2015 Agenda

Thursday, May 28

8:00 Continental Breakfast and Registration
9:00 Welcome and Political Update
9:45 Regulatory Issues in Colorado
10:35 Asset Forfeiture: FEAR and Loathing in CO
11:25 Morning Break
11:40 Under the Influence? Pot and Psychomotor Performance: An Update
12:30 Combining Criminal and Civil Practice Skills - Helping People/Protecting Rights
1:20 Free Time
5:30-7:30 Opening Reception, The Gant

Friday, May 29

8:00 Continental Breakfast and Registration
9:00 Marijuana Mediation
9:50 New issues, New evidence, New Tactics--For the Defense of Drug Cases
10:40 Morning Break
10:55 Never Give Up, Never Surrender - Anatomy of a Forfeiture Case and How to Get Paid!
11:45 What You Need to Know About Super Secret Government Surveillance and How to Find Out
12:35 Sentencing/Pardon/Commute Update
1:25 Free Time
6:00-10:00 NORML Benefit Dinner at the Home of Christine and Gerry Goldstein

Saturday, May 30

8:00 Continental Breakfast
9:00 How the Ethics of Setting and Collecting Fees Can Help You Land the Client
10:00 Regulated Cannabis in Washington State: an Overview of Current Rules, Marketplace Politics and Effects, and Efforts to Resolve Medical and Adult Use Cannabis
10:50 Morning Break
11:05 Getting High With Someone Who Dies: Defending Drug Users Charged With Complicity and Enhanced Penalties in Drug Overdose Cases
11:55 Latest Important Federal Court Decisions
12:45-1:45 Ethical Obligations During the Plea Bargaining Phase
2:00-6:00 Cookout with Live Music at Owl Farm, as the guest of Anita Thompson