If Cops Really Oppose Sending Minor Pot Offenders To Jail, Then Why Do They Vehemently Oppose Efforts To Keep Us Free?

Voters in Massachusetts will decide this November on Question 2, which seeks to replace criminal penalties for the possession of up to one ounce of marijuana with a civil fine of no more than $100. Polls show that nearly three-out-of-four voters back the measure.
Who opposes it?
That’s an easy one. Who else?

Officials unite to fight marijuana initiative
via The Boston Globe
Law enforcement officials statewide are uniting against a referendum question they fear will increase marijuana use among teenagers and generate more crime across the state.
The state’s 11 district attorneys are unanimously opposing Question 2 and are being joined by police chiefs and some community groups, fearing it will undo years of effort to reduce drug use among teenagers.
… “Nobody goes to jail today for simple possession of marijuana,” said Essex District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett, who is listed as the treasurer for the opponents, who are using the name Coalition for Safe Streets during the campaign.

Hmmm, where have I heard this before? Oh yeah.

The irony and the idiocy
via the NORML blog
Just days before the FBI released statistics indicating that police in 2007 arrested over 872,000 Americans — the most ever reported in law enforcement history — for violating pot laws, reigning Drug Czar (and pathological liar) John Walters alleged on C-Span, “We didn’t arrest 800,000 marijuana users. … That’s [a] lie.”
(Watch the video of Walters’ remarks here.)
The Czar’s nose grew another six inches when he uncorked this whopper: “The fact is today, people don’t go to jail for the possession of marijuana. Finding somebody in jail or prison for possession of marijuana is like finding a unicorn. It doesn’t exist.”
(The video can be seen here.)

Pardon me if I’m confused. On the one hand, you have law enforcement claiming that nobody goes to jail for pot possession. On the other hand, you have law enforcement actively opposing any and all efforts to reform America’s marijuana laws so that, in fact, nobody would actually go to jail for pot possession.
Question: Why do cops vehemently oppose measures that seek to comport the law in line with what they claim is already standard prosecutorial practice?
Is the answer:
a) The cops are full of it; people go to jail for violating marijuana laws all the time.
b) If cops stopped arresting minor pot offenders they wouldn’t know what else to do with their time.
or c) Most cops really believe marijuana consumers are “dirt bags” and “losers” who belong in jail.
Answer: Take your pick!

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  1. No cops appose decriminalization primarily for two reasons.
    1. They are fascist as such having someone abuse is central the their political survival.
    2. They make a lot of money off destroying the lives of pot smokers as most arrest are for weed legalization cuts directly into their bank accounts.
    Here’s one to chew on for my #2 have you ever noticed how sometimes every cop see has someone pulled over on a traffic violation. It happens about 4 times a year, right at the end of financial physical quarters.
    The reason for this amazing coincidence is their accountants tell them how short they are on the budget and they go out and ticket their way back to black. So yes you weren’t pulled over for speeding and you don’t get arrested for smoking pot, to put it in the words of the cop who arrested me “It’s just business”

  2. No… none sit in jail, they just parade in and out the court house doors. Taking up time and spending tax payers money on court costs, and time that could be spent elsewhere. However, I firmly am against any change in making marijuana legal. It serves no positive effect on the body. The long term addiction costs those in other areas, not only the purchasing of the drug, but with that, deciding on buying their pot for the week, or being able to maintain their responsibilities of paying bills, and being a good role model to others, ex. children. I’ll spew this till the end of time. It’s a very addictive drug, just like painkillers, booze, and other illegal drugs. Anyone that thinks otherwise is living in a glass bubble. I have seen countless negativity this drug causes, and watching children grow up in an environment where they see smoking pot is cool or its just OK to do is BULL. Cigarettes are dangerous, marijuana is even more dangerous. The harm done to ones body is just not worth the habit. But I guess since I live by the laws of the land, and I have never smoked, then I am the one that is ‘strange’ So be it. After the addiction has attacked your brain cells than anything I say or anyone else says I suppose is just wasted breath. Case closed…………….

  3. law-enforcement has greatly prospered from the drug-war. they have every kind of toy imaginable. what disgusts me is when our schools are underfunded as is our whole country, well always see some squareheaded sap throw a match onto a million dollars worth of domestic pot and think the whole time that hes doing something great.. sad legal domestic weed would stop the hemmorage of billions in untaxed money leaving this country each year.

