I’m Thankful For Lisa Ling And National Geographic!

Wow!” That was my first thought after watching the trailer for an upcoming National Geographic Explorer entitled Marijuana Nation.

I’m keen to reply to the oft ask question ‘why is cannabis is illegal?’ that if we have a watchdog press regarding cannabis prohibition rather than a lapdog press, there is little doubt in my mind that substantive reforms occur quickly–not over decades, which is what the general pace of reform has been when otherwise intelligent, critically-thinking journalists parrot the government’s propaganda, thereby mis-educating (in some cases, regarding some media outlets, outright misleading) the citizenry who rely so heavily on what is supposed to be verified and credible information.

While having not seen the entire product, if the trailer of NatlGeo journalist Lisa Ling’s commentary is an indicator, I’m greatly looking forward to viewing Marijuana Nation on National Geographic at 10PM (eastern/pacific), Tuesday, December 2.

Ms. Ling has covered the war on some drugs as a total-hands-on-journalist (a rarity these days!) from virtually all angles, from Colombia to Compton, and her personal commentary regarding what she has seen (i.e., aghast at the high level of military-style domestic law enforcement for cannabis) and believes regarding America’s cannabis prohibition laws is Murrow-esque.

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  1. this shit is geat!!!
    this is the kind of “real” media attention our issues need most.
    as a community we should do every thing we can to get this seen in wasshington dc then the rest of the country.

  2. There is something terribly WRONG when the police and organized gangs want the same thing!!!
    END the Federal Marijuana Prohibition and STOP funding the gangs!

  3. Lets just hope obama and congress watch this. All i want 4 christmas is for the gov. to use some common sense. Oh well one can hope 4 a change.

  4. God Bless Her! Looks like it’ll be a visually interesting, informed show with the potential to put a human face on the horrors of cannabis prohibition. Spread the word!

  5. This is the first proponent to get airtime on a major network since “In pot we trust” on showtime. Lets hope they listen!

  6. yeah I’m amazed too at the amount of military hardware the fascist use to go after weed. I’m on the county farm serving my sentence in the drug civil war, out there they have tanks,boats,aircraft,attack dogs. they spend day after day at their gun range shooting off machine guns or running around their obstacle course/S&M park like their gonna invade Poland.
    Honestly these guys are a bigger threat to America than Bin laden.
    Osama if he hadn’t died back in the winter of 2001, I mean 😉

  7. It is about time that our elected officials realize that their colon is not see-through, and pull their heads out of their asses and get to work on ending this nearly 80 year old prohibition on Marijuana.

  8. LISA Ling is a very smart and credible journalist…from her mouth to Barack Obama’s ears?
    HER NAME IS LISA not Lucy…
    Thank you,
    Michelle Holton
    P.S I met her in NYC in 2001…have a photo with her in my pics on myspace.com/leapcop

  9. Outstanding! National Geographic reaches quite a diverse audience, and if the information provided on this show is actually factual and based on reality (as opposed to the untrue propoganda spewed forth by those who are either misinformed or insecure or both about Cannabis), then this could be another excellent validation point for the Legalization & Taxation of Cannabis.
    Hopefully Barack Obama will bring about real CHANGE with his administration and embrace the #1 cash crop in the US (I know I didn’t imagine that; I read it somewhere) and actually CHANGE the economy for the better, while at the same time ending the OPPRESSION and SLAVERY (yes, I DID go there!) that the government continues to inflict upon the American people by restricting them from truly enjoying their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness (via Cannabis).
    YES WE CAN. . .Legalize & Tax the proceeds of the sale of Cannabis to responsible adult consumers. . .NO WE CAN’T wait anymore. . .the time is NOW!!!
    (It’s the single biggest chunk out of Federal spending that needs to go away. . .just think of the impact. . .not to mention the “snowball” effect once the states begin to follow suit!!!)

  10. I completely agree with the statements made in this video. The hypocrisy of State and Federal laws prohibiting the possession, cultivation and use of Cannabis aka Marijuana are unjust.
    How have we come to be a country that outlaws and demonizes a natural growing plant that can help millions, yet we allow the consumption of dangerous food additives such as MSG and Aspartame? What about the man made substances KNOWN for abuse, Such as Alcohol? Or, the FDA approved drugs, such as Oxycodone?
    We need legalization. They did it for alcohol, they can do it for Cannabis as well. Decriminalization still allows the manipulated system to work full effect. I can safely say that in just about every state there is a form of corruption. Police allowing certain individuals to traffic, Politicians taking bribes to keep it illegal. what’s being mentioned here is only a slice of what’s going on. It’s all about money.

