Woody Harrelson

Actor/marijuana activist Woody Harrelson is one of a select group of actors that have triumphantly made the transition from the small screen to major motion pictures. He endears himself to millions of television viewers as Woody Boyd, the affable but baffled bartender in NBC's long-running, much loved hit comedy series CHEERS. Harrelson won an Emmy Award in 1988 for his work as Woody Boyd and was nominated four additional times during his eight years on the show. Harrelson made his big screen debut as a high school football player in WILDCATS and went on to make such hits as WHITE MEN CAN'T JUMP, MONEY TRAIN, INDECENT PROPOSAL, KINGPIN, PALMETTO , EDTV, THE THIN RED LINE and WELCOME TO SARAJEVO. Harrelson received Academy Award, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild nominations for his critically acclaimed performance as controversial magazine publisher Larry Flynt in the Milos Forman's drama, THE PEOPLE VS LARRY FLYNT.

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