Americans' Top Political Priority: Marijuana Law Reform!

Thanks to everyone who voted in’s “Ideas for change in America” competition. Out of 7,847 ideas generated, “Legalize the Medicinal and Recreational Use of Marijuana” was voted the #1 idea for change (with 19,530 votes) in America!
Now its time to direct our strong commitment for marijuana law reform at Obama’s official website, where “ending marijuana prohibition” continues to remain in first place…so let’s keep it that way by telling all our like-minded friends, family and co-workers to vote now to make sure that Washington policymakers–from both parties–recognize the clear popularity marijuana law reform enjoys in the United States.

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  1. I appreciate the fact that NORML is trying to create energy around marijuana reform in the new administration with this poll. However, given the depth of the economic crisis this country is facing, it is more than hyperbole to claim that marijuana law reform is ‘Americans Top Political Priority’ on the basis of less than 20,000 votes in a unscientific self-selecting online poll; it’s the kind of disingenuous spin we are used to seeing from the other side of this debate.
    Instead of railing that marijuana law reform OUGHT to be the number one problem for lawmakers to solve right now, NORML ought to be making the case that marijuana law reform is a simple and sensible part of the solution to our ACTUAL number one problems: the economic downturn and the quest for renewable energy.
    Mr. Armentano has done a fabulous job editing the Clinical Applications booklet regarding medical marijuana. Why doesn’t he bring his considerable intellect to bear on creating a similar booklet regarding the exciting potential benefits to our economy of permitting hemp growth for biofuel and other uses. How much does Canada make from these industries, and what are their future potential? How much could taxing marijuana help the current insolvency of states like California?
    These are questions that can, should, and probably already have been answered by NORML; why not compile them and bring them before lawmakers? We need to be prepared since there is the potential of Congressional hearings at some point in this administration. Let us be relevant and topical and adapt to the political environment, instead of being shrill and insisting that it adapt to us.

  2. alright hell yea lets do this hemp/marijuana will save the world youl see lets fight till the end!!

  3. This blog is meant for our leaders to read.In a way it is meant to thankyou but you have to read the whole blog to see why.
    I am a 47 yr old male. I am self employed for 22 years running a successful home maintenance buisnes.
    I started smoking pot in my senior year of highschool and never quit. I am your avg American citizen who works to pay his bills and try to live a happy life. I give respect to others and try my damdest to be a good citizen!
    I went to the Army directly after highschool and spent 2 yrs 6 months of a 3 yrs commitment and was discharged with a general under honorable condition discharge, Unable to Addapt to Military Life. LOL. I was a M.P. . My gung ho Seargent knew I smoked pot and I refused to bust people for smoking a joint. I had numerous letters of accomaditions on doing a outstanding job but was discharged for smoking the “BUD”
    After the Army I came home and started working and paying taxes and doing everything a GOOD citizen should be doing. But I still smoked the “TREE”
    A yr and a half later I got busted for dealing pot and spent 22 months in prison. I was not the dealer but the person who went and picked it up. I know I know… in the eyes of the law it was me who sold it to the snitch, along with another dozen others. I was the only one who didnt grow up with the snitch since grade school. anyway …… I got out of prison with the attitude I will never go back !!!! BUT I STILL SMOKED THE “HERB”
    I started working 2 days after being released. Paying my taxes and and being a good boy to avoid being sent back on a parole violation. I was only able to smoke a cpl times a month so as not to have anything in my system. I got married to a lady with 2 very young boys and raised them as my own cause there sperm donor was a bum. At this time I was off parole and was now a daily smoker of Ganja. BUT I was still a ………………..CRIMINAL ……………
    2 years after being released I started my own buisness doing home repair like painting and fixing things around the house. I didnt intend to start a buisness but my wife was pregnant and we was needing the extra cash. I didnt want to go to welfare to ask for help so I went out and found some small jobs to do and stayed busy for the whole summer basically working 2 fulltime jobs all the way to winter time. Spring came the next year and the phone was ringing off the hook for help around their home and it was then I decided to start my own buisness. There was 2 reason for my decision in doing this. 1) the factory was just starting to piss test for drugs. 2) I really enjoyed working for myself and seeing what I did made a difference ……BUT I WAS STILL A CRIMINAL…
    Now 22 yrs later I have only had 1 run in with the law. I got stopped for speeding and and ended up being busted for possesion and paraphenalia. I was not smoking it at the time but I did have a corner baggie worth and SOB, my very first pipe I had purchased way back when I was In the Army. Lost my license for 6 months for the paraphenalia charged. Which made me a criminal again cause I had to drive in my buisness.or go on welfare. But thankfully I never got stopped during that 6 months !!!!! And I never quit smoking grass. and to this day I am still a CRIMINAL
    Now after reading this you may say how is this a Thankyou to the Goverment. Well if the goverment had leagalized marijuana way back before I started my buisness I prob never would of quit. Instead I would still be working a deadend job for for 300.00 bring home pay a week barely making ends meet not knowing if my job will be there tomorrow,the factory I was working at made car parts…doors fenders hoods etc.)
    My home town of Wooster Ohio have lost many factories during the last 8-10 years. hmmmm. the BUSH years.. We have lost thousands of jobs as many comunities across the US are experiencing and I am sooooooo glad I dont have to worry about that !!!!

