Dr. Grinspoon Needs Your Help Answering The Question: Why Do I Use Marijuana?

Author, Harvard academician, NORML Advisory Board member and respected physician, Lester Grinspoon, recently updated his webpage and is seeking cannabis consumers to contribute essays to his newly launched blog devoted to furthering understanding and appreciation of the way in which cannabis enhances a variety of human experiences.
An awesome essay submitted to Dr. Grinspoon’s definitively written Marihuana Reconsidered by a mysterious Mr. X originally inspired this ‘Uses’ project, later to be revealed as the late, great Dr. Carl Sagan.
Dr. Grinspoon is looking for material for a new book examining the myriad and compelling reasons why so many people use cannabis.
Essays can be anonymously submitted…or not.
The ‘Uses’ webpage is companion to Dr. Grinspoon’s comprehensive medical cannabis-related webpage: www.rxmarijuana.com

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  1. Dr. Grinspoon:
    I have smoked Cannabis since 1968. That’s 40 years. I have enjoyed it greatly. It gives me a sense of well being and inner peace. It allows me to concentrate on tasks such as writing and photography, or scholarly research, or washing the dishes. Should one of life’s hassles occur, I am able to focus on it and take whatever action I need to take.
    Marijuana also helps keep my arthritis in check. While I usually have some pain and stiffness, I am able to hold down a physical labor job every day. I am very rarely ever late and I perform my tasks every day. I leave work tired, sore and satisfied that I did my best at my job.
    Nor do I usually go home and laze around. Being an activist I need to keep up on current events. Being a writer, I need to put words on screen. Not that 56 is over the hill, but I doubt I could run 18 hour days without the world’s most versatile plant as my partner.
    By the way, that’s 18 hours a day, frequently including Saturdays and Sundays. Amotivation? I don’t believe you’ll find that here.
    Neal Smith

  2. I’ve been smoking pot on a DAILY BASIS since 1967, almost 42 years! It’s efficacious for a myriad of things, be they mental, physical, or spiritual. Medically, it helps me with Diabetic Neuropathy, a side-effect of having Type 1, Insulin-Dependent Diabetes since 1969. It also helps Chronic Depression, which I’ve suffered from my whole life. Both my old man and I currently have medical marijuana prescriptions in California. His prescription is for Pain and Insomnia.
    I especially enjoy the mental benefits — I find I’m more focused on the “moment-in-time,” and always feel SO connected to the universe when I’m stoned. Pot stimulates my brain (contrary to the “dumb dopester” stereotype!), and seems to facilitate thinking in “new ways.”
    I love the way pot stirs my imagination and creativity! Pot allows me to really “see” the intrinsic beauty of nature. Additionally, I’ve been involved in pot advocacy since the late ’60s, attend the Global (aka “Worldwide”) Marijuana March every May, and e-mail my respective politicians regularly about marijuana reform, and its ultimate legalization.
    I’ve been with my old man for almost 38 years, and one of the strongest bonds between us is our marijuana use. Since we’re in CA, we’re allowed to grow our own “medicine,” yet another “shared” pot experience for the two of us!
    All-in-all, pot is our FAVORITE substance (and plant). We don’t drink alcohol, we don’t smoke cigarettes, we don’t take pills or any other illegal drugs. And I’ve NEVER witnessed ANYONE becoming violent while they’re stoned on pot! Pot enhances EVERY aspect of our daily life, from doing laundry to making love! Peace, love, laughter, tolerance, and clarity-of-vision result from marijuana use.
    These are a few of the many, many reasons I consider marijuana the “perfect” plant. I’m stoned right now, and I feel SO GOOD!
    Be “in the moment.” Stay High and Peace!

  3. I use for many reasons:
    To think more into a situation.
    For common Depression.
    Common Pains, Headaches, etc.
    and Purely, just to have a fun.

