Congressman Ron Paul and Steven Baldwin Debate Marijuana Legalization On Larry King

I received a late Friday afternoon call from one of Larry King’s producers in Los Angeles seeking some cannabis-related factoids and related information for an apparent debate tonight on CNN’s Larry King between libertarian Congressman and former presidential candidate Ron Paul, M.D. and, well, actor Steven Baldwin.

Watch the video of the debate here.

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  1. This may end up being painful to watch. Anybody that debates Dr. Paul usually ends up looking foolish regardless of the topic.

  2. Ron Paul is clearly on the Pro Cannabis side.. so I can only assume steven baldwin is Con? If so.. who… really cares…. what an actor… has to say…
    Dronabinol is Schedule II (95% THC9)
    Cannabis is Schedule I (5-20% THC9)

  3. Glad to see once again marijuana reform is making the mainstream media. The more mainsteam marijuana becomes, the more likely people will stop hiding it or feeling ashamed of using it.

  4. Stephen Baldwin the ex Coke fiend turned “god fearing chrisian?” vs Ron (I should have been president) Paul? This will be good.

  5. ah, Ron Paul.. duh
    My bad, didn’t read it all thoroughly.
    Ron will do good. No doubt.
    And exactly as runlevel said… who…..really cares…what an actor has to say?
    Change might come, relatively(hopefully) soon too.

  6. Definitely glad too see that marijuana is making its way in the media with positive people like Ron Paul. He is one of the many that will help people see that marijuana is just a plant! And it could help our economy during these tough times…

  7. ALSO__RIGHT NOW on CNBC they are re-broadcasting Marijuana Inc.
    Also–hoping Paul or Allan read this–one of you needs to go on Ron Reagan’s radio show next week and debate that Right Wing fear inducer-as well as a “drug counselor”–who were on tonight talking about how harmful legalization would be to society!!

  8. Tonight ? Its not on the King website. What did they call Norml an hour before the show starts ? Im so confused. When does this air ?

  9. Not finding this on tonight, just Jimmy Fallon and some more stupid news about Anna Nicole Smith and her slimy lawyer.

  10. When is this supposed to be? I looked a larry kings website and saw nothing about this… when they publish these articles wouldn’t it be nice if norml put a time when this is supposed to start?

  11. On right now. Joy Behar filling in for Larry. First question was Dr. Paul’s reaction to the Phelps bong pic. Comments against Drug War. Baldwin gives gateway argument, calls it fact without argument. Paul calls it silly, calls most addictive drug nicotine, then alcohol, says regulating behavior is Prohibition, which was a disaster, claims the cartels benefit and lobby the most. He sees no purpose in legislation.

  12. Dr. Paul is royally dominating this Steven Baldwin character. Anyone who comes into a marijuana debate with a “religious conservative” point of view just comes across as foolish.
    We will overcome.

  13. Back from commercial.
    Baldwin asked about MMJ. Baldwin says there is no research to alternatives (BS!) but says he’s OK with it, then tries to claim the driving while stoned argument. Asks if taxing it is worth it (CA legislation pending). Paul responds DUI is dangerous, but the WoD with 3 strikes is even worse. Says MJ will not increase car accidents. Behar says there’s no breathalyzer for MJ. Paul says alcohol is the bigger problem, segues into hemp legalization. Baldwin glaring a hole through the screen. Paul calls for state regulation away from feds, and more family education and treatment. Behar asks if there are a lot of alcoholics in Congress. Paul laughs and says, no they drink a lot. Behar asks if any drug should not be legalized. Paul says the states should figure it out. Baldwin snarks about MJ-smoking supporters. Behar asks if Paul has toked, he says no, and it’s about freedom.
    End of show.

  14. Pretty fun little excercise. Only so much can be said in such a short time. Paul did fine. Networks have got to get these satellite delays fixed. It’s difficult to know when you can talk and when you can’t. Still, it was pretty good. Steven was a good sport.

  15. Wooo!
    Ron did great!
    Talks like that give me hope that maybe change could happen, very soon.
    On a side note, did anyone else notice 3 things about marijuana where on tv tonight?
    That segment with Ron, Marijuana inc., and the talk that is supposed to be on ABC with the medical marijuana subject.
    I wish every night could be as pot-filled as this…

  16. just like we all thought, Ron Paul destroyed his opposition. I hope he debates this on every show, because he presents the truth in such a simplistic and logical way. This is OUR time. DEATH TO THE DRUG WAR!

  17. That Steven Baldwin guy sounds like a little 8 year old who just finished up DARE class. He made himself sound like a fool.

  18. Ron Paul is in a debate? He always wins!
    I have never known anyone who smokes Pot to be a danger to anyone. I have never heard of a single pot smoker who killed someone while driving. The focus on endless wars should end regarless of the type of war.
    My position: I would never use a drug as some choose but I think it’s the right of the people to choose what they do with their own bodies as long as it doesn’t cause moral harm to others.
    I hear Paul has challanged Rush…. I would love to see a debate between Rush and Paul. But, I doubt Rush has the guts to show up or set the debate.