  4. I think the people went way out of their way to NOT mention the number one issue. I call bullshit on this organization. Talk about “bias”. THANKS A LOT CHANGE/NOT .ORG.

  5. Me too Fonz, I’m voting and posting every place I can as often as I can! I am tired of being a victim of my own government. I am speaking loudly and often. We must continue the fight for our rights. If we don’t fight for them no one else will. Change can happen if we make it happen. Keep up the excellent work everyone, now is our time. Blessed be~

  6. If anything needs to be chain-mailed out to all your buddies… This is it. Blog about it, post the url everywhere you can! Then donate some to NORML cuz they’re helping to organizing us. More than “other” organizations.

  7. ive got one question by evreyone why didnt we choose the person who didnt want pot legalized but wanted to end the war on drugs im talking about mike gravel…why didnt we choose him?

  8. It’s amazing to hear that this issue is going to be a hot issue. I really hope to see marijuana legalization hit the media. That would really help the word get out there. WE WANT LEGALIZATION!

  9. Voting closed today at 6pm
    Right before the site “closed down for maintenance” we were ahead by 22,000 points of #2 (a huge margin). #3 was also “stop undermining state medicinal marijuana laws with federal resources”.
    Hopefully Obama will stand true to his word, and will not keep on ignoring this issue.

  10. this is so much bull-shit… I voted for Obama and I honestly don’t think he’ll even address the issue of legalization/decriminalization until somebody at a press conference corners him into answering the damned question.. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.. for now, but he needs to give a real answer & prove that this is still a representative government. I’m generally not cynical, but I do hope he is who he espoused himself to be and not another puppet.

  11. Would it be possible to somehow organize pro-pot celebrities to make a pro-pot commercial for the Super Bowl? I believe that might provide us exactly the type of publicity we need and at a critical point in history. Not much time left…

  12. You haven’t made anything happen.
    Obama issued a terse one line statement reiterating his previous position against medical mj.
    His interest in citizen input is purely cosmetic.
    Mainstream media has roundly ignored the popularity of this issue.
    Maybe in 12 years we can try again.
    4 to slog our way through a business-as-usual Obama presidency.
    Then 4 of the gop candidate we elect in disgust.
    Then 4 more because we’re collectively none too bright.
    Then another dem who will be more concerned with what they perceive is best for us.
    Wake me up when the Puritans have left the building.

  13. what we need is a national campaign and excellent speaker to get are message across a national pettion we need better ogrnazation. Obama we voted on change . org but on tues the 20th i will bet that this topic doesn’t even get adressed there are many people of the united states still see marijuana as reefer madness and so closed minded to a change that they don’t realize the jobs and revenue it could bring a billons $$ to are country that is falling closer and closer to another depression. we have millons of people that are in jail because of plant. while alcohol pills are claiming millons what we need is a CHANGE!!!

