Why Are Top Political Leaders From Both Parties So Out-Of-Touch With The Public’s Demand For Marijuana Law Reform?

It is hard to imagine liberal House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and conservative Minority Leader John Boehner as soul mates on any discernible level, however, on the issue of marijuana law reform, for entirely different reasons, they’re two peas in a pod.
Shortly after the conclusion of this summer’s Democratic National Convention in Denver, NORML’s Deputy Director Paul Armentano posted a blog highlighting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) comments exhorting the public to take the lead on communicating with their elected policymakers regarding any desired major marijuana law reforms in the upcoming 111th Congress.
With that call to action in the minds of many, American voters elected Democrats into workable majorities in both chambers and elected Barack ‘Change’ Obama—while voters in both Massachusetts and Michigan voted in strong favor for ‘change’ regarding their states’ antiquated marijuana laws—when given the chance and medium to express their viewpoint regarding what other ‘changes’ are on the American peoples’ minds, since the mid 1990s and despite strong, bias media opposition, marijuana law reform has emerged as a major policy change sought by the American public.
House Speaker Pelosi supports medical access to marijuana. That is not in question. However, it is not known whether she publicly endorses decriminalizing marijuana, but, as a longtime representative in the House from San Francisco, she likely supports California laws regarding marijuana, notably the state’s long time decriminalization laws for personal, adult use.
Does she have the power to move medical marijuana through the Congress? Yes, likely she does. Is she going to expend the kind of political capital needed so early in the 111th Congress and this ‘New Dealish’ presidency to accomplish this? I don’t believe so.
Well now, to make matters worse, we have the Republican Minority Leader, John Boehner (R-OH), appearing last Friday afternoon on CNN’s Newsticker, in a Digg-sponsored ‘Question and Answer’, not surprisingly, the #1 question put forward by CNN/Diggers was of course about…marijuana!
Mr. Boehner’s reply on the marijuana prohibition question (which appears at the 3:15 mark of the 22 minute video) is tortured on two levels:
Boehner’s deference to law enforcement and medical trade associations rather than to his constituents’ views, the Constitution, science, free market values and personal responsibility is, in a word, unfortunate:
While rattling off DEA-like talking points against marijuana, Rep. Boehner seems to remember mid-rant against marijuana that he 1) often claims to be a libertarian who favors limited taxation, controlling government spending, and maximizing entrepreneurialism and personal freedoms, 2) supports the 9th and 10th Amendments, which largely articulate states’ rights to make their own constitutional laws.
Too bad Boehner has consistently voted against the Hinchey-Rohrabacher Amendment, a spending amendment in Congress that sought to check federal law enforcement’s ability to spend tax dollars harassing state compliant medical marijuana cooperative and dispensaries, and, in effect, recognizing states’ ability to craft greater legal protections for medical cannabis patients and their providers.
After watching Boehner’s verbal gymnastics and political CYA, I could have used a naturally occurring anti-emetic, if you know what I mean!
A Congressional Cannabis Conundrum
The most powerful legislator in the United States, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi supports medical access to marijuana, but will not soon likely do anything to solve this long festering public health-law enforcement quandary, and the most powerful Republican legislator in the country is a chain-smoking, libertarian-talking prohibitionist.

The general public who support marijuana law reform (which is about 75% for both decriminalization and medical access) and many members from the working media inquire with NORML daily, ‘Why does marijuana prohibition continue despite its obvious failings?
Regrettably, one need only point to this single, but poignant example, demonstrated by this Pelosi-Boehner cannabis conundrum: Leaders who will not lead.*
*Even when they very likely know better and the American people (common sense, economics and decency) demand it!

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  1. Back up and look at the picture that someone in government sees. The last 8 years have created an unfathomable nightmare with the countless obvious consequences as well as unimaginable levels unseen corruption and mismanagement.
    The pot issue relates only to the leisure time of a minority of people.
    If you looked at the smokers you know (not you, of course) you might notice a certain reduction of effectiveness, ambition, productivity and general intellectual capacity while under the influence. At this particular juncture is it right to focus on a segment of the population’s need to debilitate themselves for hours each day?
    If you were in government and you were really trying to prove that excellence, expertise and engagement were how this country would solve problems, would this be an issue that would make it anywhere near the top of your agenda?
    Perhaps as an issue limited to medical needs, but otherwise – be proud to cut lawmakers some slack. Once they’ve proven that people who demand excellence of themselves is how problems are solved, they can move onto the absurd laws that limit our nation’s recreation time.