  4. Do not feel obligated to read, but feel obligated to write a letter yourself. We all need to contact our officials and this is a great time to do this. So Write them and before you know it Marijuana will be brought up more and more in the media. That is a good thing for us! This is one I mailed today to let Barrack know their are good people who smoke pot.
    Mr. Barrack Obama,
    I would like to tell you a little about myself. I will be 30 years old this year and a Health Club Manager for the last 5 of those years.
    I am a well respected,responsible,well liked citizen in my community. I am a firm believer in treating others how you would like to be treated and feel I am a good citizen to this country and my community.
    I have many hobbies including, but not limited to, Hunting, Fishing, Camping, and spending time with my family.
    I tell you this because I, like many Americans am a responsible, recreational Marijuana Smoker and feel it is absurd that a destructive substance such as alcohol is legal but if I smoke a joint on my porch I am considered to be a criminal by law! Alcohol is by far more damanging both mentally and physically. Anyone who has tried them would agree! It makes no sense and our laws need changed. Marijuana Decriminilization needs to happen. This will be my first year voting because I honestly beleive that you want to restructure our goverment which it does need from head to toes. Please help our Goverment to regulate this natural resource and stop spending Millions of Dollars on prosecuting Responsible Marijuana Smokers.
    Marijuana is beneficial in many ways and many settings.
    I prefer to not give my full name or address due to fear of fines, imprisonment, and losing my job.
    Thanks You for your time, Obama.
    Mathew (PA)

  5. L Harris, you need to do more research on this topic. Painkillers and booze are legal in the U.S. and people do sit in jail for possesion of marijuana, i am one of them. I served 25 days for possession of marijuana, and the funny thing is i got busted with a pipe, not marijuana. They tested the resin and found me in possession. Furthermore cigarettes are far more dangerous than weed. There is huge number of reported deaths each year as direct result of cigarette smoking and there are zero reports of marijuana caused death. This is common knowledge in our country which you appear to either be misinformed or naive. Whatever, the case is, marijuana laws have proven to be ineffective! Over 80 million Americans admit to have at least tried marijuana. If you honestly believe pot smokers belong in jail, you then believe that prison walls should be built around nearly every city in America! In every society through history, people have had the right to use, misuse, and abuse addictive substances. I am all for prosicuting anyone who drives a car or breaks any other law while on drugs. However, there are many responsible adults who use marijuana for many reasons including treating terminal illness without causing any threat to anyone except their individual health. In which case, until my health care is payed for instead of earned through my job, mind your own business!

  6. i have to say harris, I like how you back up your accusations with research. The fact is that there is NO damage to the body, at least none, by comparison of that of alcohol or tobacco. So what you wanna make them illegal too? Just because that Chilly Dog is bad for you, you want to make that illegal as well? Ok, so it does have some degree of mental addiction. However, that is what it is limited to. There are no physical withdraw effects. At least, none as in comparison to alcohol and or tobacco. Anyone, with real common sense knows the government is wrong and that keeping it illegal does more harm than good. So go ahead and arrest thousands of otherwise, perfectly law abiding citizens for having a little bit of pot. Go ahead, and keep the drug dealers on the street, making it easier for kids and teens to get ahold of. Go ahead and keep funding the drug cartelz because the governement has their head stuck up their ass.

  7. The the Gov’t is wasting OUR money trying to destroy the largest cash crop in the U.S. instead of profiting.
    And they wonder why the economy is the way it is.
    The most useful plant in the world and they want to destroy it.