  14. my letter to
    Dear Obama,
    Im sure many people have already proposed suggestions for the economy, global affairs, business matter and the like. But my Vision, along with many others, is that of a better Nation, in its own sense, and entirety.
    I, too, wish to achieve this dream. But my suggestions for doing so, are frowned upon by many members of Society, mainly because people haven’t been provided the whole truth on the matter.
    My Idea, is involving Marijuana. However, many people think quick to condemning it because of it misuse. I think it has the power to even save the world, and this is why i believe such.
    Aside from all the negativity of it that ‘criminals’, like myself, have given the subject, it possesses many uses.
    Medicine, and my favorite,
    All these things can be produce by such a simple plant. Agreed many people smoke it get high, and im not trying to promote drug use. Drug abuse is a big problem in Society, and mainly because it isnt controlled enough. Cocaine, Meth, and prescription medication abuse are rampant and need to be addressed.
    However, Oil, a Vital necessity in our society today, and Resins made from hemp are a great alternative to relying on foreign markets. that along with Ethanol, an easy by-product made from decomposing material, not including the fiber that can be used to make paper, a commodity destroying our forests in the world, Forests full of trees and plants that produce the very Oxygen we need. a necessary component for OZONE, something being depleted each and every day week and year. Simple home products like rope and cloth for clothing and linens.
    What about natural medicine, for people suffering from Anorexia and Bulimia Nervousa, and countless Cancer cases, and Glaucoma, along with Psychological disorders, specifically Anxiety, which is of growing concern. at least 1 of 3 people i know suffer from a form of anxiety.
    But medicine needs to be monitored, and the lack thereof has resulted in millions of Americans abusing medications rampantly.
    Im not saying every person who smokes weed has the right to do so, but i believe that education is necessary in society and people have condemned it for much time, even though it has many uses. im not saying all criminals are innocent, but ive been labeled a criminal because i choose to participate in something i believe in, im not a violent offender, i volunteer for community services, especially here in Houston after Hurricane Ike. ive helped save a life, but because i support one thing, im considered a negative member of society. it does not excuse my actions, but i know the risks i take when i make such a choice. But i wish someone in Washington could understand how i, like many people, in normal Society, view social issues

  15. Interview with PROSPECT HILL in Methuen, MA about question 2 decrim and the Methuen city hearing to overturn what 65% of MA voters voted for.
    Music: Prospect Hill
    “Break Down” and “4 AM”
    For info on all the local hearings and flyers/posters to bring to them.
    Lawrence Eagle Tribune Agrees With Us! Methuen Mayor William Manzi this is a bad idea.
    Methuen City Council, 7PM, TUESDAY NIGHT!
    Searles Building, Room 308
    41 Pleasant St.
    Methuen, MA 01844
    You can also call the city counsil, please leave them a message! Thanks them for their service and ask they vote with the will of the people and for decrim as it stands and is working…
    Methuen Council Office: 978-983-8510

    City and town officials across the state are scrambling to pass RE-CRIMINALIZATION BY-LAWS that would make pot smokers criminals again.
    Quincy, Framingham, and Milford are already very close to passing these measures. Worcester city counsil was the first to vote on it, we won in Worcester.
    Will your town follow? Check out and for the latest news!
    Tell your town governments to keep marijuana DECRIMINALIZED and not RECRIMINALIZED!
    Be there with us this Tuesday Night, 7PM on the streets in front of Quincy City Hall and then inside for the city council hearing!
    Quincy City Council:
    1305 Hancock St, Quincy, Massachusetts 02169
    Date: Tuesday, January 20, 2009
    Time: 7:00 – 8:00 pm
    By MBTA: Red Line (Braintree Train) to Quincy Center. City Hall is behind the T Station on Hancock Street.
    Despite the 63% margin of voters who said “yes” to Question 2, Quincy will be looking to RECRIMINALIZE MARIJUANA on Tuesday, January 20, when they meet at 7pm. If they are successful, Quincy will be the first town in Massachusetts to do so since Question 2 passed.
    This could open the door to more towns following suit.
    Last week, the Worcester city council voted 7-4 AGAINST recriminalizing marijuana. If it is defeated in Quincy, it will show lawmakers across the state that decriminalization was the right choice, and that the voters knew what they were doing when they said “YES.” DONT LET YOUR VOICE GET SILENCED BY THE “REEFER MADNESS MENTALITY” OF YOUR LOCAL GOVERNMENT.
    Come stand with our brothers and sisters in Quincy, and lets end this recriminalization movement now.
    Calling out Quincy Mayor Thomas Koch, Methuen Mayor Manzi and any other paid politician ruling against the vote of the majority who feel like nobody should ever be arrested for using cannabis!
    Patriot Ledger Letter to Editor about Protest/Rally!