  4. My wife and I use MJ daily.I myself have been toking for 20 years. To us MJ is just a way to release. We wait until our children are in bed, and the day is done, then we spark one up. It is the way we end our days. NOTHING criminal about that is there? Our lives are no diferent when we go a while without weed.So I wouldnt say that either of us are dependent. Simply put, it is just nice to sit back and burn one to relax.

  5. I have noticed a few puffs of certain types of high quality cannabis allows me to breathe better. It is the opposite of what tobacco did to me. I haven’t seen too much about this effect, but, after fifteen years of this and no tobacco, my doctor says I am healthy and I feel that way, too.

  6. Uses:
    – Frequent Nausea due to anxiety (GAD), heartburn, and acid reflux
    – Insomnia (due to anxiety)
    – Headaches due to clenching my teeth while I sleep (I also wear a nightguard)
    – PMS symptoms
    It is less addictive than Xanex and is way more effective. I’m far more productive while using cannabis. Yet its quite pricey (health insurance won’t cover it) and you can technically still get fired for it in Cali (even with doctor’s approval). I spend my entire work days (M-F, 9-6) feeling like crap and unmotivated. Opposite of the stereotype, huh?
    Read my entire story here: http://420hussy.blogspot.com

  7. Grass makes everything better. Even when i am not high, if i have been smoking regularly im so much more carefree and easy to deal with. It puts me in a better mood. Art is enhanced by weed. Looking at art while you are high takes you to a whole different level.

  8. Hello, my name is Dylan Brooks, and I’ve smoked marijuana since a very young age. Already being at a very young age, just 16, I have been purchasing and smoking pot for nearly six years. Many of you, probably looking down at what I’ve typed, are saying that I’m ignorant and much too young to even have my mind, much less hands, on marijuana. On the contrary, is what i have to say to you. I’m a straight A student, being in the National Honor Society since freshman year at Denton High School, in Denton, Texas. Very rarely do I openly annouce that I smoke pot very frequently and on a regular day basis. Until the day I become 18, I would like to conceil that from my dear mother, and many close peers (the ones that I don’t smoke with). Many of my friends are potheads as well, and i can easily tell the responsible ones from the fuckups that have and will abuse pot in many ways. I would say that I am a responsible stoner (wow, doesn’t that sound like an oxymoron), even if I am only 16 years old.
    -Thanks for reading, Dylan
    If you would like to talk to me more on this topic, please feel free to email me anytime at: dylan13is7865@hotmail.com

  9. ive been smoking for a while to help control my adhd and deppression and i havent had a problem with it since i was 8 yrs old and i no longer use a nebulizer or inhaler for my childhood asthama to this day i am an active supporter

  10. it has so many great uses, and has no harsh harming effects…i personally use it for anxiety, and pain caused by an automobile accident. but so many people in this country are brain-washed by all the 50’s and 60’s mumbo jumbo that they wont open their minds and think for them selves. its time americans stopped acting like cattle and started thinking for them selves and not beieve every thing the tv and newspapers tell you….they are goverment controlled, free speach doesnt exist anymore. marijuana is a great natural herb. it helps so many people just like myself live a normal pain free life. hopefully one day everyone will understand that.

  11. I have been smoking marijuana for 8 years. A vaporizer is where it is at. It has no harmful effect on your lungs… And it conserves your supply. I smoked nearyly every single day as soon as i made it to college 4 years ago. I graduated … and not only that… i graduated stoned out of my mind too(cap and gown in all). Guess what? I am inventor, poet, lyracist, and political activist. When people get stoned – they get paranoid. This is a good thing. I have found that there is a reason to be paranoid- its illegal. Another reason, our federal reserve system (fake money as good as monopoly money) HAS USURPED THE GOVERNMENT…. The power does not lie with the people any longer. I WILL DO EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO CHANGE THAT. SOOON -SOON

  12. I smoke cannabis because it allows me to see the beauty in the world. I feel more at peace with myself, with nature, and with the world. I don’t make poor decisions when I smoke, I like to watch a good movie with friends or sit on my porch and watch traffic go by. Cannabis allows me to realize why I believe that God exists, and it helps me to understand the important things in life.