  2. I misread this. It sounded like it might be related to Canada with the words conservative and Liberals. How are they’re conservatives and liberals in the states.. and a minority conservative? Isn’t it republicans and Democrats? This article doesn’t make sense, what country are we talking about.

  3. “Whenever the offense inspires less horror than the punishment, the rigor of penal law is obliged to give way to the common feelings of mankind.”
    Edward Gibbon,
    “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,” 1776

  4. Jeff’s right screw the politicians and their lobbyists, they have a price tag we can’t afford and besides the DEA and other Law Enforcement Agencies are spread to the max. The quickest way is if everyone who smokes starts growing and we all went in on the same day or general vecinity there of and turned ourselves in for growing. Between the already over croweded prisions(which several states are so strapped they are closing prisions) and the flat percentage of population who enjoy a hit. Where the hell would they put all of us? They don’t have the room for everyone so they would have to go to favorible term for certain users, which is descrimination and grounds for appeal not just for the few they’d have room for, but those they’ve already locked up. We need to think more like the hippies in the 60’s and actually fight for our rights, not sit back and expect someone else to fight for us.

  5. They’re subjugating their own people for our own good? If that’s true, it’s fascist and must end.
    It’s not about debilitation. It’s about the money. If they wanted an effective populous, they would stop arresting effective people and putting them behind bars. No one can be productive in prison.
    If their goal in prohibiting marijuana is to make the world perceive Americans as more excellent or expert, they would be no better justified than the Hitler Youth trying to breed perfect soldiers.

  6. The question is “Who is the Next Drug Czar”? and why the wait? and why never answer our change.gov second round of questions?… They just close the web-site and open a new one whitehouse.com

  7. It’s not because they can’t hear us, it’s because the DEA is completely anti-constitution: allowing the government to seize any assets of any *suspected* drug dealer. (It’s up to the victim to PROVE they acquired their property through legal means, which completely sidesteps the 4th amendment against “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”
    I learned that from Jack Herer’s “The Emperor Wears No Clothes,” and you can read it online, for free, at jackherer.com
    Two other links that may be of interest to you are tinyurl.com/1mn and tinyurl.com/potconviction and you may want to order the book “The Marijuana Conviction” which is available now at half dot com! It is the book published with the research from tinyurl.com/potconviction
    Viva la cannabis!

  8. Oh and to Mr. Bonner before I forget, we go into a recession(differing lengths and severity of course) of sorts around every decade since the 1930’s. Quit making excuses for people who get a paycheck for being elected(on most of them I want my money back), it is a responsibility to work for the people not a proffesion designed to increase their bank account. Don’t believe me go through history, politicians did more of thier jobs back before they got paychecks for it, then they do know because they weren’t just trying to look busy.

  9. So many good points have been raised in this article. It has all been said many times, all I can say is;
    We must, all write our state and federal elected folks on a daily basis demanding that our word be heard. I personally send an e-mail each and every day to my state senate, and congress, also to my US senate and US congress politicians. I demand they hear my words, and listen to the will of the people of this country relating to MJ Reform that is demanded by the people. I have been doing this for the past six months, and I have never received a response from any of them. I live in Texas where the republicans rule the state. I warned my elected officials if they do not address this issue in this 111th congress they can kiss my vote goodbye. One of the blogs here noted a similar statement about warning the elected they will lose their vote. ONE Problem, why don’t you contact your elected folk and tell them how you feel, I did and will continue, until either, the men in black come and take me away, I die, or when it finally becomes a non-issue.
    Until then, I will continue to grow the ganja baby, and light up several times a day. It’s like breathing for most, I must toke to live.
    Write to your state and federal leaders daily, even if it’s the same message you sent yesterday.
    “TOKE ON”
    Weed Farmer