  16. I am saddened to say that the issue of legalization or discussion of marijuana law reform is being dismissed as a “fringe” issue. Swept under the rug and buried deep at both and
    Despite being the #1 question at there is not a button, or link or even a hint for the marijuana legalization petition or for the marijuana reform platform, you must do a search to find it.
    And after the single curt answer to the first round of questions, there has been no response to the marijuana issue even though it placed three out of the top 10 questions, and is again the number one question in the citizens briefing book.

  17. Well, We have made our statement yet again over at the’s site and now they are asking for input on how to bring these ideas to fruition.
    I posted this over there as a stimulant for the topic:
    The first step towards Legalization is to determine a measure for testing active cannabinoids or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels.
    This will ensure that, like alcohol, there is a way to find if people are driving under the influence or if it is just dormant in the system from earlier use, but not active.
    Re-education is also a TOP priority. Our society is so confused between the truth of what they see in their lives and the lies that are fed from past govt. admins. Starting with the racist lies of Henry J. Anslinger and propagated for almost 70 years.
    Regulation: Obviously there are already models in place for the transition of Cannabis to the legal arena. Alcohol Models work quite well. Vendors will be required to obtain a special permit(same as with Alcohol) and presided over by the A.L.E. or the A.T.F. Persons under 18 would be unable to purchase Cannabis cigarettes. Any business caught selling to Minors would also be subject to the current laws for selling alcohol or tobacco to minors.
    Personal growth and/ consumption standards: For those who wish to grow there could be a small, one time, licensing fee of $100. Personal consumption should only be permitted in socially acceptable conditions such as one’s home. Public usage would be treated the same as drinking. laws are already in effect such as Public Drunkenness and Disorderly Conduct. These laws will work in perfect tandem with the Cannabis plant.
    The govt could also ensure that ONLY safe and non tainted Cannabis reaches the people. Unlike current standards where purchasing comes from a drug dealer with no oversight. With legalization the FDA could help regulate standards of safe Cannabis.
    Taxation: This is the real payoff for the govt. With the legalized taxation of the Cannabis plant; the US govt can make an absolute fortune off of this miracle plant.
    A company sells the pack for 9.99
    $4.99 for the cost of the smokes
    $3.00 for Federal Tax
    $2.00 for State Tax
    10 Million Americans Smoke Cannabis
    1 pack a week
    10 million packs per week at $3.00 = $30,000,000 per week in Tax revenue.
    30 Mill multiplied by 52 weeks = $1,560,000,000 Tax revenue.
    This is, of course a simplified and conservative estimate. The prospect for increased revenue for the govt here is unparalleled. This comes at a time where the govt is in more need for money than almost ANY time in our nations great history.
    Govt costs: There would be little in the way of extra costs. As a matter of fact the costs for law enforcement to taxpayers would decrease as a result. The A.T.F. and A.L.E. are already in place as institutions that can help enforce the new policies. There would be much more money freed up to pursue REAL crime in our towns and cities. This would also free up room in our prisons for true criminals and not American citizens who are victims of hypocrisy and injustice. Our govt has real problems with National Security; Terrorists; faltering economy; 2 wars; Debt that China owns so much of that they basically own us and the list can go on. Can we really afford to keep fighting this war at home against our own people? Against Cannabis? A plant that has more benefits than detriments? Can we really afford to keep up this madness? 70 years of Prohibition is long enough to prove that this war on Cannabis has been an utter and complete failure.
    Only by using logic and common sense can we finally make a real impact on the war on drugs. By removing the HERB, Cannabis from the same bonds as Cocaine and Methamphetamine, can we begin to heal this great nation and return it to the roots of our forefathers. For if they had intended on a war against Cannabis; they would have done so from the beginning rather than grow Hemp and Cannabis such as did George Washington.
    These are merely some rudimentary ideas that may help guide this discussion in a more productive direction.
    Thank you for your time,
    Jerry “Tone” Borelli
    Constitutionalist, American
    We Must not relinquish our grip on this issue. We have them backing into a corner now and they MUST address us sooner or later… it WILL be sooner if we do not let up on our pressure.
    Keep fighting the good fight, for the freedom of all hangs in the balance!