  11. Well done, it will actually take something like this to open the eyes of many who keep being blind-sided by the propaganda machine of the U.S. government to the non invasive threats of Marijuana use. To be labeled as dangerous as heroin is utterly ridiculous to say the least. Marijuana has been in use since forever and will continue to do so.

  12. I love how it airs right after an episode on meth and right before one on heroin, it will be easy to grasp that its a helpful plant not a deadly drug

  13. I’m thankful for the media coverage and all of the stories featuring MJ over the past few months. This in itself seems like major progress. New sites are covering and are interested in MJ and MRSA, Alzheimers and the like. This is a great trend.

  14. This looks like a great show. I’m 56 & have seen the absurdity of this prohibition all my life.
    Any recommendations for those of us that don’t have The National Geographic channel? People who would love to see this show? Will it eventually be available on YouTube?
    The promo looks honest & objective & well worth watching.

  15. very much looking forward to this documentary. the trailer is sweet. we need better legalization soundbites in the media. its not a lap dog press it’s that most journalists are the best educated folks. ppl need sound bites.

  16. Most of the people I know from all over this nation are marijuana smokers or people who don’t mind if Americans smoke marijuana. What I fail to understand is why people choose to admit guilt to the legal system over possession of marijuana charges. I think it’s high time we stand up to the lawyers and distrinct attorneys by demanding trial by jury. there’s a fair chanae that 1/2 the jury will be sympathetic with the accused and at least hang the jury. If we all stand together on this and everybody demands trial by jury we will backlog the courts for years. Then the alleged leaders of this nation will have no choice but to listen and change tactics.

  17. A long time ago National Geographic magazine did a big story on “Alcohol, the Legal Drug”. They have a tradition of looking at the world as it is rather than as it is politically correct to think it is. The modern war on some drugs seems to involve denial that legal drugs are on a par with the worst of the currently banned drugs. Cannabis has been made the whipping boy for the ills of alcohol, tobacco, and other dangerous drugs when in fact it’s far less harmful, and can even be very helpful to users. I hope this production helps break the spell of denial and prohibitionist thinking among politicians and main stream journalists.

  18. I am looking forward to watching this. It seems like this might be one of the rare shows that actually doesnt lie about marijuana.

  19. thats great. i saw a show about pot on b.b.c. america just recently that made me sick. they actually made alcohol look like a “safe” substitute for marijuana. glad to see national geographic is telling it like it is.

  20. The political influence of this cannot be underestimated. The National Geographic is just not just one of the largest and most profitable publishing companies in the world, its Council of Advisors comprises industry leaders and influential community members and has included Supreme Court justices as well as former cabinet officials. For over a century the National Geographic Society has both led public opinion and reflected political policy in this country.

  21. This is great! can’t wait to watch this. The american government say it’s dangerous to smoke marihuana. And i replied : i’ts my choice,it’s my body and this is my life and i can do whatever i want responsibly as long as i don’t interfere with other people’s life. I don’t go telling police officer or politicians how to live their life. one more thing, the government doesn’t pay my medical bills either.

  22. It’s about time the WORLD SEES the TRUTH. I’ve been a local spokesperson for legalizing marijuana at my college (which ironically is for criminal justice majors) and I must honestly say that I’m big on reforming our marijuana laws. I refuse to have continuing propaganda from our government officials on something as natural as this miracle plant. It is time

  23. I hope America watches. National Geo does a great job presenting science and the truth. I wonder how many members will write to Nat Geo and cancel their membership for hearing the truth that contradicts 70 years of govt’ lies. Overgrow the govt’.

  24. I fucking love Lisa Ling. I’ve been watching her since I was in the sixth grade (94-95) on Channel One. Does anyone else remember that? It was like a 10-15 minute news program for students. Anyway. Way to go Lisa. I just saw the preview for the episode and set the DVR to tape it while I’m at work that night. NatGeo will bring some serious attention to the issue and hopefully shed some postivie light on our cause.

  25. I went to the trailer video “MARIJUANA NATION” on u tube and it says that it was removed by owner? I wonder why Nat Geo removed it from thier u tube channel ?

  26. I will be looking forward to seeing this documentary. The thing is, it is education that is going to make this movement work. A movement of COMMON SENSE! We don’t need to shove the argument for legalization down anyones throat, we just need to challenge people to look into it. To a majority of people, it will just make sense.
    -David Carlson

  27. Very good documentary in my opinion. There were a few parts that were bullshit, but it was more pro-mj than negative propaganda.