  10. “Why Are Top Political Leaders From Both Parties So Out-Of-Touch With The Public’s Demand For Marijuana Law Reform?”
    1. In the lead are the self-righteous hypocrites, pawns of the devil.
    2. Then they are followed closely by those they hate, those who see the hypocrites as a great cover for their own evil doings. These people are also pawns of the devil.
    3. The second group, thanks to the prohibitionist first group, rakes in TONS of money, then lavishes it on both the first group and the politicians.
    4. They are all in hog-heaven, crowing their empty victories:
    • The self-righteous hypocrites and politicians who mainly care about praise of humans, are glad to go to award dinners, and receive plaques, commendations, and hear skewed statistics.
    • The second group is in love with the luxury life-style, doesn’t really care all that much for human praise, they get their jollies by laughing at how they have manipulated the former and latter groups.
    They all are wolves in sheep’s clothing and will suffer terribly unless they repent! I won’t go in to details now, but I feel like I’m about to.

  11. 10 billion a year on the fight against marijauna!! And they say openly they are losing the war. They need to wake up. I can do much more damage to myself and to others by going to the store and buying two bottles of jack. Special interests and big business have taken our rights, payed for them and tucked them away. Its obsured that our Government is willing tyo squander our tax dollars on this fight. They should be going after the synthetic and designer drugs instead of a plant! Just my opinion

  12. To all, here is the leter I sent to the speaker of the house, (Nancy A.K.A kitten) I urge you to do the same.
    Madam Speaker; I am sure that you will most likely ignore this message, just as you have when we the American people speak-out on any subject.
    With all of the pressing issues that are consuming your days; I am requesting that you hear my voice and pay close credence to my message. Two Words “Medical Marijuana” and the responsible use by consenting adults. The prohibition that has been placed on this substance is completely unfounded and outdated. Prohibition did not work in the twenties, and its not working today with marijuana.
    All of you political “so called” leaders in Washington just do not get it. When our government was first formed it was set up by We the people. The government is supposed to be a government of the people for the people. Not a government of the people out for their own political gain.
    This is no new issue, and I do not care what you say, this is not a political hot potato, grow some nads. Thousands of Americans have spoken out about true change in this country, when we dug down deep into our voting basket and elected a bunch of Democrats to run this country with we the people’s best interest at heart and mind. I am pleading with you to bring this issue to the floor this year of 2009. Direct some of your cronies to draft a bill to decimalize this very useful natural god developed plant. I will not argue the points on this issue you have hear them all before I am sure.
    The only thing I want to advise is this; if this issue is not brought up for vote in the house and in the congress, rest assured we the people for the people will cast our votes in a different direction during the next election. When it comes to this issue; the American people demand we be heard and demand this prohibition stop today. Stop persecution of the medically ill and consenting adults. If you truly want to help turn our economy around, then do it. By changing the laws; we as tax payers would save billions by not defending a war that the government will never win, and is completely a waste of money.
    The crime that comes with marijuana stems from the simple fact that the US government says it is a crime to possess, smoke, sell, or grow. So the crooks do the dirty work and we consumers and caught in the cross fire. Tax it, regulate it, and legalize it the crime will diminish. Just look at other countries that have an open mind about marijuana, like Amsterdam, low crime and very low adolescent use. Did you know that they have approximately 2 + million tourist to their country each year just for this reason alone?
    I’ll bet you have a drink of alcohol every now and then. And it is the # 1 killer in this country, but yet it is completely legal. No one has ever died by self medicating with marijuana; you cannot over dose on it. How do I know, well let’s just say I have 45 + years under my belt, and the risk of having the men in black drag me away I say no more.
    What is it going to take before you folks in Washington start following the will of the people, maybe when you are no longer living off our dime? The time for reform is now, thank you for your time and I look forward to your reply.
    Chris S.
    Consuming American

  13. what marijuana is illegal? well you wouldn’t know it in ohio.i openly smoke all over town.whats the worst they can do.give me a $50 fine.ill just sell a 1/4 to pay it.
    the whole idea of our legal system is a joke.i run up all kinds of fines.i owe still $1500.haven’t payed it and dont plan to.yea thell try to put me in jail.but thats the joke.

