Marijuana, Inc: Tonight on CNBC!

A major, strongly promoted news special on marijuana prohibition will air this evening at 9 PM and 1AM (eastern) on CNBC.
CNBC is running an online poll in relation with their documentary ‘Marijuana, Inc.’ and the results so far, not at all surprising—98% of voters have voted ‘yes’ to decriminalize marijuana! The positive tone of CNBC’s poll suggests that ‘Marijuana, Inc.’ will indeed be a well-watched news piece on marijuana, and likely another small step towards legalization and regulation of cannabis in the United States.
Just like with the efforts of the last few weeks, where marijuana reform ranked #1 for Americans, let’s keep the pressure on and see if the vote totals in support of decriminalizing marijuana can maintain a 98%-2% lead. Cast your vote here.
After you watch Marijuana, Inc., come back to NORML’s blogs and comment on what your impressions of the 1-hour documentary are and if you believe CNBC’s coverage of cannabis prohibition is helpful or not in the overall reform efforts.

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  1. Govt. is supposed to act on the will of the people. But as we have seen in the past it is run by money and putting people in jail is big business. The time has come for all drugs to be legal not just the ones your doctor puts you on. And don’t tax them either ,we have paid enough in human suffering.

  2. This show was an absolute waste of my time. Talk about Republican biased bull.
    Did you do ANY research at all? “Marijuana is completely legal in Amsterdam…”?? RESEARCH??

  3. I’ve just watched the rest of the show. It’s a sickening attempt to paint marijuana growers as greedy, violent nut-balls who have no respect for common, everyday decent people. The stupid medical pot dealer in California didn’t bother to act professionally. He even allowed his dispenser to be referred to as a bartender, or, “bud-tender”. Give me a break. Then, there was the medical grower who didn’t mind discussing the large amount of money he makes as a grower. I suppose CNBC may have found some (more respectable) growers and dealers to interview, but they only showed the dumb***es who make the rest of us (users, growers, etc.) look like a bunch of criminals and fools. This program was not cool at all.

  4. Well i liked it. I mean it was totally unbiased. After all they were looking at the pot industry not the medical aspects or good or bad. i especially like the pilot at the end his comments speak thousands of words for use all.

  5. I can’t believe the side CNBC is show about marijuana. The image they show is just all wrong but in some way I can’t blame them becuase the US does not regulate marijuana and marijuana gets in the wrong hands of people who are harmful with guns and want to rob caretakers or grow their own operation because of stree profit. I do feel sad about the family who moved just because too many growers were growing in their area and that is wrong but regulation could stop that. It is the #1 cash crop just like how tobacco or cotton was. There are millions of people who are responsible user who use it on their own free time or when needed. America needs to see that image as well and not this harmful way that US has label it. The Bush drug czar called it posion but what about tobacco, alcohol, and other percription drugs are, which cause other side effects, which are more poisonous than marijuana itself. Maybe marijuana is a gateway drug becuase young Americans see that these drug programs lie to them about marijuan and want to see for themselves how harmful other drug really are. I know many Americans who would stop using these legal drugs if marijuana was made leagl but don’t because marijuana is illeagl in the US. To myself I feel it’s all a profit scheme and some what a population control issue even if we waste billions of tax paying dollars on “War on drugs”.

  6. i found it “fake” in a way, that there was alot of fear tactics and the pro cannabis people weren’t looked at as normal people, more like frowned upon by the “family values” types…and showed how extreme the dea will go to trying to keep up something that cannot be controlled…i repeat…i cannot believe how conservatives are trying to “babysit” and make sure we dont do “bad” …there going to extremes, marijuana is nothing but a natural plant that pops out of the ground and causes EUPHORIA, in other words you feel like everything is alright even through the roughest times in life…and you laugh and have a good time, SUPPOT NORML

  7. I don’t think it did much for the legalization of marijuana, but at least it is becoming more of an open topic of discussion. Hopefully this will lead to more discussions and debates.

