Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock: Who Will Be Obama’s Pick For ‘Drug Czar’?

Is saving the Drug Czar nominee as the last cabinet pick indicative of the low priority assigned by the incoming Obama administration to the so-called ‘war on drugs’?

With the entire cabinet nominated (save for US Ambassador to the United Nations and director of the Central Intelligence Agency), who is President–elect Obama going to nominate as director of the Office Of National Drug Control Policy (a.k.a. ‘Drug Czar’).
To date, Obama and Co. have prioritized the cabinet nominations of:
Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Treasury, Secretary of Homeland Security, Attorney General, Secretary of Interior, Secretary of Commerce, Secretary of Health and Human Services, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Secretary of Education, Secretary of Agriculture, Secretary of Transportation, Secretary of Labor, Secretary of Environmental Protection Agency, Secretary of Veteran Affairs, National Security Adviser, Director of National Intelligence, Director of National Economic Council, Director of Securities and Exchange Commission, US Trade Representative and Director of Office of Management and Budget.
But no Drug Czar (or Czarina)!
Obama told the media yesterday that his entire cabinet would be nominated before he is to begin his last semi-sane holiday break this week with his family. But as of 10AM this morning (eastern), there has been no nominee announced for ‘Drug Czar’.
Hmmmmm. One wonders why not?

Looks like one reputed nominee for Drug Czar, retiring Republican congressman Jim Ramstad of Minnesota is getting hung up in the political vetting process. Some in the media and in drug policy reform inform NORML that Atlanta police chief Richard J. Pennington might emerge as the potential nominee. Some speculate that current Drug Czar transition team leader, Dr. Don Vereen, might pull a ‘Cheney’ and offer himself up as the best person to head the ONDCP.
Whatever the case and whomever the nominee, is the ONDCP nominee and their staff going to closely adhere to Obama’s stated goal that health (and environmental) policy-making in his administration, unlike the current Bush White House, will be guided by contemporary and credible science—and not ideology or politics?
In Obama’s now weekly radio address, he asserted this morning that science and rational thinking is going to instruct much of his decision-making in the realms of education, public health and environmental protection. To demonstrate such, this morning Obama nominated two prominent scientists—not political hacks—to fill important science policy-making roles in his new administration (Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and Director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).

“Because the truth is that promoting science isn’t just about providing resources – it’s about protecting free and open inquiry. It’s about ensuring that facts and evidence are never twisted or obscured by politics or ideology. It’s about listening to what our scientists have to say, even when it’s inconvenient – especially when it’s inconvenient. Because the highest purpose of science is the search for knowledge, truth and a greater understanding of the world around us. That will be my goal as President of the United States.”
-President-elect Barack Obama (December 20, 2008)

NORML certainly hopes that Obama’s professed support for science over political ideology logically extends to repairing and overhauling the country’s totally flawed and decidedly unscientific approach in administering a functional and economical criminal justice system—fueled in large part by antiquated and misguided illicit drug laws, notably the abject failure of 70 plus years of cannabis prohibition laws.
In the interim, please join me (and thousands of other drug policy reform supporters), with a bit-of-tongue-in-cheek, in advancing Drug Policy Alliance director Ethan Nadelmann, Ph.D as Obama’s next Drug Czar. Now that is change I can believe in!
Who President-elect Obama nominates for Drug Czar I believe will strongly demonstrate whether or not he genuinely believes in science as a guiding principle in replacing failed, feckless, racist and politically expedient law enforcement efforts to ‘control’ drugs with, ultimately, effective, commonsense, scientific and public health-based alternatives to America’s failed war on some drugs.

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  1. It is going to take the people that know the truth to make noise by the continued education of those who do not know, because the few that do is not enough to end this racist drug war. There is alot of money invested in the war on durgs somehow the people must see that there is more money in the responsible use of the entire cannabis tree. Food clothing shelter medicine fuel and thousands more uses. Can I make a living on educating the people? I have the information in my head and heart.

