2004 Conference Agenda


2004 NORML Conference and Congressional Lobby Day

We’re Here. We Smoke.
We Vote.

April 22-24, 2004
The Hamilton Crowne Plaza Hotel
Washington, DC

Wednesday, April 21
6:00 - 9:00pmEarly Conference Registration and Happy Hour
Thursday, April 22
Congressional Lobby Day
8:00-9:00amConference Registration
9:00-10:30amLobbyist Training from the Pros

Lobby on Capitol Hill


Citizen Lobbyists Regroup, Report and Debrief

7:30–10:30pmBenefit showing of Ron Mann’s latest documentary, Go Further, starring Woody Harrelson and friends. ($25 per person)
Friday, April 23
Second Day of the Conference
8:00-9:00amConference Registration
9:00-9:20amWelcome - Stephen Dillon, Esq. Chair, NORML Board of Directors
9:20-9:40amState of the Organization/State of the Movement
Keith Stroup, Esq. NORML Executive Director
9:40-11:00am“Report on the Congressional Lobby Day”
Chair: Keith Stroup, NORML
Panelists: Steve Fox, Marijuana Policy Project; Kris Krane, NORML; Bill Piper, Drug Policy Alliance; Ross Wilson, Students for Sensible Drug Policy; Caren Woodson, Drug Policy Alliance
11:15-1:00pm“The Year Ahead: Think Globally; Act Locally”
Chair: Dominic Holden, Sensible Seattle Coalition; WA NORML
Panelists: Leland Beatty, Alaskans for Rights and Revenue; Tim Beck, Detroit Coalition for Compassionate Care; Leland Berger, Esq., Oregon Voter Power; Ricky Bradford, Tallahasseans for Practical law Enforcement; Steve Epstein, Esq. MassCann/NORML; Dale Gieringer, Ph.D., CA NORML; Rob Kampia, Marijuana Policy Project (MPP); Clare Lewis, Oakland Civil Liberties Alliance.
1:00-1:45pmLunch Break (lunch on your own)
1:45-2:15pm“Government Assaults on Safety-Oriented Parents of Teenagers”
Marsha Rosenbaum, Ph.D. Drug Policy Alliance
2:15-3:45pm“Patients’ Panel: The Struggle Continues”
Chair: Angel McClary Raich, plaintiff, Raich et al. V. Ashcroft
Panelists: Beckie Nikkel, California MS patient; Doug McVay, Drug War Facts, cancer survivor; Irv Rosenfeld, federally approved for medical use; Erin Hildebrandt, Parents Ending Prohibition.


4:00-5:15pm“Don’t Become Another Statistic: How Not To Get Busted”
Chair: Norman Elliot Kent, Esq., NORML Board of Directors
Panelists: Debbie Goldsberry, Cannabis Action Network; Steve Silverman, Flex Your Rights
5:15-6:15pmHigh Times 30th Anniversary Panel: Changes at High Times and the Launch of High Times’ Grow America
Chair: Steve Bloom, editor-in-chief, HT Grow America
Panelists: Richard Stratton, publisher, High Times; John Buffalo Mailer, executive editor, High Times; Annie Nocenti, editor-at-large, High Times
7:00-10:00pmNORML/High Times Reception
Light food and drinks; marijuana memorabilia and artwork benefit auction; annual NORML awards presentation
Saturday, April 24
Third Day of Conference
9:00-10:00amRegistration Desk Open
10:00-11:30am“Where Do We Go From Here: Strategy for the Next Five Years”
Chair: Ethan Nadelmann, Ph.D., Drug Policy Alliance
Panelists: Ann Druyan, Cosmos Studios, Inc., NORML Board of Directors; Phil Harvey, DKT Liberty Project, author, Government Creep: What the Government Is Doing That You Don’t Know About; Christopher Mulligan, NORML Board of Directors; Clifford W. Thornton, Efficacy, NORML Board of Directors

Lunch and Video Presentation
Guest Speaker: Eric Schlosser, regular contributor to Atlantic Monthly, best selling author (Fast Food Nation and Reefer Madness) “More Reefer Madness”

1:00-1:40pm“Constitutional Challenges to the Federal Controlled Substances Act”
Prof. Randy Barnett, Boston U. Law School; counsel, Raich et al. V. Ashcroft; author, Restoring the Lost Constitution; The Presumption of Liberty.
1:40-3:10pm“The Federal Assault On Marijuana Smokers”
Chair: Dale Gieringer, Ph.D., CA NORML, NORML Board of Directors
Panelists: Paul Armentano, NORML; Valerie Corral, WAMM; Kristopher J. Hammond, Esq., NORML Legal Committee; Bill Panzer, Esq., NORML Legal Committee; Allen St. Pierre, NORML Foundation Executive Director
3:25-5:00pm“Marijuana and Your Health: What You Need To Know That the Government Won’t Tell You”
Chair: Paul Armentano, NORML
Panelists: Philippe Lucas, Vancouver Island Compassionate Society; Melanie Dreher, Ph.D, R.N., FAAN, University of Iowa College of Nursing; Mary Lynn Mathre, RN, Patients Out of Time; John P. Morgan, M.D., CUNY Medical School

“Conference Wrap-Up: Silver Bullets and Effective Advocacy”
Allen St. Pierre, NORML Foundation Executive Director


Saturday Night Benefit Party
At the Madam’s Organ club in Adams Morgan; $50 per person.