2018 Enacted Legislation

Alaska: Senate Bill 6
Summary: SB 6 establishes an agricultural pilot program to permit the cultivation, production, and sale of industrial hemp by registered providers.

Arizona: Senate Bill 1098
Summary: SB 1098 establishes an industrial hemp agricultural pilot program designed to research the "growth, cultivation, and marketing of industrial hemp" by licensed providers.

California: Assembly Bill 1793
Summary: AB 1793 allows for the automatic expungement or reduction of a prior cannabis conviction for an act that is no longer a crime as of January 1, 2017, or for a crime that as of that date is subject to a lesser sentence.

Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands: House Bill 20-178
Summary: HB 20-178 legalizes the personal use and cultivation of small amounts of marijuana for adults age 21 or older, and establishes a licensing scheme for its commercial production and retail sale.

Delaware: Senate Bill 374
Summary: SB 374 expands the pool of patients eligible for medical cannabis by permitting physicians to authorize cannabis therapy to those suffering from: chronic debilitating migraines, pediatric autism spectrum disorder, and pediatric sensory processing disorder.

Delaware: Senate Bill 197
Summary: SB 197 permits those convicted of past marijuana possession crimes to seek expungement. It allows individuals to file a petition with the court requesting the expungement of any past marijuana possession violations that are no longer defined as as crimes under state law.

Georgia: House Bill 65
Summary: HB 65 expands the pool of patients eligible to receive an authorization for CBD therapy to include those with post traumatic stress disorder and intractable pain. The bill also creates a study commission to review and make policy recommendations with regard to whether the state should provide in-state production and distribution of CBD products.

Hawaii: House Bill 2729
Summary: HB 2729 allows for out-of-state medical marijuana cardholders to access cannabis while visiting Hawaii. It also prohibits employers from either discriminating against or taking punitive actions against employees solely based on their medical cannabis use or patient status.

Illinois: House Bill 4870
Summary: HB 4870, aka Ashley's Law, authorizes the administration of a "medical marijuana infused product" by a designated caregiver to qualified student patients on school grounds, as long as doing so does not inadvertently cause exposure to the rest of the student body.

Illinois: Senate Bill 2298
Summary: SB 2298 provides for the ability for individuals to cultivate hemp with a state license even if they are not part of the state's Agriculture Department pilot program.

Illinois: Senate Bill 336
Summary: SB 336 permits physicians to recommend cannabis therapy as an alternative to opioid treatment.

Indiana: Senate Bill 52
Summary: SB 52 legalizes the possession, use, manufacture, and retail sale of cannabidiol products (containing CBD and no more than 0.3 percent THC). Under the new law, Indiana citizens no longer need to be part of a patient registry or to be diagnosed with a qualifying condition in order to legally possess or purchase CBD products. The measure also provides protections so that employers may not discriminate against anyone using CBD in compliance with the law.

Kansas: Senate Bill 263
Summary: SB 263 establishes a state-licensed industrial hemp research program.

Kansas: Senate Bill 282
Summary: SB 282 allows for the possession and retail sale of cannabidiol (CBD) products containing zero percent THC. Under the new law, Kansas citizens do not need to be a part of a patient registry or be diagnosed with a certain qualifying condition in order to legally possess or purchase CBD products.

Louisiana: House Bill 579
Summary: HB 579 expands the pool of patients eligible for medical cannabis by permitting physicians to authorize cannabis therapy to those suffering from chronic pain, post traumatic stress disorder, severe muscle spasms or glaucoma.

Maine: Legislative Document 1539
Summary: LD 1539 allows physicians, at their sole discretion, to recommend cannabis therapy to any patient for whom they think it would benefit, thereby eliminating any state-mandated qualifying conditions list. It also increases the total number of licensed dispensaries operating in the state from eight to 14. Under the new law, caregivers may manage more than five patients at one time.

Maine:  Legislative Document 1719
Summary: LD 1719 amends a key provision of the state's voter-initiated adult use marijuana law to decrease the number of plants allowed to be cultivated in the home, ban any social use establishments, and significantly increases the proposed excise tax on wholesale marijuana products.

Maryland: House Bill 698
Summary: HB 698 expands the state's industrial hemp pilot program by "authorizing and facilitating the research of industrial hemp and any aspect of growing, cultivating, harvesting, processing, manufacturing, transporting, marketing, or selling industrial hemp for agricultural, industrial, or commercial purposes."

Massachusetts: Senate Bill 2371
Summary: SB 2371 allows those who were convicted of certain prior marijuana offenses to petition the courts to have their records expunged. The measure states, "[A] court may order the expungement of a record created as a result of a criminal court appearance ... if the court determines based on clear and convincing evidence that the record was created as a result of ... an offense at the time of the creation of the record which at the time of expungement is no longer a crime."

Missouri: House Bill 2304
Summary: HB 2304 permits the Department of Agriculture to issue a registration or permit to growers and handlers of agricultural and industrial hemp. It also creates an industrial hemp agricultural pilot program to be implemented by the Department of Agriculture to study the growth, cultivation, and marketing of industrial hemp.

New Hampshire: Senate Bill 388
Summary: SB 388 expands the state's medical cannabis program by authorizing the Department of Health and Human Services to establish a second dispensary location in the geographic area that includes Carroll, Coos, and Grafton counties for therapeutic cannabis. Currently there are only four licensed dispensaries operating across the state to serve an estimated 3,500 patients.

New York: S. 8987A
Summary: S. 8987A permits physicians to recommend cannabis therapy to those struggling with opioid abuse or dependence.

Oklahoma: House Bill 2913
Summary: HB 2913 allows universities to cultivate hemp for research and development purposes.

Pennsylvania: House Bill 163
Summary: HB 163 amends traffic safety laws so that those convicted of drug-related offenses unrelated to driving are no longer subject to a revocation of their license.

Pennsylvania: House Bill 2477
Summary: HB 2477 amends state law to facilitate state-sponsored medical cannabis research. The measure states: "It is the intention of the General Assembly to create a mechanism whereby this Commonwealth's medical schools and hospitals may provide advice to grower/processors and dispensaries in the areas of patient health and safety, medical applications and dispensing and management of controlled substances, among other areas. It is the further intention of the General Assembly to create a mechanism whereby the Commonwealth may encourage research associated with medical marijuana."

Rhode Island: House Bill 8355/S. 2447
Summary: HB 8355 permits those with past convictions for crimes involving the possession of less than one ounce of cannabis to petition the court to seek an order of expungement. It states, "[W]here the court has determined that all conditions of the original criminal sentence have been completed, … the court [will] order the expungement without cost to the petitioner."

Utah: House Bill 197
Summary: HB 197 mandates the Department of Agriculture to engage in the cultivation, processing, and distribution of marijuana for the purposes of engaging in academic or medical research.

Utah: House Bill 3001
Summary: HB 3001 provides for the cultivation, processing, medical recommendation, and patient use of medical cannabis.

Vermont: H. 511
Summary: H. 511 legalizes the personal possession and home cultivation of limited amounts of marijuana.

Virginia: House Bill 1251
Summary: HB 1251 expands the state's limited medical cannabidiol law by permitting doctors to recommend CBD and THC-A oils to any patient they believe would benefit.