  13. I smoke marijuana — with the aid of a vaporizer, of course! — because it allows me to be in the moment, to access my intuitive resources in real time, to reach Delta level sleep and allow my body to heal.
    It also makes me very giggly and prone to free associate and stuff — you know, “Stoned.” Euphoric, in other words. Happy and just generally more fun to be with.
    What are you lookin’ at?

  14. With our economy in such bad shape now is the best time to legalize. Why I smoke you ask, well its because this world so damn greedy and selfish! Dont get me wrong this is a certain majority of people im talkin about. those people and i quote” who are riding on the almighty dollars NUTSACK” We can not stand for this any longer … Amsterdam has it legal and they’re doing just fine… smoking weed is by choice

  15. Why we try, is not as important as, why we still do it. Many people “Try”, things for some reason, or no reason at all. Those who continue to use it, have a specific and more important reason. The reason of “Once”, is irrelevant to the reason of, “Use”.
    Why do we drink water? (Some of us.)
    Why do we eat Twinkies? (Some of us.)
    Why do we ask why? (Some of us.)
    Why can we never get one “Single”, answer…
    Because there is no “Single”, answer…
    The only non-scientific answer, significant to “One”, is the fact that we tried it, because it was a choice presented to us. Legal or illegal, it will always be a choice, and it will always be our choice. Good and bad, even scientific, is still a perception.
    The other thing we can all agree on, is that punishment does not solve any problems. Reward for those who choose a better perceived way of life, should be rewarded. However, it is cheaper to punish than it is to reward, so here we sit, trying to just be normal, happy, human, content, friendly, and understanding. While we get beat, badgered, mocked, criminalized, excluded, and abused. Compared to dumpster strays, voodoo religion, feeble minds, and vampire addictions, when none of that holds true.
    If I were the government, I would suppress anything that made my followers/slaves hard for me to control, made them think, gave them free-will, and reduced my monthly pay-check. Isn’t that why we created a government in the first place? Wait, they created themselves, and said we needed it, wanted it, had to have it, for our protection. So why do so many laws harm us, and protect them?
    What was the question again?
    Why do I use marijuana?
    Because everything the government says is not bad, by perception to me, is bad.
    Because everything the government says is bad, by perception to me, is not bad.
    Murder is bad, but war is not bad. Drugs are bad, but prescriptions are not bad. Crime is bad, but taking taxes you did not earn is not bad. Gambling is bad, but lotto is not bad. Exporting is bad, but importing is not bad. Debit is bad, but credit loans are not bad.
    (NOTE: That was just a rant, not my true feelings, just some perceptions.)
    Who has time to visit a doctor… I am in pain now, and Guido is right on the corner! (Kidding, any relation to persons in reality, are pure coincidence.)