  18. I like it. Yes we can(nabis)!!!!
    Obama needs to de-criminalize quickly to avoid the conservative accusations of being “soft on crime”. If he does it early, four years from now, we might be moving towards legalization, as people see that things have improved and many want to get in on the profits. Truth always prevails over fear.

  19. Legalization of marijuana would break the corporation’s grip on our country. Be nice to leave fascism behind for a Mary Jane economy. They don’t seem to sit together very well.

  20. We need to make sure that we get things moving. We need to keep pressuring Congress to open their eyes.
    We should be pushing Obama to conduct scientific studies before we talk about legalization. It is a lot easier to convince Congress to do a few (unbiased) studies on marijuana than to ask for full-blown legalization.
    And when the studies show that marijuana is harmless compared to alcohol and tobacco, they won’t have much of an argument for continuing MJ prohibition.

  21. I started posts at the Daily Show and The Colbert Report, let’s get them on the band wagon. Obama is ignoring the will of the people, and shows like those should call him on it.

  22. I am scared that even though immediate legalization has topped the polls twice on as well as, it is yet to be address. It could be beneficial in so many ways in such a short time!!!
    We, as a people, have to continue to prove that we are not going away and want our change now! It could be done just as easily as FDR did it for alcohol right after he took office. For the sake of us all and especially our brothers and sister being arrested every thirty seconds, we must flood with this demand and if that doesn’t work I am in favor of taking this to Washington!!!
    Citizen in Need of Change

  23. Yes, we need to continue to get the facts out there. While the dogma attached to cannabis will not disappear overnight, I truly believe the facts are on our side. We need to focus our arguments in a way that non smokers will be able to understand and rally behind. I think pot is fantastic, however that is hardly a persuasive argument to someone who is either neutral or opposed to cannabis reform. Instead, we should focus on issues such as neighborhood safety, and how the regulation of cannabis would make it easier to educate and keep it out of childrens’ hands (Cannabis is far easier to obtain for underage kids than alcohol). This will get Susan Middleclass and Sally Childprotector on our side. Then we can start to discuss the vast economic and job opportunities Cannabis regulation would produce.

  24. BTW they chose to leave the poll results up at even after voting ended and “End Marijuana Prohibition” was on top by almost 20,000 points. As a skeptic I say this while biting my tongue, perhaps they are no longer embarrassed by the will of the people. At the very least it is not negative.

    Let’s please not forget this thread and end this nonsense! We, the people, can’t afford to pay for a failed (some)drug war any longer! It is a harmless plant that was put here for us to use! It could also give us an unbelievable positive effect on our economy almost immediatley! We need to do everything in our power to get this into mainstream media!!!

  26. if you look on
    Q: “Will you consider legalizing marijuana so that the government can regulate it, tax it, put age limits on it, and create millions of new jobs and create a billion dollar industry right here in the U.S.?” S. Man, Denton
    A: President-elect Obama is not in favor of the legalization of marijuana.
    what do you know folks… fooled again

  27. Dear Friends,
    I have just read and signed the petition: “Legalize marijuana and end the senseless “War on Drugs'”.
    Please take a moment to read about this important issue, and join me in signing the petition. It takes just 30 seconds, but can truly make a difference. We are trying to reach 1000 signatures – please sign here:
    Once you have signed, you can help even more by asking your friends and family to sign as well.
    Thank you! Alan