  2. What we must do is find a way to expose all the lobbying groups–like Big Pharama, the alcohol industry, and the Prison Industrial Complex–that are bribing our politicians to keep the status quo with regard to cannabis, and publish the numbers. Then, we
    need to put pressure on THEM.
    I would personally like to know how Cannabis gets a Schedule One rating, yet Big Phara produces dronnabinol (trade name Marinol), which is a pill made of 100% pure synthetically created T.H.C. and has it as a Schedule 3!!! Talk about hypocrisy! How is this possible? And this illustrates the nature of the problem–if NORML had millions to spend in lobbying efforts, maybe we would get somewhere…
    People always site how much the drug war costs..But remember, it’s costing US, not THEM. And I think people don’t realize how much money the government makes off prohibition, and all the forces that want it to remain as it is–those I have mentioned, plus the DEA, and ONDCP, the Drug Czars–and all the illegal drug money that gets laundered through our banks.
    Many people have also pointed out and proved that one of the main jobs of the C.I.A. is to make sure as much drug money as possible is laundered through our banks.
    Obviously, the government is making more money off drugs being illegal than they could from legalizing and taxing them–at least with the harder drugs. And my guess is, at the worst, they are breaking even with cannabis, if not making more money than they think they can make from taxing it…although it’s possible that if you subtrack the money NOT spent on cannabis prohibition, and add in the tx revenue the gov’t would receive, that this number would be larger.
    However, cannabis also serves yet another function for the drug warriors: it’s their “War on Drugs Poster Weed.” In other words, police and Feds can bust a lot of cannabis consumers and suppliers and make it look like they’re doing their job, whilst allowing more of the harder drugs to slip by–the ones from which they truly make a killing. It’s also a far less risky bust, arresting consumers and suppliers of cannabis. 98% or more of consumers are probably non-violent, in that they will not even try to run. And the dealers–especially if all they are dealing is cannabis–are almost equally non-violent, as opposed to crack, methamphetamine, and Heroin dealers, who like to shoot back.
    Legalizing cannabis is not a politically risky move so much with people–although there are the right-wing Christian extremists (even though it says in the Bible that God gave man all seed-bearing plants on earth for his use)–that would make a ruckus over it–as it is with these lobbyist groups.
    It’s too bad that people aren’t willing to exercise their purchasing influence more. For example, I don’t drink at all; but even when I used to, I would never drink Budweiser, because I knew they were one of the strongest lobbyists against cannabis law reform.
    I also think people should write the tobacco companies, who have been losing business, due to advertising that gives people information instead of telling them to “just say no,” and it’s worked.
    They could take over the cannabis growing and distribution, if we could get it legalized! They already have the setup–just replace some of their tobacco crops with cannabis and hemp crops. They could
    once again be a force to be reckoned with. We need a
    backer with lots of money. Money is the key, unfortunately, to getting things done in Washington.
    Like the saying goes, “The best government money can buy..”

  3. Hey Allen,
    As I read your piece above I couldn’t avoid an image of a Fiorello La Guardia-type, no nonsense, leader with impeccable legal or administrative or legislative credentials (like former Baltimore mayor Kurt Schmoke [sp?]) with the La Guardia Report in one hand and the Schaefer Report (1970, commissioned and then down played by Nixon) in the other calmly, scientifically, but decisively leading us to treat drugs differently.
    First, we need to further define the word “drugs.” There are dangerous-but-legal “drugs,” helpful-yet-illegal “drugs,” and probably even more distinctions than that.
    Then decriminalize, legalize, encourage the growing of marijuana–“Pot in every pot.” We NEED it for biodeisel fuel, building materials, medicine, and most importantly right now–a source of income. It’s the largest cash crop in California and in the United States. Yet, we keep it illegal and ignore it as a source of needed income.
    Well, breakfast is ready and I’ve got more snow shoveling to do.
    I hope Obama uses common sense on this important issue.
    Chuck Jagoda

  4. it is time to say Enough! Stop arresting good people for consuming Marijuana. decrimelize now. Stop S.W.A.T
    from kicking in the doors of good people and smashing familys to the ground. a lot of good people smoke Marijuana. it is time to end this unjust war on good people.

  5. Wow! You guys are quick. I was just sitting down to listen to Mr. Obama’s weekly address and I started to check my email while he was talking about this stuff and I was wondering if he would apply this facts-based philosophy about science to drug policy. And I got an email with this link. Great job!
    How can we push Obama’s transition team to consider Nedelmann? I signed that petition but can we organize a push to have people make comments in the general comment section?
    This just got opened last night & has not be announced yet. My marijuana comments are not registering so we may need to leave off marijuana and cannabis. I’m testing that now.