  8. L Harris, the idea that conflict between a person buying weed and a person paying their bills does not justify wasting my tax dollars is rediculous. This logic could be applied to any product. Should we arrest people for buying a fancy cars or expensive meals because they might not be able to pay their bills? Yes, people should pay their bills, but that’s no excuse for personal use of weed by adults. You claim “none sit in jail, they just parade in and out the court house doors.” They don’t parade in and out the court house doors… what’s going on is they our clogging our judicial system as they are prosecuted into jail. Even if they convicted yet spared jail time, they still lose financial aid to go to college. Rapists don’t lose financial aid. Yet pot smokers!? How is denying them an education suppose to help the problem. I suppose denying them an education and making it hard to land a minimum wage job is suppose to deter them from the fiscal rewards of a lucrative black market. The government’s job is not to make people good role models. If there is parental neglect, drunk/drugged driving, giving drugs to minors, then yes, it is the responsibility for the government to step in. But arresting an adult soley on the merit of consuming pot? It only compounds the problem by treating a health issue as a criminal one. The government tried something like this once, it was the 19th amendment… you know, to that thing we call the “Constitution,” Mr. “Law of the Land.” Unlike alcohol prohibition, (which included exemption for religious and medical use, i.e. catholics, doctors etc.) our current drug prohibition is not supported by a constitutional amendment. The federal government does not have the constitutional authority, though they claim the interstate commerce clause allows it–even if the commerce does not take place beyond state lines. Oh, and alcohol prohibition didn’t solve America’s drinking problems. It only made drinking more cool. Back when i was in high school, I remember drinking was cool–though never my thing. But as soon as everyone turns 21 it loses it’s appeal. A global study by the World Health Organization found that tuff drug laws do not correlate with less drug use (esp. where youth are concerned.) In states with medical marijuana laws, teen pot use is down. Why? Because it’s not as cool and rebelious when your smoking what grandma’s and sick people are smoking/eating/vaporizing. I don’t think you’re “strange” for having never smoked pot Mr. Harris. I don’t smoke pot. Why? Because College books and tuition are expensive. I pay my bills. I don’t think the country needs to imbrace pot. I don’t think they have to accept it as morally right. If you want to believe that smoking pot is some great sin then go right ahead (although last time I checked, the Bible says God made all the plants and saw that they were good–no where does it say, Satan made “those over there.”) The only thing the drug war does is provides a huge market for criminal organizations to tap into. After the 21st amendment (repealing alcohol prohibition), violence and crime went down. Where do you think gangs get the money to buy the guns and bullets? Mostly from drugs. Yes there will always be robberies, home invasions, extortion, etc. But that’s no excuse to give them their biggest payday of all. But chances are good I’m wasting my breath… I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if you were John Walters, at home, spewing because if drug laws are reformed, you’ll lose a substantial part of your budget… Either way, keeping pot illegal is why kids thing it’s “COOL.” In the Netherlands, they have less minors per capita who use pot compared to the U.S.A. When I was in high school, everyone knew where to get drugs. It was easier to get than alcohol or tobacco. Businesses don’t have a fiscal incentive to sell to minors. Those tobacco and alcohol licenses cost a small fortune, and the average kid isn’t going to give them hundreds of dollars for some cigarettes. Not when he could just call up his local dealer, get whatever he wants in whatever flavor, delivered right to his house, and no picture I.D. needed. And by the way, cannabinoids don’t “attack your brain cells.” Studies have found cannabinoids to be very powerful anti-oxidants and neuroprotectants–even protecting from ethyl alcohol induced brain damage (though it should be mentioned, that mixing alcohol and weed probably should not be promoted… especially when driving because the impairment is greater than the sum of the two individually.) Yes, we need to arrest people who are driving impaired (in a true sense of the word). No, we should not allow adults to give drugs to minors. No, we should not promote weed or drugs as “COOL” and “OK”. Yes, we should educate children and the general public about the actual dangers of drugs (not perpetuated lies). But NO, we should not waste billions upon billions of dollars on a failed drug war. The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. You cannot change the rules of supply and demand. It’s economics 101. If the government really wants to keep drugs out of the hands of children, and actually regulate the sale of intoxicants, then we need to stop pouring money into the hands of criminals. Or the very least, stop wasting time arresting people for simple possesion. If it was “Cased closed” then the drug war wouldn’t still be going on. And cigarettes are much worse for you than weed. Not only is there actual and credible studies linking cigarettes to mental disorders, lung cancer, and a whole host of other health issues, tobacco is by and large grown with cheap fertilizer that produces radioactive biproducts retained by the plant. Smoking these radioactive biproducts is very very very unhealthy. And nicotine constricts the lung muscles, keeping all the carcinogens, tars and crud in your lungs–pot has the opposite effect. Eating unhealthy food is not good for you. One could argue that the harm of fatty foods isn’t woth the habit. More people die from obesity than from any drugs (legal or not). Should we start arresting morbidly obese people? Should we raid their homes for high fructose corn syrup? Yes, people should live healthy, but the role of the government is not to send the right message, promote moral ideas, or hold my hand while I cross the street. Their job is to protect me from other people encroaching upon my natural rights–life, liberty and the… well I guess all we really have left now is life. Oh wait no, we have liberty! We’re a great democracy! In a dictatorship you only get to pick one leader… in America you get to choose from two! If you think America rebelled against the English Empire because they wanted for all of us what we have today, well then I think you’re wrong. Being that the founding fathers are dead I’m not going to tell what they would have said. But maybe you should take a lood at the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights (which was written on hemp). The federal government keeps getting bigger and bigger, and we are living less and less in the United States of America, and more and more in a Republic of Washington. The Constitution, the true Law of the Land, does not give the federal government these powers you so believe in. Health, and education are state rights. The No Child Left Behind act is unconstitutional, as is the Controlled Substance Act. The powers not specified in the constitution goes to the States. This idea that federal law trumps that of the States is absurd. A state and/or local prohibition would at least be a tad bit constitutional. Even today, there are dry counties where alcohol is not sold. If pot was legalized federally, there would still be counties and places where people like you can go out and live free of the burden that someone living nearby might be relaxing after a long day at work with a joint or brownie. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were whole states that kept there state drug laws on the
    books. Which is fine. I don’t think anyone has to agree with pot in the least bit. It is your national right to be vehemently against pot. But the federal government has no right forcing a drug war upon us all and leaving most of the work to state governments to try to clean up this horrible mess. We never won alcohol prohibition, and considering this drug war is now globalized and much much more lucrative, there is no way that the government will ever stop drug consumption. Just like alcohol prohibition, drug prohibition produces diminishing returns.
    Oh and to the poster “Watch Zeitgeist The Movie”: for a movie all about “the truth,” it is very deceptive and misrepresentative of facts. It’s almost as bad as “Loose Change”. But hey, at least you’re not supporting the wasteful spending of my tax money for a drug war that creates even more problems for even more of my tax dollar to be spent on.
    And in general, I am a bit dissapointed that this article didn’t mention the group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (L.E.A.P.). Although, to NORML’s credit, I have seen L.E.A.P. mentioned many times. Although it’s certainly understandable considering all the law enforcement groups that benefit and activly envolve themselves in keeping the drug war alive. But still, a choice “d) some law enforcement actually agree that marijuana should be legalized” would have been nice.
    Thank you NORML for keeping us all up to date with all this. My collegiate studies leave me little free time, and while I have neither the time nor money to spend on pot (and losing financial aid would suck), NORML is my homepage.

