2013 Agenda

Thursday, December 5

8:00 Continental Breakfast and Registration
9:00 Self-Introduction of Attendees
9:20 Welcome
  • Norm Kent, NORML Board Chair, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
9:40 Latest Important Court Decisions
10:30 Jury Nullification
11:20 Morning Break
11:40 Recreational marijuana licensing, Cannabis civil litigation, Banking, Taxation, and Intellectual property
12:30 Cross-Examination of a Police Officer
1:20 Free Time
5:30-7:30 Opening Reception
Pier House Resort

Friday, December 6

8:00 Continental Breakfast and Registration
9:00 Motions for a New Trial: "Mulligan Please"
9:50 Using the Patriot Act to Help Your Clients
10:40 Morning Break
11:00 Exercising your Constitutional Right to Trial: The Trial Penalty
11:50 The Ethical Implications of Brady
6:00-8:00 High Times Party for NLC Attorneys

Saturday, December 7

8:00 Continental Breakfast
9:00 Search and Seizure
9:50 Up In Smoke: The Implications of Marijuana Use on Child Custody and Child Welfare Cases
10:40 Morning Break
11:00 Using Brady as a Sword & a Shield; Getting the Goods on the Government
11:50 Up in Smoke - Clearing the Air on Some of Today's Button Legal Issues: International Extradition; OFAC and How to Get Clients Removed from the OFAC List; Recent U.S. Supreme Court K-9 Decisions and Jeff's Presentation of Being A Lawyer to be Reckoned With®
12:40 Free Time
6:00-10:00 NORML Benefit Dinner

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