Conference Info
Tommy Chong, Keynote Speaker, Friday 1:00
Conference Gear

April 20-22, 2006
Holiday Inn Golden Gateway
1500 Van Ness Ave. San Francisco


Tommy Chong
- Veteran actor/ comedian
Steve Dillon - Chair, NORML Board of Directors
Allen St. Pierre - Executive Director, Member, Board of Directors NORML/NORML Foundation, Washington, DC
San Francisco Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi
Dominic Holden - Member, NORML Board of Directors
Nick Licata - President, Seattle City Council

Roger Goodman, Esq. - Director, Drug Policy Project of the King County Bar Association
Vivian McPeak - Seattle Hempfest, WA NORML
Alison Holcomb, Esq. - Defense attorney, Sensible Seattle
Allen Hopper, Esq. - ACLU-Drug Litigation Reform Project
Martin Martinez - Director, Lifevine, WA
David Nott - President, Reason Foundation, Los Angeles, CA
Ed Rosenthal - Author, Publisher, Oakland, CA

Chris Conrad - Author, Activist, Cultivation Expert
Doug McVay - Drug Facts, Common Sense for Drug Policy
Marsha Rosenbaum, Ph.D - Drug Policy Alliance (West)
Mikki Norris - OCLA/Measure Z
Steve Fox - Director, SAFER
Mark Barrad - Maui Co. Citizens For Democ. In Action

Bruce Mirken - Director of Communication, MPP
Chris Goldstein - NORML Podcast, Active Radio
Steve Heath - Drug Sense/MAPinc
Dmitry Shapiro - CEO,
Chris Conrad - Author, Activist, Cultivation Expert
Ed Rosenthal - Author, Publisher, Cultivation Expert, Oakland

Mike Corral - WAMM Master Cultivator, Activist, Santa Cruz
Karen Malovrh - Outreach Director/Chapter Coordinator, NORML
Tim Beck - MI NORML
Lauren Vasquez - NORML UCSB
Norma Sapp - OK NORML
Cher Neufer - OH NORML
Madeline Martinez - Oregon NORML Executive Director

Gary Storck - WI NORML
Ethan Nadelmann, Ph.D - Director, Drug Policy Alliance, NY
Amanda Penick - University of California/Berkeley
Josh Gilbert -‘A/K/A Tommy Chong
Richard Lee - Oakland Civil Liberties Association
Martin Martinez - Director, Lifevine, WA

Joen Madonna - University of California/Berkeley
Don Duncan - Americans For Safe Access
Tony Serra, Esq. - Activist-Abagado, Pier 5 Law Firm, SF
Frank Lucido, MD - Member, NORML Advisory Board
David Bearman, MD

Tod Mikuriya, MD
Mollie Fry, MD
William Panzer, Esq. - NORML Legal Committee
Kris Hermes - Americans for Safe Access
Robert Malemeade, Ph.D - Colorado State

Sunil Aggarawal - University of Washington
Steven Karch, MD - Editor, Forensic Drug Abuse Advisor
Don Wirtshafter, Esq.
Jack Herer - Activist, Author, The Emperor Wears No Clothes
Tom Ballanco, Esq.
Norman Stamper - Former Chief of Seattle Police, NORML Advisory Board Member, LEAP

William Murphy, Esq. - NORML Legal Committee, MD
Dale Gieringer, Ph.D - Director, CA NORML
Michael Aldrich, Ph.D
Jerry Mandel
Michael Krawitz
James Woodford, Ph.D - Web of Technology, Memphis

Jenny Kern - Drug Policy Alliance
Philippe Lucas - Vancouver Island Compassion Society
Tom O’Connell, MD
Richard Cowan - Member, Board of Directors, NORML Foundation
Sebastian Seville - UK and Europe
R. Keith Stroup, Esq. - NORML Founder, Of Counsel