  9. Oh, and one more thing — spending tax payers money on court costs, and time that could be spent elsewhere — yeah, so don’t arrest them and none of this will happen, no-brainer? Or whacky no brain cells logic?
    And if I have to hear one more time about how adults should be punished for being “bad role models” to children as the excuse for keeping pot illegal — so help me I’ll kick your — oh, but then they’d just say that’s how pot led me to violence — zoinks!!!

  10. L Harris you make no sense at all. You say marijuana should remain illegal because it has no positive effect on the body. So what? A lot of things have no positive effect on the body and remain legal. Apparently you think only fruits, vegetables and vitamins and things of that nature should be legal. You talk about how horribly addictive marijuana is then you admit you’ve never tried it so how would you know? Then you proceed to compare it to painkillers, booze, and cigarettes, all LEGAL SUBSTANCES.
    Anyway, I’m a proud Rhode Islander but when this measure passes I may just have to move about 15 miles north to MA. These DAs are just bitching and moaning because they know it’s going to pass and just like in the other 13 states that have decriminalized marijuana, life will go on, the sky will not fall. It’s like hunting for sport to them. Some people like to shoot innocent deer or ducks, these DA’s and cops enjoy arresting and prosecuting innocent marijuana users.

  11. Hmm I think in my opinion it’s all about the money when it comes to the government. They make laws that they know damn well people are going to break. Who is anyone to think they are gonna ever win some drug war. I mean I’m not saying okay lets go out here and all shoot up, but I don’t know where people get their stories from like “MR. L HARRIS”. I don’t know anyone that has totally destroyed their lives from Marijuana, and it doesn’t affect your ability to decision make. Especially not an issue of “oh I’m gonna buy chronic instead of paying electric”. Anyone that did something like that did it by choice and lack of will power which really will power applies to anything you do. People can become addicted to a number of things and it doesnt even have to be illegal, so what is he talking about. Further more I really don’t think that someone who has never experienced it should be throwing around how addictive something is when you wouldn’t begin to have a clue. What they need to be doing instead of preaching about it they should educate on being responsible with it, just as they treat Alcohol. It was said that it serves no positive effects on the body, however as someone who DOES and HAS smoked, I think it is a good stress reliever. And I think I read somewhere back a yonder that stress is the number one killer in America, hmmm. And even though I know there are other stress relievers everyone is different it’s called diversity. The world would be boring without it. And if I may add as a Recovering alcoholic, is not any better then alcohol. In fact I think it impairs your judgment a lot worse, and takes a bigger toll on you. I can’t think of one day that I’ve woke up sick or gotten sick from marijuana, but can tell you a dozen from when I drank. As far a marijuana being worse then cigarettes, well for one there are different types of Weeds, and maybe some are more potent but from what I’ve done in my research it has been said that cigarettes contain way more toxins then marijuana, It’s not possible to OD on it either, unlike the people out here that are OD on simple house headache medicine like tylenol or alcohol poisioning. I think people are living in the past, and need to start living in the presence cause times have changed, even though people have been smoking for how long back in history????? If they wanna illegalize something they need to do it all cause it’s all contradicting when it comes incomparison to alcohol, and obviously some people don’t do there research they just want to be heard, so maybe it’s time to put down the bottle and read up!!

  12. nah fuck that. cops kicked in my door and found 6 g’s. they were highly upset. and still said if we didn’t nark on 4 people we would go to jail. (we don’t know 4 ppl) the situation was complicated because we have a child.so nt only would they put us in jail we would get a c.p.s case. 🙁 its just weed. the healthiest “drug”!

  13. The thing with weed is that noone has ever died from the drug, after some research I have found out why weed was REALY banned! . if you want to know more join my facebook page. just type—– [SHROOMS AND WEED]———-in your FACEBOOK SERCH BOX to find out more.

  14. L Harris I know someone who has no Field Experience on the subject when I see one. And you are certainly that guy.

  15. Bull! I went to jail for possession of 23 grams of marijuana in 2000 and it ruined my career for many years. In Florida it is a felony for over 20 grams.
    My career is just getting back on track and now I can help my family once again. The government needs to stop this ruining of life’s for money to fund their departments. They are suppose to protect not cause us more problems!
    Sorry will not give last name because on the Internet this shows up on search engines. I 100% support an end to this wrong prosecutions but have to protect my family.