  6. Ok, I just tested words “marijuana” & “cannabis” on the “general chat forums on the change.gov and they do take. However, comments are greatly limited by space. There’s not a whole lot one can say at any given time but I did manage to say I want Ethan Nadelmann for Drug Czar and that I hope Obama brings the same conviction he has for facts & science to drug policy and I hope he focuses on community health regarding drug policy instead of criminality.

  7. Thanks for the note. I would be glad to see Ethan in that office. Then maybe reason and good science would take the upper hand. Not likely though. The strength of feeling and hypocritical moral animosity, toward users and promoters of currently illicit drugs will not be overcome by truth very soon. The driving force of the nanny state will not go down without a fight.

  8. Congradulations to President Elect Obama for pledging to commit to science over politics.
    It has been widely noticed that the United States incarcerates more of its citizens than any other country in the world, and that this is largly due to the war on drugs. I have recently moved to Florida where the prison population in this state alone has just topped 100,000.
    Florida is on of the toughest states in regard to marijuana laws. Science and statistics show us that marijuana is safer than a large number of things that we are allowed consume on the market; both socally and physicaly. Among other things,it leads to neither violet behavior or death due to overdose or withdrawls. We know that this is not the case with alcohol and many over the counter drugs.
    Responsible adult marijuana use and treatment for addiction to hard drugs is a sound drug policy. Unlike having a criminal/prison record,drug addiction is a treatable condition that does not have to permanantly destroy a persons life.
    It is for these reasons that I support the Drug Policy Alliance director, Ethan Nadelmann as National Drug Czar.
    Allen Lambe

  9. Nope, Obama is dragging his feet on the nomination because he has no desire to change the status quo, not becuase of some delusionally imagined de-emphasizing. Look – he picked arguably the most draconian drug warrior as his veep – Joe, “Lock ’em all up” Biden, creator of the very term, drug czar. He has clearly said he does not support legalizing ganja for any reason. His foot dragging on naming a drug czar is because he wants to fill other offices first and see who is left who will hold ths status quo.
    I surely hope you are not one of the feckless masses who are swayed by a poiticians flowery rhetoric about “Cnahge”. That would make YOU part of hte problem.

  10. Thank you very much for this article & information. I will join you in asking President Obama to nominate Dr. Nadelmann. I will also notify my elected officials to do so as well.
    I’d like to sign your petition, but I don’t see a link to a signing page. As a professional copywriter and lawyer, I’m going to make a suggestion: in the middle of the text (article) and ALWAYS at the end, include a clear “call to action” (tell people exactly what to do) and then make it super-easy for them to do what you want. Here … where’s the sign up?
    And again, thank you over & over for all your help!
    /s/ Lynn Roberts, writer, attorney & medical cannabis activist. Contact: lynn@lawyerlynn.com.

  11. Good editorial. But as one of the first signers of Matt Elrod’s (MAPINC.ORG’s webmaster) petition promoting Nadelmann, it certainly wasn’t my thought that the suggestion was just tongue-in-cheek, a way of tweaking the powers that be in the Obama administration. It wasn’t nominating Tommy Chong or someone like that (not that Chong might not make a good drug czar).
    No, it’s because Nadelmann is academically and professionally qualified to lead and provide sound policy suggestions in the area of drug control policy. The powers that be may certainly hate outspoken legalizers, but it isn’t because they can harsh on them for their qualifications. They’d rather just kill the messenger. Nadelmann would certainly get support in Congress for his integrity from Sens. Leahy and Rep. Kucninich whos committees have something to do with the review (I think….what committees do have to oversee the guy or work with him).
    Maybe its all just a good signal that the WoD is going to be ramped down too, a functional elimination of the office as a key component of the overall Administration policy. Abolishing the office wouldn’t be a bad thing either or send a bad signal (except to the DEA to back off because feds weren’t going to be backed up in Washington anymore in favor of a policy of “benign neglect” and state enforcement (if any).

  12. Alan you’re right about what you write. Our governm,ent these days is only wanting to make bucks off of anyone who can afford to buy them. If BIG TOBACCO producers got wise and started to persuade congress to legalize, they would make up the losses they are now suffering (not like it really hurts them all that much,) 1000’s of jobs lost this year, but how many in the cigarrete and tobacco industry? The war on drugs is a fallacy to create jobs for the police and CIA. What has the CIA done lately to HELP America; why not have had some covert assassins kill the 9/11 attackers before they got to accomplish their missions?

