GOP Senator Assails Administration's New Stance On Medical Pot

I have a more in depth commentary on Holder’s comments and Chuck Grassley’s inane response online today on The Hill‘s influential Congress blog — which is primarily read by Capitol Hill insiders, members of Congress, staffers, and legislative aides. You can read my commentary here.
Want to send Sen. Grassley a firm message right in his backyard? Post some feedback on The Hill‘s blog and your comments will get to him loud and clear.
Republican Congressman Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) really, really doesn’t like the idea of patients using medical cannabis — even when their use is compliant with state and local laws.
Just hours after U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder reaffirmed that he will no longer authorize the federal justice department to undermine statewide medical marijuana laws, Grassley lashed out.
“The first rule of medicine, first do no harm, is being violated by the attorney general by his decision,” said Grassley, whose comments were reported by the Associated Press.
Funny, last time I checked Chuck Grassley represented the state of Iowa and only the state of Iowa, which is not one of the thirteen states that have legalized the possession and use of medical cannabis under state law. If Senator Grassley so desperately wants to control what people do in states other than his own perhaps he should consider running for President. Or, better yet, maybe he should just mind his own business!
Senator Grassley’s arrogant comments are an affront to the 72 million Americans who reside in states where the use of medical cannabis is legal, and are objectionable to the 80 percent of voters nationwide who support the physician-supervised use of therapeutic cannabis.
Offended? Insulted? Just plain pissed off? Then why not give him a piece of your mind?
After all, he certainly doesn’t mind imposing his own views upon you.

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  1. Charles grassley, is a dinosour, What a poor example of American poly-ticians not paying attention to the people. This man is only concerned with Lobbiests in his federally subsidized welfare state.(ADM and big corn) He is to old and ignorant to educate himself, why do we allow people like this to exist in our goverment. For the corporate, by the corporate,of the corporate, that is his motto. What a fool.

  2. I encourage everyone to contact Grassely.
    I just sent him some quotes from Judge Francis Young.
    Maybe he has a financial interest in keeping marijuana illegal.
    “I Owe Alot To Iowa Pot”

  3. I got my 2 cents worth in too! I hope his mail box crashes! Coming from that state and listening to him for years it’s no suprise. He’s a farmer so you would think he would have a better outlook on cannabis? Naw! Not that dork.

  4. YO!!! NORML!!! I’m with Mr. VoteLikeaBeast. Our efforts would go further if we became organized enough to strike out by voting and campagning against prohibitionist govt. officials. If we can start costing some of them their jobs…..yea….I think “legalization” would come to us quicker…..might slow down some of that capitol hill cannabis bashing,too.

  5. I hope the good people of IOWA vote that asshole out of office. and i live in michigan where there moving slow on the medical cannabis program . I am grateful that 63 percent of the voter’s in michigan voted for this program.

  6. I believe that prohibitionists should just issue a sincere apology to America, take a deep bow, then either retire or commit suicide.
    This must be the “party of individual freedom” I keep hearing so much about.

  7. Ok people, this man obviously has a skewed thought process, but cussing him out doesn’t help anything. The logical thing to do is to find a great, well thought out argument for this guy, and send it to him. When he sees all of these crazy, angry comments what do you believe he will think? “Oh, heres some more stupid potheads going off about weed again!” Lets not approach this in the wrong way. This man has his freedom of speech, and deserves an explination just like all of us why he is 110% wrong.

  8. Sorry, but Grassley could’nt care less. He represents big biz, he has for a long time, and that’s where it stops. It’s up to the residents of Iowa to help the nation be rid of him. (((CITIZENS of IOWA)))…do the right thing next election.

  9. Tenn.Activist wrote:”Well let’s give Charles a piece of our mind folks.
    University Of Maryland’s, Center For Substance Abuse, published the following.
    Is Marijuana Addictive?
    The debate between marijuana and addiction has been growing steadily over the last decade. Many users may not display any signs of addiction or withdrawal, yet the number of users seeking treatment has been growing steadily over the years. Overall, it is difficult to say whether or not the drug is physically addictive, but it is known that marijuana use can lead to psychological addiction and social dependence.”
    The reason why “users” are seeking treatment is because they HAVE TO , it is what happens when you get busted, the government makes you attend these stupid classes as a part of your incarceration / rehabilitation process.
    And YES !! Sen. GRASSley , shut the ^%$% up.

  10. Here is an idea….
    snail mail Senator G
    Sen Chuck Grassley
    135 Hart Senate Office Bldg
    Washington, DC 20510
    or call his office:
    or e-mail his office
    Just a thought, though. It is time we make our voices heard until these Public Servants listen to us. After all, we pay their salaries.