  28. Wow, This was awesome… not only did they get the facts out about ganja, but they also put down the “crackhead addiction” drugs which should be purmaburned from earth.
    Up with ganja only = win

  29. Freedom Forall (#34 Reply): DVD sales, duh! Take it down free youtube site and make $20 a pop on the drug series dvd plus extra on your own site 🙂

  30. I just watched the documentary and it was wonderful! They did not delve into the political side as much and concentrated mainly on the facts. Twas Groovy!

  31. Like rev.420, I found it interesting that Nat. Geo. aired this show after two Explorer shows on heroin and meth.
    I watched the last part of the heroin documentary and all of the meth documentary before viewing the much anticipated ‘Marijuana Nation’.
    Talk about contrasts. Not only day and night, but heaven and hell. The meth and heroin documentaries shown users that have turned into the living dead while Marijuana Nation shown pot smokers happy, laughing and normal. Even the lady who had cancer and on chemo was laughing!
    What I found disturbing were the law enforcement raids and the usual BS about “skunk” and increased potency. The prohibs keep saying that today’s grass is up to 30% THC, but 30% of what? Volume? Weight? What? What about the other cannabinoids in pot? Why all the fuss over THC?
    Marinol is a synthetic form of THC and is 100% THC in a capsule, yet it is a Schedule II or III drug and doctors are allowed to prescribe it. So what is the problem with a plant that has only UP TO 30% THC?

  32. “Marijuana Nation’ was a disapointment. Maybe a coherent educational documentary was too much to expect.
    A disjointed show that did little to inform, and a lot to reiforce the fear that the general public has about pot.
    What was the focus? It sure wasn’t harm reduction.

  33. In response to B Thomas:
    I wish I could say 44 for a quarter is over priced. 44 for a quarter would be amazing.
    Here in good ol Alabama it’s about 110-120 a quarter for the good stuff.

  34. And by the way, I thought this documentary was great for the cause. It was very sympathetic in depicting marijuana users and growers. Just what we need! I hope to see more shows with real journalists like this one.
    Power to the People!

  35. Last night, Lisa Ling of former “The View” fame has done a brilliant job with her expose on cannabis in the United States. “Marijuana Nation ” is a fair and balanced piece, devoid of the fear tactics employed by our government. Lisa even avoided calling cannabis a drug and referred to it as a substance, attempting to draw the difference between real harm causing drugs, such as meth, which she did an expose on in the hour preceding the one on pot. Unfortunately, this great work was shown on National Geographic, a fine channel, but it certainly would have made a bigger splash, had this been shown on MSM’s outlets. The many points made, both for marijuana and against the colossal failure of the drug war when it comes to marijuana were made without hype or glorifying pot, which is long overdue.
    It is up to us and contact legislators and MSM outlets with comments about Lisa’s expose and demanding that fair and more importantly accurate and unbiased reporting be done by the local news media when it comes to reporting about cannabis. The portion on cannabis’ medical value and the differences in research, particularly the differences between research in the US and Israel, sheds a light on how constipated the US is in this aspect. From questionable pot grown by only one University, to the amounts made available and the denial of research pot if the study goes to show cannabis’ efficacy show clearly that the government continues to obscure science. Just as the science on cancer from cigarettes, to the science on global warming have shown in the past, facts and science are the victims of special interests’ needs and demands. This link will take to National Geographic’s page for Marijuana Nation for further study:
    I urge you, the reader of this to contact your local media and your representatives and tell them about Lisa Ling’s expose and maybe somebody with a bigger audience will finally stand up for the truth.

  36. Hopefully our new President Elect Obama will not want to leave the same legacy as President Clinton on Marijuana. President Clinton will always be seen as the President who utterly failed Marijuana smoker’s in the U.S.
    At least President Elect Obama”s Grandmother’s jumping through whoops with our current Medical system might make him a more compassionate Leader. Kudos to Lisa Ling for bringing a more reasonable look into the subject we most love!!!

  37. This show was the best . I,v been to Amsterdam and it as the best
    hope the show opens some blind eyes look at the tax dollars, new job
    and people happy to go to work
    Over grow your government they cant stop us

  38. I am unsure if Marc Emery really helped this show or the medical cause. First things first! And that is to get the federal gov’t to legalize it for medical purposes. Over 25% of our county’s states have legalized it for medical reasons along with many other forward thinking countries! Once the US is comfortable seeing that mj is harmless through its medical usage, the feds will relax all mj laws. However, this is just my $.02 worth as a 53 year old “illegal” medical user suffering from Hepatits C, Osteoporosis, Clinical Depression and Migraine Headaches. I could move one state west of my home and be a “legal” medical users as far as that state goes. I ask any reader of this comment, how backwards is that?????

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