  16. what are you on,weed worse than cigarettes?????can you say cancer you uneducated fool,oh yeah and there is oh so much proof on psychosis on the brain from the herbs long time use that big pharma is using thc and cbd(CANNABANOL) in a pharmacutical spray that can help alzheimers patients protect the endocannabinoid system in your brain,uhhhhhhhhh whats that the uneducated man may say? Do your research and fuck the law of the land,if they told you eating at mc donalds everyday was mandatory would you do it…..probably cause your a sheep,not all of us in the flock agree with the shepard,nor do we believe they should tell us how to graze from the earth ,especially seeing in the bible god made the green seed bearing herb that produces seed after itself and so on and he gave it to man for meat and medicine,and all he saw was good…that is what weed is,its a leaf(perennial herb) not a drug,and nobody has died from it…although bayer has killed someone with the artificial version,sad when man gets ahold of it and trys to beat god in genius that they mix it up and kill life a in a second,but the wicked old ganja tree never in 10000 year history of use with man has ever had such an effect…..I strongly suggest that before you try to post your intelligence on a sight for marijuana legalization then at least be smart and remember that just cause we smoke does not mean we are stupid ,I’ve smoked for 16 years and still am sharp enough to at least find things out on my own for myself instead of living off false information that everyone else brings me.
    Hope you enjoy your coffee,teas,wine,beer,candy etc……oh wait those are all addicting and all still classified as drugs.Wake the fuck up we are all addicts.

  17. this is just a simple reply to L Harris, not meant to be hostile or anything but out of the 17,000+ studies done on cannabis, just how many concluded that pot was actually addictive and more dangerous than smoking cigarettes?

  18. If you decriminalize marijuana, it will seriously cut into all the overtime the police get when they go on para-military raids.

  19. Mr. Harris, you must be made aware that almost every single thing you mentioned is demonstrably false.
    Please, if you could, list some of these “harm’s done to one’s body”, or, perhaps, give some sort of citation for your claim about brain cell damage.
    A ten-second google search disproves pretty much everything you have to say.

  20. L Harris, please provide independent studies as proof for your claims that cannabis is an “addictive drug, just like painkillers, booze, and other illegal drugs”. this is in fact NOT the case and the DEA’s own law judges have stated so. of course their decisions have been ignored and suppressed. you should really start reading before you rant about things you dont understand.

  21. I don’t understand how anyone can think marijuana causes HARM to the body. It does not decrease braincells; I have always been a straight-A student despite marijuana use. As a matter of fact, I find it helps with all sorts of pain. Only, I have to go to a bad part of town to get this medicine. If it was legalized, or even decriminalized, there would be no crime stemming from the sale of marijuana. The dangerous people who cut coke & what-have-you in it would be out of business !! I don’t see the harm in that.
    The police don’t want it decriminalized because it joys them to see a non-violent marijuana smoker in handcuffs & upset. They do the exact opposite of what children are taught in school: DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER.

  22. Hey L Harris, i must say that you have no idea what you are talking about. its ignorant people like you that keep marijuana from being decriminalized or legalized. You are wrong in several of your statements. First of all, marijuana is not even classified as a “drug” by definition. Also, it has no addictive properties whatsoever, and through scientific research, it has been determined that there are no negative longterm effects of use. Furthermore, alcohol and tobacco products are FAR more dangerous that marijuana. Finally. do you realize how much money the government would make if marijuana was made legal and was taxxed?
    The ignorance of some people on this topic is so FRUSTRATING.

  23. i would also like to add that MANY have died due to drunk driving and other alcohol related causes. Even more have died from Cancer caused by tobacco. Noone has ever died in a marijuana related way. and if i had to choose between marijuana and alcohol/tobacco products being legal, i would choose marijuana.
    Do the Research.

  24. I believe you missed D) All of the Above.
    Police Officers are sworn to uphold federal law. This means no matter what, congress can tell us what we can and can’t do in any state.

  25. wow lharris you really need to be updated on the facts on Marjuana you sound like your Anslinger himself, im glad to see your still using lies from the early 1900’s . You say Cannabis Sativa has no benefits for the body, when indeed if you would do your research you would see that Cannabis is the not only a cure for glaucoma but also promotes neurogenesis in the hippocampus. yes that means marijuana has the exact opposite effect on the body that you say it does. (http://www.peak.sfu.ca/the-peak/2005-3/issue9/ne-mj.html) these are only two of hundreds of benefits cannabis brings to the human body. For you to say Marijuana is more detrimental than Cigarettes just show your lack of knowledge. so before you “waste your breath” maybe you should pull your head out of your ass and do some research before attacking people who make the safer choice to consume Cannabis. maybe you should get out of your glass bubble……….

