 2012: Review of Reform Initiatives Impacting Cannabis Consumers
  • Whatever Happened to Hemp?