  14. hey i got an idea why not make alcahol illegal? healthwise it is much worse than herb and those that viloate the law shall be punished by catapult.

  15. If Pelosi represents California, then someone is Cali needs to get together a petition for her and get a few thousand signatures on it, with a line saying “if you don’t take action at your post on our behalf we, the signatures of this letter, will not vote for you in any upcoming election”. Threaten her job. That always works.

  16. Im tierd of all this politacal bullshit. All off us pot smokers are going to contiunue to smoke no matter what happens

  17. With the DEA still raiding and Obama’s “stimulus” plan said to contain $3 billion for Byrne grants (more drug task forces and 50,000 more cops), I’ve come to the conclusion that we’re deluding ourselves if we think this new government is going to listen to reason. The American people have communicated in poll after poll that cannabis reform is the first and most urgent change that needs to occur. The government has responded by telling us to “eat cake”; with dismissive and contemptuous refusals to engage in basic dialog.
    We have hundreds of compelling and well-documented arguments based in science, medicine, economics, sociology, civil and human rights, the environment, crime prevention, the racist origins of prohibition, etc, etc, on and on. We have patiently and eloquently explained these arguments to our government, arguments that any clear-thinking, semi-intelligent, rational adult can clearly understand. By contrast, the reactionary ideologues who oppose us cannot produce even a single legitimate argument that favors prohibition.
    Like many of you I have allowed myself to feel faint glimmers of optimism lately. When we topped the “open for questions” poll the first time…for a few days I had the “audacity of hope” before we were slapped in the face with the response. When I hear Obama talking about valuing science over ideology, and cutting unnecessary programs, and involving the people in their government, again I’ve dared to dream that maybe that kind of talk is a prelude to tangible progress.
    That hope has led only to disappointment. The Byrne grants prove that Obama and a majority of Congress stand united against the explicit will of the American people. I’ve come to believe that all attempts at dialog will fail. There are no words left to say, there is no reasoning with people who carefully nurture and fiercely defend their own bigotry and ignorance.
    This issue bears striking parallels to the question of civil rights in the 60’s. The people wanted segregation to end, but the government was still run by a mixture of knuckle-dragging racists and liberals who disagreed with segregation but were too afraid of the issue’s volatility to do anything about it. There came a point when it became clear that the government would never listen to reason; at that point the government had to be overruled.
    The “people’s veto” was served in the streets. They rallied, they protested, they chanted, they practiced peaceful civil disobedience. Not just once or twice, but continuously and relentlessly until justice was done. They forced the government to either address the issue or face the prospect of ongoing, ever-intensifying civil unrest.
    Our politicians, even reasonably sympathetic ones like Pelosi, are afraid of what might happen if they support cannabis reform. The ONLY way we can win is by making those same officials even MORE afraid of what might happen if they DON’T support reform.
    Politicians always follow the path of least political resistance. The new administration believes we are a weak fringe movement that can safely be ignored. They believe that we will simply accept their spurns and fall back in line. They believe that we will be content to watch as other aspects of policy are revamped in a spirit of hopeful progressivism while the most glaring and serious social problem of our day is left in the dark ages. For as long as they believe these things, we’ll continue to suffer.
    Change MUST happen NOW! No more dialog! No more waiting!

  18. “Why Are Top Political Leaders From Both Parties So Out-Of-Touch With The Public’s Demand For Marijuana Law Reform?”
    Because Republicans back fascist politics & Democrats back communist politics. Both are socialist, socialism is ani-freedom.

  19. I have not been on this site many times, so I do not know if there is a place for a “Call to Action” where people can have a prewritten letter sent to their respective congresnmen. If our legislators are not receiving letters about what we want and need them to do they will make their own assumptions.

  20. You guys are so out of touch it is ridiculous. Learn the truth behind marijuana and all of its damaging side effects and tell me you still want to light up. Get educated and take a shower.

