Parenting & Pregnancy

From how to speak to your child about pot, to soccer moms who smoke pot, to moms fighting for medical marijuana, this is one of the largest collections of information for pot, parenting and legal issues, on the web. These articles and reports are a great resource for parents. This section will also help parents to understand why legalization is the best policy for our children.

One of the most controversial and unexplored issues surrounding women and marijuana is its use by pregnant women and the effects on the unborn child. Paul Armentano says it best in his report Breath, Push, Puff? Pot Use and Pregnancy: A Review of the Literature.

"Few issues concerning cannabis and health evoke more disparate opinions than the question of maternal pot use during pregnancy. It's easy to see why. Logic presumes that if pre-natal exposure to intoxicants such as alcohol and tobacco poses proven health risks to the fetus, then exposure to pot woud likely pose similar risks to a child's health and development. Nevertheless, much of the science surrounding this issue says otherwise - though a definitive answer remains elusive."

Principles of Responsible Cannabis Use

Here you will find the standards and definition of "responsible cannabis use," as adopted by the NORML Board of Directors in 1996.