  13. Hempsters, regardless of which side of the issue one comes down on (e.g., medical, recreational marijuana or industrial hemp), what’s needed is someone who recognizes the favorable economic impact that hemp legalization can have.
    Over 50,000 products can be made from hemp. In Alexander Hamilton’s 1791 report to Congress on manufactures, he wrote:
    “The aggregate prosperity of manufactures, and the aggregate prosperity of agriculture are intimately connected.”
    Hemp’s potential for manufacturing is a whole field of untapped resources. Nationwide, hemp legalization would create millions of “green” jobs both in manufacturing and agriculture.
    Hamilton identified hemp as a third type of a “production of the country, and in sufficient abundance to furnish a cheap and plentiful supply to the national manufacturers.”
    Hamilton then further states: “The article of hemp either now does, or may be expected soon to, exemplify the third case in the United States.”
    Our founders clearly expected hemp to be a major contributor to both the agriculture and manufacturing economies of the United States.
    Whoever is called by the unconstitutional title of nobility of czar, needs to have his or her head screwed on right, to understand this basic American value.

  14. Personally, I have my doubts that this new ‘administration’ will attempt to change any of the drug laws. There are too many who have vested interests in maintaining the status quo…$$$
    I will continue to keep the pressure on them.

  15. Big pharma is not the problem. Ignorance, corruption, greed and the unending quest for power is the problem. I have spoken to many in “big pharma” who want cannabis legal and acknowedge its safety and multitude of therapeutic uses. It is the power hungry, moronic politicians, prosecutors, police and prison unions who want the farcical drug war against americans who use cannabis to continue! They could care less about the people or our children! All they care about is their hipocritical, wasteful, useless jobs!

  16. I volunteer to be Drug Czar. I am Canadian so I guess he wont pick me. BUT..
    If I was the Czar I would personally test all the drugs just to make sure they are good. 🙂
    Well I hope he picks a Medicinal Cannabis Dr. Or maybe Dr. Earlywine. How about Dr. Alexander Shulgin ?
    How about eliminating the Drug Czars office completely,
    We don’t need Drug Czar!
    Be your own Drug Czar. I am.

  17. Interesting omission from the Obama Administration… I am not very optimistic about a favorable drug czar choice, given his recent response to legal marijuana topping the change.org list of most desired reforms, and the controversial pick of Rick Warren for the inaugural convocation that symbolizes his desire to maintain a middle-of-the-road appearance.
    What we as a voting and/or citizen bloc should try to keep in mind is the fact that Obama’s ability to get his legislative agenda passed is closely linked to the degree of popular support he maintains. What we have to do, therefore, is to be vocal advocates of reform and to inspire those around us–especially non-smokers–to support reform.
    And the only way we can accomplish that goal of overwhelming popular support is to appeal to widely held values. Budgetary concerns is one of our strongest arguments in this regard; when Obama talks about going line-by-line through the budget and slashing dysfunctional programs, we should be the first to point out the massive government waste associated with the War on pot. After all, nobody likes government waste!
    I would love to see NORML spearhead a national letter-writing campaign to ensure that cannabis consumers remain vocal, and do not simply defer to vague calls for “change.” The only way to get change is by fighting for it, so let’s take this battle head-on!

  18. All I know is that the main reason it is thought that Canada hasn’t legalizaed cannabis yet is due to severe restraints placed on it’s trade with the USA.
    Even though estimates that only 5% of US Imported cannabis is grown in Canada, since we’re closest, and have the greatest percentage of trade with the US, obviously we’re the easiest target for them to go after when they don’t get their way and want to practise “spoil-sport sanctioning.”
    If intelligent thought actually does manage to weasel it’s way into the White House–which I am still QUITE unassured of due to the last 3 US federal elections–then we will see benefits on both sides of the border. Not immediately, mind you, there is still a second and third wave of housing mortgage bubbles which need to pop in the US before anything positive can occur, but once those bubbles have been popped, a decade(s) long financial restructuring can finally begin.
    Now, logic dictates that while the media were pummelling Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin–those incredible few who actually understand what’s really going on–in favor of “media darlings” who would have helped the networks’ parent corporations, some people took note of what was really happening…and if all goes well, Obama (assuming that he IS indeed, a natural-born citizen, and legally entitled to hold the office) may well have also understood the truth about the situation within the US, and will understand that he MUST do things differently to save the country.
    What version of “different” is still up in the air…does he TRULY support the people, the country and it’s “sovereign nation” status, or he just another political blowhard who will continue to run roughshod over the people a la Bush?
    Rememeber folks, this is only ONE PART of the picture…the world knows that it’s not a one fix situation, for all intents and purposes, EVERYTHING is broken, and it ALL needs to be looked at, assessed and fixed.