  8. I can’t believe the side CNBC shows about marijuana. The image they show is just all wrong but in some way I can’t blame them because the US does not regulate marijuana and it gets in the wrong hands of people who are harmful with guns and want to rob caretakers or grow their own operation because of street profit. I do feel sad for the family who moved just because too many growers were growing in their area but that regulation could stop that.It is the #1 cash crop just like how tobacco or cotton was. There are millions of responsible users who use it on their own free time or when needed. America needs to see that image as well and not this harmful way that US has label it. The Bush drug car called it poison but what about tobacco, alcohol, and other prescription drugs, which causes other side effects, which are more poisonous than marijuana itself. Maybe marijuana is a gateway drug because young Americans see that these drug programs lied to them about marijuana and want to see for themselves how harmful other drugs really are. I know many Americans who would stop using these legal drugs if marijuana was made legal but don’t because marijuana is illegal in the US. To myself I feel it’s all a profit scheme and some what a population control issue even if we waste billion of tax paying dollars on “War on drugs.

  9. I watched it. Overall, it was a good documentary but it seemed fairly moderate in its content. I’m not sure if it would strike up any debate or open a line of discussion on the success/failure of cannabis prohibition, since it seemed to do its best to not look like it was taking a side on the argument. But I thought that ending the show with the DEA helicopter pilot stating he thinks what they were doing was a waste was nice.
    I also thought that a one-hour news report wasn’t long enough to clearly explain the issue for someone who knew absolutely nothing of the lucrative cannabis industry, which I assume there are a great number of people out there who don’t. A 3 or 4-part series would’ve probably been more suitable but it is CNBC, so I guess I can forgive them for its brevity (it probably doesn’t have the budget of NBC’s Dateline or MSNBC). Who knows, if the report got ratings they may try and do more shows and dig a little deeper.
    I only hope that if ABC’s 20/20 ever runs its report, that it will attempt to raise more questions on the effectiveness of the “War on (some) Drugs”.

  10. Hit peice. Not one mention of a solution. Its either a lack of research on CNBC’s part or bias propoganda. The show falsely leads the viewer to see California as a legal state and then shows all the crime associated with it being legal(medical). Your average uneducated viewer walked away falsely corelating “legal” with more “crime” !

  11. Never mentioned how full legalization for medical and recreational use will reduce usage, crime, and generate billions in tax revenue (Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron 2005). Is it legal to say this on CNBC ?

  12. Why was there no mention of a solution ? Its either a lack of research on CNBC’s part or bias propoganda. The show falsely leads the viewer to see California as a legal state and then shows how much crime there is associated with marijuana. Your average uneducated viewer walked away falsely corelating “legal” with more “crime”. Never mentioning how full legalization for medical and recreational use will reduce usage, crime, and generate billions in tax revenue (Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron 2005). Is it legal to say this on TV ?

  13. I was a little disappointed that no where in the program did i hear that prohibition is a main cause to the violence associated with marijuana. But i suppose that wasn’t what the documentary was about.
    I do commend them on not filling this program with stereotypical “loser” stoners. Overall it was a decent documentary. Just wish they would have touch on the negatives of prohibition more.

  14. My Impression of the show sucked and it showed too much the cops side of things and how all these people are so afraid because 13 people around them have gardens and so they have to sell there home and move everything away because of the safety of there children OOOOOOO. You got the news spinning it that since there are so many grow ops that people are using violence with guns on these operations to steal the weed. The other part about how these outdoor grows of poison by mexican cartels that are choppin peoples heads off are the reason for all out door grows acording to the show. The chemicals there using are destroying the enviorment. Yea i agree these mexican cartels are bad news but the way they spun that whole show it makes everyone out to be some bad ass criminal that is doing a business that just isnt normal to the world and you should pity the common joe and cops in the emerald triangle because there flooding the state with weed and there doing the interviews to cry out for help to the DEA and its just utter choas to those points of views on the show.
    So all in all The show sucked, its obviously was made to make people see yeah, if it wasnt for these growers the area would plummet but yet the outside joe who dont smoke hates it and wishes it would go away. THe show will deffinately not change or sway peoples views. I could see a lil about the economics about it that might sway people witht he dollar signs, but from even myself watching it, looking at the prices at what these people claim that weeds worth and what they sell it for in the medi shops, they are seriously ripping people off, no way in hell some of those weeds should be going for 60 bucks for a few grams. So i see them just as much as crooks as street dealers are but hell at least a street dealer will give you a better deal than that. You just pay for the convienence of not having to deal with street dealers through them shops wich is bogus.