  28. If marijuana isnt legalized in the next five years, i will lose all faith in humanity period. Dale Denton Pine Apple Express. Marijuana isn’t a drug, we as an society have been brainwashed into beleiving the lies our governments started over 75 years ago with reefer madness, marijuana has only been outlawed 75 years, I think its time we put an end to the lies, we need to light up and blaze in public, everywhere we need a serious spike in arrests or better ywt a serious spike in popularity, we need to rally, come together, the million blunt march if you will, but we’ve got to do it our selves or let the government who isnt going to admit they’ve been wrong for nearly a century , think about it and obama is the fist african american president ever, hows it going to look on him to all the “haters” if he legalizes the plant, we’ve got to come togethger, and make “tokeability” commercials sorta like the drinkability ones, but only like smoke 2 blunts eat a couple cheese burgers drink a couple shots kill a couple teenagers, or while were at home melting iunto the couch smoking marijuana ur out drinking and driving which ahs proven to be way more deadily than marijuana which has never and will never kill one user. marijuana isnt a drug if anything its a gift from god that could potentially save us from a disatarous reccession or depression, legalize marijuana today!!

  29. i am willing to fight for what i beleive in and i beleive in this plant and its full potential with its many various uses. i’m a a champion debator, captain of the bay point high school debate team 2005 and won many trophys at the university of miami junior debate league. I use marijuana everyday and im proud of it. I love marijuana and honestly the lawas do not effect me because im goign to toke regardless

  30. Just thought Id toss this out. Ya all are two stoned to realize there were two sites., and You might as well disregard ANYTHING that the .org one showed or did, meaningless.
    The .gov one already got Obama’s due attention. The response was; “the obama administration does not support legalization of marijuana”.
    There you have it. IF one thing is certain, the smoke eventually clears. Thats all they are gonna do, let the haze clear and focus on restoring confidence in the american dollar.
    Legalizing drugs is not on the agenda. Its on over half of marijuana law reformers minds, but not Obamas…partly [if not single handedly] because most want all drugs legal. Thank you very much, its been over 30 years and you still havent passed a single law [ya thats directed at norml, and any cookoo that wants their coke legal]

  31. Amsterdam 1980: a three-day First International Cannabis Legislation Conference takes place at the KOSMOS-Center (celebrating in Paradiso!) , co-organized by NORML. It attracted a large varied audience, because of the thirty experts, from all over the world, pleading for decriminalization.
    Where are they now?
    A few weeks ago, this time in The Hague, a Cannabis
    Tribunal threw in the statistics showing that the Netherlands, due to its tolerance towards semi-legal coffeeshops, had a smaller percentage of REAL addicts (to hard drugs) than surrounding countries in Europe, where the usual American-born hysteria still survives.
    Our Common Real Enemy is the Drugs Czar at the United Nations Drug & Crime Dept., who was interrupted at three occasions by Dutch psychiatrist Freek Polak who challenged him with this fact – which he refuses to answer. Recorded on YouTube!
    Keep on the good work. Holy, happy, high. Simon Vinkenoog, Go with the blow,, co-author (with George Andrews) of The Book of Grass, 1966.. Year of the Ox: Love from Amsterdam, Mad Master.

