2014 Agenda

Thursday, December 4

8:00 Continental Breakfast and Registration
9:00 Self-Introduction of Attendees
9:15 Welcome and NORML Update
9:45 Latest Supreme Court Decisions
10:35 The Science Is On Your Side: What You Need To Know About Cannabis and Psychomotor Performance
11:25 Morning Break
11:40 Immigration Consequences of Marijuana Convictions
12:30 Other Consequences of Drug Convictions
1:20 Free Time
5:30-7:30 Opening Reception
  • Pier House Resort and Caribbean Spa
  • First hour hosted by Freedom Leaf

Friday, December 5

8:00 Continental Breakfast and Registration
9:00 Legal Implication for Attorneys If Amendment 2 Passes; and If It Fails
9:50 Preparing for Sentencing
10:40 Morning Break
10:55 Marijuana Businesses and Intellectual Property
11:45 How to Practice Criminal Law and Avoid Becoming a Defendant
12:35 Free Time
6:30 Dinner On Your Own
  • Group Space Reserved at Blue Heaven Restaurant

Saturday, December 6

8:00 Continental Breakfast and Registration
9:00 Creative Trial Techniques: Motions to Suppress and Their Multiple Uses
9:50 Medical Marijuana in Federal Court: Live Constitutional Issues, Suppression, Jury Nullification, Motions in Limine, Handling Judges, and What To Do With Court Support
10:40 Morning Break
11:00 Challenging Interstate Highway Stops
11:50 Constitutional Law for Criminal Trial Lawyers
12:40 Ethical Obligations During the Plea Bargaining Phase
1:40 Free Time
6:00-10:00 NORML Benefit Dinner with a Reception hosted by Freedom Leaf


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