Roll Call Is NORML!

Capitol Hill Cannabis Law Reform Lobby Highlighted

Since the election of Barack Obama to the presidency, despite the government’s best, but utterly feckless efforts to suppress cannabis culture and use in America, the ‘buzz’ in Washington D.C. and nationwide these days about alternatives to cannabis prohibition is palpable.
One interesting tea leaf for me to gather in this evolution towards cannabis law reforms at the national level is to see otherwise staid, Capitol Hill-based print publications such as The Hill and most recently Roll Call taking interest in the cannabis law reform lobby’s efforts in Washington—after decades of ignoring us.
Is real change afoot here as indicated by these mainstream, political publications casting needed public and political attention towards NORML’s nearly 40-years of grassroots advocacy?
Time, and increased public efforts by reformers, will tell…
Read a scanned version of Roll Call’s ‘Vested Interests’ article, here.

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  1. NORML deserves major credit for the wave and then the Internet for making it break.
    As a constant blogger of the Cannabis Culture I could tell that the ground swell was building. Recently the Vote (on-line) was just a small indicator of the number of advocates ready to take action.
    In my opinion, this year of 2009 will see the issue brought to the forefront of public debate.
    Smoke the Competition!

  2. With me as the new Drug Czar cannibis laws R certain 2 change 4 the better simply speak with Bill Maher whom I was able 2 meet on occasion 2 bad about George Carlin cuz together we could take this place back 2 the weed world it once was faster but,his strength is in my aura and me being so close 2 Jim D. Morrison with musical proof I’m a sure thing once Obama sees this n’ checks me out:)

  3. Yet another example of the editors unable to resist the temptation to pun
    about pot. Why? Because they all know it’s benign! You never see a headline like “Meth Use Rising Speedily” or “Heroin Reform Gets The Nod…”
    Happy new year everybody,

  4. The more mainstream this becomes, the more politicians will want to jump on board. Keep it up Norml!

  5. Finally making headway huh, well its about time too. Place more pressure on Obama’s campaign to reform Cannabis law. Did Obama claim he supported the Cannabis Law? If you got any leads, please give me a ‘heads’up.

  6. Just because he’s African American and a democrat doesn’t not mean he hasn’t sold his soul to the machine. Marijuana users, and especially medical marijuana users, are the nigger queers of modern U.S.American politics.(These highly offensive words are the only ones which can accurately convey the “less than” status which is imposed on us.) Until we start coming out and getting uppity we’ll continue to be treated as if we were second-class citizens.

  7. Sorry, I’m a bit pessimistic. And all the while I suffer physical discomfort because it’s classified a drug.

  8. The article is almost a month old, i would think this would of been shown back then, or either that i haven’t looked at the research good enough.
    Though i’m so glad this is going mainstream. Hopefully we’ll see this “change” really soon, our economy depend on it. Treat MJ as you would alochol, and make great use of hemp to help create new jobs and be independent on our resources.

  9. We are reforming our laws in Washington State so we can grow and use our medicine without fear! All states should have a provision for citizens to responsibly use Cannabis!

  10. When can we stop suffering and start smoking? My friends and I are in PAIN! Lets get it done!

  11. CHANGE.GOV has begun a second round of questions for the president elect to consider. Right now the lead question, with some 18700 votes, is regarding Patrick Fitzgerald prosecuting the Bush administration. The most popular cannabis question has a measley 8500 votes!
    NORML members and fans need to go back to and vote decriminalizing marijuana back into the number one spot.

  12. CNBC is having a special on the 22nd. Its called Marijuana Inc. There going into the business. not sure if this will be a sham like the National Geographic one but time will tell.

  13. The real problem I see is all the fake injured out there to just make a buck and all the real patients have to even deal with those types. I run a site for the patients to share their wares and have met alot of them. 8 out of 10 are in this for the money and it makes me sick. To even charge for trim that can make wonderful meds is straight up sick. If this becomes mainstream I think when the current patients come for renewals we have real doctors see them and verify the injury or disorder prior to going to the card doc and insist they show the real reports. The system we have in California is total bullshit. I say this and I have been a patient with spinal injuries and surgeries but have always presented my records to cover the card doc. It’s no wonder we get one foot up and take two back.

  14. What i dont get is why saliva is legal in headshops….and weed isnt! Hopefully the dea got my message! I have done every drug the most damaging drugs are meth, herion, and pcp-i have smoked hydro with every drug and every drug u must have weed for the comedown-weed/alcohol/cigratees should be the only substances legal in the country.

