Everything you need to start a NORML chapter.

Chapter Starter Packet and Guidelines

This document provides the necessary information and resources to help you get your chapter off and running.

Draft Bylaws

Each state requires nonprofit organizations to provide bylaws as a part of the application process. To assist with this step, we've prepared a template that meets the requirements for incorporating nonprofit organizations.

Banking Letter

Due to regulatory confusion NORML chapters are sometimes denied basic services such as access to a bank account. To address this issue, NORML’s legal counsel prepared a letter that will help local organizations in securing access to banking services.

Tips for Chapter Fundraising

This guide will help prioritize the various elements of your plan and allow you to manage fundraising goals.

NORML Code of Conduct

This voluntary code of conduct sets specific standards for both associate and dues paying members.

Help Us Help You

A great repository of resources on how chapters can best work with National NORML staff and our partners.