  19. Obama , thus far, has done a fine job of impersonating every other political hack elected to the executive office. I will take the actions of millions to change this failed, illogical, counter-productive policy. Regrettably, I have only been able to convince immediate family members to take action. Political apathy is what will bring this nation to it’s collective knees.

  20. Who cares? Anyone who would take such a job is a piece of shit anyhow. If obama was really for change he would leave the position empty.
    But if he must
    I nominate Willie Nelson

  21. Personally I think he ought to tap Tommy Chong for the position. I mean seriously, the drug czar is supposed to KNOW about drugs. In the case of Mr. Chong, he knows a great deal about drugs and the dangerous folly of our current system of regulation. Having been held as a national icon, and eventually bullied, and incarcerated, I think he would bring a fresh new mandate to the office!

  22. I think it is unfair that we are forced to pay taxes to support a government that makes political prisoners out of horticultural experts.

  23. Drug czar is not a cabinet appointment, so it might come later. But meanwhile, no drug czar appointed yet is very good news! Maybe there won’t be one!
    Isn’t the justification for federal regulation of drugs interstate commerce? So that this will come under Richardson’s jurisdiction? Maybe Richardson will work to get rid of federal drug regulations as we know them and leave any such laws to the states. I hope so. That would be taking us in the right direction, as we wanted Obama to do when we voted for him.
    Then states can decide if they want to put their citizens in prison for what they choose to consume, rather than leaving such choices to individuals. If the states then decide that putting perfectly good and decent people into jail because they want to smoke pot (or use other drugs) is not worth the expense, then pot will no longer be illegal and US citizens can grow it freely in their gardens or greenhouses or buy it more cheaply from local producers and will stop funding foreign terrorists (as is said of the illegal drug trade).
    Then, if people who are hooked want to quit, they can ask for help from treatment centers — maybe from some free ones provided by the government — without fear of being arrested.
    This seems like win win win win win, etc. to me.

  24. I can appreciate Obama’s position. He is changing America at a fast rate. Legalizing ganga is one of the most controversial issues that faces our country today. Half the country is for it, half the country supports the death penalty for selling or smoking it! He has to walk lightly when approaching this subject. I’m sure we can all understand that. No, I’m not a freakin republican! Yes, I support legalization of weed. Yes, we NEED NORML desperately, because this is the only voice in America that is speaking for common sense on the issue! But, let’s face it! America is still in the prohibition mindset when it comes to liberalizing the laws towards weed!
    We ALL need to continue to SPEAK OUT in favor of common sense! It is the only way that change has ever been made! At this point, we are making waves! But, we need to bring about a Tsunami before we can see change on this level. Believe me, I am and have been fighting for the legalization of weed for over 30 years! And will continue for the rest of my life!
    But, I see the realities! In fact, before Obama was elected, I was thinking about moving to Canada, because I see no change coming in the near future, in terms of legalization. But, I am hopeful for the positive change that Barack is going to bring to America! Excited too!
    Keeping in mind the reality of the marijuana situation. Would you, if you were in Obama’s shoes, immediately come out for it’s legalization? When the reality is that 50% of entire country is just waiting for you to fail? Just waiting for you to say something that they can use as a platform to kick you out of office? No, I don’t think that you would.
    Instead, common sense would tell you to concentrate on the issues that demand immediate change.. and there are enough of them to concentrate on.
    While concentrating on the immediate issues, common sense would tell you to accumulate as much information about the marijuana issue as possible, and at the right time, push for legalization. But, do you really think that now is the time? In my opinion, he doesn’t have enough information to make an educated decision.
    I submit that we let him get established first. When he has the entire country behind him, then he can bring up the subject and get the country to back him.
    Allen, you are THE catalyst for legislative change in our country! In my opinion, this is the time that you have been working for all along. IT’S HERE! IT’S NOW! And it is you that has saturated our country with education on the legalization of marijuana! You are one of the key sources. It only makes sense that you should be Obama’s educator. I would love to see you make a solid connection with Obama in the name of common sense, understanding, knowledge and SCIENCE! Continue to educate Obama on all of the scientific knowledge that you have accumulated. Contribute to his knowledge and build up his understanding of our situation. At this point, I can only imagine that he is not informed on this subject at all. In order for him to come to a constructive decision on the subject, he must be informed thoroughly. Only then can he jump on our bandwagon. It is our responsibility to see to it that he is educated. In my opinion, this is the only thing that will bring him to the right decision.
    Let’s continue to speak out for legalization and push for change, just as we have been. AND unfortunately, we all know that CHANGE takes TIME! That is what we are putting in right now! And have been for decades. TIME! Let’s remember that this man is the catalyst for change in our country. Let’s believe that. Let’s commit to that! Let’s contribute to that change by thoroughly educating our President! I do believe in him! I do believe that when he becomes thoroughly educated, he will make a common sense decision on the issue of legalizing our best friend, Mary Jane!
    PEACE and LOVE to you ALL!!

