Time To Get To Work!

We’ve had our celebrations; now the real work begins.
In Massachusetts, where 65 percent of voters mandated an end to minor marijuana possession arrests, police and pundits are already calling on lawmakers to amend — or even repeal — the new law. Therefore, if you reside in Massachusetts, it is critical that you contact your state elected officials, as well as Democrat Gov. Deval Patrick and Attorney General Martha Coakley, and demand that they fully implement the will of 1,938,366 registered voters of the commonwealth of Massachusetts who voted “yes” on 2.
As for the rest of us, now is the time to make your voice heard federally. The election of Barack Obama, coupled with Democrat control of both the House and the Senate, presents a unique and critical opportunity for federal marijuana law reform. Voters on Election Day demonstrated overwhelmingly that they favor political reform in this country, and that reform includes new directions in marijuana policy.
Obama’s transition team has established a website, http://change.gov/page/s/ofthepeople, asking for “our ideas” and “help” to “solve the biggest challenges facing our country.” Unfortunately, neither the ‘war on drugs’ nor ‘marijuana’ appears on the “the agenda.”
It’s up to us — the cannabis community — to make it part of the agenda.
Please contact the Office of President Elect Obama and demand that our next President engages in a national dialogue on marijuana policy. Below are three suggested ways Obama can take immediate, practical steps to reform America’s antiquated and punitive pot laws:
1. President Obama must uphold his campaign promise to cease the federal arrest and prosecution of (state) law-abiding medical cannabis patients and dispensaries by appointing leaders at the US Drug Enforcement Administration, the US Department of Justice, and the US Attorney General’s office who will respect the will of the voters in the thirteen states that have legalized the physician-supervised use of medicinal marijuana.
2. President Obama should use the power of the bully pulpit to reframe the drug policy debate from one of criminal policy to one of public health. Obama can stimulate this change by appointing directors to the Office of National Drug Control Policy who possess professional backgrounds in public health, addiction, and treatment rather than in law enforcement.
3. President Obama should follow up on statements he made earlier in his career in favor of the decriminalization of marijuana by adults by calling for the creation of a bi-partisan Presidential Commission to review the budgetary, social, and health costs associated with federal marijuana prohibition, and to make progressive recommendations for future policy changes.
On Election Day, voters in Massachusetts, Michigan, and throughout the country gave President Elect Obama and the incoming Congress a mandate to end the Bush drug war doctrine. Now let’s get down to business to assure that our message is implemented.

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  1. i agree! but how do we contact him? just through the website?
    and i know Biden’s history on drugs and since he will be V.P. does this still make it difficult for reform or will this not matter much. if someone could please answer these questions it would be most appreciated!
    our congressman from arizona, Harry Mitchel is in favor of marijuana reform. awesome news! and lets bring the marijuana prohibition down. i have been making progress in arizona contacting officials but we need more help. make a donation, get involved!
    once again, congratulations! but much work is still needed.

  2. I have used your link to President Elect Obama’s contact website. I copied part of your request and added some stats supporting the legalization of marijuana. Thank you everyone at NORML for helping to make the day of legalization become a real possibility. Sincerely yours, Mark Entry

  3. The cops want the courts to repeal the will of the people? What fresh hell is this? So much for the often heard squeal from our porcine protectors that they only enforce the law, they don’t make it.

  4. Even with the threat of an amendment or a repeal, its nice to know the power that simply passing this law will have. Pending criminal cases fitting the criteria have been dropped or will most likely be dropped which must be a dream come true for a number of people. Hopefully the change can be implemented long enough to be further conclusive proof that relaxed marijuana laws are not a direct cause an increase in use of it or any other drugs. The demonstration of these attitudes is whats necessary in the fight for change, and the tipping point feels closer than ever.

  5. Done. Addressed my concerns in the following order 1) medical use 2) decriminalization 3) regulation under ATF

  6. this is why i hate america…. we pass a law that everyone wants except the few that look to lose from our freedom.. and what do they do fight to take it away before it even comes into affect.. i hope when our economy falls we have to take a serious look at what is going on in this empire..

  7. I can’t wait to see the law suits that are filed in relation to this latest round of marijuana decriminalization. The Courts are due to be bogged down again over this relatively mundane and petty issue.