  26. or D:
    Now this year with seven decades of prohibition, the slander and propaganda misinterpreting cannabis and it’s use has taken permanent effect. Even with anti-cannabis ads directed towards young Americans the past generations have had “reefer madness” pummeled into their skulls. Honestly I really cannot blame them. For example, look at the post or two above mine from L Harris. First of all why is someone posting their negative views on a website that hosts the online community of anti-prohibition in America. Thanks for the input, but this really isn’t the place where you will be taken too seriously. Trust me. That aside, thank you for providing me with the perfect example to illustrate the point. The above is nothing more than fanatic brainwash. Yes cigarettes pose a harm to the human body, yes the inhalation of any “smoke” will tar the lungs. Its not rocket science. But cigarettes cannot cure the symptoms of AIDS, Cancer, and other fatal diseases. But the writer of the post is so biased to her side, she fails to see the simple truths. What is real, and what is not? What is real is that it is possible for us to live in a country where responsible cannabis use is permitted. What is also true, misguiding teens and parents about the true dangers of cannabis leads to crime and real drug use. Our generations today do not respond to “scare tactics” we care about the world we live in, we want the truths. And what is not real is that cannabis is the same type of drug as heroin and cocaine. Which cannot be possible due to chemical make up..duh. Parents make pot a gateway drug. Plain and simple. What also is not real to further feud the point, are the laws enacted and the media shown to your children that reports on such alleged “dangers”. I would also like to say is that no matter what, I have to respect your opinion, though disagree, because this is America, and people were meant to be free in this country no matter what and have the right to say whatever they please. The fact that you Ms. Harris along with a hoping slimming majority, don’t realize this very basic truth is why you cannot understand why people like myself and others fight for this prohibition to end. Because it’s really time to.
    “Case Closed”

  27. Cops love cannabis prohibition because it is the “lowest fruit (on the tree)” It has a strong recognizable odor both before and after burning which makes it easy to detect and since the smell alone is enough for PC this is quite useful for police. The users of cannabis are calm and docile unlike the 250lb. drunk committing domestic violence or assault and battery. Cannabis users are not going to puke in the inside of a cop cars Cannabis users are not going to have puke and beer all over their clothing. The list of why cops would like cannabis to be illegal and a arrestible offence goes on and on.

  28. L. Harris – “However, I firmly am against any change in making marijuana legal. It serves no positive effect on the body. The long term addiction costs those in other areas, not only the purchasing of the drug, but with that, deciding on buying their pot for the week, or being able to maintain their responsibilities of paying bills, and being a good role model to others, ex. children. I’ll spew this till the end of time. It’s a very addictive drug, just like painkillers, booze, and other illegal drugs. Anyone that thinks otherwise is living in a glass bubble. I have seen countless negativity this drug causes, and watching children grow up in an environment where they see smoking pot is cool or its just OK to do is BULL. Cigarettes are dangerous, marijuana is even more dangerous. The harm done to ones body is just not worth the habit. But I guess since I live by the laws of the land, and I have never smoked, then I am the one that is ’strange’ So be it. After the addiction has attacked your brain cells than anything I say or anyone else says I suppose is just wasted breath. Case closed…………………
    Since you never smoked weed before you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. I hate when people say smoking weed does this and that yet they have never even touched a joint in their life or they listen to the views on another nonsmoker who also has no idea what they’re talking about. Try learning a thing or two from someone who actually knows what it’s like. I’m 24 years old and have been smoking since i was 15.
    I have a question for you. When i smoke weed why does my muscle pains go away, why does my stress go away, and since i have ADD why do feel less hyperactive. I for one refuse to go get prescribe meds for my pains and problems because when i do take these meds they make me sick, eat away at my stomach, and i don’t wanna have to go through the crap of getting operated on for having a holes in my intestinal line. Smoking cigarettes is far more worse for you than weed. I guess you like 1000 chemicals in the air rather than a few and if you did a little research online maybe you’ll find online that smoking weed kills brain cells but you know something we do get them back. As far as cost goes it only depends on how much you buy and what type you buy chances are you’re only sacrificing your gas money since it’s now 3.50 a gallon so that’s any where from 20 – 100 bucks. if you smoke more than a qtr in a week…..even though you’re a smoker you have a serious problem. I work 40 hrs a week and i pay my bills every chance i get sometimes the day i get the bill. what ever i choose to do with the rest of my hard earned money should be non of yours or the gov’s business. BTW did i mention i work in the electronics business building weather stations….. How’s that for a role model for your children? Not every person who smokes weed is a P.O.S human being that has family problems as a matter of fact it’s the weed being illegal that’s causing family problems. Now do me favor put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  29. The notion that marijuana is extremely addictive is misguided. I smoked pot almost every day for about 7 years. Then I graduated college, got engaged and stopped smoking–Cold turkey, except without any of the physical, mental or emotional problems associated with quitting alcohol, cigarettes or opiates. Actually it was really easy.
    As for the notion of marijuana killing brain cells: I graduated cum laude from an Ivy League university (while using), and subsequently got a PhD in physics (after quitting). If my seven years of daily use were as deleterious for my brain as has been posited, I must have been born as an Einstein (which I seriously doubt).