  15. This documentary was well put together and an eye opener for those with an open mind.
    Judging by your online poll, I fear that only pro legalization or pro decriminalization folks like me were watching, though.

  16. The piece ran by MSNBC surely covered alot of the ways people try to outfox the gov’t, from guerrilla grows to faux residents using an entire house. What MSNBC failed miserably at was showing the hundreds of thouseands of U.S. citizens that are jailed every year, the cancer patients (my aunt for one) that because of kemo and the drug regiments that could use marijuana to help with pain and naussea. Until the scare tactics such as those used in lastnights MSNBC program stop, we will be trying to communicate with those who are uninformed, biased and scared. It is good to see that there are more programs dipping there collective toes in the water of reform but, not one hase gotten wet!

  17. this show tried to make it appear that marijuana not prohabition is the cause of the proliferation of marijuana production in california and around the country

  18. i think it was not a bias production but it has informed many otherwise clueless citizens on the effects of the marijuana prohibition, the negative effects 🙂 and now like we all should know we come one step closer to are goal, the law enforcement even admitted that they were losing this “war”.That was a great morale booster. but it was painful to see them destroying all those beautiful plants.I can only hope that MY state is the next medical and recreational marijuana state.

  19. The actual show was pretty decent but what I’m more excited about is the exposure of the issue. We all know about this issue inside and out but there are ALOT of people we need on our side that have no idea we exist.

  20. I watched Marijuana Inc. last night and it was insulting. Ms. Trish Regan spoke of marijuana consumption as if it was outrageous and horrible. Instead of recognizing that what is happening with marijuana decriminalization is the voice of the people being heard, they act as if it is a bunch of drug addicts rising up and strong-arming our nation into being violent, drug infested, and rotten. The way CNBC handled the issue was close minded and prude, not at all logical.

  21. What a joke this show was. They portrayed weed to be a demon, that it is more dangerous than heroin! They interviewed one family and played one police call. There was no science involved and I would like to compare the number of alcohol related problems in that county! More propaganda BS!

  22. They made sure not to take any sides, though the female reporter did seem slanted towards the side of law enforcement. They did a good job of portraying the growers as regular people. I would have liked to see a more in depth look at the costs of prohibition on regular people though, that is what the majority of the country has yet to see. At the very end they said something like, “Police are wondering if they are winning this war, and if the price is worth it…” They should do a follow up report in which they tackle that question.
    My two cents…

  23. I watched marijuana inc. if they would decriminalize they would take a lot of crime off the street. but the law would like it to remain illegal so they make money off it.

  24. CNBC’s core audience is business oriented. They look for strong consumer demand to profit from and growing markets to exploit. The Marijuana Inc. program gave them that. It also showed the futility of prohibition to these market oriented people otherwise might not realize that prohibition is futile.
    All in all, considering the audience it was crafted for, the show was a complete success for drug policy reform.
    Another issue is that Wall Street does not allow the government get between them and profits. I hope that NORML and other reform organizations will realize this opportunity for what it is and hit Wall Street with an advertising media blitz for reform.

  25. I didn’t like the piece at all. It left me with the impression that CNBC thinks that we need to increase our efforts to eradicate marijuana.