  16. well I will say that I have used also most of my life, from about 13 on, we all smoke what we would call today , leaf, well i graduated and kept smoking and enjoying, it, but in 1996 I was diagnosed with crohns disease and the medical card has helped me obtain through a dispensarie what I need, usually, like today it was fucked, but thats unusual, but I use because its all I do, I dont drink, I dont take mind altering, fake, pharms, pushed on you by a doc, i fucntion in a job, and society, my kids school, all while high, its the first thing i do in the morning and the last thing I do at night, I use now becuase its legal, it, gives me all over relief, I dont know if it helps me be not depressed, but, I only eat about 600 calories a day , so the fact that, I am depressed, I feel that is a side effect of the crohns, that cant be helped, so if Im high, maybe I dont notice the hunger as bad, and the pain and the undulatation of my sewed backed togeather insides, is forgotten, because my brain is thinking about other things, like macrame knots, and counting coupons with my kids, it allows me to forget the pain, so we can build a snowman, it allows me to eat the cookies my 11 year old daughter made, even if Im not hungry, I dont feel hungry, I should be its been 9hrs since Ive had food, so I eat her cookies, with frosting and make her smile, thats why I use, it allows me to not throw the cat across the room when he just now knowcked over my stash, it allows me to not notice the spirits that live in our house so much, it allows me to function and not rip off some fat womans head if she says to me one more time, at the kids game, damn you are sure skinny, I dont say damn your a fat cow, Im smoking now, and will smoke when I get up at 3 and go back to bed and get up and smoke and have coffee, it is something that allows me to have a life, to forget I have a chronic disease that eats me alive from the inside out, that ravages my young once supple body, it allows me to accept, I cant change everything, but I can enhance my life, my kids life and the few friends I keep, because I have become really jaded and the one thing pot allows me to to is be civil to people, and maybe just maybe for a while a moment in time, a day, maybe two I can be civil to me, forgive myself, love myself, and embrace who I am, because I have lost friendships over my view on this subject, someone i had known 20 yrs, so my battle mostly is with me and if using helps me be good to me, then I say, smoke it if you got it, dont share, dont boast dont be in your face about it, but stand up for yourself and your choice of meds sometimes a bowl is all ya got, peace, my brothers and sisters, smoke happy, eat meatloaf, and hug your kids, oh and let the dog in since your in such a good mood. bye

  17. I use it because I can. I control my mind and body. I choose what goes in and out. NOT the government. I have been on this earth for 35 years, and I have done a pretty good job at. I love my life, and all my pot smoking friends. If you dont smoke pot you dont know what you are missing. Peace for everyone.

  18. hi, ive been a user of marijuana for years and i use it for various reasons. the main reasons are as a way to self-medicate my diagnosed depression anxiety and obbsessive compulsive disorder. it also lets me think in a way i find more creative and has helped me accept people for who they are. i also use it to relive the intense boredom i suffer on a daily basis. i think if more people knew its benefits its use would be much more widely accepted. thanks for doing this study.

  19. I am one of the younger pot smokers out there being only 18 and I like everyone else first smoked out of curiousity.
    Now, 3 years later, I smoke to relieve my stress, anxitey, and depression.
    Pot calms me down and in high school was the only way I could attend class because of ADHD.
    Marijuana is truely a cure-all drug, I can’t even list all the possibilites. The people listed above me that have been smoking wayy longer than I’ve been alive, Right on!
    Now, lets all go lay in a sunny field a fire one up!

  20. all my friends above me have pretty much said it all. Ive always been one that would much rather smoke than drink to relax or even while celebrating! and dont get me started on how its legal that hundreds of people can sit in a bar and drink drink drink til they can hardly walk and then stumble to their car in the parking lot…….i often wonder why theres not 50 cops lined up outside a bar at closing time, wouldnt that be approximatly 50 dui’s??????? thank you god for a natural calming life enhancing happy plant…peace

  21. I use marijuana to swim better. Bummer it got me dropped from kellogs and suspended from swimming for a few months.

  22. I use it to help alleviate constant back pain from a car accident that I was in several years ago. I’d rather smoke marijuana than be a pill junkie for the rest of my life.

  23. Jeepers, it’s a curious circumstance be be asked under…..
    Well, there’s many reasons it’s quite an enjoyable little pastime of mine…
    For starters, the smoke. It’s simply heavenly…rich, all enveloping, smells like the stuff dreams are made of (or in my case die from), and so on.
    Secondly the rush; it’s speedy, makes my mind whirl in an array of blues and lush purple.
    Third, the sex. Dirty vagina had never been enjoyed more…. Prostitutes were soft, delicate and actually hot in my delirious trips… and the worries of STD’s didn’t even cross my mind!
    Last………..OH……DA FUCK? This is a questionnaire about WEED……….WEED ain’t no drug, I’m talking bout crack mothafucker..
    Yo I suck dick fo crack mang…! Ya eva suck dick for fucking WEED?

