2019 Tabled / Defeated Legislation

Georgia: Senate Bill 10
Summary: SB10 would have removed jail time for possession of marijuana weighing under one-half ounce and reduced penalties for possession of marijuana weighing under two ounces.

Hawaii: House Bill 37
Summary: HB37 would have allowed the use of medical cannabis to treat opioid use, substance use, and withdrawal symptoms.

Michigan: Senate Bill 1243
Summary: SB1243 would have removed provisions from the voter-initiated Proposition 1 that allowed adults to cultivate up to 12 marijuana plants on their private premises.

Mississippi: House Bill 1435
Summary: HB1435 would have allowed first-time offenders convicted of minor marijuana offenses to have their records automatically expunged once their sentences were completed.

Mississippi: House Bill 625
Summary: HB625 would have established an industrial hemp pilot program to comply with the new federal hemp regulations.

Mississippi: House Bill 1371 and Senate Bill 2643
Summary: HB1371/SB2643 would have allowed the use of medical marijuana for qualifying patients.

North Dakota: Senate Bill 2134
Summary: SB2134 would have allowed qualifying medical marijuana patients to cultivate marijuana for personal, therapeutic purposes on a private premises.

New Mexico: House Bill 317
Summary: HB317 would have imposed criminal penalties on individuals who drove with certain detectable levels of THC regardless of whether or not they are behaviorally impaired.

Virginia: Senate Bill 997 and House Bill 2079
Summary: SB997 and HB2079 would have removed criminal penalties for the possession of marijuana and instituted fines starting at $50.