  8. PAUL,
    With all due respect, you are out of your mind.
    We will be the first people sacrificed, and by we I mean the medical marijuana cmmunity.
    Obama’s on record as doubting the efficacy of marijuana as medicine. Having 2 daughters, the immediate pressure from DOJ, ONDCP Civil servants, and the DEA will be sufficient for Obama to just dump any kind of support for medeical marijuana. The raids will continue and the patient prosecutions will continue.
    Think about it… Joe Drug war is my middle name Biden is the arrogant ass in the VPs office. If Cheney can take over the government from the VPs office then Biden can affect drug policy to the extent that nothing changes from that same office.
    The place to work is in the states. Once a majority of the states and the population support drug law reform, then and only then will change be possible in the federal government.
    The politicians, except in Hawaii, have had to be dragged kicking and screaming all the way. This is often because Federal politicians are former DAs and AGs in their respective states.
    They cannot support reform for fear of SOCIAL repercussions within their circle of friends and associates.”Hey Jack. Whaddaya doin’ trying to cut those [Byrne Grants, or whatever drug war subsidy] ?
    “I gotta have those if I am going to pay my current staff, and I am already understaffed, Charlie.”
    “Tighten forfeiture rules, Jim? Ya gotta be kiddin’! Anticipated forfeiture revenue is a line item in my budget, man. You know that. The DA’s office, too. How are we to prosecute these [insert lewd drug user reference here] if you pull the rug out from under us, man. I thought we were friends?!!? I thought I knew you. We grew up together. We always hated heads! I’m not sure if we should really continue through with our planned trip to Rome with our wives. I mean, you are simultaneously demoting me and lessening my influence on the way our home town runs, man. Why are you doing this to us? We gave several thousand dollars toward your various campaigns. And now you want to betray what I thought we stood for and side with a bunch of dopers? Are you OK? do you feel well? I mean it’s no shame if you needs some psychiatric help, and, Jimmy, man, I’m here for ya. But you can’t be doin’ this stuff on drugs in Washington. I should go now,. as I am starting to get mad.”
    Hard to accept our arguments in the face of that. So it has to come from the bottom. Jim’s friend has to have lunch one day and say, hey man, I got all these recreational drug users I gotta deal with because you guys won’t discuss options. perhaps you should, even though I know we have fought this our way for our entire careers…maybe we don’t have it right.
    We can only do that at the local level. The Federal government will have to be dragged kicking and screaming from its entrenched point of view. The only tractor powerful enough is the collective weight of 26 states AND 51% of the country demanding from below.
    Further to this point, the House of Representatives races are all about local issues. So it can be made about drug law enforcement problems locally. In other words, the representative can only be forced to talk about the issue while in his/her district, and only when asked en masse (meaning more than one questioner on the subject)in a large well known forum.
    The guys have to be confronted with the evidence in a place where they must react to it, no matter the personal consequences.
    They will not do this of their own accord. They cannot be -made- to see the light themselves and then do the right thing, namely end the war on cannabis users and hopefully the entire drug war, denouncing it as a legitimate drug control strategy.

  9. Hi I picked Schaffer as my name from the Schaffer Report, but anyway what should we say, also if anything cultivation along with possesion should be part of the agenda for at least personal use. Because by only possesion alone, that still leaves the user in jeopardy if he wants to be free of the law and black market. Lets get a game plan on this and now. Remember were the ones that made it possible for Obama to get elected. I made calls for Obama! and voted for him!

  10. IT works really well to go to the change.gov website and copy/paste the three points made here. Just call it “Marijuana Law Reform” or something. I did.

  11. Thank you! NORML for posting the link to Obama’s change government website. I was looking for something like that. I have already posted my suggestion which includes appointing a physician to the position of drug czar. I will also include that link in my blogs,

  12. These fucking scumbags all deserve the death penalty. I don’t care what rank or who they are.
    I advise people to Google their names and find their email address and send them all a nasty mail.
    It’s un-American what they are saying since the people voted to end this bullshit.

  13. “calling for the creation of a bi-partisan Presidential Commission” Has this not already occurred in the 30’s and again in the 70’s, INSANITY enough. It’s time law makers review the thousands of reports already published, reform the law for the benefit of the many not the few.

