Radio Ads

Willie NelsonOur old friend Willie Nelson, America's most beloved marijuana smoker, has recorded a number of NORML public service announcements (PSA). We have been sending these spots as PSAs to many radio stations across the country with the request that they schedule them for free airtime. The announcements call for an end to the arrest of responsible marijuana smokers and direct listeners to our web site and to our toll-free number.

If you can help us get these Willie Nelson/NORML PSAs played on radio stations in your area, let us know. It's an exciting opportunity to get the truth out about the need to end marijuana prohibition and to counter the anti-marijuana propaganda campaign sponsored by the Drug Czar's office.

If your local radio stations refuse to play the Willie Nelson/NORML spots as free public service ads, you might consider raising the money to buy some airtime. Thirty-second radio spots can cost as little as $5.00 each, depending on the size of the market.