  30. I went to jail for about 30 hours for first offense minor possession. It may not qualify as “jail time” per se, but trust me when I say going to jail for 30 hours is still going to jail.

  31. Dear L. HArris #2 about your comment u just made about marijuana ADDICTIVENESS!!!…well You are sadly wrong and a poor excuse to say we cant smoke because you feel its bad . Well I have had 3.5 and up every single year of highscool …SMOKED POT ALL 4 years Never messed with my grades and I smoked every day…soo its all about the person. Just because you no weak people dont generalize the rest into your egotistic philosphy… YOur way wrong bro and this is the wrong place to FIght for what YOU BELIEVE….SOooner or later you’ll see when all tbhis generation is older and everybody is smoking pot, your kidding yourself dude,I knew everybody in my highscool of 3500 people and I could say without a doubt more than 2000-2500 have or smoked pot everyday…mabey U DONT SMOKE BUT OTHERS DO

  32. yeah ok l Harris, that’s why my boss says I’m number #1 go figure, and I can out vape/smoke you anyday.
    But I prefer to vape, I graduated from the streets to the top of the corporate chain! Honestly go back to that very study to why the brain cells were killed in the marijuana study and you will find the truth. They leave out experimental details out of the statistic for a good reason.

  33. L Harris:
    Your uneducated words sound very naive. Cigarettes are addictive, MJ is not. So all things that don’t have a “positive effect” (which is false BTW, or else your gov’t wouldn’t patent MJ for it’s antioxidant properties) should be illegal? Maybe you should change the channel from Fox News every once in a while. What is BULL is listening to the uninformed spout off false remarks as truth…

  34. “L Harris” –
    It is obvious that your choice to abstain from a number of unhealthy activities did not affect your ability to craft a grammatically correct and well structured argument. (heavy sarcasm)
    I would love to hear you make the argument that you would have written something even more retarded if you had the occasional smoke/drink. I might even have to believe it.

  35. Prohibition, is the reason that the courts are clogged with non-violent victoms of the war on personal freedoms.
    As long as impaired people stay off the roads,(where most possesion charges occur,I could not care less what people do in the privacy of their homes.
    Smoke, Drink,snort,shoot up, at home, is your own personal buisness.
    Abuse yourself or others, get treatment that is equel to the offence.Commit a violentr crime go to jail…..
    Stop letting the government be the morality police.

  36. As a former cop i can tell you that not all cops think that people who smoke pot should go to jail or even want it to stay illegal a lot of cops would love to see it made completely legal just like you. Take the time to check out L.E.A.P Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. I would love to see it made legal so I could toke up on the weekend with my friends and thats why I continue to write my representatives in hopes that they will hear the screams for change and obey! STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHT, DON’T GIVE UP THE FIGHT!

  37. And, Mr. L Harris, I’ve got a slight problem with your arguement. I agree that marijauana prohibition wastes time and money. However, that’s the only statement I agree with. First, you say you beleive that the policy wastes money. Then, you say you support the policy, meaning you support wasting money. What? Taxing marijuana to pay for any costs would be a much more appropriate course of action. Next, you make a few primary claims to back up your opinions, however, those are blatantly false. Let’s see ’em!
    -Marijuana is addictive. Sadly, you fall flat on this claim. According to the British Medical Journal, “The Lancet”, Marijuana is quite non-addictive. Tobbacco and Alchohol are far, far more addictive than marijuana, and we all know what happens when we prohibit alchohol.
    -Marijuana has no positive effect on the body. Well, neither do donuts. Neither does sitting on a computer typing out messages on NORML.org. By your arguement, these activites should be illegal. But, on top of that, marijuana does have positive effects on the body. According to a study done by Dr. Tashkin of UCLA, maraijuana actually has a protective effect against lung cancer. There are also many applications for Marijuana in the field of medicine. The fact is, except for useless “Above the Influence” propaganda you see on TV, you can’t find one substatial piece of research that indicates that marijuana does the things you say it does.
    Sir, I know you’ll “spew this till the end of time”, but I urge you to research your facts a little bit more. That way, you won’t be spewing lies and propaganda.
    The reason they don’t want to decriminalize is because they don’t want to have to answer for the fact that they’ve spent trillions of dollars of money on a war against american citizens. A war that costs innocent people their careers, liberty, property or even lives. A war that is unfair and based off of racist policies. A war that doesn’t work. The people that have to account for that mistake and say “Yeah, we screwed up and people are dead”, will be in some very, very hot water. That’s why peoples lives aer being wrecked and our liberties are being stripped away. Because a few politicians want to save face.

  38. To me cops will have nothing to do after it is criminalized. Cops need to wake up and realize that next to the stoners house they just raided was a crack dealer. To put weed in substance 1 catagory is absolutely rediculous but then again that would reflect on our government. As for Mr. L Harris he sounds typically like my father another person who has never tried it but will not hesitate on putting it down but he’s also the one to go home and grab the beer or jack. One thing that has caused millions of deaths. Just one more person that is too dumb, blind, and ignorant to look up some true facts instead of watching reefer madness.