  15. I read the full article and I could look Obama in the eye and tell him the American people want this. It is a win win deal, create jobs, boost the economy, and create tax for the goverment. I know so many people who have jobs support their family pay their taxes and self medicate with Marijuana. No they don’t go to work or take the kids to the park intoxicated. I’m talking about responsible adults, the same way the goverment expects us to be responsible with alcohol. We should not have to fear our goverment when we are not hurting anyone. Thank you for all you do NORML and all who lobby for the reform of marijuana laws.

  16. We need to start our own “spin” on the issue, always keeping in mind that the majority of our elected legislators and political “leaders” do not have the backbone to do the right thing unless there is personal political benefit to them. Generally, they avoid or oppose marijuana law reform because they are afraid of being seen as “soft” on crime and/or drugs. We need to raise the public consciousness that politicians who perpetuate marijuana prohibition are, to that extent, actually supporting and protecting the criminals who make the real money in the marijuana trade. By creating and maintaining the “black market”, and making regulation impossible, these politicians are in fact fostering the perfect environment that the drug cartels need to thrive and rake in billions. Marijuana is the largest cash crop in the U.S., yet the government collects no taxes at all on its cultivation, distribution or use. Instead, the government spends billions of our tax dollars waging the “drug war” which actually protects and promotes the flow of cash into the drug cartels, rather than turning marijuana into a source of REVENUE to the government. The focus must shift to the question of why any legislator would vote to continue this policy. This same argument was used successfully to support the repeal of alcohol prohibition in the early 1930’s. Only when it becomes a political liability to continue to support marijuana prohibition will real reform take place.

  17. I would like to hear Congress’s answer as to why
    Dronnabinol, trade named Marinol, a pill that is 100%
    pure, synthetically created, T.H.C. is legal and
    only a Schedule 3, when the natural plant is a Schedule One. T.H.C. is the only psychoactive ingredient in the plant, so it’s the only chemical in
    cannabis to cause intoxication. Why, then, is a pill
    containing 100% T.H.C. not only legal, but down to a
    Schedule 3? (I think it’s a Schedule 3’s definitely not higher than a Schedule 2…at any rate, it should be the same Schedule as the natural plant.
    This shows, again, that prohibition is NOT driven by any concerns for health or safety, but by politics.
    If NORML had millions to give out in campaign contributions, you would see things change very quickly, I believe..if NORML and MPP could compete with
    the alcohol and pharmaceutical corporations in their
    lobbying efforts to keep cannabis illegal, we would eliminate the real cause of what is keeping it illegal, which has nothing to do with health or safety concerns…I mean, cigarettes are legal!!! And, in turns out that cannabis is actually one of the safest drugs known to man, if not THE safest, as no one has ever died from its use. One can’t even say that about aspirin! Cannabis prohibition is something completely based in politics, not science or health.

  18. We need to be as one networking together, all state and national groups to really push out the word on the issue for everyone to take notice and pay attention to.
    Hiding in your closets is not gonna help anything. Time has come for all to get Vocal on the prohibition of Cannabis for all reasons. God knows we have enough of a case for ending it and we all need to shout about it to the uneducated and meek. “In God We Trust” Legalize…
    Maine Citizens For Medical Marijuana are about to Kick off a Petition for ending prohibition in Maine, and one to fix the medical laws now on the books in Maine.
    Of course if the Repeal of Prohibition happens, the medical petition won’t matter, but in case it doesn’t we need at the very least this law fixed to be workable for our citizens.

  19. We need more open light and truth on the current marijuana laws and the new elect needs to give and lead the way of change for the laws and now it needs to happen

  20. Damnation drugs….religious reasons?…peace,pot,microdot…whatever…opinions are like ….. …

  21. Good the “M” word is finally getting discussed to bad we lost Bill Richardson in the Obama team.

  22. Face it Capital Hill Gangsters,
    Why else did the Clintons exempt ALL Capital Hill Gangsters from Drug Testing? Becouse DRUGS ONLY THE BEST DRUGS are for the Elietest ONLY the rest of US pay a TAX in Prison.
    You Reptiles feel the rest of US are nothing more than Slaves & Food. Day by day you are Destroying this Country & World.
    If anyone of you are HONEST Enough to TELL THE TRUTH Im a monkeys Auntie.
    At least the Mafia will tell you they are Criminals not play it off for the good of the Country.
    Money mongers & Political Whores with a GOD complex, may you all die of an Overdose of bad Cocaine the Bushes & Clintons bring into this country VIA the CIA.
    Rhonda McNeal

  23. This is why I campaigned so hard for “President-Elect” Obama. This is exactly the reason I voted for him.
    We need to stop this non-sense. Im happy,And Proud to live In Ca.However,… we need to turn this thing around EVERYWHERE period!