  14. As a member of NOW, I am sending an email to the President-elect, listing those issues important to women and families that our new president should address. In addition, I am adding the three points you made above. Thank you for your efforts in this area, defining a plan and presenting it.

  15. why you don’t bother to mention the single-largest ‘war on drugs’ initiative currently being considered by Congress is beyond me!
    The Merida Initiative (aka Plan Mexico) was pushed by Bush w/Round 1 funding approved last year and Round 2 funding would DOUBLE round 1 to the tune of $500 million.
    How about shout outs to all of our anti-‘war on drugs’ efforts?
    in solidarity,
    Friends of Brad Will

  16. Please, please, PLEASE write to the above officials – even a short, two sentence letter to your state rep will do!
    Many of of have worked long and hard to make sure Question 2 passes, and it would be a huge setback for drug policy reform everywhere if it were overturned, just like that, with no regard to what the people want.
    Just think of the precedent it sets for elsewhere in the country – is it okay to keep drugs criminal, even when the vast majority of citizens believe otherwise?

  17. The .gov web site is a shameful manipulation of information flow to the president elect.
    By leaving marijuana policy reform off the list of issues, there will be a false impression given to him that the public isn’t interested.
    Control the information flow and control the elected official.
    During the weeks and months leading up to the election the question was never asked by the pollsters “does marijuana policy affect your vote?” Yet by the vote, it is obvious that it is important to voters.
    Obama has been and is being manipulated this way.

  18. “As for the rest of us, now is the time to make your voice heard federally. The election of Barack Obama, coupled with Democrat control of both the House and the Senate, presents a unique and critical opportunity for federal marijuana law reform.”
    Its Democratic control. Calling us the “Democrat party” is a favorite tactic of idiot republicans.

  19. Recently on NORML. ORG’s website supporting the decriminalization of Marijuana…President Elect Barack Obama’s transition team created a new website…which is: http://change. gov/page/s/ofthepeople
    Here is my posting to there website…
    Congratulations Mr. President elect, Barack Obama…I am a student artist working towards my degree in fine-arts at Augusta State University. I smoke ‘Marijuana..’ I know full well that I have placed myself on the radar screen of legalizing Marijuana.
    I was in a severe vehicle accident in 2006, at no fault of my own. And, since the vehicle accident I have been on numerous prescription medications to ease the pain and discomfort…both physically and cognitively, but they all came with unwanted side-effects. I was able to decrease my need for prescription medication, simply by smoking ‘Marijuana.’ I do not either sell and/or grow it! I still realize it is illegal in the United States, but I strongly feel that this should be decriminalized.
    I have had several conversations regarding the decriminalization of Marijuana with family, friends, acquantences, and members of the community, including several law enforcement officers, as well!
    The general concenses is that it is much less hazardous than either Alcohol or Tobacco. And, I admit to consumming both…but in moderation of course! Well, maybe with the exception of Tobacco…which is very addictive, unlike Marijuana. Law Enforcement Officers have continually commented that they have never really had a problem with someone who was ‘High!’ It has always been with people who indulge in too much Alcohol, or who are strung out on hard drugs…like ‘Crack, Heroin,’ including prescription medications.
    I think you can agree that it is absurd that Physicians can prescribe all kinds of overly addictive and dependant prescriptions…and cannot prescribe…’Marijuana!’ Additionally, I think you can also agree that it is absurd that Alcohol is freely and widely available, but Marijuana is not!
    I can attest to the fact, that it helps me in two ways! One, providing relief from pain and discomfort. And, two…allowing me to be more engaging such as now…since I smoked 1/4 of a Joint prior to writing this message.
    I have already alerted NORML. ORG to the fact that…MedLinePlus and the National Institute of Health is/are providing complete inaccuracies and blatent misinformation about Marijuana…in an direct effect to counter any measures to decriminalize Marijuana!
    I don’t know how you feel about Youtube…but I think it’s a great website! There are two video’s, the first being a series…that I think you should watch! First, is titled…”Grass – The History of Marijuana.” And, the second is titled “Pot is Medicine,” by Author, activist, and Canadian Medical Marijuana user…RussLBarth
    And, of course everything on NORML. ORG’s website!
    My personal webspace is on Myspace…which is http://www. myspace. com/climaticvirtuoso
    Please keep in mind…that when you visit my…myspace, it is quite obvious that I am stroking my Ego a bit! And just trying to surround myself with like-minded friends.
    However, on my…Myspace, I have provided several Blog’s. Some of which are unrelated to this particular discussion.
    I hope you all the success,
    Michael Simpson
    Fine-Art Student…Augusta State University