  26. I watch CNBC daily from 7 am until 4 while working so naturally, I watched Trish’s Marijuana Inc. last night. Well, I loved it and I know others did too because it’s still being discussed on CNBC – mostly because Trish Regan decided to wear a green shirt the day after her expose. The report was very objectively and fairly presented, also did I mention I’m moving to Mendocino county…but not until I get back from the ‘Dam (can you say, ‘Guest Correspondent’ Trish? – hint). I believe the documentary will be on again Sunday night, so if you missed it, I recommend adjusting your tvs or dvrs. Enjoy.

  27. While watching this piece I was almost forced to change the channel because of the obvious bias showed by CNBC. They failed to present the material in an educational way, and instead made it look like a highly dangerous and illegal business. The disgust in the woman’s face after she smells the medicine in the dispensary sets the tone for the entire presentation. I am extremely disappointed with the way CNBC handled such a serious topic.

  28. I liked the fact that the Media showed the insane profits that are being made. The Media failed to show the damage done to the lives of otherwise law abiding citizens. They failed to show the root of the problem is prohibition. They also failed to mention that the drug lords would be dealt a major blow if Marijuana were ever to become a legal commodity..
    If they have no new strategy and openly admit that what they are doing is not working, why will they not try legalization and see if the results are promising. Lets give it a five year test trial.

  29. They did not get enough expert opinion. They had growers and public officials give there views on how it effects the economy but there wasn’t any economist. Most of my other problems with this show have been voice in other comments.

  30. The reason why the report may seem bias is because the people making it don’t have an understanding of the history of the plant. I didn’t either until about a year ago. People who have been told that cannabis is a dangerous drug their whole life are not going to even begin to think differently unless they know about the plant and why it is illegal. The sad part is that the politicians know why, just as well as anyone else who does a bit of research into the issue, that the pharmaceutical industry is a big supporter of illegal cannabis. As long as these big money makers like phizer have the government fighting for them there ain’t going to be a whole lot of change to the legal status.

  31. I was pretty disappointed by Marijuana Inc. Completely California-centric. Nothing in the way of what science says about marijuana, and its relative safety. Nothing about how science is restricted. No mention of health benefits. I realize CNBC has a slant toward economics, but framing the argument of both sides of this issue factually wasn’t exactly achieved. Pretty poor journalism overall. “Legal in Amsterdam.” Please, do some research CNBC. Aside from showing how lucrative the business of pot can be, things like the story of the Bay Area former smuggler took a lot of time and didn’t have much of a point. Again, hopefully people will want this commodity to be taxed so that society can benefit from it. I was hoping for at least a couple accounts from people who benefit from medical marijuana and what conditions can benefit would have been some pretty basic info to cover.
    I hope viewers came away with a sense of the economic potential at least. I think it spread more paranoia than anything, unfortunately.

  32. The website doesn’t really seem to contain any “positive” information. I unfortunately don’t expect anything good from these mouthpieces.

  33. hahaha and did yall see that sh** about the bucket that had the “mexican” food in it hahaha that place was all dried up and old, but a clean as* bucket with a can of menudo,new bottle of hot sauce,and a pack of tortillas( no mold ) get the fu** out of town with that sh**

  34. Watched it last night… What a bunch of bullshit. The host kept on repeating “this is not normal” or some variation of that. Ridiculous

  35. If neighbors don’t like what your doing, and what your doing is legal, they should move. A story near my hometome recently made headlines: “Tiger Escapes pen, is caught in neighbors front yard”. It’s legal where I live in Texas to OWN A TIGER in your neighborhood if you have the right paperwork. The neighborhood fears for their children’s lives, and has petentioned the county many times to have this Bengal Tiger removed, but since it’s legal, the country says no. Same thing with pot grow ups.