  24. I believe that this is going to continue to be brushed aside until it is forced to be dealt with. Politicians act like dogs so they have to be handled like dogs. When they go on the carpet you have to rub their nose in it… simply asking them nicely will leave you with smelly carpet.

  25. Heard it all before, in the 70’s when many states “decriminalized”, when Jimmy Carter was elected, when Reagan was going to get the goverment off our backs, when Clinton was going to put people first (HA HA), when the Medical M craze swept the west. Each time things only got worse for real reform. No appeal to logic, common sense, compassion, or constitutional justice will ever sway politico’s. ONLY VOTES matter in our system political system. Let politico’s know in their own words that when they voice their support for the was on some drugs, they forfeit your vote for them. REGARDLESS of agreements on other issuse.
    To the Rudy Giuliani” My wife is a nurse and she says no way is that stuff medicine.
    Answer on his website: I Support Medical marijuana and I say no way am I voting for you.
    To President Obama “President Obama does not support legalization of Marijuana”
    Answer: I do support legalization of Marijuana and will not vote for anyone who doesn’t. YES WE CAN agree to disagree on some issues while working together on others, But Marijauna Law Reform is a DEAL BREAKER.
    To All who say Marijauna reform would “send the wrong message”. Answer you favorite canidate. I’m sorry, good luck, godspeed, hope you win, BUT voting for you would “send the wrong message” that I support (through you Mr’ or Mrs. canidate) Marijuana Prohibition, which I don’t. Please make no further appeals for my vote until you change your position on this deal breaking issue, as such appeals will be ignored.

    I was thirsty so I went to the store.. Dr. Pepper please I said. We don’t carry Dr. Pepper only Coke and Pepsi, said the clerk. But Coke and Pepsi are the same thing, why don’t you carry Dr. Pepper, I asked. Because no one wants Dr. Pepper, said the Clerk. I want Dr. Pepper said I. ” Everyone buys Coke or Pepsi, said the clerk. Easily discouraged I agreed to purchase a Coke or a Pepsi ( it doesn’t matter which cause they’re both the same thing. Will you ever carry Dr. Pepper I asked the Clerk. He shook his head NO. Why not, I asked. Like I already told you no one wants Dr. Pepper. But I want Dr. Pepper said I. THEN WHY DID YOU JUST BUY THE COKE ( or Pepsi it doesn’t matter which one, they are both the same)

  27. When my Republican friends bemoan the mess ( pick one: the war, the economy, our oil addiction, their 401k balances) were in, I’m always tempted to say. But I don’t understand, You voted for Bush, isn’t this what you wanted. I’ don’t ever say this because I’m to nice. Maybe that’s why when I bemoan the (pick one: Marijuana prohibition, drug testing, SWAT raids, forfeiture laws,etc.) they don’t say. “But I don’t understand You voted for Clinton and Biden and your Democrat congressman. When they were running for office you knew where they stood and you voted for them anyway, isn’t the War on Drugs what you wanted.

  28. This voter DOES support regulating Marijuana exactly the same as alcohol. If you (Mr or Mrs. Politico) DO NOT agree, YOU NEED NOT apply for my vote.

  29. Real reform means regulating Marijuana exactly the same as alcohol. Nothing more nothing less. Logically if the authorities really wanted people to stop growing marijuana they would legalize hemp, the cross polinization would ruin outdoor high THC marijuana. By the same logic if the authorities REALLY wanted people to stop smoking marijuana the would decriminalize it. Under nationwide decriminalization you would still be denied employment, financial and student aid, organ transplant, health care, professional license, any recourse to due process in court, etc… because you tested positive for marijauna, going to jail would be the least of your problems.
    The NRA and AARP know how to use their memberships at the ballot box, They don’t compromise thier position OR vote for anyone who does. That’s why politicians cower before them. NORML people beg, plead, make logical arguments, appeal to compassion for dying people, offer to meet the drug warriors half way with decrim, and when NORML people are told NO they ACCEPT IT. and vote for said drug warrior anyway.
    Sorry to keep making the same points over and over, but I’m so tired of visiting sights like this and reading the same logical arguments ( “If we dercimed the police could arrest and Jail real criminals”, If it was legal we could tax it and pave the streets with gold”. VOTES VOTES VOTES say it again VOTES VOTES VOTES. Pledge that from now on to withhold your vote from any politician who does promise IN WRITING to fully legalize Marijuana. It’s the ONLY WAY.

  30. Good job everyone and thanks to all that use their voice!!!
    Marijuana users are NOT criminals

  31. Truly understand your rant Vote like a Beast.
    Since the 70’s I’ve been striving to get cannabis legalized, and …. it has gone no where.
    There are a great number of individual sites out there in favor of decriminalization and legalization. It really is time for all the various sites to come together as one and make a difference.

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