  25. I don’t think that just because Obama has yet to chose his drug czar that it’s necessarily a bad thing. His focus is on the economy, bail-outs and the war. I don’t think he’s seeing the big picture in terms of cannabis reform, which is a shame. But it may be that he sees the drug policy as his lowest priority at this time because he’s waiting to evaluate the current state of the war on drugs, which could be a good thing for reform supporters.
    Hate to be a downer, but I have to think he’s going to go with the standard political answer – keep the ignorant majority placated. That’s a big part of what politics is all about, after all.

  26. how about a movement so Obama will know we are noticing.
    I am beginning it by getting a piece of “clean” coal, putting it in a stocking, and sending it to Senator Obama.

  27. keep our money here,make pot legal,and keep the money here in the usa instead of mexico and columbia,end the black market of marijuana and crime will drop

  28. You can always tell your story on the life story section. Tell Mr. Obama what changing the law means to your family: how your education benefits got denied, how you lost custody of your kids due to a drug arrest, how all the money has gone to bulding prisons instead of schools or the good things that medical marijuana brings to the chronically ill. Let him know your personal story about the politics of the drug war and what a difference a scientific policy maker would be,

  29. YAY FOR THE CHANGES THAT OBAMA MADE SO FAR!! BUT ONE THING HE AND ALL USA GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO LOOK AT THE WEBSITE! ahem sorry for my caps … caught you guys attention if you agree please do help us take actions for those innocent potheads that is currently in jail for simple charge of marijuana but for those pothead that got violent charges included needs to be remain in jail because marijuana is not for violence!

  30. The problem is, most American scientists come from socioeconomic demographics that have been fairly shielded from the consequences of the Drug War. So a physicist like Holdren might not be up to speed when it comes to drug policy and how science has been trashed throughout that process from top to bottom, beginning to end.
    We need to make sure they get up to speed. Or else it will be Don Vereen who gets them up to speed.

  31. Every time this government declares war inside the homeland, eg War on Poverty, War on Drugs, the American people lose. Now we have a whole class of Working Poor, and our Land of the Free has jailed non-violent Americans for using cannabis, then claims there is no room to jail criminal illegal aliens who get freed to rape and murder again and again.
    Economists have recently quantified the waste of taxpayers money for “enforcement” and incarceration of cannabis. In 1972, a government-sponsored investigation concluded that cannabis was indeed harmless, had many uses such as oil for energy, protein for human food, fiber for clothing and paper: a great substitute for trees.
    Outgoing president gave a drug runner amnesty to testify against lawful Border Patrol Agents, and now they are in jail with the people they arrested. Now the drug runner is suing the U.S. for 5 million dollars while our BPAs suffer horrors for protecting America. This president has pardoned drug offendors, but will not pardon Compeon and Ramirez (sorry, spelling is probably wrong)
    H.R. 1359, the “Enumerated Powers Act”.
    This bill highlights the importance of the Tenth Amendment and forces a continual reexamination of the role of the federal government. For American’s information:
    “The Enumerated Powers Act” would require Members of Congress to include an explicit statement of Constitutional authority into each bill that is introduced. If passed, it would finally hold Congress accountable for its actions.
    The Tenth Amendment states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
    According to the Tenth Amendment, the national government cannot expand its legislative authority into areas reserved to the States or the people. It is a well-known fact that the size and scope of the federal government has exploded since the New Deal. Congress continues to operate without Constitutional restraint, creating costly and ineffective programs and blatantly ignoring the principles of federalism.
    We must demand that our legislators follow the rules of law. California is about to overturn the voter’s voices. Most Americans want our Borders protected, but the government continues to ignore us. Lets hope Obama is true to the original ideals that created America. Government is too big, and has far too much money to waste from income tax. The Fair Tax movement needs to be pushed, along with E-Verify that will deter corporations from hiring illegals.
    With the number of Americans out of work, we need to put a temporary stop on all immigration, and de-criminalize cannabis to give our scientists and entrepreneurs a practically free raw material (which we currently import from France) to develop fuel oils, human food, fiber for clothing etc, the list goes on. Farmers will have a much needed rotation crop. How can cannabis hurt the US?
    Legislators don’t submit to drug testing, why should the rest of us? I am sick of this persecution and the absence of a new natural pain medication.