  39. Yeah, so after i forward this to every single person on my facebook, i am going to smoke a blunt to celebrate the myriad of reasons why this article should be read by all people marijuana users or not. The main reason for people being violently against the altering of marijuana laws is ignorance, lack of all of the TRUE facts about it in real world situations.
    NORML is changing the world and the world’s of every person i invite to join.
    wow 🙂 have a fabulous evening everyone

  40. People do go to jail for MJ possession, I am one of those lucky ones…at least here in PA. I have 2 college degrees, my own business, I own a house and I got popped with my second possession charge and will be living in prison for a month. Both of my possession charges total less than a 1/4 ounce combined, meaning I wasn’t caught with much either time but as the judge says my second time and I need to learn LOL. So I must be like a unicorn…how special. We live in a police state with barbaric laws when it comes to a plant.

  41. it’s not a war on (some) drugs, it’s a war on minorities, that’s why these laws were written.
    tinyurl.com/mccainsbiglie (had to throw this one in)

  42. Back to the original topic: Cops opposing decriminalization efforts (although flaming L Harris would be enticing). Cops almost always HIDE behind a single excuse when it comes to opposing ANY measure that would bring down pot penalties – it’s going to hurt the children! They always say, “teen marijuana abuse will increase dramatically if we send the message that pot is ok” it’s always “it will send the wrong message”. Now, albeit, their argument DOES have an element of merit – the conservatives are always HOUNDING them with that message. Typically, you’ll get these conservatives who scream bloody murder about marijuana decrim bills, terrified their youth are going to be sent the wrong message. I understand why too, they are motiviated to protect their kids. Cops glom onto this, and use it as their main shield to argue with. The REAL motiviations of the cops are probably founded in a combination of reefer madness, a unique but tainted perspective on the drug war (being that they are WARRIORS in the drug war, whereas, normal citizens are simply “victims”, or in the eyes of the cops, “the enemy”), and there’s probably some fiscal reasons for keeping it going as well. We can all point the MASSIVE profitability the drug war provides all law enforcement entities. We see it, but many average law enforcement workers probably suscribe to one of the “morally sound” positions to hide behind, and over time, come to believe in their position as strongly as NORML believes in theirs.

  43. In reguards to why cops hassle you. You know people bad mouth cops all the time but when you really need help who do you call? Cops. The law is what the law is, marijuana is illegal and it should stay that way. If you legalize marijuana whats next, heroin, cocaine, meth. where does it end. Cops put people in jail that break laws, if you don’t like the law go to a different country. Besides medical marijuana comes in pill form called Marinol, theres no need to smoke it which does cause cancer.

  44. Asemili you hit it on the head. I love NORML, but go from this blog and send you congressperson a note too. I have been e-mailing mine ad nauseum to support 5842 to reclassify marijuana. Blog them to death. And all you other smart stoners out there. We need to articuate how being hard working, taxpaying, family oriented, common criminals is not acceptable any more. While all these politicians enjoy a glass of wine or Scotch while they blow their lobbiests and get rich. All the while busting us with the sweet leaf. Enough already.

  45. To go to jail, well it depends on the police officer. If you cooperate, and give them your stash, they will just give you a court citation. Oh, and they will give you a BS ticker with the reason they pulled you over “TAG LIGHT OUT”. About the drug, I am the one that is consuming it. Who cares if it might be addicting to me or not, I know the cops don’t care. Not till they show me a degree in psychology; which they will never have cause they are too smart for that stuff. It is all about business. Every time a teen gets busted with pot, the chances of a non smoker increases to get a job. Many places will not hire you with a misdemeanor charge. An arrest will give job opportunities to attorneys police officers and many in the criminal system. The last thing they care is about your health and well being.

  46. Truely the issue is that we as a society are governed by outdated laws that no longer keep peace within the structures of society. The outlawing of marijuana was around the 1930’s. Society has changed. The government created and enforced laws that were supported by the majority rule, which in the 1930’s were same color, same sex , and same religious backgrounds. This is not the case today. Society is still taught that marijuana is a drug when in fact it is an herb. This social conditioning creates belief. The men that choose to become law enforcers, enforce the laws that they are taught. They are men, the same as everyone else, it is there profession,the way they make a living. It is importantant to have police officers in a diversed society to remove people from society that violate the well being of other people. Law enforcement infringes on the personal rights of people because the laws say they can. Personal rights being, in a broad minded sense, that a person can put whatever they want within there body.( caffeine, valium, tobacco, sugar,) those are all deemed legal, but they breakdowm the physical body as well. It is not the substances that are the problem of irresponsible use it is the mindframe in which one uses the substances. Out of all the substances on this planet marjuana is from the earth and does not need any human manipulation to enjoy/benefit from it except to water it and dry it…which is not man made water and air.

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