  11. Here is a copy of my e-mail to the Senator:
    “Dear Senator,
    Your stand on medical marijuana is dead wrong. As far as we the people are concerned, you may wish to check the many responses to NORML’s blog. It really is an eye opener!
    as far as the potential income from medical marijuana check this link:
    are you sure you want to continue your retrogressive and falsehood based propaganda????
    Greg Williams”

  12. Quote:# Vote like a Beast Says:
    March 19th, 2009 at 11:22 pm
    How many pot smokers in Iowa voted for him ? You’re never going to change his mind on marijuana. Work to defeat him in the next election. If only we had some kind of national organization to rally around.

  13. sen. gassley is simply reminding us why we dumped the last bunch of bible thumping hypocrites (republicans) including their president from office. until this party finally rids itself of this far right fringe it will continue its decline. i have written all of my elected representives and let them know i will not support another ‘prohibitionist’ candidate.

  14. I wrote mr. Grassley,
    “I will not be voting for you if you do not change. Your lack of compassionate towards those in need of medical marijuana to make life a little easier is astonishing. How can you take such a ignorant stance towards medical marijuana?
    Your at the age where stubborn old men don’t change their views. Maybe Karma will bite you in your ass and you will find out you have incurable cancer and in a frenzy to find a substance that affords you a better way of life, you will find yourself medicating with the very plant GOD PUT ON THIS EARTH.
    I would never wish that on anyone, but you Sir obviously don’t think and research what you speak on and that is incredibly irresponsible for someone in your position.
    It’s not too late for you to turn this around. Make a difference, not a problem.
    Respectfully yours,
    Mike R. Smith
    Anamosa IA”

  15. I wrote to Grassley and suggested he consult a 37 year toker like me before he makes a further ass out of himself.

  16. Mr. Grassley! You just put your job on the line! He really should have looked around.Iowa ditches are full of wild hemp(Dont come here and smoke it, you’ll have a bad headache}. It didnt get there by accident.I would say this state many years ago probably grew industrial hemp. This state is full of marijuana consumers.We dont just grow corn here! His facts are as always ,fearmongering and untrue. The old ways are washing away Mr . Grassley. Step up or step down!

  17. As an IOWAN,I have also sent Mr. Grassley my thoughts on his position. I DID NOT VOTE FOR HIM!NOR will I vote for anyone that doesnt consider a change in drug policy.

  18. I too have sent an e-mail to Grassley. Below is the message I sent to him. Sorry about the AIG comments at first, but I think it all ties together.
    Chuck Grassley:
    As a young professional, I find you and your opinions out of touch with the American People who you represent. I find your comments regarding AIG executives most disturbing.
    I Quote you: “The first thing that would make me feel a little bit better towards them if they’d follow the Japanese model and come before the American people and take that deep bow and say I’m sorry, and then either do one of two things–resign, or go commit suicide.”
    I think you ought to take a long look in the mirror and take your own advice.
    Comments like the above should not be tolerated. I can not believe you were voted into office.
    I am also disgusted with your lack of facts when speaking about Medical Cannabis (Marijuana).
    I quote you again: “The first rule of medicine, first do no harm, is being violated by the attorney general by his decision,”
    How can you justify this statement? Research from Nixon’s administration?
    I think you ought to do more research into what you are talking about. This reminds me of a shoot first, ask questions later, type of mentality.
    Bottom line is that I am writing you to tell you that your types of politics are coming to an end. The more you resist what America wants, the more we will fight you, become involved, and protest against you. I hate to tell you this, but you are only strengthening our cause.
    So delete this e-mail, continue to spout out disgraceful opinions, and do what you do best.
    I can assure you, with your attitude; you will not hold your position for long.

  19. Senator Grassley,
    Your pre-emptive attitude toward states that have passed compassionate use laws to allow terminally-ill or chronically ill patients (such as myself) the use of Medical Marijuana, your need to undermine and criminalize such people is so underhanded and reprehensible that I am nothing less than livid.
    I have enjoyed many pleasant days and miles visiting and traveling in your wonderful state of Iowa. Two of my favorite places, other than Des Moines (a wonderful city) are Audubon (birthplace of Bill “C.W. McCall” Fries), and the Lansing Farm, home of The Field of Dreams.
    However, until such time as you learn your place as a public SERVANT, and not a political dictator, and back down from your attempts to undermine the rights of voters in other states, not to mention the policies of our President and the Head of The DEA in terms of no longer prosecuting those who use marijuana in a responsible manner, I’ll do the only thing I can to get my point across: I’ll STOP spending my tourism dollars in Iowa. I always thought Iowa was just about the friendliest state I’ve ever visited. Guess I was wrong.
    You need to stop attempting to undermine the lives of innocent citizens, and you need to apologize to the President and the American people.
    Pony R. Horton,
    Tehachapi, CA