  20. Forget Obama, forget the DEA, forget the ONDCP, forget any & all things Executive Branch: it is up to Congres to not just change its status, but totally remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act. Do that and all else will follow.
    An indeed, as the pioneer Keith Stoup accidentally pointed out once, “medical marijuana” is indeed a “Red Herring”.

  21. this is just another pathetic attempt by our government to do “what’s best for us”. this reminds me of california a few years ago and their first vote on gay marriage. Now i’m all for gay marriage but i’m about democracy first; the people voted against it, and the law makers put it into effect because “they knew what was best for the people” – a clear theft of a citizens right to be heard in an election. now eventually they got rid of this law but it still happened for a while…
    in new hampshire and mass last year they had a vote on making seatbelts required if your over 18 (haha last place in the country). i believe that the vote failed in both mass and new hampshire, but was put into effect by lawmakers because “they knew what was best for the people”. the new hampshire supreme court said this was unconstitutional and the law was no upheld.
    the idea that this is even being considered shows a weakness in our government. if it makes it onto the ballot and people can vote for it, there is no way it can be legal to then go and change the will of the voters. people always say that if you don’t like something go and vote for change. shit like this just solidifies the fact that our voices don’t matter, the only thing that matters is that we THINK our voices matters. i’m enraged to hear this

  22. Done, and done. Write to your elected officials. Obama is a smart man. He might be more likely to listen to scientists and doctors on the matter of medicinal cannabis. That, more importantly, is what we need, instead of someone who listens to the DEA.

  23. I sent in my request for change on the “war on drugs” and shared how it’s effected me and my family personally.
    I copied and pasted the three key points you wrote and just changed a few words here and there.
    We’ll see if he really hears and listens to our voices !

  24. Yeah its never really over is it? I need my medical marijuana in MA as well. But at least I’m safe for now. It helps my symptoms out a lot. Can not move out to a Marijuana med state though. I’m Gay and it’s legal to be wed here. Forget you CA. I’ll never forgive you! I dreamed of having the best of both worlds. My cake and eat it too 🙂 Killing two big ugly birds with one stone!
    aaah well

  25. As much as I want to see some form of decriminalization and/or legalization as well as severely curtailing if not entirely eliminating the war on drugs, the facts remain that our country and indeed the entire world faces a set of problems that simply cannot be kicked down the road or allowed to languish in special interest generated quagmires.
    We are witnessing a meltdown of our own economy which will be the first major problem tackled by the incoming administration. We have two horrible wars going on in the Middle East which are draining our resources, killing tens of thousands of innocent civilians, and creating the future terrorists who will causing problems for generations.
    Sadly, even those monumental problems and their attendant costs will resemble pebble-induced ripples in a puddle compared to the oceanic sized economic tsunamis that will result from global warming.
    In the face of the barrage of short-sighted and selfish special interest lobbyists, the Congressional and Senatorial members who are in their pockets, the Global Warming denial douchebags, and the Republican obstructionists who will simply try to obstruct Obama at every turn, even a politician as exceptional as Obama will likely be unwilling or unable to mobilize the federal government to the degree that will be required to create and enforce the regulatory changes necessary to mount a serious response to the climate crisis.
    He will be bombarded by anyone and everyone who wants to see a progressive and pragmatic solution to ongoing ills, but after 8 years of devastation at the hands of Dubya, M.D. and his Republican lock-step Congress, creating bottomless pits of new problems and making just about everything worse, as idealistic as you are, it’s simply grossly unrealistic to expect Obama to address such a relatively minor issue as medical marijuana when the problems facing our nation and world are so grave and so urgent. Even if he was so admirably foolhardy, and he isn’t, he would instantly undermine any future efforts by instantly alienating millions of Americans who don’t know any better, giving his enemies something to endlessly pummel him with not to mention use as a major sideshow distraction from the real problems, and would probably guarantee the return of a Republican to the White House in 2012.
    By all means, please do keep fighting the good fight(s), but let’s be realistic about what our priorities really need to be. We certainly do need to pressure our new President, but until we make some serious progress on the aforementioned problems, let’s apply the appropriate pressures.