  21. Hi Everyone
    I’ve been pressed on what to add, if and when I send an email to the Obama Administration, kind of scary in someways, about the DEA raids in California.
    I am constantly dry, I lve in redneck southern state and don’t know one, I grewup in California in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s. But never the less why marijuana prohibition was created to do for the good of America was to (I don not want to offend anyone) was to “To keep black men from looking twice at whit women”. Basically as another tool in the toolbox of oppression.
    Well it did not work, today we have a black president who’s black father look more than twice at a white women.
    I would hope, that norml could help get the talking points such as that which they do, but in one section in their site so we easily compose letters to the Whitehouse.
    Were the base, were like the Christian Right of the Republican Party we got him elected.
    And now is time we want action. And we want it so that you grow your own too. At least like it is or was in Adeladie Australia where you could grow 12 plants.
    And I want that nationally.
    I’ll save a lot heartache, better yet sell it and tax it too. That’ll nip kids from thinking they can be dealers, because it use to start by selling joints at school.
    That’s All for Now!!!

  22. “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) comments exhorting the public to take the lead on communicating with their elected policymakers regarding any desired major marijuana law reforms in the upcoming 111th Congress.”
    Oh yeah? I’m calling BULLSH*T Nancy.
    I live in Arizona and TWICE Arizona voters have passed initiatives allowing MJ for medicinal use with a prescription from TWO doctors, and TWICE the initiatives have been gutted. THe first time was by our own dear legislators, who stated that “the voters didn’t know what they were doing.” The second time the feds stated that “ANY medical practitioner who writes a prescription for MJ WILL be subject to federal law and thereby federal prosecution.” So as a result, even though the medical MJ initiative passed and IS IN PLACE, no doctor has been willing to put his livelihood and reputation on the line, though I’m not sure what the feds could bust him for(?) but I’m sure they would dream something up.
    Ok, Nancy, NOW what?

  23. Lamont, it should be our decision of what we enjoy or don’t. Not YOURS, not the GOVERNMENTS. YOU get educated and stop the rhetoric.


  25. Well our political “leaders” are just wasting time i could be spending my money and have it go into taxes that would help our economy but no ill just continue to support my local drug dealer 🙂

  26. The great U.S. Constitution is a living document. Our wise ancestors passed an amendment to the Constitution to prohibit alcohol. Years later they passed another amendment that said alcohol would be admitted after the witnessed killing on the streets with guns.
    Now these United States have a central government that has decided what is illegal. If you want it legal, they’ll just demonize it harder and you will lose. It is time for us to awaken to the fact that two political parties are bending us over for a very vigorous hosing.
    Your estate is getting smaller.

  27. Still all the same logical arguments (95 % of the logic is on our side), DOESN’T MATTER. Other commentators (who I RESPECT and am interested in your opinion) say we should all grow weed in our back yard and then turn ourselves in en mass. Many others more seriously say I should identify myself as a lawbreaker by marching on Washington or writing my Congressman (Dear Sir or Madam congressman my name is YOUR NAME HERE and i smoke marijuana) SORRY you’ll do it without me. Some other commentators ( if you’ll forgive me being blunt ) are so ignorant they make the prohibitionist case for them. (Socialism is when the the people control the goverment, Fascism is when corporations control the goverment, for cryin out loud look it up). I’m not going to do any of these things. Coward, yes a live one, also employed and not in jail, thank you very much. But people have been writing signed letters to the editor and their elected officials and going to demonstrations ( when the weather’s nice) for 40 years now, what’s happened. ZILCH!!!! USE A TENTH OF THAT ENERGY TO MUSTER OUR POLITICAL POWER. REFUSE TO VOTE FOR ANYONE WHO DOESN’T SUPPORT MAKING MARIJUANA SUBJECT TO THE EXACT SAME RESTRICTIONS AS ALCOHOL.
    If one more person tells me “every election is a between a douchebag and a turd sandwich” HEY STUPID TURN OFF SOUTH PARK.
    In America we get the Goverment we deserve. If we have a Fascist goverment (we do) it’s cause the CORPORATIONS sponsor (through campaign contributions) a Democrat and a Republican for each office, then tell us we get to choose.
    NORML needs to:
    1. Learn and emulate the political skills
    TO DISAGREE”, NO BULL. Watch the news, If a
    member of congress proposes ANY change in
    social security or medicare, they probably
    decided not to run for re-election if not
    their just stupid. Watch the next time some
    creep shoots a whole room full of people,
    Every politiciann on the news will affirm
    every american’s right to kill as many
    people as they have bullits for.
    2. Run a Presidential Candidate who can draw
    at least 5% of the vote. Both our Corporate
    sponsored parties want that 5%.
    3. Tell the Pelosi’s in any office. GET OFF THE
    4. Tell the Boehner’s in Goverment. REMEMBER
    5. Tell all who support the goals of NORML,
    PROHIBITION. If a cadidates’s position on
    Marijuana is only trivial to you, either
    Quit smoking or gladly accept the current