  24. I’ve been smoking now for thirty years and don’t think I’ll ever stop. I was sadded by the person that wrote that they never had kids because they didn’t want to set a bad example. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. I have 4 daughters, 3 grown and 1 almost there and my wife and I have always been honest about our enjoyment of weed. Contrary to the propaganda that is feed to our kids. I go to work everyday, I pay my bills and enjoy life. I have hobbies and interests. I have taught my kids how to take care of theirself’s, I’ve taught them to treat everyone with respect and the way they themself’s want to be treated. 1 of my girls is a chef, 1 just got her Masters degree while working and raising a son by herself, and 1 is going to college to be a vet and my youngest is a straight A student in honours classes. We taught them by example, my wife is a Sunday school teacher for crying out load. But I guess we have set a “bad example” in that we are both “criminals” Be cause of the fact that we enjoy smoking weed, we could very easily lose everything we’ve worked so hard for. I have not nor will I ever smoke before going to work. I have a very dangerous job and like coming home with all my body parts, but if I was to get hurt I would lose my job and any workmen’s comp I might have coming, because I would fail the drug test. Enough! I have to go smoke some now, thinking about the ignorance of our drug laws in regard to weed just flat out pisses me off.

  25. It helps me relax and focus when it is really necessary to do so. For instance when engaged in legal matters etc.
    On the lighter side it lets me concentrate on and enjoy online poker to a greater extent.
    I used to smoke every day until about 25 yrs. ago and quit. My younger son of 18 yrs. began to smoke and I asked him for some. I rarely use…but when I do it’s great. I love the one-hit-wonder stuff!

  26. I work 30 hours a week and go to school full time, I go to the gym whenever I can and have little free time for my friends and relationships. If I want to smoke a bowl before I go to sleep so I can feel like everything is gonna be alright at least one time that day, and still maintain my work and school schedule, then it’s nobody elses fucking business.

  27. Marijuana makes life livable. If I never discovered it I would probably be on some prescribed anti depressant that brings a whole list of side effects with it. I have bi-polar disorder and weed keeps me balanced without any unwanted side effects.
    I’m also extremely under weight. Weed has helped me get my appetite back so I’m not starving myself like a was.
    It has also helped me grow spiritually and I now see life to be very epic.
    It also helps me focus.

  28. it helps me relax. it helps me see things from a different, usually more enlightened perspective. i would rather hit a bong over a bottle or a cigarette. it can make good times better. it is one of the best things on this planet when used properly. i love it.

  29. My use is mostly recreational–what can I say–it’s a great way to relax. BUT, it also helps the pain in my hands and helps take away stress/frustration and sometimes if used in time: helps resolve differences between people without a further lean towards anger. Yes; I’d say it(the herb) definitely helps folks get along.
    My wife; however: mostly uses weed to help with her chronic stomach pains, morning nausea, back pain, and anxiety problems. I’ve watched her pop 6 or seven of a pill that requests you take 2 or 3; and she still does not get the same level of relief as would she receive from smoking or eating cannabis. For her–recreation is more of a pleasant side-affect(boy, I’ll say) compared to other(legal) meds.

  30. I smoke for recreational and medical uses i suffer from depression and scoliosis and the back pain is so bad i get major headaches and smoking relieves that pain and just makes me a easier person to get along with i live in a town that is known for harshly prosecuting users since they feel its the biggest problem here the police know who i am and know i use it but they have never caught me. I think daily smokers should be free to smoke everyones gotta get on this band wagon and prove obama and the government that it is helpful and not in any way and another thought would be to thank du pont for not investing in hemp cultivation and use of hemp materials

  31. I started smoking for recreational purposes decades ago, and now smoke primarily for medicinal purposes. There is NO QUESTION about the medicinal benefits. WITH the marijuana, I am able to do more, have productive days, be HAPPY, LIVE, not feel like dying, and STOP THE PAIN. I also have noticed I have a reduced need for Rx medication which costs a small millionaire’s salary these days. If I use marijuana, I can reduce the Rx medication, save money, take it WHEN I need it, not all the time, and my nausea is greatly reduced (that which I get from all the freakin’ Rx medication).
    I am currently planning on moving to a medical marijuana state…JUST FOR THIS REASON. My state is considering it now and would be nice if they would do it, but I won’t hold my breath in this corrupt ass state.