  19. How the hell does Stephen Baldwin have the credentials to debate Ron Paul? And Paul is most certainly on the pro-cannabis side.

  20. is this on tonight? like Fri 13th. I just checked the comcast info on the lary king show for tonight and it says fallon is gonna be on?

  21. Ron Paul does know his stuff Kasey. The only reason he wasn’t elected President was because of the main stream media bias.
    By the way NORML reader’s, the only substance that is called a “drug” by medical professionals is opium.

  22. Ron Paul blew Steven Baldwin’s doors off. After the first tired gateway drug assertion it was all over in my opinion. Ron Paul blasted the failed drug was in proper fashion and Mr. Baldwin didn’t have a leg to stand on.

  23. Ron Paul says he has never been in a place where someone was smoking Marijuana and he himself has never used Cannabis. His beef is that the Criminals in Government is breaking the law against peoples civil rights.
    Steve Baldwin is only concerned if he’s looking at the camera as he does in his mirror rehearsing while tring to push the gate-way therory.

  24. Don’t worry folks,
    cannabis has never actually killed
    But it’s “dangerous”!
    wtf is “dangerous”?
    define “dangerous”. I read some peace from Dr. Gupta or whatever his name is, saying Cannabis is “dangerous”.
    Yet they dont say how its “dangerous”.
    It just is? Its like the elusive santa clause.
    HE may or May not come on dec. 25th,
    if he does not, he is what shuld be called a “MYTH”.
    Come on people really you need to grow the heck up, their are liquor stores on every corner of this country and they sell poison.
    YES! poison as in alcohol.
    A drug that people actually do die from.
    Their are safe ways to inhale cannabis … i.e. vaporize or whatever.
    Yes, i agree, smoking cannabis from some coke can you cut up because you couldnt get a pipe is probably dangerous.
    Buying from some violent drug dealer who is, by definition violent is probably damn dangerous.
    The case in point is, that the most things cannabis users have to worry about is not the cannabis
    itself but the ways and means they obtain the cannabis.
    As was the case with prohibition in the 30s, people
    trying to distill alcohol in bathtubs and the like.
    That is what i would consider dangerous and most likely a public health concern.
    In another note what also is dangerous is a
    weapon which many terrorist and the like call the
    “AK 47”.
    However that is entirely, OK for these people to sell this weapon which actually does kill people unlike cannabis.

  25. Here is the great Sanjay Gupta from CNN…
    “Why do I care? As Dr. Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, puts it, “Numerous deleterious health consequences are associated with [marijuana’s] short- and long-term use, including the possibility of becoming addicted.”
    Does anyone else think this deserves a big ROFL copter. I do.
    I love how he states “NUMEROUS” and the word “becoming addicted”. ROFL> ReallY? What planet is this guy from. He has obviously never consumed cannabis. What are these “numberous deleterious health consequences you speak of Mr Gupta? Lung cancer, ?? emphysema?? Liver destruction?? Psychosis?? I’d really like to know you being a doctor and all you should be able to name them right?

  26. I was messing around on youtube and came across this video of what appears to be some kid smoking marijuana. In my opinion this is a perfect example of why marijuana reform continues to be such a hard mountain to climb. WATCH-

  27. that was an awful debate…Ron Paul was funny and on point but stephen should have stayed home…who decided to send him to battle dr. paul on pot? and did anyone notice that marijuana was mispelled marijauna*

  28. Even though Ron usually didn’t answer the questions exactly the way they probably wanted, he still completely dominated this “debate”.
    You can find it on youtube already.

  29. S.O.S. ANYONE OUT THERE KNOW WHEN THIS WAS AIRED? In So Calif the TIME WARNER GUIDE SAYS FALLON… nothing in regards to this topic. HELP US out here to find this episode Please. I APOLOGIZE FOR MY “ALL CAPS” 🙂 thank you very much, sns.

  30. I saw this headline on Ron Paul’s myspace blog, all i could think was steven baldwin obviously got into an argument he had absolutely no knowledge of and clearly didn’t do his homework because if he did he would have easily seen the fact that AFTER slavery was outlawed, Uncle Sam decided to outlaw the *naturally growing* substances that minorities used instead of the white man’s alcohol, effectively replacing slave labor with prison labor. Read about it yourself:
    search for “the marijuana conviction” and order yourself a copy if you can afford it.
    It’s not a war on (some) drugs, it’s a war on minorities.

  31. This is so cool…im definately watching. Legalizing marijuana is finally becoming a reality, and rightfully so. What can they say about marijuana that they can’t say about alcohol or cigarettes? It was a crime against the people when they outlawed it, and now legalizing it is simply undoing a injustice of the past.

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