  26. The NORML press release states that “9 out of 10 marijuana Law Reform measures passed.” This is impressive and positive, but may actually be an understatement.
    Actually, 9 out of 9 passed. The measure that failed to pass was California Proposition 5 which was a comprehensive reform of sentencing. While it would have positively affected those with marijuana charges, it asked the voters to consider a complex issue of overall drug law reform. It was voted down. Where marijuana was a clear issue on its own as in Massachusetts and Michigan the voters passed the initiative with no reservations.
    What we must learn from this is that it is important and useful for us to continue to present the marijuana issue as independent of other drug and crime issues.
    Yes, we do need an overhaul of the entire criminal justice system and the prison/industrial complex and we must certainly support that but we must first and foremost demand justice for the victims of marijuana prohibition.
    Here at the Federal Prison Camp in Jesup, Georgia there are several people serving sentences for marijuana and marijuana alone. Some of these folks are senior citizens and at 51 years old I’m no spring chicken myself. The new administration can move to begin freeing some of these Federal prisoners, particularly older prisoners and those that have already served a significant portion of their sentence.
    To be perfectly blunt, there are many prisoners that deserve a break and their are some very nice guys in here serving time on various drug offenses, but marijuana prisoners shouldn’t have to tie their fate to an overall reform of the prison system. I personally don’t want my fate tied to their karma.
    Keep up the pressure. Now is our time. Yes, we can!

  27. I wrote my short message on Obama’s new site. It’s nice to see he at least appears to want to take the public’s interests seriously. It makes sense too, because with a site like that, his office can do some amazing data mining and quickly identify key categories to work on. Nice find NORML!

  28. Anybody who smokes pot has a responsibility to :
    contribute financially to at least one organization like NORML that is trying to work for all of us to legalize marijuana for adults
    write your elected officials on a regular basis, in a coherent intelligent and respectful manner, to let them know that you exist and are articulate and active and adamant about your right to smoke pot.
    If enough of us were to do both of the above, they would have to listen to us.
    conduct yourself in a manner that represents the pot smoking community in a way that completely defies the stereotypes out there. don’t live in your parents’ basement until you’re 40, don’t pass baggies of marijuana to customers out the Taco Bell drive through window, don’t use guns or violence, don’t screw up on the job or bring drugs into the workplace.
    DO complete your education and maintain a professional job.You don’t have to have a PhD or graduate from Yale, an associates from a community college serves the same purpose of showing that smoking pot doesn’t burn off all your brain cells.
    DO take care of finances so that you have a good credit rating. Do keep the amount you spend on pot within what’s appropriate for your income.
    DO keep yourself in the best physical and mental condition possible. Show the world that you can be a long term regular pot smoker and be healthier than people half your age.
    DO be active in your community, whether it be volunteering or participating in church functions or a neighborhood watch. Show the world that pot smokers can be good neighbors.
    Unless you are doing all of the above, you have no right to complain about the sorry state of affairs concerning marijuana prohibition, you don’t even have the right to smoke pot.
    If you lead a loser’s life, the pot smoking community doesn’t need you reinforcing the John Walters image of a pothead. So either get it together/keep it together or get the hell out of the way. Remember, you represent every pot smoker.

  29. Just wanted to comment that I submitted this request on Obama’s site. Didn’t vote for him, but believe in his promise of change.

  30. Obviously our marijuana laws need reformed. Cannabis is as dangerous as heroin? C’mon now. Find ten drugs that are classified as less dangerous than marijuana by the gov’t. Now ask you doctor how much more dangerous those drugs are compared to cannabis. One of the top reasons the government keeps it illegal is because it has no medical value. Really? How many scientific studies have we seen that disprove that? It has also been said that if marijuana were legalized how many DEA officers would lose their jobs. First off, how many more jobs would the cannabis industry create. Second, why let them lose their jobs? Keep them their and focus on more dangerous drugs like cocaine and heroin and maybe this “war on drugs” will not be such a complete failure.