  22. what a complete moron senator grassley is. i believe the only reason prohibitionists are against ending the war on drugs because they are prolly on the take from the cartels. think about it the facts are there that if we legalize and end the war on drugs violent crimes and other crimes will decrease dramatically. i thought america is about saving and helping people. corruption and greed stands in our way of ending this disaster of a war. its a war on people and the people who are against legalization in my opinion are allies to the drug cartels plain and simple. we must expose these dirty un-patriotic people that are running our country, its time for us to take our country back and get SMART, not tough on the war on drugs. all in favor of ending 70 plus years of failure, shout america home of the freeeeeeeeeeeee.

  23. ok where to begin? Ignorance is bliss n Grassley is an ignorant old ass. So this morning,after my kids were gone to school & i had my morning bowl, i got on the phone. I accidentally(for them) reached a live one, Denise, at Grassleys Siouxer City office. Surprise! She didn’t want to hear any part of legalizing marijuana. Economic,medical or any other she informed me “Marijuana is an illegal drug.” Fine i agree it is illegal however that is the reason for my call i want to see change. I by the way am sick &tired of marijuana being referred to as a ‘drug’; can’t we call it a plant? It is what it is. Drugs come from labs, plants come from God. Anyhow the long n short of it is TIME FOR GRASSley TO GO & IA to grow. I live here and am willing to do any and everything i can to help insure next election Sen. Grassley receives his retirement benefits. I don’t think he earned his pension but definatly his way out of office! Hey Iowan stoners it is time to make it to our polls and vote him and his friends,like Steve King, out of their seats. I know it can be cold but it is worth it. First tho we need help finding a popular democrat to run against him. otherwise the old, brain- washed, set in their ways republican Iowans will still vote for him. And Grassley will still be representing us- how pathetic! Help there has to be someone in this state that can take the republican vote and be for legalizing marijuana too. Any Suggestions whom? Lets get their name on the ballot! If anyone has any helpful ideas on getting GRASSley out please we need HELP…

  24. All I have to say to Mr. Grassley is NOBODY wants to deal w/me when i’m outta herb. I absolutely refuse to take the pharmaceutical poison the drs. want me to take. I have depression and I am bi-polar and w/out marijuana to even me out, I cannot function normally. So Grassley any time you want to spend a day in my head and body without cannabis to help, you go right ahead, you won’t like it.

  25. My message:
    Hello, Mr. Grassley.
    My name is [/blank], and I wrote this e-mail in regards to your comments made about medicinal marijuana.
    A Lot has been said about this topic, but I’m willing to Give You The Benefit Of The Doubt (This side-note and capitalization of words were not included in my sent message, they are for the benefit of the reader here at NORML) and request instead that you help us to understand your reasons for stance on the issue.
    My question being: Where are you receiving your information on medicinal marijuana for you to have such strong disapproval for it’s usage?
    Are you unaware that terminal patients who are in pain use marijuana when the run-of-the-mill drugs are not effective enough? Or the potential money waiting to be generated and/or saved by legalizing marijuana for recreational use?
    Four-hundred-and-forty-thousand people die from tobacco related ailments and Eighty-thousand from alcohol each year in the united states. (These numbers are based on’s report on yearly drug attributed deaths and other counts of death)
    If you will visit the website, you will see that Marijuana in any form (Medicinal or recreational) is BY FAR more safe then many every-day activities:
    Tobacco 435,000*1
    Poor Diet and Physical Inactivity 365,000*1
    Alcohol 85,000*1
    Microbial Agents 75,000*1
    Toxic Agents 55,000*1
    Adverse Reactions to Prescription Drugs 32,000*2
    Suicide 30,622*3
    Incidents Involving Firearms 29,000*1
    Motor Vehicle Crashes 26,347*1
    Homicide 20,308*4
    Sexual Behaviors 20,000*1
    All Illicit Drug Use, Direct and Indirect 17,000*1, *5
    Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Such As Aspirin 7,600*6
    Marijuana 0*7
    Even when taking into account that some of these deaths may be exaggerated to one degree or another, marijuana would—and does!—continue to stand as the lowest cause of death behind even those attributed to such everyday drugs like Aspirin.
    Not to mention the 10-14 Billion estimated dollars in taxes alone that would be generated annually when marijuana is legalized for recreational use.
    (Jobs, money, lower crime-rate and more tax dollars just waiting to be tapped)
    I beseechingly ask this of you sir: Why, in the face of all current research, popular opinion, financial gain, and preservation of life do you STILL stand by your views that marijuana—in any form—is wrong?
    Help us to understand you, sir.
    If I could hazard a guess though, I believe his reasons are one or more of the following:
    1#: He’s stuck in 1970 when he wasn’t peeing dust.
    2#: He’s being suckered by “Tough on Drugs! LULZ!” cops.
    3#: He’s got nothing to his name the makes him stand out in a room, so he tries to be the biggest idiot he can be to get people to notice him.
    4#: He’s being backed by anti-cannabis organizations.
    5#: A stoner kicked his ass at some point in time. (I’d just key his car in the image of a marijuana leaf; I can’t advocate the assault of the old and mentally retarded) (NOTE: I DO NOT mean this in a disrespectful way in ANY sense of it’s usual social stigma (and I would expect better from other “stoners” regardless—not that I honestly believe anyone here would take it the wrong way, mind you)
    6#: Someone keyed his car in the image of a marijuana leaf.
    7#: He doesn’t realize that Jesus smoked marijuana.
    8#: He doesn’t approve of anything that makes sense. (“If I did things that made sense, why the hell did I become a politician?”)
    9#: He’s degraded into Alzheimer’s and dementia without anyone knowing from a total lack of recreational cannabis in his life.
    10#: He’s an idiot.
    I’m still holding out for some kinda NORML event that we can rally behind on 4/20. With everything that’s happened this year, I honestly do feel that now is our best time to gain momentum and to start breaking down walls.
    “One Day”
    by Kottonmouth Kings
    Lyric Quote:
    One day! One day! People will be walking on water!
    One day! One day! The human race will never die!
    One Day! One Day! We’ll fly around in flying saucers!