  36. I feel as if, it is a great thing to get some recognition from cnbc, but i still feel as if the focus was still to dim the raw “bad” light on marijuana. they kept talking about immigrant mexicans coming up to the americas and growing reefer!! well, mexicans arent the plants fault. if we could just step our boarder control up and keep them out, we wouldnt have to worry about them growing plants, or just legalize it and let them come and grow under permit to earn money for their families back in their country sorta like the landscaping and cponstruction business looks today. also, no one is really bashing reefer madness enough, i’ve seen that movie, it is terrible and awfully over exaggeratted and if thats what our marijuana laws are based off of, they need to be thrown out today. tobacco and alchol combined kills millions upon millions a year, while marijuana in all of it’s existence is known to be the root cause of not one death, forget drinkinility, it’s tokeabilitiy time, we need to add humor, like the commericals we see on tv, its a truckers truck for alchoholic truckers to mow down a whole family compared to smoke a joint eat a burger, idk i do not make commercials, im just saying pot isnt nearly has harmful probablly not even 1 percent as harmful as these idiots make it out to seem, and as long as america keeps feeding into this bogus imma keep saving to move to cali

  37. I fell asleep about 3/4 through it. I’ll replay it again and try to stay awake but from what I did see it was not becoming to the “trade”. It was framed as dangerous, etc. when in actuality it’s the safest medicine know to man.

  38. from my audiostash comments..
    I felt it wasn’t overtly anti-pot. I was left with the impression that no matter what, the industry will continue and also continue to grow. (pun intended) It could open up avenues for discourse. For example, the section outlining the problems in Mendocino County, (fires from faulty wiring, pollution from illegal outdoor grows, Mexican Illegals) could all be better regulated through legalization. Violators should still be prosecuted but no more so than any other polluter or incompetant electrical contractor.
    The helicopter pilot at the end summed it up well. “…”I would have to say no. That we’re not winning”( when asked if we were winning the War on Drugs) “The people that are winning are the people up here who are sustaining a marijuana culture and that’s basically what we have.”
    The report said that CA took in 11 million in taxes from the cannabis industry in 2006. Mendocino County owes 2/3 of it’s local revenue to cannabis. Why is it in their interest to allow raids like today in South Lake Tahoe? We need to keep talking, keep uniting, keep writing and keep yelling.
    For those listening the show indirectly pointed out that even through the billions spent to eradicate and arrest, cannabis has grown to become a very important part of CA’s economy. Now if they would turn their cameras to the rest of the country and the world for that matter I think they would find a similar case.
    ….I didn’t see this show as being either anti-legalization or pro-prohibition. That could make for a 6 hour mini-series by itself.I think what they were trying to do was to simply open a window into the business and some of the culture immediately surrounding it.

  39. ‘ These mexican marijuana grows…. ‘ i only caught the last part of this show but what i saw enraged me. A 10+ year veteran DEA officer pulling down plants by the pounds, and claiming that the people that were tending to the gardens were OFTEN STOLEN FROM MEXICO TO BE FORCED TO GROW MARIJUANA IN PUBLIC/STATE PARKS….

  40. Not a balanced and fair program, did not cover any positive aspects regarding marijuana. Very disappointed, Just more news media propoganda. Legalize it!!!

  41. The show seemed biased and lacked some research. The woman said pot was “completely legal” in Amsterdam, and one man called it a “poison”. All the violence and problems they blamed on marijuana should be blamed on the marijuana prohibition. Businesses would be legitimate and marijuana crime would greatly subside. Public land wouldn’t get destroyed because people could grow it at their own houses or buy it at stores. The reporter woman seemed surprised when Richard Lee didn’t want to disclose how much marijuana he sells on national television… They kept showing the one family who decided to move because people grew pot nearby. I guess if you accept the notion that growing pot is a bad thing moving is a good idea…

  42. I am glad I missed this news special. After having read all the above comments it sound like the program was mostly rubbish.