  32. I remember a few months ago when I got excited because Barrack Obama had taken the primary defeating Hillary. He seemed to be the most intellegent canidate that I had seen in my lifetime. It wasn’t just that. He has a way about him that makes you feel close to him. While he speaks you can see a hint of insecurity yet plenty of composure that puts confidence in your heart, that and just maybe he really is the “change” that his campaign was based on!? I put my confidence in him, as not just a canidate, but as a man. I believed that he was a man of his word and was the best canidate by far to run the United States of America!
    Early in his campaign the subject of the legalization of cannabis was brought to his attention. I’m not quoting him exactly but he said something to the effect that the drug war is a faiilure and we needed to rethink and decriminalize marijuana laws. This was a big deal for me for medical reasons. I had a failed back surgery and it didn’t turn out so good. I have been through many drugs(legal) and doctors. The last “pain” physician that I was with had me on 30+ pills a day! It was then that I decided that I was done with the meds! After a lot of research on the drugs that the doctors were pushing on me and their affects I decided to quit taking everything for a couple of months and survived on marijuana. I have also done a lot of research on medicinal marijuana and I am amazed at the lack of side effects, yet there are actually benefits! The problem with this is that I don’t live in one of the twelve states where it is recognized as a medicine so that made me a criminal. I have no criminal record, I am a productive part of society(was), I am a very involved Father, and so on. I did go back to a small amount of man-made medication but still continue to add my own medicine to that and the relief is outstanding! I am able to do more than lay in bed like a zombie!
    So, I continued to fight for the things that I am passionate about and kept an eye on the campaign. I became very excited again when Obama announced his website, It was created so the government could be given back to the public, which was his opinion. I immediatley started following the question polls that were contained in The Citizen’s Briefing Book on the website. After a while I registered and voted. To my astonishment the legalization of marijuana was at the top of all three polls with a high majority in favor, usually around 85%. I am pretty sure that they just flat out ignored this fact the first time. The second was responded to with a very vague no, while the rest of the top questions were elaborated on. I am still waiting to see some sort of answer to the third poll. In the third it finished approximatley 20000 points higher than the number two. The poll got thousands of questions, and millions of votes! If you had a chance to look at this site before the switch to, you would know that judging by the detailed, essay style comments in favor of legalization that these comments were written by very intellegent people who, like me, have done their research and know the benefits far outweigh the lack of negatives! If this website was created to bring the government back to “main street”, why in the hell are they spitting in so many faces of the very people that helped to propel him into office? I would debate Obama any day on this issue and prove marijuana to be what it is, a harmless plant! The author of the question says let’s take a scientific look at it, yet the Government’s respons is “no”. That’s pretty impressive, complex science!
    The bottom line to all of this is this is an unjust, predjudice, outdated law that needs to end. Obama has the opportunity to do the exact same thing that FDR did with alcohol in his first 100 days, and it needs to be done! The War On Drugs is a complete and utter failure! We can not afford to support this any more. One American is arrested every 30 seconds for simple possesion!? If we legalize, regulate it like alcohol, and tax it we would have the deficit paid in no time. We would take the money out of the cartels and it would be put into our society! It would put an end to any street violence that may exist due to pot. The prison populations would be realistic and there would be room for “real” criminals! It would create millions of jobs at a time when this is a must! It could be used as an easily renewed energy and is one of the cleanest burning fuels known to man. It takes a few months to grow a plant to maturity, where as it takes a lifetime for a tree to grow back! This is a no-brainer at a time when we need all of the simple solutions that we can get!
    Mr. President you have contadicted yourself in your first days as our Commander and Chief! I believe you to be an honest(for the most part) man! You can not say one thing and do another and expect your loyal supporters to stay loyal! I think that we wouldn’t mind if you went back to your first stance on this issue!
    I ask everyone if you are passionate about any issues to pursue them on! I have seen no open forum as of yet on the new site which is a little scary, as if he now has decided that he doesn’t want to hear our voice!? There is a contact page limited to 500 characters but that is it. Attack your passion on both a federal and a state level. What we need is a revolution of words! We need to let the Washington Elite know that we are here and our opinions are significant!
    Peace and Love As Always,

  33. das, thanks for the reminder i went over and voted who knows maybe this time it will initiate the beginning of legislation for the legalization of marijuana across the US or a least awaken our political leaders to the majorities desire for change.

  34. The Marijuana Growers Associations of North America (MGANA) would like to take this opportunity to thank President Obama for continuing to support marijuana prohibition. Without your support Mr. President, and others like you, we would have to compete with professional licensed farmers, distributors & merchants who collect & pay taxes. The profits would be so low & costs so high that we would have to close our operations. It’s reassuring to know that we can look forward to at least 4 more years of record profits & not having to pay taxes, either. Thank you again, Sincerely Joe Growop.
    That’s right, if you support the continuation of marijuana prohibition you favor a policy which is responsible for a booming industry. Now, that’s saying something when the entire world is experiencing a recession. Way to go guys.

  35. Connecticut is now thinking of decriminalization. Under 1oz is just a fine. This is a great thing for us. It seems that the economy has gotten the state to realize that it costs too much to house a few puffers who in reality did nothing wrong. I wish this luck on all states.

  36. Our founding fathers’ main goal was to give American citizens freedoms and rights that were not enjoyed in other countries but have all the amennities other countries did have and more.After all these years,still not accomplished.Shame on you American politicians for not following through.If we ever find ourselves with the financial means to do so we are moving to Amsterdam.Anybody want to help? We are currently accepting all contributions.They are not tax deductable but they are 100% no questions asked.

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