  32. I am a licensed electrician. I never smoke before work. I’m also an instructor. I never smoke before class. I have been smoking herb for 30 years. There is a time for work and a time for play. I am fully aware that I could lose my jobs over my choice to smoke instead of drink, but weed does not give me a hang-over like booze, therefore, in my opinion it is better for me. Also, I’d rather be stoned and relaxed than drunk and crazy!(although I enjoy both on the weekend) Smart, hard working, tax paying people smoke weed too!

  33. Like many others, I smoke for pleasure, for fun, for stress and depression relief, as well as minor pain relief.
    But as great as cannabis is to smoke, I must say that the real crime is that hemp is not being used. Instead we’re growing damaging cotton, and cutting down trees to make paper. We’re using foreign oil to run our cars. The list goes on and on.
    Legalization…not incarceration!

  34. I smoke for the general reasons; it’s fun, it makes me happy, and it’s relaxing. There’s nothing better than coming home from a long, stressful day of school and kickin’ back with your family and a joint. One of the effects of smoking this wonder drug is I spew creativity. Evey paper I wrote for my 9th grade english class was a “piece of art”, as my teacher liked to say. I passed that class with an A+ and got recommended for honors english 10, which I’m taking next year. Since I’ve started smoking I feel significantly closer to my family, I’m finally apart of the three generation long tradition of smoking pot.

  35. Why do I smoke pot? Its my way to take the edge off after a hard day at work while letting me keep control of most of my faculties, as opposed to alcohol. Also it helps to slow me down in this fast paced society that we live in, helps me “stop and smell the roses,” laugh at dumb things, and lightens my mood, preventing emotional outbursts and overreactions to stressful situations.

  36. I use on a daily basis for pain control, I have severe fibromialgia and degenerative joint disease, no pun intended. I am in such pain at times I cannot walk, I smoke a little and let it take its effects and I can walk, and do daily activities that would be otherwise impeaded by heavy narcotics for the pain. I am also an artist, I am regularly inspired and motivated by the pot I smoke to create some very beautiful works of art, including natural wood clocks, canes with carvings on them and pipes I make from deer and elk antlers, some of wich I carve faces on to bring out the character in the piece. Every time I go buy it I am so terrified that I will get arrested or fined for trying to medicate and inspire myself to be an independant woman and not end up bed ridden because of the pain and heavy drugs I would be on if I didnt have it. It has been time for along time to change things and I am going to do my part to change things for the better for all of us. We shouldnt have to be afraid to make ourselves feel better and deal with pain.

  37. Hi use marijuana and I love it! It puts a smile on my face, and helps keep the depression bug away. I use ganja as medicne for my OCD, headaches, pain, anxiety, and to fight alcoholism. Man made drugs make me feel I have no soul, or no life force. Cannibis on the another hand makes me feel vital, fecundinty with a bright, beautiful, and colorful soul. Pot makes me feel well connected to the earth, and helps my spritiual relationships.Grass is not for everyone, but it is for me.