  28. Prohibition will end when it becomes too costly to continue, just like Viet Nam, just like the Cold War, just like free refills.
    Our economy is collapsing and tax revenues are declining, many state govenors are rethinking jail sentences for non-violent drug offenders.
    Since the ruling class loves having a law that can act as a leash to control the other classes, I’m skeptical that they will ever do much to change the law, but they may suspend prosecution and enforcement during our “national emergency” as a way of testing the waters and saving some tax payer dough, although I doubt that saving money has ever been a real congressional goal.
    Congress will only do something when it becomes too uncomfortable for them to no longer do nothing. We are a creative nation, let us ponder ways to make our Congress ever more uncomfortable.

  29. Before I get a lot of hate mail for dissing Guns, and being a socialist. HOLLAND AND CANADA ARE SOCIALISTIC COUNTRIES. AM I LYING. I’m a white, southern, 46 year old who owns two rifles, has shot butchered and eaten a deer, and also smoked pot since I was much to young to do so. Thinks that 97% of Democrats are worthless and 99.9999999999999999% of Republicans are just plain evil. Voted for Obama but greatly admired McCain and Huckabee. This doesn’t contradict my earlier statements, I gave Obama the benefit of a doubt, but if I see no progress on M reform in the next 4 years I WON’T VOTE FOR HIM AGAIN.
    In spite of his prohibitionist views McCain has been through more for this country than anyone we will ever have the honor of voting for again. Huckabee, believe it or not, I’ve been amazed on more than one occasion where as Governor of Arkansas, Huckabee put principle above political advantage, pissed off his natural constituancy and did the right thing. Certainly could never say that about Bill Clinton.

  30. Lamont, It is you that need to do some research, and learn the truth.
    It is safer than alcohol or tobacco, or even those headache pills in your medicine cabinet, if you take too many of them.
    The prohibition of this plant is actually creating far more problems than the drug on its own ever did.
    If you are worried about the real problems on this issue, you should support legalizing it! Because supporting Prohibition = supporting the dealers, the crime and violence, the easy access our teens have to it, and the risks involved with buying it from shady people.
    You sir, are out of touch with reality. The lies of propaganda have fooled you.

  31. what marijuana is illegal? well you wouldn’t know it in ohio.i openly smoke all over town.whats the worst they can do.give me a $50 fine.ill just sell a 1/4 to pay it.
    the whole idea of our legal system is a joke.i run up all kinds of fines.i owe still $1500.haven’t payed it and dont plan to.yea thell try to put me in jail.but thats the joke.

  32. Preston: Neither of these f#ckwards are ignorant. They are corrupt. They know the truth, but continue to play the Reefer Madness game.

  33. Lamont: Assume that there are lots of damaging side effects. How are bad health habits the business of the criminal justice system?

  34. I don’t think Lamont looked through this web site all to well. Hey Lamont just so you know, the truth that the ONDCP puts about about marijuana is often times bullshit.

  35. All we need is a quantifying test (not just qualifying ie. pos or neg) and we should then legalize marijuana just like we have alcohol and with much the same restrictions. If one wants to smoke pot in the comfort and safety of one’s own home, one should be able to!! Don’t mention side effects, that’s the individual’s personal business, not yours. No more Nannies! Caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, butter, potatoe chips, etc. all have “side effects.”
    The reason why politicians are afraid of this issue is because they are out of touch with Americans, they are denying the failure of the War on Drugs, they don’t care that mostly young black men lives are made more difficult because they got caught with a little pot and did time for it, etc. Our politicians have no political courage and they are more worried about their next election than doing good for the American people!! Now where’s that joint I was looking for?!