  26. Let him have it folks. I send tons of emails to officials and use my real name and location. I urge you all to do the same.
    I’m tired of being pushed around, this is my country also and I intend to stand up for it.

  27. Other than preaching to the choir about how much I disagree with the total Grassley is, I will say that he probably made his remarks because a marijuana/hemp crop might potentially compete with crops grown in Iowa.
    Keep in mind that most of the time its always about money with politicians – especially the likes of Grassley. If there were no financial impact on his state, he probably wouldn’t give it a second thought.

  28. As an Iowan. I would like to hsve Bill Fink as an iowa senator again. his veiws on pot are twice as good as this grassly

  29. Um guys… California will be voting on whether or not to legalize marijuana in ten days. In case you haven’t heard. This could be the thing that causes a chain reaction of freedom across the US, lets not get distracted with this Assley guy he is of a soon to be forgotten era… We have bigger fish to fry!

  30. I do not want to give him a piece of my mind. I need it for the insanity of this so called PROHIBITION AGAINST MARIJUANA. Senator Grassley is just another politician with the ORWELLIAN MENTALITY. Who the hell is he to judge who needs what medication we need to be on. MARIJUANA DOES NOT KILL PEOPLE! HE should check out THE BIG PHARM MEDICINES THAT DO KILL PEOPLE. THE HYPOCRISY OF THE GOVERNMENT WILL NEVER END. LEGALIZE THE WEED FOR MEDICINE AND RECREATIONAL USE!

  31. I am actually a pretty conservative guy and typically can say that I am proud of my party. However, when it comes to the drug war I am very ashamed of the adamant and ignorant stance we take. We are supposed to be economically conscientious, yet we are fine with the immense cost of this war with absolutely no gains. Above all, I am pro-Freedom. Allow people to do drugs if they chose to, tax it, regulate it.
    Turn a losing war and massive debt into a income source. Protect the streets by taking money out of the hands of drug dealers who may be dangerous, both in our country and outside. Protect the users by ensuring that they are taking what they want, and not something laced with dangerous substances.
    It is absolutely hypocritical to allow alcohol and tobacco yet outlaw marijuana. Not only would I rather hang around a stoner than a drunk because of their more comical nature, they are also much more able to control their actions, and thus are much less dangerous as well.
    It is incredibly sad to hear that people are still being shot by the police to date, unarmed, simply for possession of weed. Last Wednesday, Derek Copp, a GVSU student was shot in his upper left chest when police raided his room for marijuana suspicion. He was completely unarmed and anyone who knew him would say he was not violent in nature either. This is appalling. It is time for change, and luckily it does seem to be happening across the nation. It is not enough for it to be just medicinally legal, it simply must just be legalized.
    It is shameful to have laws that can literally ruin lives for people who are in no way hurting other people. In many states, the charge of possession can follow you for far too long, and if you happen to be a college student trying to learn something, and receiving federal loans…you can say goodbye to that education. I guess the government would rather have more people be less educated in this country, so that they can control us more with such out-dated and pointless laws such as the outlawing of marijuana.
    It is sad to say that I hope this current economic struggle continues, but in some ways I do. Out of struggle of the Great Depression we over-turned the alcohol prohibition, and I believe that if this one continues, marijuana might also be lifted to the position it should be, a regulated substance like tobacco and alcohol. It is sad, however, that only in a time of crisis does the nation’s government awaken to their senses and fix the things that need fixing. The light at the end of the tunnel is growing brighter, but waiting for it to come and doing nothing will not move us anywhere. We must walk towards the end of the tunnel, and in this case our legs are our voices. The louder we get, and the more focused we are, the sooner we will leave the darkness of prohibition behind us.

