Take A Marijuana Use Survey, Advance Science, Possibly Win iPod or $250 Amazon Gift Card

Want to participate in an anonymous survey that can help advance scientific understanding regarding marijuana use?
Want to possibly win a $250 Amazon gift card? How about a free iPod?
This survey from NORML advisory board member and university researcher Dr. Mitch Earleywine assesses a number of attitudes and personal preferences.
Some questions are directly about marijuana and some are more general beliefs and opinions. the survey also takes a close look at drug and alcohol use, some symptoms of anxiety and depression, and personality characteristics.
It’s markedly shorter than surveys in the past NORML’s highlighted and should intrigue most folks in the NORML community.
As usual, the survey is completely anonymous, and there’s a chance to win prizes. Registration for prizes comes via a code number generated at the end that participants send to a separate email address, so there’s no way to connect your responses to your email or your identity.
Take the survey here.

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  1. The survey was interesting. I do not currently use drugs because I am a truck driver. I would smoke pot if it was legal. It should be legal and taxed just like tobacco and alcohol. Afterall, do we not live in a Free country?

  2. The survery didn’t take me an hour to complete, maybe because I used to work for a survery company.
    Overall it was a good survey but I would have liked some personal medical questions in it to explain why certain questions were answered the way they were.
    Please let us know the end results Allen St.Pierre.

  3. page 9 cont’d “7. I usually think about what I am doing to do before I do it.” WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN.
    page 9 cont’d “9. I limp from an airplane accident. ”
    what the fuck does that mean too??
    guys…what the fuck is this bullshit test? it doesn’t make any sense. most of the questions if answers truly make us sound like complete and utter idiots and fools. why the hell would anyone want us to answer these questions seriously unless they wanted us to be complete stupid morons.

  4. Just took the survey. Like they said, its not too long, had it done in under 10 min. Pay close attention to the question though. There’s a few ones that require you to select a specific answer, so don’t just fly down the list selecting the same answers.

  5. Easy and fun little survey. I hope everybody participates, honestly and openly. What do we have to be afraid of?

  6. Wow, they needed to separate, or add more questions about prior use, compared to recent use. That survey made me look like a junkie! Though, most of my illicit use was one-time experiments, or sooo long ago. Great survey though.
    Now if they asked me about my crazy x-girlfriend, who was eight years older than I was, at the time… The survey might have made more sense… Or ask if I was employed at the time, or my state of mind at the time. (I answered the state of mind questions, as I am today, not back when I decided to try most of the junk I tried.)
    It did make me realize my “Gateway”, was…
    Sugar, Coffee, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Acid, Weed, Ritalin, Speed, Coke, Salvia… (As they progressed through time, not all at once, and not in large or constant use.)
    Coffee and cigarettes are my only addictions today… Ok, Art, Computers, Internet, Porn, Online-gaming, Google, WiKi, Blogging, and Work are my other “Legal”, addictions besides coffee and cigarettes.

  7. High all, I took the survey but can not get to the 420prizes@gmail what am I doinf wrong? thanks

  8. Yeah, there were some odd questions, which I assume were asked for the purposes of making sure you’re not just flying through it and answering with all yes or no answers on every page. They probably wanted to make sure that people were paying attention to every question. Makes sense if that’s the case.

  9. i took the survey and it was 4 questions long… i expected it to be longer, i dunno i clicked “next” multiple times but it just brought me to the page that i was just on

  10. very strange survey….what is it supposed to relate to and what is it going to be used to prove? Hope to hear some results on this

  11. The odd questions were in there to see if a survey taker is a) paying attention and b) a purposeful liar.

  12. “Have marijuanna ever caused problems in your family?”
    Does this include problems caused by your families acceptance of marijuanna?

  13. To VooDoo:
    The so called bullshit questions are questions that everyone should answer the same like “Do you breath air?” They know everyone will answer “True”. this lets them know whether or not you just “Bullshitted” it and did not read the question. Trust me they do that in every good survey. It keeps the hacks out.
    They ask the same question in different ways. To get an idea if you are just as you say “bullsitting” it.
    Obviously you were not “Bullshitting” it. You caught these questions.
    Give yourself a 20 point jump in your IQ. LOL :-)!!!