  36. They really should not bother with decriminalizing marijuana, Canada tried that and it didn’t work.
    Firstly they shouldn’t be worried about crime – Sweeden has marijuana legalized and the lowest crime rate AND N.B (Sweeden also has a mandatory gun training for every male, and still has the lowest crime rate in the world.)
    If the government was smart they would grow and produce their own marijuana, selling in post offices, (which are losing money due to the internet anyway) or whatever you have in America, instead of letting unreliable, potentially dangerous criminals dealing the dope(dope which is grown in someones basement UN-naturally with 24 hours of fluorescent light on them).
    After this government organisation sells this weed the sales go directly to the government and/or percentages to charity or Marijuana support groups, just like alcohol support groups. The Government COULD make money off this.
    If people are worried about the price of marijuana being too high, i.e. too much tax, then don’t. Imagine buying other plants,leaves or buds in a flower shop. Not that expensive, when you compare it to the average street value of one bud, one gram of weed, which in Australia is about $20, in America i imagine about $15. Just like other plants are farmed, Marijuana can also easily be farmed. Thats ofcourse, if it was LEGAL.
    And finally there are the health issues… We aren’t in the 50s anymore. If you had a brain, (which 75% of people seem to have) you would know how harmless marijuana is. If you compare it to Alcohol, marijuana does no where near the amount of damage to your brain and lungs then alcohol does to your brain and liver… Not to mention how much violence is caused by drinking. I would go into the health issues more, but it really is pointless trying to explain to some people…
    I don’t know why its such a big deal to have the occasional toke, especially in the safety and comfort of your own home…
    If anyone else agrees with me, or would like to discuss with me just contact me on dylan_pom@hotmail.com
    Peace out from Australia…

  37. They are in harmony on this issue, because Marijuana is a drug that reduces productivity and if it were legalized it would turn our society into a bunch of lazy asses. These articles are so funny; they argue what they think is progressive, but really it’s just a bunch of stoners who aren’t thinking clearly because they are burn outs. Stop smoking and try contributing to society.

  38. What’s w/ the people who don’t believe in the cause commenting on this site? We get it, you’re sheep and you want the government to dictate to you which freedoms you’re allowed to have and which ones you aren’t.
    Coming here to NORML and attempting to change our minds won’t work though. We’re real Americans w/ real real American values, not victims of propaganda

  39. Allow me to offer up a little perspective for you, Jensen…
    I’m one of two managers of a major, multi-million dollar corporation. I’ve been at my job for nearly 6 years now and business is only getting better. I’ve moved up in the world.
    Guess what, I smoke cannabis regularly.
    Now listen, I get my work done and then some. I work at home too. I have my responsibilities like anyone else. I’m a busy guy. I don’t like to sit around and do nothing all day. However, when I wanna relieve my stress, back aches, headaches and the pain I experience associated with repetitive strain injury, I like to toke up a little. It helps me in ways that no other medication has before.
    What doesn’t help me is not being able to find any when I run out. If it were legalized, I wouldn’t have to worry about that anymore.
    I’ll assume you care enough about your fellow American citizens to come here and post your little story, because after all, you wouldn’t want to waste your time not being productive, so that’s why I’m here to tell you mine.
    Take care and thanks for your time.

  40. I wrote my Congressman to support h.r.5843 to stop arresting people for possession of marijuana. His response was that he didn’t support the use of illegal drugs. I clarified that I was not asking him to break the law I was asking him to CHANGE the law, and got no response. At least he answered me. My Senators did not even give an answer.
    Politicians at the national level are AFRAID to be labeled soft on crime and drug use. This remains a war that will be waged on the state level.

  41. how are we the greatest nation on this earth if we imprison non violent offenders for growing and possesion for many years but let rapists and murderers out before their sentence is up. disgusting

  42. Typical Republican and Democrat bullshit. Boehner certainly is no Libertarian. Barr should have been President.

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