  32. Not arresting people violates do no harm?
    This guy is an idiot. 1. The hypocratic oath applies to the medical field not the law enforcement field. 2. The science is in and the medical benefits of cannabis has been proven. Of course as a Republican he’s probably anti-science as well(not to say I love Democrats, just that this anti-science attitude tends to be Republican).

  33. I didn’t give Grassley the benefit of the doubt. I already know where he stands. As an Iowan and thus his constituent I felt obligated to rip him a new one, respectfully of course, with restraint, and as eloquently as humanly possible. Both Harkin and Grassley are mostly gigantic embarrassments to Iowa, at least on the issues that matter to me.
    The AIG comments were pretty bizarre too, come to think of it.

  34. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and has the freedom to express it when asked. And since we heard what
    Grassley’s was,we need to start cultivating his replacement and he needs to update his resume. These staunch anti-marijuana elected officials can be replaced,and there is less of them every year. If you
    contact your elected officials and they respond in a
    negative stance on what is important to you,don’t wait,start putting up posters calling for his replacement them where he’ll see them.

  35. Plant day April 1,2009. Put your pot in the ground,build a hydro in your closet,because we need to shut down the cartels from the marijuana market. And we don’t need guns and gunships to do it with,or 1.4 billion tax dollars,we
    can do it with a hoe and a water can. When you remove the market,you remove the problem. It is the only way you can be sure that your not supporting the cartels.
    Most people see their dealer about 15 minutes a week,and
    if he told them his weed was grown on the moon,by nasa,
    they would probably believe him. But unless your dealer picked your pot out of his yard,right in front of you,you don’t know where the pot came from,or who is
    making the money. STOP the BUY,,,GROW YOUR OWN!!!
    It is a viable,non-violent solution for a stagnant,violent situation.

  36. McDonalds = Burger King
    Coke = Pepsi
    Bud Lite = Miller Lite
    Clinton = Reagan
    Charles Grassley = Tom Harkin

  37. Before all you take the “grow your own” road please take a moment to consider the very harsh consequences of manufacturing a controlled substance.
    Penalties for manufacture make penalties for possession seem benign. I’m not suggesting to anyone what to do or not to do, BUT BE AWARE.
    Also remember, don’t send any signed letter to your congressman that you would not also send to your sheriff.
    The movement NEEDS registered voters, not disenfranchised felons. Once you’ve been busted for manufacture you can no longer help the cause in the only way that counts. When non-smokers tell you you’re contributing to the violence in Mexico (and they will), remind them that it is the law that makes marijuana a crime so lucrative to kill for, not the weed itself.

  38. Just finished a gangster film festival at my house. Watched “The Public Enemy” “Little Caesar” and the Roaring Twenties. Each one began with a written admonition that Prohibition ( of alcohol circa 1920’s) was responsible for the violence and unsavory characters
    depicted in those great films that shocked audiences in the 30’s.

  39. The Goverment makes more money on it while its pushed on the streets.Thats why you are fighting a losing battle plus Jesus want allow it to Happen.By the way obama is not Jesus.Jesus Christ is the way and the only way to Joy and Happiness not marijuna.Turn to him before its to late.

  40. Grassley says “The first rule of medicine, first do no harm”. Wish he lived by that rule when it comes to pharmaceutical drugs. Sounds like Grassley likes to live by a double standard. Vote this hypocrite out !

  41. C’mon Grassley, I don’t usually call anybody a name out of respect, BUT, your comments on Cannabis are wrong and bad. so I have to say to you Mr. Grassley, “YOU SUCK”…
    from a 60 year old consumer of Medical Cannabis.

  42. I suspected and was right to look into this fellows top contributor. Amgen…. and what do they make? Medicine. When in doubt search top contributors of politicians who are questionable.

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