  14. They had to ask certain questions like have you ever been in a store as a control in case people just zoom down the list and dont read the questions. Another reason for the weird questions like do u limp from an airplane crasch, i think, is to see how optomistic you are about your life. Im sure if you have read up on weed issues and what certain studies say,they say that weed causes schizophrenia and other mental conditions. So they wanted to so how normal you were, even though you smoke, or me vaporize weed. HAve a good day all and be responsible.

  15. I took it, but some of the questions seemed somewhat redundant. All in all, it was a pretty detailed and well planned survey. I hope this helps the researchers prove that the old “Reefer Madness” stereotype doesn’t fit with the real life modern day cannabis user. I’m also glad they put in the questions that asked about other illicit drug use. Hopefully the answers will put the tired old “gateway” theory to rest.

  16. @ voodoo
    and everyone else who think some of the questions don’t make sense: They are there to make sure that those who take the survey are really taking the survey properly instead of just zooming by and choosing answers randomly just to get a chance to win an iPod.
    Obviously, if you chose “never” for the question “how often do you drink water?”, your survey will not be used as one of the samples, and is not qualified for the prize.

  17. The “odd” questions are for control purposes, to be certain a “bot” is not taking the survey in place of a real bonafide human. It would seem this survey wants to determine how generic addictive behaviours factor into marijuana use. Good survey. Even better If I win an iPod! Funny, I’ve been smoking pot since I was sixteen, but never ate shrooms until I was over 50. I’ve tried cocaine once. Based on my experience our benevolent Goddess, MJ, is not the gateway drug “they” would have the general populace believe. I think cigarettes and alcohol are the gateway drugs. I may have never smoked marijuana if I never smoked a cigarette. I no longer smoke cigarettes.

  18. marijuana should be legalized, it will create new jobs and companies and with the tax on it the government will make money, it might just be the thing that pulls us out of a recession

  19. This is good to have, but there was no personnel information that is important such as I have nerve damage; Pain and much rather not smoke/fear of smell to reach neighbors. I sort help by doctors and ect. and all I would get back that I am self medicating. I’ve gone to rehabs for help and they would practly say pot smoking isn’t worth dressing. Even when in a “program” I wasn’t never really dressed my problem, why I kept coming back to smoking pot to help with my underline problem of depression and anger issues.
    Something that is natural that God has given to us as medicine that works well, cheap and society is suffering

  20. i cant wait for the results to be shooooooooooooooved into america’s face. They need to deal with this problem once and for all.

  21. I’ve tried to take the survey, but I can never get past the first page. Is it based on my demographics and the fact that I’mm 66?

  22. I just took the survey. I hope weed becomes legalized soon. I can’t understand why alcohol and cigerrates are legal when weed is not. I seen so many cases of alcohol abuse where people are injured. However, I have never heard of one case when someone high beats an innocent person.

  23. “9. I limp from an airplane accident. ”
    WTF? This question makes no sense whatsoever. It cannot possibly be for the purpose of determining if people are paying attention because there is no correct answer!

  24. Er, survey…don’t think so, its a study, folks, and a great study if you ask me…just get on board and fill it out…it has some similarities to the MMP-2, blah, blah…science, anyway, there are reasons for the questions, some repetition, asking you to fill a particular answer per directed….really, this does help us, even if I sound stupid writing this way, I merely have a short attention span….anyway, from the questions I really do think a pretty decent psychologist wrote it, and I am looking forward to seeing the results…

  25. I took this survey and answered honestly. I answered yes to nearly ALL of the questions on the first page or two, but I feel that is related to my ADHD innotentive type.

  26. This is a marijuana nation. I can only hope that people will start seeing our side of the fight. Honestly what is wrong with this beautiful flower? just because im a pot smoker does not mean im lazy and unproductive, I love being productive when im high it makes things that much better.

  27. Great Survey, understood the meaning behind the questions and the collective results of the survey should be overwhelming proof to free marijuana haha

  28. dave w…
    How does the question, “I limp from an airplane accident” not have a correct answer?
    Unless you have a limp from an airplane accident, the answer is no.
    Am I missing something..

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