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ab-bee "normal"
Contact: Jan Stevenson
5355 Main St.
Bay City, OR 97107
Phone: 503-377-2643
Fax: 503-377-4270
E-Mail: abbee@oregoncoast.com
A quality hemp store with products ranging from lotions and creams to sandals and socks, candy, and clothing.


Boulder Hemp Company Inc./Heavenly Hemp Foods/One Brown

Contact: Kathleen Chippi, Vice President
P.O. Box 1794
Nederland, CO 80466
Phone: 303-938-0195
Phone Orders: 888-eat-hemp
Fax: 303-443-1869
E-mail: bhc@hempfoods.com
Hemp food manufacturer and wholesaler.


Cascade Hemp Supply, Inc
Cannabis Superstore

8700 NE Vancouver Mall Dr #216
Vancouver, WA 98662
Phone: 360-883-2587
Fax: 360-883-0513
Featuring a full line of hemp products.

Chi Hemp Industries Incorporated (DBA CHII)
Contact: E.R. Hughes, President
P.O. Box 5982
Victoria, BC V8R 6S8
Phone: 250-920-7333
Fax: 250-474-9188
E-mail: sales@chii.ca
Web Site: www.chii.ca
CHII wholesales organic hemp seed oil, seed, cake and flour. We also have a Canadian made hemp t-shirt in four styles. If you need seed, we can help, from one pound to 25 tons, call us for pricing.

Chic Eco
Contact: Delia Montgomery, Environmental Fashion Consultant
322 Grosvenor Ave
Lexington, KY 40508
cell phone: 859-619-2704
Toll Free Voice Mail: 877-977-9226
E-mail: info@chiceco.com
Web Site: chiceco.com
Marketing, purchasing and business strategy services for wholesalers, retailers and individuals.


EcoFields Inc.
Contact: Patricia O'Brien, President
1708 N. Wells St.
Chicago, IL. 60614
Phone: 312-867-062
E-mail: ecofields@msn.com
Retail hemp and industrial activism.

Contact: Nick Veltre, CFO
Ecofibre Industries Limited
PO Box 426
Ashgrove, Brisbane
Queensland 4060
Phone: +61-7-3366-0889
Fax: +61-421-38-55-31
Web Site: www.ecofibre.com.au

Contact: Torrey Neel
543 South Coast Highway 101
Encinitas, CA 92024
Phone: 760-753-7420
E-mail: environgentle@juno.com
Web Site: www.environgentle.com
Earth-friendly gifts and supplies since 1991.

Emperor of Hemp Video
Contact: Jeff Meyers, Producer
419 San Clemente St.
Ventura, CA 93001
Phone: 805-648-3952
Fax: 805-641-3449
E-mail: jmeyers@emperorofhemp.com
Web Site: www.emperorofhemp.com
A film about one man's mighty struggle against the U.S. government for truth, justice and an amazing plant.


Flagstaff Hemp Company
(The highest hemp shop in the world - 7,000 feet)
Contact: Billy "Kneebone" Gobus, Owner and CEO
111 E. Aspen #4
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
Phone: 520-913-0886
Hemp clothing, paper goods, jewelry and body care products.

Foremother Earth
Contact: Sandie Bjornson, President
1682A Harmon Rd
Harrison, AR 72601
Phone: 870-427-2084
E-mail: foremothers@webtv.net
We manufacture and market hemp jewelry and other hemp products as mobile vendors.


Grass Roots Natural Goods
Contact: Justin Sidwell, Owner
13 S Linn ST, Suite 9 (upstairs)
Iowa City, IW 52240
fax: 319-354-7853
We carry hemp clothing, shoes and footwear, bags and packs, hemp-based bodycare, household products and more. Free shipping on qualifying

Growing Hemp
Contact: Paul Benhaim
PO Box 1069
NSW 2482
Website: www.growinghempforprofit.com
Learn how to grow industrial hemp from the experts, from hemp seed to harvest

Hemp Building
Contact: Paul Benhaim
PO Box 1069
NSW 2482
Website: www.thehempbuilder.com
Building Affordable Homes Sustainably

Hempflax USA
E-mail: hamp@aol.com
Contact: Annette Ellington
Phone: 510-487-1991
Fax: 510-487-8199

Hemp Information & Products
Contact: Paul Benhaim
PO Box 1069
NSW 2482
Website: www.hemp.co.uk
The UK's first and now global hemp information guide with every hemp product shipped globally

Hemp in the Heartland
Contact: Amy Byrne
125 K Street
Old Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 1-888-533-HEMP
E-mail: heartland@directcon.net

Hemp Music
Contact: Paul Benhaim
PO Box 1069
NSW 2482
Website: www.hempmusic.com
Relaxation, meditation, yoga and massage music on cd. Featuring 100% hemp didgeridoo with flute harp and angelic sounds. Printing inserts on hemp paper and produced on a hemp plastic cd tray.