  32. As a 58-year-old Haight Ashbury born “original hippie” who spent 17 years on probation or parole from 1965, I have a unique perspective. The only thing Obama will do is champion in a Congressional hearing to de-scedualize medical marijuana to put all states on an equal par. This will make money for doctors, pharmaceutical companies, health care plans and give hope of a middle class living to those studying western medicine. As for the patients that qualify from the science studies, they would be much more productive if allowed medicine that ‘works’ for them – Afterall…Biblically, it is their choice!
    Once NORML leads the way to champion de-scedualization of medical marijuana, then and only then should there be talk of treating it like tobacco or alcohol. Remember that the hub of society moves slow for a reason. The last thing we need is anarchy.
    After de-schedualization, we will have a country of 50 states that allow any doctor to prescribe. The patient could qualify for synthetic THC to travel with in the beginning (worldwide.) Next would come the tobacco companies with their ‘organic’ packaged types that would also qualify for travel within the USA for starters.
    Dispensaries could be put together from non-profit organizations the police and sheriff departments of each county put together. This would insure that the common laborer taxpayer could have a ‘choice’ as to whether he or she wants to buy from an “entrepreneur” or step up and help support law enforcement. Some would feel safer and more patriotic doing business with the government cooperatively instead of competitively.
    De-schedualization of medical marijuana is all Obama will go for, and it does not seem a priority enough as far as I am concerned. Obama should appoint NORML as a mentor to any appointed drug czar period. NORML is the most educated in the world in this subject with folks that had doctor degrees at Ivy League colleges before 1937.
    If Obama does not pull this off, I will never vote for a President of minority status ever again. All the liberals wanted this person. I wanted Mc Cain, because he was for states’ rights – at the last moment I voted for Obama solely on the basis that I believed he would help medical marijuana users and have the issue of de-scedualization heard in Congress. If this does not happen in four years, I will never vote for a minority again.
    Try telling the mountain men who blazed the trails that made America what to smoke or use to heal themselves…We give the “Native Americans” permission to use peyote for their “medicine.”
    The fact that this all started in 1900 proves the feminization of the American male. Ohh for the days of old when Americans were free to use God’s plants. If we eventually do not legalize more medical alternatives and allow patients more say…if we refuse to ‘listen’ to the people…Obama will be the last person ever elected to the presidency without a “promise” to de-scedualize.
    This is just the tip of the iceberg. We need to eventually cooperate with cartels and buy them out. The health departments can screen bag and distribute (Pre-qualified confiscated) medicine to government approved distributors.
    These are the ‘bold’ moves needed to get to the big picture of a loving world cooperating and putting commerce over sophistry. As for science, religion and philosophy…they have been and continue to be censored by The Urantia Book. The Greeks had science without religion, and the Jews had religion without science. Censorship from The Urantia Book and an evolution to true religion…the “I am That I am” is a certainty in God Speed. As for all the rest, the laws are on the books. Democracy and Communism will cooperatively trade, prevent world war 3 and show how both systems benefit through cooperative policing with high technology. The whole idea is to restore our earth into “Light and Life.” Medical marijuana will assist a great many folks to live happier lives. Americans need to realize that we are growing in numbers. We put Obama in power, but we can just as easily put another in the next time until all American’s realize that “their” issues will not get our votes until our ‘issue’ gets priority…period.
    This issue should have been number one on the debates. I have no regrets for voting for a minority named Obama, but I will never make the mistake twice if within four years he does not progress the legal medical marijuana movement. Currently the Medicare supplement programs are spending about $1000 a month to pay for my synthetic THC. At least I can travel with it as it is a prescription medicine. I am going to keep my eye on the minorities and see how they vote.
    If this President – Elect does not get it right I will vote for a redneck hillbilly next time. 17 years of my life, so that someone can now get it legally. I am not angry, but if Obama fails on this within the first two years, like I said…never again!
    God Bless America and our right to the pursuit of health and happiness.
    Urantia Jim
    James Patrick Lacy
    42499 Old Hwy. 80
    P.O. Box 427
    Jacumba, CA