  38. I used to smoke weed to get away from my problems and the fact that I wasnt able to face the world as it is.
    Marijuana has fucked up my life and now I have to work much harder just to get it back

  39. What started out in the 70’s as something that made me laugh nonstop, has over the years, allowed me and many others, the opportunity to benefit from it’s long list of use’s. I have used pot to medically treat myself for back pain, tooth pain after root canals, severe cramping due to colitis/diverticulitis, anxiety and depression after the death of my parents, carpel tunnel nerve pain, and many more uses. When I get home from work and want to relax after a hard day, instead of having a beer- which makes me very aggressive, I take a hit of marijuana and that’s it. I use pot responsibly, like many others, and feel very strongly that it is a civil liberty. There are too many people, in the professional world, who medicate themselves each day, and we need these people, and all smokers, to ‘come out of the closet’ and engage your community to do the same! One final note, as much as marijuana has helped me, one of the biggest crimes in this so called ‘War on Drugs’, is the fact that HEMP is not being used, especially NOW. Stay Active!!!!

  40. I use it because I like being high. I like the way it makes me feel, and it chills me out. I have anger problems so when I’m about to explode I smoke some weed, and boom, I’m back to being chilled out. Also, it prevents me from thinking too much. I think way too much about this world, the people on it, and how stupid and ignorant they really are. That is something that will always make me mad, smoking helps me “accept” it more. I also use it to feel better from hangovers from various other drugs (especially alcohol). I love marijuana.

  41. I use it to relax, to sleep, back pain, headaches. When I don’t smoke for a few days, all those come back: can’t sleep, im hurting … it sucks.

  42. I did not smoke as a Long haired youngster, I did however start smoking that wonderful herb at 19 or 20.
    When things are tough and this rat race we are all part becomes to real to threatoning, be it bills or the (NICE) people we find ourselves working for; I like to smoke marijuana, whats wrong with a little laughter and relaxation anyways?
    I have to live in fear as I work for a company that randomly tests for marijuana and the fear that an officer of the law will take me from my home and favorite pass-time.
    I as so many of us do know people from all walks of life that partake in this wonderful ritual of smoking and sharing in life, love and conversation.
    I have been around other drugs and seen bad things but as a 51 year old expert I can say beond a doubt that no one has ever said to me “oh man I smoked last night and what a bad trip I had”; This just does not happen.
    I would love to see this country move forward as legilization would stop the problem i’m having now stopping a 16 year old from smoking.
    I had to call an ambulance once because a friend of mine was having an asthma attack; I told the ambulance driver she had been smoking pot and drinking; the ambulance driver said to me “She should have stuck to the smoking”.
    I have many life experiances, such as when I went to my cousins wedding and to my surprise all of them were smoking.
    I know a Colonel, Polices Officers, IRS personel, Business Owners heck you name it.
    I had a person who worked for me that was named employee of the month; everybody was proud of her; she could do no wrong; then they randomly tested this wonderful young lady; she did not wish to change her lifestyle so her picture went away and this great employee was just a memory.
    There are many Americans being stifled by laws preventing them from taking better jobs because some companies test and some do not; many Americans take these jobs to keep the freedom to smoke Marijuana when in their homes.
    I know that if what I like to do in my own home that relaxs me was legal, I would feel better about my country; why should I be subjected to persicution for smoking a joint sitting back and watching my tv in the evening.
    From my experiance if people who smoked or did not care if others do spoke up, the laws would change and less stress related problems would exist in America; and less children would be on drugs.

  43. i am a 2 year old female who smokes weed.
    I had a problem with herion and ciggaretts for 10 years.I just celibrated my 1 year away from heroin and 1 month away from cigs.
    I have also illiminated all prescription drugs.
    I have one problem the only thing that helps me with my laundry list of conditions and diagnosis is mary jane.Unfortunately it is illigal in my state.
    I had a little girl a year ago and tried to stop everything all at one time and i almost died.
    slowly but surely i am illiminating all unwanted drugs.
    If I could find a wayto smoke legally I could have my little girl back.I lost her twin sister to doctor error.So shes all i have and my fiances parents think I am a degenirite.if anyone can help with info or positive advice shoot.

  44. It helps me with my anxiety, lack of appetite, to maintain my weight, insomnia, hormonal balance and PMS symptoms. MUCH safer than prescription drugs for these things, ya know?

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