HempNut, Inc.
Contact: Richard Rose, President
E-mail: richard@thehempnut.com
Web Site: www.hempfood.com
Makers of the "HempNut" family of foods since 1994.

Hemp Plastic
Contact: Paul Benhaim
PO Box 1069
NSW 2482
Website: www.hempplastic.com
Injection Mouldable hemp bioplastic - make any regular plastic product from hemp

Hempzel Pretzels
Manufacturer of the original hemp pretzels.

Hemp World, Inc.
E-mail: matthew@hempworld.com
Web Site: www.hempworld.com
HempWorld hotels and store franchise, retailing and wholesaling hemp goods and services around the world.


Lancaster Trading / Hemp Company
P.O. Box 302
Lancaster, PA 17608-0302
Phone: 1-717-354-9315
Orders: 1-800-USE-HEMP
Fax: 1-717-354-2335
E-mail: sales@lancastertradingco.com
Web Site: www.lancastertradingco.com
Natural products, soaps, lip balms and accessories; private labeling available on some products.

Laughing Leaf
PO 7338
Wilton, CT 06897
E-mail: info@laughingleaf.com
Web Site: www.laughingleaf.com
Good quality hemp shirts of different colors and sizes.

Michigan Industrial Hemp Education and Marketing Project
Contact: Everett Swift, Executive Director
17535 County Rd 451
Hillman, MI 49746-9520
Phone: 989-884-1139
Email: eswift@mi-hemp.org

Contact: Paul Pearson, Director of Communication
33006 Seven Mile Rd.
Suite 125
Livonia, MI 48152-1358
Phone: 313-622-3429
Email: paul@michiganhemp.org
Web: michiganhemp.org
Working to expand hemp as a natural resource for industrial and private enterprise. Environmental and farming advocacy.


Natural Hemphasis
Contact: David Marcus, Director
Ontario, Canada
Phone: 416-535-3497
Fax: 416-535-1616
E-mail: info@hemphasis.com
Web Site: www.hemphasis.com
Canadian hemp research and consulting information.

Nomads 1800
Contact: Jennifer Kelton, President/Founder
520 Washington #388
M.D.R., CA 90292
Phone: 310-306-2366
Fax: 310-306-3730
E-mail: hemp@nomads1800.com
High quality hemp products made in U.S.A.

Radiant Hemp
Contact: Marisande Fisher, Owner
P.O. Box 75068
Seattle, WA 98125
Phone: 206-542-8212
E-mail: radianthemp@hemp.net
Web Site: www.hempfiberarts.com
Hand-dyed hemp twines.

Ruth's Hemp Foods
Contact: Ruth Shamai, President
Box 73, Stn. P
Toronto, ON M5S 2S6
Phone: 416-588-4209
Fax: 416-588-4210
E-mail: ruth@ruthsfoods.ca
Web Site: www.ruthsfoods.ca
Hemp Foods, including tortilla chips, pasta, oils, wraps and salad dressings.

Shirt Magic Hemp and Organic Cotton
Contact: Darcy Wilson, Owner
P.O. Box 789
Lewiston, CA 96052
Phone: 1-877-HEMPORG, 530-778-0239
Fax: 530-778-0249
E-mail: hemp@shirtmagic.com
Web Site: http://store.yahoo.com/hemp-organic/
Hemp and organic cotton clothing along with screen-printing with eco-friendly non-toxic inks.

Spirit Stream Trading Company
Contact: James Enkin, President
1063 King St. W. #277
Hamilton, ON L8S 1L8
Phone: 905-523-5965
Fax: 905-308-9453
E-mail: info@spiritstream.com
Web Site: www.spiritstream.com
Hemp clothing manufactured in Canada.


The Hemp Club (THC) Inc./ Chanvre en Ville
Contact: Larry Duprey, President
3418A Ave du Parc
Montreal, QC H2X 2H5
Phone: 514-845-4993 or 416-242-9452
Fax: 514-845-4687 or 416-242-2635
E-mail: thehempclubthc@hotmail.com
Manufacture, distribution and retail.

The Restore Hemp Store / Campaign for the Restoration and
Regulation of Hemp

Contact: Ray Cato, Asst. Manager
3554 NE Sandy Blvd.
Portland, OR 97232
Phone: 503-235-4606
Fax: 503-235-0120
E-mail: crrh@crrh.org
Web Site: www.crrh.org
Hemp paper, garments and activism.

Philip C. Thompson
Researcher, Activist

Virgin Hemp
Contact: Jim Morrison
411 Middle Creek Rd.
Axton, VA 24054
Phone: 540-650-1488
Fax: 540-632-6699
E-mail: jim@virginhemp.com
Hemp clothing and other products.