  33. As a former member of the Democratic National Platform Committee (1992, Jerry Brown’s representative from Wisconsin) I introduced an amendment to legalize hemp as an industrial asset. Economically and socially, it seems even more necessary now, in 2008, for the new administration to act on overturning seven decades of misinformed and actually biased actions and laws regarding hemp and all of its related products. Grown and taxed like any other resource, hemp and the flowering portion of some plants–commonly known as marijuana–would once again take its important place in America’s family of useful and job producing industries.
    Randy Kryn
    December 21, 2008

  34. Thank you Richard S. I was getting a little worried at some of the generic responses on here. Obama will be changing nothing. Look at how he is now alienating gay people. How can a black man have a prejudice against anybody? People were fooled into thinking that because he is black that things will be different, wrong. I also love how people talk like we are so advanced cuz we elected a black man. Give me a break. Meanwhile we are banning gay marriage all over the country. The U.N. just passed a new law decriminalizing homosexuality all over the world. Guess who the only modern western civilization that did not sign the bill. Good ol U.S.A. (Ironically it was basically just the U.S. and the muslim nations that did not sign it). I know that it’s kind of off the topic but I believe it’s all a matter of civil rights.

  35. I just read the entire Jack Herer website and if you havn’t gotten a chance, please check it out. There are some fascinating facts on his site as well as this one. I went to every link, listened to everyone’s posts, even the ones that are in opposition. Something is indeed happening, especially when you have other countries waiting and listening and holding a collective breathe for a silent majority that sees through tough times. I value all of your opinions and I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of all of you who are willing to stand up for what we believe in. I was verbally attacked the other day and told if I don’t like how the laws are then I need to do something to change it and I decided then and there that I needed to start making a change. I’m glad that I wasn’t the only one who decided that enough of this and took to the websites and links to express my feelings about the subject. Mr. President does have alot of issues to discuss and he is deserved of a break to exhale. We all should do that from time to time. It truly is time to have open discussions pertaining to the one thing that keeps me hopeful for the future. It’s time to change the defintion of what this is believed to be and what it does to people. Am I saying everyone should be able to do it, NO. Their is a way in which we can competently adhere to facts and science. You all have a voice and I beg you to use it for whatever you believe. We are the people and we love this country and this world. It’s about time we started acting like it. Their are so many uses for this asset and it’s value is undeniable. I am not one for strong words but what I want you all to undertand is that together we can achieve so if you believe deep down that it is time then I am with all of you. “When the govt. fears it’s people; their is liberty. When the people fear it’s govt.; their is tyranny”. Silent majority has spoken, please listen. I love you all no matter what. That goes for my brothers and sisters in other countries as well. Keep up the fight. It’s bigger than believed. Don’t ever give up!

  36. All right, people. PLEASE take the one minute necessary to click the link in the article and sign the “Dr. Adelmann for Drug Czar” petition.
    We’ve only reached 2700 signatures thus far! We can do a whole lot better than that, and we must do better if we want “real change we can believe in!” Obama is not going to “give” us anything except a lockstep march with the status quo! We are going to have to DEMAND the change, LOUD and CLEAR!!!

  37. The Drug Czar won’t even be in the cabinet anymore, will he? There’s a Cabinet “ticker” on msnbc’s site http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/27343359/ and ONDCP is nowhere to be found. Obama has talked a lot about cutting wasteful spending and such.. would be nice to see that crock agency go. keep bringing us the updates, mr. st pierre!

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