Presenter Papers

December 1-3, 2005
Key West, FL

Speaker materials from the seminar in PDF format

Thursday, December 1

Recent Decisions of Importance
Gerald H. Goldstein, Esq., San Antonio, TX

Raich v. Gonzalez: Plaintiff's Motion to Consolidate Proceedings
David Michael, Esq., San Francisco, CA

Medical Necessity Defense in Cannabis Prosecutions
Lee Berger, Esq., Portland, OR

You Are Going Directly To Jail DUID Legislation: What It Means, Who's Behind It, and Strategies to Prevent It
State DUID Laws
DUID Legislation (Powerpoint presentation)
Paul Armentano, NORML Senior Policy Analyst

Drug Detection Evaluation: Case Studies
Richard Hersch, Esq., Coconut Grove, FL

Cross Examination of Police Expert in Cannabis Cultivation and Possession for Sale Cases
William Panzer, Esq., Oakland, CA

Some questions to ask expert at a Williamson/ Prelim/ Trial
Chris Conrad, Oakland, CA

Friday, December 2
Defenses in Drug Dog Detection Cases (part 1)
Defenses in Drug Dog Detection Cases (part 2)
Jeffrey Steinborn, Esq., Seattle, WA
F. Hunter MacDonald, Esq., Seattle, WA

Pot, Dogs, and the Constitution
James Woodford, Ph.D., Chattanooga, TN

Challenging Racial Profiles: Attacking Jim Crow on the Interstate
William H. Buckman, Esq., Moorestown, NJ

Ethical Consideration in the Defense of Criminal Cases
Marvin Miller, Esq., Alexandria, VA;
Alan Silber, Esq., Roseland, NJ

Protecting a Client's Right to Counsel in the Face of Seizure of Funds
Third Party Payment Addendum to Retainer Agreement
Joint Defense Agreements In The Corporate Context: No Guarantees By Lisa A. Mathewson
Information Sharing Agreement Document
Information Sharing In The 21st Century - Effective And Essential Strategy Or A Dangerous Indulgence? By Barry Tarlow
Alan Silber, Esq., Roseland, NJ

Cross Examing the Informant
Kent Schaffer, Esq., Houston, TX

Saturday, December 3

Mejor un Pendejo que Dos (Don't Let Your Adversary Establish Your Level of Professionalism)
Charlie Daniels, Esq., Albuquerque, NM

Trial Evidence: Making and Meeting Objections
Edward Mallett, Esq., Houston, TX

Seeing is Believing: Visualizing Your Defense for the People of the Screen
Randi McGinn, Esq., Albuquerque, NM

Zen of Criminal Defense Lawyering/Back to Basics (Powerpoint presentation)
John Wesley Hall,  Little Rock, AR



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