  31. Decriminalization! I feel as if this is the right way to go instead of legalizing medical marijuana. Don’t get me wrong. I think that it should be available as a medicine until it is legalized, but if it is considered a medicine for diseases, then more than half of America will be classified as ill. Politicians don’t realize the social issues that the prohibition of marijuana, and I find it disturbing that it isn’t even on the agenda. Maybe this new optimism and hope for change will open the minds of those who oppose the decriminalization and eventually the legalization.

  32. Brothers and Sisters: I’m not sure how effective writing will be, but it definitely is a first step. It removes the excuse that not enough input on the Marijuana issue was received to form a policy. Therefore, it’s important we do this, not just once, but at least once a week. Encourage all you know to do so as well.
    I think Paul Armentano would be the best Drug Czar. There are others that would do good as well: Keith Stroup, Allen St. Pierre, Steve Dillon, Gatewood Galbraith, Eathan Nadlemann, not in any particular order nor is that list of Movement notables complete by any means. From the mainstream, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson would be good. Dennis Kucinich would be another one.
    It’s important we make our views known. We have more of a chance to get somewhere now, the best one since Jimmy Carter. Let’s roll!

  33. I’ve been smoking pot most of my 45 years and I’m not sick from it or dead. I don’t use manmade/ manufactured drugs,because pot is all I need. Thanks to a botched back surgery I’ve used pot for my severe muscle spasms and nerve pain for 8 years now. It’s the only thing that works. I tell all of my doctors that it is what I use for my pain relief and they don’t try to give me anything else because they know that it works better than any pill they could give me. If our new president does what he said he will then we should all feel better about our country and being americans. Lets all get together and write our elected officals and let them know just how we feel about marijuana. It used to be legal and it should be legal again.

  34. legalization of marijuana should be allowed it does more good to the human body than bad and look at good hard working tax paying people that have lost their jobs and property and went to jail because they were caught with a joint or small amount of marijuana now some are on wellfare and some went to a life of crime did that help out the economy? government and some of the higher up people should give it some thought to legalize marijuana

  35. I also contacted the Obama Website. I stated that the Medical Cannabis Patients needed to be taken out of the Governments cross hairs. I explained that I was tired of being treated as a second class citizen. That current laws allow discrimination against anyone with a positive drug test for cannabis, even though they have a doctor’s recommendation. Also that I am a Veteran and not a criminal.
    People please write to Obamma, Perhaps they will notice how many millions of emails they get on this topic and he can make some sweeping changes, or place compassionate people in government positions to help us. Never Give UP!!!!!! Never Surrender!!!!

  36. i am 50 years old. i just lost a job because i failed a test for thc. i have smoked mariguana for many years. i have quit for years at a time but went back to use it for medicinal pueposes. i was almost killed in a car wreck when i was 25 years old. i ra and osteo due to this. i take perscription drugs for pain, migranies that i now have, not to mention stress and depression due to the pain. i feel that users of mariguana are classed as second-rate citizens because it is not decriminalized. i am a good person that wants to live a normal life. i would prefer smoking mariguana as opposed to chemical drugs that are addicitve and have far worse side effects than mariguana. i would be more than willing to participate in any study to prove that mariguana is good medicine fom a number of things. i know that it will allow me to sleep while other meds fail, it releaves pain from cramps, nausea, my mobility when i am stiff from ra and osteo. it releaves my stress and helps me sleep when my migraines strike. why cant i use mariguana. why do companys think that you cant operate if you smoke. i am a damn good worker and perform my job just as well as anyone else can. i have proved this; because, how could i have worked at my last job for over 5 years; until i got caught on a drug test. anyone have a job for me? i can do anything that i have ever tried to do. i am limited to do less strenious work now because of my medical conditions, but i wouldnt let you down. please help if anyone has a lead for a job or study that i can participate in. we the people should be able to make our own choice in the medical mariguana war. afterall isnt the right to freedom why our ancestors migrated to this country to start with. smoking is the only thing that i do that is not decriminalized!

