2007 Agenda

Friday, June 8, 2007
Friday Night Opening Reception at the Gant
Saturday, June 9, 2007
Moderator: Warren Edson, Denver, CO
Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director, Washington, DC
Sheriff Bob Braudis, Aspen, CO

Drug Courts: Therapeutic Justice in the Adversarial System
Hal Haddon, Denver, CO

10:10-11:00Fighting the Government in "Terrorist" Times – Lessons Learned From the Front Lines
Joseph Low, Newport Beach, CA
11:00-11:15Morning Break
11:15-12:05Forfeiture Actions in Drug Cases
Richard Troberman, Seattle, WA
12:05-12:55Defending A Basic Marijuana Case
Jeffrey Steinborn, Seattle, WA

Why Pot Is still Illegal and Why Dave Is Still Not Here
Tommy Chong, Special Luncheon Speaker

2:10-3:00Defending DUI and DUID Cases
Abe Hutt, Denver, CO
3:00-4:00Ethics (including how to collect a fee and keep it)
Marvin Miller, Alexandria, VA
Alan Silber, Roseland, New Jersey
4:00-4:15Afternoon Break
4:15-5:05Speaking Truth to Power: The Essential Role of the Criminal Defense Attorney
Billy Murphy, Baltimore, MD
5:05-7:30Free Time
7:30-Mid.NORML Benefit Party at the home of Gerry and Chris Goldstein
Sunday, June 10, 2007
Lauren R. Maytin, Aspen, CO
9:00-9:50Significant New Search and Seizure Decisions
Gerry Goldstein, San Antonio, TX
9:50-10:40Representing the Foreign National client--an Overview of consular issues, immigration, extradition, & foreign evidence issues.
Linda Freidman Ramirez, St. Petersburg, FL
10:40-10:55Morning Break
10:55-11:45Perfecting Your Legal Research on the Internet; Legal Blogging
Jeralyn E. Merritt, Denver, CO
11:45-12:35The Need To Legalize All Drugs
Norm Stamper, Former Chief of Police, Seattle, WA
12:35-1:25Surviving A Federal Prosecution
Tony Serra, San Francisco, CA
2:00-6:00An Afternoon Cookout at Owl Farm, the Legendary Home of Hunter S. Thompson
Woody Creek, CO