  43. So when is the Federal Government going to realize the fact that you can not possibly control something that is illegal? This is the EXACT same scenario they had when prohibition of alcohol was in place: illegal production and distribution of POISONOUS alcohol to whomever wanted to pay the price… no matter the age. Look at the alcohol industry today, 21 years of age, if your caught driving under the influence, you get screwed financially not to mention socially. It is taxed to high heaven and a good percentage of revenue is made. You lose your liquor license for selling to minors, which isn’t easy and is costly to obtain in the first place. Lets get the facts through to the Federal Government. TAX AND CONTROL this substance. I was TEN years old when I bought my first bag of buds. That most certainly wouldn’t be the case if it was CONTROLLED by the Federal Government. To control an illegal substance is completely impossible, and more costly to this country in this time of economic down-turn than it would be to come up with new laws to control it legally. Not to mention how many jobs would be created as soon as this happens, as well as how much revenue would be pumped into this ailing FAKE economy. Thanks for reading! Steven E., St. Louis, Missouri. 21 years old currently.

  44. I too watched this last night. It was OK, but I wish they would have interviewed more people on the front lines of it besides politically driven DEA agents. There are a lof of people out there (like my parents) that agree with all of us, but yet they have never indulged for recreational or medicinal purposes. The one thing I found amazing is that the State of CA was able generate $11m in tax collections from the medicinal clinics. There is a shift happening on our planet whether people like it or not and there is a reason we are all coming together. This is not a coincidence as there is no such thing in my opinion, but this is one way to get rid of old laws that were created by people with very little education and a slanted belief system with unopen minds and a quick to judge attitude about other people. The people that moved away from thier home in Mendacino County, CA are the same people that thought John McCain and Sarah Palin were the right people to lead our country.

  45. We are very disappointed in the media for not taking advantage of the chance to really put the truth out there for the PEOPLE!! Has anyone really looked into how much our government spends each year on “The War on Drugs”. How many people die each year trying to get drugs into this country and how many people lose normal law abiding citizens that get sentenced to more jail time then someone who killed someone because they got caught with marijuana. Marijuana is a natural plant that was placed on this earth and has SOOO many GREAT uses besides as a drug. If we would have legalized it years ago we would not have Meth! Meth is man made from chemicals and the cook houses can clear city blocks if and when they explode and the chemicals destroy the houses. You legalize marijuana you end the drug war, there would be no need for smugglers to bring it here because we would be growing it ourselves, no drug territory for gangs to fight over. Tax money for health care, after all the Kids care program is funded by the Tax on cigarettes. Use your imagination on what Legalization could mean for us and the jobs etc that it could create for our country. We need to stand up and vote for what we want! This is OUR COUNTRY and the government was placed there to speak on our behalf, Not tell us what they want us to believe. Research is the key, Marijuana is really not legal is these other countries as CNBC has said but Law Enforcement and the government have determined that crime is lower and it is easier to control when they know where it is and how much is being sold. They have won there WAR!

  46. The majority is for it but the Gov. doesnt want something more powerful than them become available.

  47. I think that any station that has the balls to air something like this is cool with me.
    While I was a little dissapointed at how they seemed to talk about the worst aspects of marajuana and did not mention the best aspects I still enjoyed it. For example they talked about mexicans chopping peoples heads off and hippies running families out of neighborhoods and didnt mention that it is a much safer alternative than alcohol. That it can prevent violance by being used in place of alcohol because we all know that drunks lead to domstic violance. Id also have liked to hear how it ruins good peoples lives getting busted. I also would have liked to see more adult smokers that could have given a little better conversation with the reporter.
    I missed where the guy called weed poison. thats just infuriating, I CANT O.D. AND FU**ing roll over dead from smoking too much. But if I take too many pharmacudical pills or mix the wrong medications my d*ck could fall off. Too much Alcohol I die… Too much McDonalds double cheeseburgers i get fat and die =)
    *my favorite part was when she smelled the herbs at the smoke shop and said “I like this one”

  48. Prohibition causes the crime.. not marijuana!!!!legalize it. The majority of the people want it legal and that will stop our kids from buying it

  49. oooh also id like to have seen some people in jail for possesion interviewed and family memeber interviewed.

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