  37. I’d really like to send a comment to Pres. elect Obama but I’m afraid to. It requires my name and email and I would be afraid of being tracked down. You see, I am in one of those positions that I would loose my job and probably the liscense to ever do my particular occupation again. I strongly agree with everything NORML is trying to do but I’m even afraid to join the organization. The marijuana laws are rediculous. I’m an intelligent 50 year old otherwise law abiding citizen in a respectable position. I enjoy pot occasionally in the privacy of my own home. It’s absurd to think I could loose everything if I were to get caught with one measley little joint. For that reason, I have to grow my own. I can’t take the risk of buying from the wrong person. Besides, I know what I’m getting. Pot helps relieve some of the stress of my demanding job and it makes me more creative and happier. I certainly don’t go to work high. My 24 year old son was busted for less than a joint when he was 18. He lost his driver’s liscense and served several months on probation. One month short of being off probation, he missed some community service, due to Crohn’s disease. He then spent 3 miserable months in jail. He now can’t qualify for a student loan to improve his life and there are some employers who won’t hire him because of the “drug” arrest. When my stepfather was alive, he drank whiskey on a daily basis. He tried to kill my mother several times because of it. During my life, I’ve seen several peoples’ lives messed up due to alcohol. Oh, but it’s legal! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY??!!

  38. Of course police and pundits are already calling on lawmakers to amend — or even repeal — the new law.
    Arresting pot smokers is big business. Here in Elbert County GA probation fees are a large percent of the counties income!

  39. There is one avenue of this issue that i haven’t seen properly explored, possibly because it may lead some citizens to live under even harsher regulations. Despite that i still feel that the way for us to earn our freedom of cannabis is simple. We need a renewed focus on state rights. It is astronomically easier for a state to hold a referendum or vote on an issue than it is for the fed. California has been leading this fight for years and i feel it is all of our responsibilities to convince the federal legislators that they do not have the authority to pass or uphold laws that violate rights of a state’s citizens when they have voted for state specific legislation. Each person has the ability to decide where to reside and if that means that progressives have leave the southeastern states in a mass exodus to greener(no pun intended) pastures then so be it. The federal government needs to concentrate on national security and economic measures and take their head out of our bedrooms and private property, and allow us to democratically decide how to legislate our states and communities.

  40. Comment 43. and 44. have it dead on. I live in the Southeast. Southeast Alabama to be exact. And arresting people for simple marijuana possession is their little “cash cow” as I call it. They arrest people, impose huge fines, take their vehicles and property, and serve so many illegal search warrants you can’t even count them. I am so fed up with this shit, I don’t know what to do. Jails are overcrowded, so sex offenders, domestic violence offenders and other sicko’s… real criminals, are being let out of jail and offending again. And people are sitting in jail, because they had a dimebag of pot. While we should all push to have marijuana decriminalized, at the same time we should be fighting to make alcohol illegal again. I live in the bible belt, and these right-wing hypocrites scream about a “drug-free America” with a beer in their hand. I don’t drink, so I could care less if that garbage is available or not. We should push back, just as hard as they’re pushing. I’m tired of being bullied by the Tom Delay’s of this world. If anyone wants to correspond or just get together on this issue, feel free to contact me at my myspace page. I’m so mad I can’t even think.

  41. The government has no right to tell us what we do with out own body. The prohibition of marijuana is ridiculous, and the War on Drugs in an epic fail.
    I really admire Obama, but after watching the video of him saying marijuana possession should be decriminalized (or whatever he said…my memory escapes me) and then reading his (or his rep’s)response makes me lose a little bit of faith in Obama’s promise of change. I sincerely hope that things really do start changing for the better.
    It’s such a profitable business! Millions of dollars could be made, and crime could severely drop…but I’m singing the same, old tune that’s been sung countless times before me.
    Please Obama…listen to us!

  42. Can you ask Obama why he does not legalize it and to give the reasons with scientific proofs?
    No More Secrets!

  43. Obama’s dismissive remarks re the question of repealing marijuana laws imply that he’s just not taking our question seriously. It sounds like he’s, in effect, telling us with all the starving kids in China, please just eat your food and be thankful.
    Only a relentless pursuit will show that we the people do take this issue seriously–as seriously as any whiskey-drinking moonshiner on the run from the law in the 1920s.
    We need some serious backup. What about all these senators and congressman from all of these states where laws have been passed to decriminalize, etc?

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